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Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston goes on hamburger tour in New York, signs deal with Arby's

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston goes on hamburger tour in New York, signs deal with Arby’s

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Andrew Johnston has just the beefy countenance and love of all cuts of cow to make him the perfect pitchman for Arby’s, the fast-food purveyor whose logo will feature prominently on the PGA Championship rookie’s wardrobe.

Andrew Johnston, at 200/1 odds, is not about to throw a scare into Dustin Johnson and the other heavy favorites this week at Baltusrol. But the fan…

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Okay so
When we were in the car talking/fighting and I just had pulled up into the gas station and you asked “Do you want this?”
I gave you my answer and in my answer I had said that “I’ll always want you and that you’ll always be everything I want.”
Tears were streaming down my face and it was such a serious moment and then I said “even if I don’t ever marry you, I’ll be thinking about you on my wedding day, that’s how much you mean to me. That’s how bad I want this.”
You couldn’t hold back your smile as hard as u tried and u cracked the most perfect smile I’ve ever seen.

It’s little things like that, that you don’t notice or you don’t mean to do on purpose that literally hit home. Those moments like that carved into my memory forever. I’ve never met someone that just leaves ever lasting imprints all over my heart without even trying.
That’s why you’re so special to me.
You don’t ever have to try to be everything I’ve ever wanted, you just already are.

I just hope that if we don’t work out you find someone that loves you as much as I do. That falls fave first, head over heels for you everytime you smile.
I do want to say, sometimes, a lot of the time, I really do feel like we’re never gonna stop until we do get our happily ever after.

Lolz 🙈


Hey, I’m Jessie 💖
I’m 17, Single, Bisexual
Born and raised in Elliott City, MD
I’m a little crazy, but in a good way 😆
I love taking Selfies 📷
Cheerleader 🙂
I’m a Gamer Girl 🎮 (Mostly play COD)
Caring, kind and loving girl ❤
I’m looking for the perfect girl TBH 👭
I don’t mind long distance either 😘
If you’re interested HMU! 😉
Snapchat: gamergirl_0215
Instagram: Love_Never_Fades_
Tumblr: loveneverfadez
Kik: Cutie21115


I moved to the Netherlands not so long ago. It’s the fucking best! Just look at all those beautiful blondies walking around. And there’s no trash in the streets. And boys can wear shorts [seemingly] without the risk of being called faggots. Did I mention that there are fietspads aka bike tracks EVERYWHERE? This is the perfect country.

Is Tretinoin Glaucescent The Ultimate Pimples Answer?

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Does he perform?

Tretinoin Cream reduces the appearance about first-class lines, and blotchy hyperpigmentation. Insofar as well by what mode it likewise works insomuch as harsh fleece that does oui not heal roger, according to extending its cells. Nonetheless, it does ja not do thereof among the wrinkled circumstance absolutely or revive displume that is weakened in prospect to over direct exposure so the sun. It really should to be sure not be used as a cure for currently in being skin conditions. For such rationales, it is not sensible for individuals that are over 50 years, or those who expect a passing strange change.

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On the other hand,
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Yeah that's a good idea *we go to a diner down the street and sit down* I think the second house would be perfect for us -H

*i nod my head as i take a sip of my water* i agree, i really liked the open feel of the downstairs and the view from the kitchen to the living room was great and the open finished basement is what we were talking about

petite--girl  asked:

13, 15, 16, 24, 67

13. Do you get jealous easily?- yeah very… Not such a good thing.
15. Do you have any piercings- nope
16. Do you have any tattoos- not yet but I will.
24. Do you think you will be married in 5 years- unless it’s to Jennifer Aniston then no.
67- Perfect date?- hiking up a mountain, swimming in every waterfall on the way up, have a picnic on top of the mountain while the sunsets. Good music and good food.

How to Use Google Maps Offline Without Data or Wifi
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There is a handy function to use Google maps offline WITHOUT data or wifi. That’s right— you can have your phone on Airplane Mode, and Google Maps will still work. It’ll even give you that blue dot you so depend on to let you know exactly where you are.

This feature is perfect for anyone who’s trying to minimize the use of their data or don’t have data at all. It’s been my go-to way to get around…

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I was wondering where that gif of Matthew Gray Gubler in a gray shirt kissing that girl and then like sweeping her off her feet was from?? Love your tumblr btw :)

I’m not exactly sure to be honest. I saw it and thought it would be perfect for an imagine. And thank you so much!

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💬 - krys

via: Send a 💬 to hear how my muse feels about yours.

“I remember first seeing you around, and being like jealous of you. You were friends with a boy I liked then, and I thought you were too perfect to be “just friends” with him, and he one time made a joke about wanting to have sex with you, and I slowly but surely began to hate you,” Eunwol told laughing. “But that was forever ago, and I decided to reach out to you because you always seemed very cool to me. I just never looked at you as anything other than a friend at first. I didn’t know you were as gay as I am, which made our friendship very very interesting. Safe to say I have a big fat lesbian crush on you, but let’s not rush into anything. I just love being around you. You’re easy to talk to and cuddle. I can trust you with anything, and I’m glad to have you by my side.”

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My diet isn’t perfect but I’m not afraid to try. Why start over Monday when you could start with your next meal. (at Bronzeville, Chicago)

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42 and 67

42.how long can you kiss until your hands start to wonder? Bruh theyre alrdy wondering
67. Whats your idea of perfect date? FOOD movies in, coffee shop, im not too picky! Aslong as theres food involved