I was tagged in that Top 10 albums thing by wheres-stoney like a week and a half ago and I’m only getting around to it now. No particular order or anything but,

“Somethin’ Else” -Cannonball Adderley

“Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired” -Joyce Manor

“Speaking In Tongues” -Talking Heads

“Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” -David Bowie

“Forever Abomination” -Skeletonwitch

“Sunbather” -Deafheaven

“At Folsom Prison” -Johnny Cash

“Elliot Smith” -Elliot Smith

“Yellow & Green” -Baroness

“Yeezus” -Kanye West

I’m tagging dontdoitdavis, hamburglar-jones the-sewer-prince, and horrorharbour.

Top 15 Albums

balancethecomposure tagged me to do this, so hey why not. I tag midleygrangerecording, collinisababy, theneedledrop, bogadodo and piles-of-ennui.

1.) The Smiths - Meat Is Murder

2.) The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico

3.) Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

4.) Talking Heads - Remain In Light

5.) The Cure - Pornography

6.) Frank Zappa - Hot Rats

7.) Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life In the Bush of Ghosts

8.) Joy Division - Closer

9.) Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

10.) Morrissey - Viva Hate

11.) Joyce Manor - Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

12.) Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

13.) Black Flag - My War

14.) This Heat - Deceit

15.) Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

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  • I remember when you used to make me smile so brightly before i fell asleep, and lately you've just made me cry.
  • And I remember when i wanted so desperately for you to be mine, and lately i wonder if i should stay with you.
  • You have been different lately, i get a different feel. Maybe I'm just over thinking things but still. Things used to be different. Or maybe thats what i want to believe.
  • I've started to resent you. You have let me go to sleep angry for to long.You never keep your word.You say a lot of things that hurt.
  • Maybe I'm just paranoid. Or maybe it's all of the little things building up. Nothing ever changes.
  • But you're not all to blame. I tend to think to much. And i get angry very quick. But if things don't change soon, I'm going to be gone. You expect me to always forgive you. But one day i will grow tired of these childlike games. And i will leave. Again, this could just be an over reaction or this could just be me getting tired of all the unresolved conflicts. Either way i can never manage to hold onto any type of relationship. Wether a friend or a lover. In the end I'm going to do what is best for me in the long run. Sorrynotsorry.

dragonfiretwistedwire asked:

hello! i just wanted to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE your comics page! i used to read comics a lot growing up and i've just gotten back into it :D i was looking for a theme to use to track what i'm reading since i've gotten tired of my other "bookshelf" themes and i found yours! however, it looks like all your pages with the coding for it are under construction? will you be posting the theme for it soon? thanks! :)

Thank you, this is so nice!! <3 The thing is: I wanted to put a kind of ‘menu’ with jquery for filter the comics by editors, like when you click in DC only appears comics from DC comics or when you click in Marvel only Marvel, that stuff. Or even filter tv shows or movies, if for convenience people use my page for it. And this past week I didn’t had time to code it, but I’m free this weekend so I plan to finish it and release the theme. I also want to be 100% sure that everything function properly, I was so excited with the first actual theme I did last month that I didn’t even saw it has errors lmao. But anyways, I will release it this week and send an ask to you when I publish the post!

anonymous asked:

#8 and #31

8. Favourite album
hmm maybe of all the things I will soon grow tired
31. Are you embarrassed of some of the songs you listen to?
lmao yea. all my drake songs

thank you!!!!!

I don’t understand what to do between us because every time we’re good something goes wrong. I’m getting tired of picking up the pieces and I’m too tired to fight all the time. If we get over it we get over it, but it’s draining and I’m not sure we want the same thing anymore .. We’re different people , and it’s okay to say people grow apart. I’m not sure what to do- but I’ll make up my mind soon. You know who you are, and you know this is for you. I’m sorry.
—  Day 180 of 365