writegowrite  asked:

10, 21 (your choice on who), 34? ❤️

10: any writing advice?

I already answered this but I would like to add, since you are my beloved Editor, YOUR FIRST DRAFT IS ALWAYS NONSENSE.

It does not matter how hard I work, how many times I spell check or read through or remember to put that damn comma in front of a name when someone is talking to another person there is always something that Lily (a.k.a Writegowrite here) finds that can be fixed, made clearer, explained more simply or just plain cut.

You will not write a perfect first draft of anything. That’s why there are writing labs in uni. That’s why professional authors have editors. That is why movies have continuity people and multiple eyes on a screen play. You are going to miss something. You already know what’s going on in your story so of course you already know that Padme has tucked the secret flash drive containing the plans to the “theoretical Death Star” into her corset as she flirts her way out of an Imperial gala. 

Your readers might not have caught that and your editor will catch that for you. Call them what you like but this second pair of eyes is critical. 

I would not be the writer I am without my talented and amazing editor @writegowrite. Y’all may think I say it too much but I feel like I can’t say it enough. Thank you so much! You make me a better writer. :3  ❤️

21: this character’s best/worst memory?

This one from To Live Among Wolves… Obi-Wan has just met another Jedi after five years on the run with Luke from the Empire. 

“Master Kenobi?” the woman asked again, dropping her saber, shutting it off and returning it to the hook on her belt with a motion so fluid and natural it physically pained Obi-Wan to see it. It spoke of years of practice and training, of countless hours under the tutelage of a Jedi Master. It whispered words like Makashi, Soresu, and Ilum.

That little motion was Anakin, Ahsoka, and Qui-Gon.

It was the Temple.

It was home.

Obi-Wan looked into the eyes of another Jedi for the first time in five years.

I liked that is what a physical act that reminded him so powerfully of everything. He doesn’t really know this person, Dax in this story is more of a Background Jedi on par with the Background Slytherin comics, but her ease and grace with the lightsaber is so foreign to the clumsy world he lives in now that it just brings everything rushing back. Everything he’s lost. Everything the Empire and Vader took from him.

Spoilers! She gives him a hug in like the next two sentences and eventually Obi-Wan takes a nice long nap and has space waffles for breakfast.

34: a scene/paragraph you wrote that you’re proud of

I am ridiculously proud of the first chapter of To Live Among Wolves, the first chapter of After The End of the World and probably the scene in Tano and Kenobi where Obi-Wan receives his first set of padawan robes from Ahsoka. They’re too long to post here so I’ve included links.

This is from “An Ask Meme for Fic Writers”