of perfect

Im so happy tbh…i havnt been lately but im happy now. Shes the one, youre so perfect. I cant wait to hear back from you. Im not sad, mad, or anything im happy because i totally know you love me. Sorry for acting up. I realized my mistakes. If you read this i love you baby youre my entire world 😘. Remember i love you, always 😁

I hate the idea of buying from a breeder instead of adopting a dog from a shelter but I really want a dog that would be perfect as a guard dog and won’t have a lot of health related issues :(


Feedback I received from my tutorials was to not ‘box in’ or ‘cut off’ my imagery but use it as if it is part of the space. therefore I wanted to create some new imagery where the colour gradually became part of the image and was not an overlaid screen. However after taking my imagery and then trying to bring it into a spread, the background was not as perfect as I would want and looked still cut-off. I tried editing the imagery so the background could blend more, above you can see the changes, I feel it didn’t look great; I still tried bringing it into InDesign but the difference was still obvious on the layout - I then tried creating a gradient on the second page to match the background of the image, I felt this looked a little better. However although this looked good on screen, when I printed it out, the image looked so over edited and I really wasn’t happy with it. I decided to scrap this idea and try a different approach, as I felt this wasn’t going in the direction I had envisioned and what I wanted to communicate about Morag.

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I'm slowly being more comfortable about who I am again

I’m not the best. I make mistakes. I’m not the coolest. I’m not the best to hang around. I’m not no all star or awesome in one thing. I don’t care about what people think of me too much any more. I don’t care about what to say or do. I lose myself in helping others and delving into trying to learn about what makes them smile. Even for a minute or an hour, I try to make who I help a little bit better.
I rather be in the shadows and only come out when you need help. I don’t need the attention or verification from others. I am who I am. Far from perfect but with a heart that I want to try to be true to myself and others.


Her laugh. Her blue eyes. Her craziness. Her passion. Her loyalty. When I first laid eyes on her she was perfection from the beginning. The sweet smell of roses radiating from her hair. The way she stood so close to me I could feel our lips almost touch. Her hands gripping me to stay. Her smile telling me to leave. Every hug, every ass slap, every laugh and every night I would never forget to say “have a good night” I wish she could be mine but she’s miles away now, living a new life. Thank you for making me who I am

Thoughts of You

Thank you so much for making me laugh so hard yesterday. I know I didn’t go to bed early as I did last night. That is only because I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

About how I didn’t get to tell you how proud I am of you. How proud of the steps you are taking and the choices you are making. That is not the only reason I couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

“I am just now getting off of work, period.” That, well that is another reason. It was by far one of the cutest most adorable yet hilarious things you have done/said thus far. 

That is still not the only reason why I couldn’t stop thinking about you. What followed after the “speech to txt” was one of the many things I find so perfect about you. I could say your laugh, I could say your voice and well if I did it would only be a half truth. 

It was how you were able to find humor in your mistake and laugh about it. I really love and admire that about you. How you can take lemons and not squirt them in peoples eyes but take humor out of everything. It is one of your most beautiful traits you possess.

What has really kept you on my mind though is well, you. Who you are as a person, All of you. The good the great and the beautiful. (got ya there didn’t I…) 

I only write these cause I know you read them and I write them because well, I take great pleasure in writing what makes my heart happy and brings me joy. So I thought why not. 

I like that we can laugh at the stupidest things (even if its at my expense). I like how we are able to be as dumb and weird as we are. I like that we can have serious moments too. I love how we have easy communication and honesty is number one between us. What I really love is that we don’t argue. I mean I am sure there are things we can argue about (miracle whip v. mayo) but life is to short for stupid shit like that. Besides when we do argue its actually not arguing (you are always right and I agree with you anyway). Except when it comes to your views about yourself. I put my foot down when it comes to that (you can’t always win everything). 

I guess the other reason for writing is well, unlike people before you. You actually pay attention to my words and give shits when shits should be given. I like that :3 I also want you to know, lastly. Even though I may not be able to sing to you in the mornings. I have increased my daily intake of facebook stalking. (I am gonna be on my A game this time). 

Thank you so much for being the light and joy in my life. I also am super happy that it is you who I have promises for to continue to keep.