of course I do want the background story of all the agents

Out of all the characters Pharah is the best to take over as strike commander. The narrative is even pushing for it. She has the motive, the connections, a legacy to carry on, and the skills.

1) She’s the head of security for Helix which was holding Doomfist. She’ll be pushed into action by the company sooner or later. To take down Akande she will be forced to take on Talon as well. Meaning that she will likely have to fight Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra as well.

2) Widowmaker shot her mother and Ana was presumed dead for about 7 years. So Fareeha is going to have a major grudge. That’s going to get personal.

3) She knew Reaper. He was, presumably, like an uncle to her or family of some sort. It’s going to hit her hard when she finds out that not only did Gabe break Akande out, but that he’s been experimented on and used by/working with Talon.

4) She will want to make her mother proud. Ana was one of the founding members of overwatch and later became the second in command. Also, Fareeha grew up in Overwatch and, likely, has fond memories of growing up on base. This brings us to point 5.

5) We are constantly reminded that Fareeha wanted to be part of Overwatch when she was a child. Being an agent of Overwatch used to be her dream. If given the chance, of course she would jump to join.

6) She is the security chief of Helix and part of the Raptora squad, a state of the art mecha suit division. She was also part of the Egyptian army and she has a commendation of ‘distinguished service’. 

The only Talon character she isn’t connected with is Sombra other than Sombra doing research on her. I’m still waiting to see how that pans out because if Blizzard really wanted to push this they would give us a more concrete connection between the two.

None of the other characters we can assume join the new Overwatch have quite the narrative background suiting them to be the strike commander. Hell, if anyone should be the poster child for Overwatch it should be Fareeha. 


Fake TV show meme: “Kingsman: The Pendragon” (2016)

BBC Two announced the new spy series “Kingsman: The Pendragon” that shows another chapter of the infamous spy organization. “The Pendragon” focus on the recruitment, training and the first missions of the newest additions to the agency: Harry Hart (Galahad), the wild child with a rebellious heart. Munroe Morrison (Merlin), the silent mastermind with the sharp tongue. And Matthew Bennett (Percival), the lionhearted, hidden persuader. Long before Eggsy’s story began, there was another trio that wanted to save the world but failed to save the life of their dear friend Lancelot. Now they are thirsty for revenge.

Thanks to @mademoiselle-lani and @sasha-le-strang.

capfoxxy  asked:

OMG your bartender scenario jssjhijjskfkfk amazing! I wish u had more views tho. Can I request a HC with RFA (and maybe Saeran and V) reacting to MC being a former porn star or having a sex tape uploaded on a porn site, i dunno if u like writing this kind of stuff. Congrats again, ur wrtiting is really good! :)

Tnx tnx! It’s okay, I’m kinda new on that stuff, so i didn’t really expect to have a lot of followers, maybe it happens one day, but… who knows?

I’m going with MC ex- pornstar, I can only think that a sextape would be a revenge porn’s case and that can be very triggering, so yeah… let’s think MC agreed on being filmed and got paid for it.


  • You told him as soon as you started being a serious couple
  • You were younger, your parents never really supported you going to college, so you basically lived on your own and had to pay for it, you were desperate and you did it
  • You weren’t really proud, but you didn’t regret it either
  • He tried to remain calm, but he had so many questions
  • “Would you do it again?” “Or are you still doing it?” “Did you have to do something you didn’t want to?” “Do you still contact your co-workers?”
  • All the answers were “no”
  • He was a broke college student himself, so he could relate
  • And he felt really bad that, unlike him, you didn’t have supportive parents
  • You tried to keep cool, but you couldn’t hold back a big sigh in relief, you were so afraid of his reaction, you thought he was going to leave you, you cried a little
  • He also cried a little: “MC, you were the one who taught me to let things on the past go, why would I leave you? I love you, nothing will ever change that! Just forget it and move on. Move on with me” you hugged and kissed him, no porn in the world could ever have such a passionate scene like that
  • Later that night, when you were cuddling, you told him if he was curious and wanted to watch it, you wouldn’t mind. He considered the idea, but refused. What was the point if you were moving on, anyway?


  • You were dating for a while, and every time he talked about moving in together or taking further steps on the relationship, you would back away
  • He couldn’t understand why, because he knew you liked him as much as he liked you
  • You noticed him struggling, and you couldn’t handle anymore
  • You made him sit and told him everything. You were younger and desperate for money, you didn’t actually regret it, but wasn’t really proud.
  • Actually, this was never a problem for you until you started dating, because now you knew this could be a scandal in his promising career
  • You knew how those tabloids could drag you to the mud, you and him. So, for the first time, you were really ashamed of what you did, tears rolled down from your eyes
  • He felt hurt, not because of what you did, but because of what the media could do to you. A lovely, sweet girl like you could be destroyed because of such a silly thing like that. Yes, silly.
  • You wanted to break up for his job’s sake, he didn’t let you. Your love was too strong and could overcome anything.
  • You were so overwhelmed, you had the most perfect boyfriend in the world! Why did you even think leaving him would be good for you? He was your true and only happiness
  • But you were still very self conscious, so Zen asked Seven to make the video disappear from the internet.
  • Seven said he owned him one, but it was just for tease, he was happy to do this for you. He kept a copy on a flash drive and gave to you two.
  • Zen got into an inner debate about watching it or not. You said you didn’t mind, he was afraid, but yet very curious
  • You watched together, he was concerned about releasing the beast watching this, well… the beast was laughing hard!
  • The plot, the lightning, the make-up… awful! You pretended you were offended, but laughed too.
  • He destroyed the flash drive and kissed you. “Now… my princess, we don’t need cameras, let’s do our own scene, and ours can have much more quality.”


  • You cut the crap and told her as soon as you started dating
  • It wasn’t full porn, it was just one of those Spring Break videos with drunk girls showing her boobs and letting guys take shots of tequila on her bodies
  • None of you were embarrassed, it was lame, and you looked almost unrecognizable.
  •  She chuckled a little because you looked so silly and completely different from who you were today.
  • She didn’t like seeing you making out with another girl on video, but oh well… the past is in the past, and you were different now, you wouldn’t do things like that now
  • “You got paid for this?”
  • “Yeah, with a bottle of tequila”
  •  You told her all the crazy stuff you did on that holyday and MOM MODE was activated
  • “You’re here and everything is fine, but you could be in real trouble, MC. What if the producers of this forced you to do something? And you didn’t even make money out of this? They shouldn’t exploit drunk naïve girls like that.”
  • And now FEMINIST MODE was on too: “Seriously! What’s wrong with this industry? They sexualize and objectify girls, they make money on them, and all you got was a tequila?”
  • She got a point, but Jaehee chill, this was a long time ago
  • “No, that’s it! What’s the name of the studio that shot this? I’m writing them an email, if they don’t send you money, I’m taking this to court”
  • Now she was the one being naïve, and you were embarrassed
  • But it was very cute to see your girlfriend so ready to fight for you


  • It’s the same case as Zen. He was ready to go further, you were backing away
  • You knew this could be a scandal, and you didn’t want to tell him, because you were terrified of his possible reaction
  • And then he confronted you. Why didn’t you want a relationship with him? It was because of his possessiveness? Because he was too cold?
  • You felt horrible seeing him like this, he wasn’t the problem at all
  • But you were too scared to tell him, so instead, you actually showed him
  • He was shocked! What were you thinking?
  • “I needed the money for college.”
  • “You could’ve asked me”
  • “I didn’t even know you back then”
  •  “Well… ok.”
  • He didn’t ask anything, he didn’t even say anything else. Oh boy… this was even scarier than you thought.
  • You haven’t heard anything from him for a couple of days and just thought it was over. You wished you two could have solved this in a more mature way, but… well, you weren’t in the position to demand anything from him.
  • However, one day, he appeared at your house. “It’s taken care of”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “At first, I wanted to arrest the producers and everyone that saw that video, but my lawyer told me there’s no crime because you weren’t a minor. So I paid Luciel to at least make that video disappear from the face of the earth. I even let him play with Elizabeth the 3rd, I would do anything for you, so keep that in mind before running away from me.”
  • “I – I didn’t run away, I just thought you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore, this could ruin your reputation! I mean… a corporate heir and a…”
  • “Don’t even think about finishing that sentence, MC! No one can talk about you like that, not even you, you hear me? I love you! I don’t mind your past, everything that matters is the present and, most important, our future together. I’m used to media trash talking, so don’t even think a trivial thing like that could make me dislike you.”
  •  You didn’t have an answer, at least not one with words, so you just kissed him over and over
  • And when you were cuddling in your bed, he smirked. “So… are you still able to do the position you did on minute 23:17 on the video?”
  • “How many times did you watch it?”


  • Well, he knew because of the background check
  • He would never bring it up if you haven’t done first
  • You explained your situation back then, he fell sad for you, but that didn’t matter anymore
  •  “So… now I can watch it without feeling guilty?”
  • “As if you haven’t watched before”
  • You didn’t believe at first, but you changed your mind when you two started watching
  • Because it was a freaking secret agent plot, and it was so bad! And you could tell he was reacting to this for the very first time
  •  And he pointed out all the inconsistencies on the story
  • “You could never carry a gun on a outfit like that, your target would totally see it and shoot you first”
  • “The boss would never show his face like that, let alone showing you his-“
  • “Okay, that’s it! Turn it down!”
  • “Nooooo, it’s so funny!”
  • He got into a debate with himself about deleting the video of the site. Although he wanted to keep those scenes of you all to himself, he couldn’t  deprive the world of such a masterpiece
  • But he deleted after all, and kept a copy for him
  • You were happy that he was so chill about that, but you knew he was going to tease you about it forever!
  • When you were in bed at night, he crawled up over you, gave you a deep kiss and whispered in your ear. “Now I’m gonna teach you how to properly finish a target, my hot little spy”


  • He also did a background check on you before leading you to the apartment
  • At that time, this wasn’t really relevant for him and his plans
  • After he recovered, he totally forgot about that
  • Until you brought it up when you started dating
  • Blushing mess. Oh my god, he looked at you and couldn’t believe such a cute creature could do all those things in front of a fucking camera
  •  You felt bad for making him uncomfortable and apologized
  • And now he was the one feeling bad because you were just being honest about your past, and hell, who was he to judge the stupid things you did?
  •  You were his, so yes, he made that video disappear
  • But to show you he was ok with that, he kept a copy and you watched together
  • He scoffed. “You were totally faking it!”
  • “What? No, I wasn’t!”
  • “Of course you were! When I fuck you like that, you make a completely different noise.”
  • ‘How do you know I’m not faking it with you, then?” you teased, he responded with a wicked glare at you.
  • “First, we’re gonna burn that copy. Then I’m gonna make you pay for even suggesting that! I know your body very well and how it react to my touch… and I’m gonna remind you of that all night!”
Forgotten Feelings // Bucky Barnes (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female reader

Summary: you learn more about Aiden and you and Bucky get to spend some more time alone.

Word Count: 1854 sorry its short i want to make them longer

Warnings: none I think. im really bad at warnings and summaries sorry 

A/N: briefly mentioning this again but sorry for the wait but I’ve been planning out the whole story so that I don’t make any plot errors that I can’t change. Hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have any feedback! xxx (also thank you to everyone who is giving feedback i love you so much!! x)

PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 5

You slowly came around to consciousness, eyes opening slowly and brain still trying to adjust to the new and more active state of consciousness. As you looked around the room you spotted your clock, it was 1p.m by now. You had only gone to bed at 6 a.m.

The hazy clouds in your mind finally clearing, allowing you access to last night’s memories. You had spent the whole night talking, laughing and getting to know the cute aid. Well his main job was as an agent, quite a high ranking one, but he had a medical background as it was what he studied in university, but he left it behind for the life of an agent at the strong recommendation of his father who actually got him this job, occasionally helping in the medical field when no one else was available at that exact moment. You had acquired this information from the numerous hours you two spent talking, from sharing embarrassing stories to favourite food, your of course being fruit.

You would’ve been in bed as soon as you were done being cleaned up if you could, but you would have to be stupid or clueless to go to sleep with a concussion, so you spent the night talking, and you thoroughly enjoyed it, worries fleeing from your mind for a while. You had parted ways at 6 a.m. after swapping contact details, so that if you ever needed a doctor or a friendly face who wasn’t on the team, you had him.

You slowly crawled out of bed, deciding that you would do your daily workout later on in the evening. You freshened up and started to make your way to the kitchen for some brunch, technically lunch by now. On your way to the kitchen you bumped into Steve, you exchanged pleasantries and had a small conversation about yesterday, him asking if you were okay now and things of the sort.

You walked into the kitchen to find Bucky sitting at the dining table, reading a newspaper, old habits die hard, you guessed. Once again it was just the two of you in the kitchen, ‘how does this happen every time now?’ you internally questioned in disbelief.

“Morning.” You greeted him. You felt it a lot easier to converse and interact with Bucky now with out almost having your knees give out on you every time he directly addressed you. Maybe it was just as time passed or maybe other reasons, either way you were grateful. It helped with the whole ‘forgetting’ situation.

“Mornin’.” He greeted back. He paused a second before continuing. “Were you up all night?” he asked trying to sound slightly disinterested. He already knew the answer, he had enhanced hearing after all, and he’d seemed to pick up a knack for just knowing where you were around the tower, but he didn’t intend on letting you know that.

“Yeah, I had a concussion, so no sleep for me until sunrise.” You explained.

“Oh, okay. I heard you talking from my room and I was just wonderin’ who you were talking to.” He asked, trying his best to sound only vaguely interested and inconspicuous, but curiosity took hold and neither of those words could be used to describe the way he delivered the question.

“Oh – uh – Aiden, the agent or part time doctor, well it varies.” You explained, but saw him draw a blank.

“The medic who was outside the quinjet when we arrived back?” you tried to jog his memory. Yet again, of course he remembered, but he was trying to play it cool.

“Oh yeah, that guy.” He said, lacking enthusiasm or interest in the conversation now that it had taken this turn.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you.” You apologised. You moved towards the fridge and gathered all that you would need to make a fruit salad.

“You didn’t really, nothing some earplugs couldn’t solve.” He said, spewing yet another lie. In actual fact, he’d left the ear plugs out. Anxious to hear what you two were discussing he listened to every word that was uttered from beginning to end. He’d pace up and down the floor then the next second he would just be lying on his bed listening.

By now you had successfully prepared a fruit salad. Instead of eating it in the kitchen like you normally would, you decided to take it up to your room, so you could eat it while you caught up on some tv series.

“Oh, well that’s good, we’ll try and keep it down in the future. See you later Barnes.” You said before leaving the kitchen and making your way up to your room.

In the future? He would be back? Bucky was processing this information. You had spoken about the boy with such ease and comfort, like you two were already close, but how? You had spent a few hours talking and he seemed closer to you than Bucky was, and he’d lived with you for the past 6 months. To be fair, he hadn’t spoken to you all those times you’d made an effort, he had never really paid you much attention, he reasoned. If it was bothering him, why didn’t he make an effort.

This new revelation was an epiphany to him. He was upset by your withdrawn attitude and lack of flirtatious passes, but he’d never made the effort back, so he didn’t have the right to be upset. He decided that he was going to make an effort, starting as of that very day.

You had spent the past 4 hours catching up on some of your favourite tv shows. You had finally decided to switch off the tv after you had finished 2 seasons in a row. You had decided that now would be a good time to do that work-out that you rescheduled. Quickly changing into your gym clothes, you set off to the gym.

Bucky heard your door open. You had finally resurfaced. As creepy as it may sound, he was waiting for you to come out so he could start his efforts. How? He didn’t know yet. He had heard you mention to someone you passed in the hall that you were going for your daily work-out. He decided that he would wait for about 15 minutes before he would go for a work-out, his second one of the day, but he didn’t mind.

After 15 painstakingly long minutes of waiting he changed into his gym clothes and made his way down to the gym. Arriving at the gym he was greeted with the sight of you running on the treadmill listening to music that was blasting through your earphones. Formulating a plan, he internally smirked and walked up to you.

Walking up to your left side leaning on the handrail to catch your attention. Noticing him you slowed the treadmill to a comfortable walk and pulled your earphones from your ears and paused the music.

“Hey doll.” He said with a lazy smile, familiar butterflies in your stomach, but weaker than before. A sign that you were finally forgetting.

“Hey.” You replied with a small smile.

“How you feelin’ after yesterday, took quite a hit to the head.” He asked, giving you a once over that sent shivers down your spine, well at least your knees weren’t on the brink of giving in, you thought.

“Okay thanks, I’ve got a bit of a headache but nothing unbearable.” You explained to an interested and concerned Bucky.

“You up for a little sparring? I’ll go easy if you aren’t feelin’ great.” He asked with hopeful eyes.

“Very considerate of you Barnes, but I don’t need you to go easy on me, even when I’ve had a concussion.” You said with a glint of fire in your eyes, excited for a challenger that was someone other Natasha.

Turning off the treadmill completely, you stepped off, put your phone down and made your way to the ring.

“Need a few minutes to stretch old man?” you asked with a smirk on your face.

His cocky smirk dropped in an instance, almost followed by his jaw, but he recovered quickly.

“You gettin’ quite cocky for someone who took quite a beatin’ yesterday.” He playfully chastised.

You were now already in the ring and waiting. “Come on Barnes, we don’t have all day.”

Bucky stepped into the ring, took off his zip-up jumper and threw it out of the ring.

“I would take it personal doll, but we both know you’re just talk.” He said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Before you could reply he kicked your legs out from under you, caught you before you could hit the ground, fell on his back and rolled over so that you were pinned under him by your hands. Your instincts kicked in before he could pin down your legs and you had wrapped your left leg around his waist, brought your arms to wrap around his left side and gave him a swift shove to the right, effectively now positioning you on the top looking down at his with a cheeky smile.

“Ha! I win this one.” You said, now with a proud smile on your face that sparked a warm flint in Bucky’s stomach. “Must be your old limbs.” You said teasingly whiles giving his chest a pat.

“That would be true-“ he said whilst he effortlessly flipped you onto your back and pinned you down properly “- but unfortunately for you I’m not that old. Don’t take it too hard doll, after all I have had 100 years of experience.”

A fake frown graced your features but before you could make a comment, Aiden strolled into the gym and upon seeing you and Bucky in what you now realised was a rather compromising position with your bodies flush together with not an inch of separating space, frowned but then called your name.

You quickly scrambled off Bucky, much to his disappointment, and straightened up.

“Was I interrupting something?” he asked, almost rhetorically.


“No.” You and Bucky said simultaneously.

“Anyway,” he said, disregarding Bucky’s objection, “you ready to go?” he asked you.

“Um, yeah. Let me just take a quick shower and change. I’ll be ready 10 minutes tops” you said, gathering yourself.

Bucky’s anger was simmering just below the surface. This boy thought so highly of himself, he couldn’t wait for someone to take him down a few notches one day, maybe he’ll get to do it, he thought hopefully.

“Um thanks Buck, this was fun, I enjoyed beating you.” You said as you were about to walk out the door.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night doll face.” He called after you as he left with a lasting smile on his face.

“See ya.” The boy said to Bucky as he left the gym with a confident smirk. Once again Bucky’s anger bubbled up. He silently turned around and walked up to his extra-strength-hold punching bag. Beating up children is wrong, he told himself as he inhaled deeply and exhaled, taking the first swing at the punching bag instead of the aid.

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Vanderwood Route - Mystic Messenger

✿ so i am a complete vanderwood trashpit, and this is my attempt to write a detailed fan-route about our favorite confused spy. if you enjoy my work and want a vanderwood route as desperately as I do, please feel free to sell your soul to cheritz in the interests of giving our leopard-print love a little more limelight.

In celebration of 1,000 followers and 100 posts… on with the show!


This is not spoiler free, and it assumes that you have played - or are at least aware of - many elements of 707′s route.

There are some mentions of suicide, abusive childhoods, and other potentially triggering topics in this route. They are not described in depth though. If you can handle the game, you can probable handle this.

General Notes

  • After completing 707′s route, new options will be unlocked in the deep route prologue that allow dark purple hearts to be gained. Accumulation of enough of these hearts will, much like all the other routes, cause the player to get Vanderwood’s Route on Day 5.
  • Calling and texting Vanderwood will not be available from the beginning of the route, but after a certain point it will be unlocked.
  • In the interests of making this accessible, I use ‘they’ for Vanderwood. Please, feel free to insert whatever headcanoned pronoun and gender identity you wish for them.
  • I have also done a little work to create a more detailed backstory for them. It felt necessary, since we know so little about them in comparison to the others. I hope this only enhances your enjoyment!

D1 - D4

  • The new options in the deep route initially seem to focus on 707. Much like accessing his route, you joke around with him, but the topics focus more on embellished stories from his secret agent life and his relationship to his “maid”, Mary Vanderwood the III.
  • This gives the player a lot of background into 707′s life as a secret agent, providing more stories like the potato chip incident. All of them are told humorously, of course. Through them, the chat begins to get a sense that Mary Vanderwood the III is actually a dear friend to Seven, who has saved his life on multiple occasions and whose life has been saved by him in return. However, Seven does not admit this, instead saying that they simply work in the same spaces, and ‘their relationship does not go beyond maid and master.’
  • The good options include asking about Vanderwood’s habits, hobbies, and personality, and also telling Seven that Vanderwood sounds like a very loyal friend who will go out of their way to take care of him. The other members will agree with this - (particularly Jaehee and Yoosung) - saying that Vanderwood goes above-and-beyond what would be expected for a ‘maid’, given they help him with his work, bring him tea and coffee when he’s having a hard time, and they’ve put themselves in significant danger to ensure his safety.
    • MC: Wow… It sounds like she really cares for you! (+1 Dark Purple Heart)
    • Zen: Yeah! She’s totally in love with you! I’m so jealous!!!
    • 707: i guess we know that Zen’s into maids lololol
  • On Day 3, if you select an option that gets 707 to talk more about Vanderwood, he’ll send one of the first Vanderwood CGs - a picture of 707 cross-dressing accompanied by Vanderwood in a suit. It’s a surprise selfie taken by 707, and Vanderwood clearly doesn’t look happy about it.
    • (Seven says that the person in a dress is Vanderwood, and Zen predictably believes him.)
  • Seven is veeeery slowly starting to accept that Vanderwood is actually his friend by the evening of the fourth day, and he’s becoming extremely comforting pal-ing around with MC. In Vanderwood’s route, Seven is basically your bestie.

The route proper is underneath the read more due to length!

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Sidgeno Actor AU anon fic

(A wonderful little fic I’m posting for an author who’d like to remain anonymous!! This is NOT written by me! Please read this it’s so cute and I love it to death)

The first time Geno sees Sidney Crosby he’s crying into Tanger’s shoulder as Sid learns how to walk again on the big screen.

Tanger scoffs and pushes him off as Sid takes his first step after a year and a half in a wheelchair and the woman sitting in front of them shushes them.

When the lights come on Geno is wiping his eyes and Tanger is rolling his.

“You know I’m fine with you showing emotion,” Tanger says as they file out of the theater. “But could you maybe not do it on my sweater.”

“You not cry. Heartless.” Geno sniffles.

“I’m not heartless, I just know the difference between reality and fiction.”

Geno slaps his hand against the movie poster hanging on the wall outside of the theater and Tanger smiles apologetically at the couples walking past them. “Is based on true story,” Geno says as he taps the small text right beneath the title. “Reality. He can’t walk after car accident. Lose everything. Can’t play hockey. Work so hard and comes back. Scores game winning goal. No heart.”

“You have too much heart. You cried last week at that movie where the dog died.”

Geno chases after him through the lobby. “You cry too.”

“Dogs are different.” Tanger pushes his way through the front doors and doesn’t hold them for Geno. “Everyone cries over dogs.”

“Fine, fine. But he good actor, right?”

“Oh yeah. Sid’s pretty good.”

“Pretty good. He great.”

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Still frustrated with s7

We just never had a good reason for why Shiro couldn’t be Black Paladin.

Let’s face it; that interview saying that Shiro was an ex-paladin was bullshit. It was used to cover for the fact that season 7 never even brought the topic up. They seemed almost surprised the the fans would consider it.

We never saw Shiro have a reason to give up Black. He never fell from grace. There was never a moment in the show that said Shiro was a second choice to pilot Black. In fact, everything about Shiro proved that he was the best choice to do it. We saw him build a bond away from Zarkon, proving to Black that he could do the job, and thereby having Black come in and save him when all seemed lost.

And, y’know, Keith still could have taken over as Black Paladin if we had seen Shiro offered a choice and a pull between his duty as BP and a higher calling. If he had been needed elsewhere, and it was shown in a way that made it seem that Shiro was outgrowing the role.

I can hear people saying that’s what happened with Atlas.

It really didn’t.

This season worked as hard as it could to keep Shiro out of the spotlight. We never have a moment to process what happened in the previous season- unless you call two throwaway lines enough. Which is insulting, given what happened. We’re never given the chance to see Shiro process what happened. Nor are we given a specific reason for why Shiro would be needed to power the Atlas. Giving life and powering a giant robot was Allura’s legacy from her father and from going to Oriande. It would have been excellent balance for her being tricked into empowering the Sincline ships- this time she creates the ship that saves Voltron instead of nearly destroys it.

Shiro was not needed for that.

We had no good reason for Shiro to be able to transform the Atlas. But he had ever reason, character wise, to still be piloting the Black Lion.

This leads to the second part- Keith.

I feel like I’m watching a scapegoat child and golden child, and while the golden child undoubtedly has it easier, they are set up to fail just as much.

As much as there was no reason for Shiro to not pilot the Black Lion- something we see him battle his own demons for, along with Zarkon himself- we never see Keith do anything to prove himself in the role.

Most of this is because we never get to see anyone’s reasoning on this show. But Keith’s mourning for Shiro, arguing that he should be the Black Paladin, and unwavering faith in Shiro in the first three seasons is the biggest argument against it. We never see Keith want it, or work to improve in that role. This show loves its “one and done” moments- we see one moment where Keith says he should improve back in s3 and… after that? Nothing. As soon as Clone Shiro arrives, Keith is trying to put him back in the pilot’s seat.

And here’s where I feel like so much of the story went off the rails.

It’s implied that brainwashed/sleeper agent Shiro is going to start manipulating the team. That was my expectation for season 4. Keith was going to have to go through a growth arc and learn to trust himself instead of following Shiro.

Except… as we know… that never happened. Kuron never seemed to be aware of his behavior. And while Naxzela happened, it’s never made clear if he was being manipulated or if it was Haggar’s spying that made the the trap almost work.

And Keith left.

If you wanted us to buy Keith being a candidate for any sort of leadership position? He couldn’t have left.

A few episodes with the BoM I would buy. Keith’s feeling lost and his biracial background were implied to play a part in season 3 at some point. Of course, nothing came of it, like so many things. Keith being asked to choose his place? I would buy that, too. But Keith just… leaves.

I had heard rumors about Steven Yeun having scheduling conflicts. There had to be ways around this. Why would he commit to a role without it being cleared first? Sidelining a main character you want to develop for becoming The Protagonist for two seasons is really absurd.

His mission is never followed up on. Instead, he rejoins at the end of s4 for Naxzela, see him do a few cool things with the Blades, and vanishes again, after almost pulling a kamikaze. Whatever else you can say about that moment, it was something that needed follow up, especially because we had no reason to think he believed his charge would have any affect on the shields.

His stated mission was to look for Lotor. Again, it was a useless thread, because Lotor came to them. Lotor came to them, we never saw Keith’s progress in searching, and he found out about the quintessence he was searching for by finding his mother.

None of it felt natural or connected. Nothing about it progressed the story until season 6, and using that moment to discover Lotor’s plans felt rushed and convoluted. Mix all of that in with the superfluous clone story and I’m still wondering what the EPs were thinking.

During all of this, Keith stayed the same. We never saw him advance in a way that would make his being a leader plausible. He met his mother and got over some of his abandonment issues. Part of me really loves that, but it is another symptom of VLD’s “one and done” moments. Let’s get it out of the way so we never have to talk about it again, and Keith’s abandonment issues are forgotten.

Somehow that is supposed to help him learn to deal with people? Forget that he’s got a bad temper? That he doesn’t have a knack for leading? We never see him buckle down and try to think it through or work for the job of Black Paladin. Instead, we’re told that his lack of natural affinity is a personal failure. That Keith, who was written as the loner, is somehow the only person able to pilot Black is never explained, because according to the lore presented earlier, he had none of the traits. He fit perfectly as Red Paladin, like how Shiro fit Black.

Again, early Keith? Some traits of leadership, yes. He could come up with good tactics. He was fine with listening to others when they had a good idea. He started to step up when Shiro wasn’t there, a little. But we should have seen him provide something that Shiro could not if we were going to believe he could lead better.

I’m not even going to touch on Black Paladin Allura. The line “Allura’s lifeforce is connected to the Lions” had a lot of potential for the story. Yet it was never touched on again. Hell, we’ve seen her be completely unable to FIND the Lions, even when that was supposed to be her schtick. Allura had the natural leadership ability that Keith lacked. Seeing Keith trying to be her right hand would have been a great story in its own right. If Allura could pilot Blue, there was no lore-friendly version she couldn’t pilot Black.

It makes viewing frustrating, because I had hoped for resolution to all of these. But there wasn’t one. Just a bunch of assumptions trying to explain why they would try to follow plot points from DotU, even when it didn’t follow their own lore.

It could have been done. They just didn’t.

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Give us more of your happy headcanons please 😊

i hope this means like just like regular msr headcanons? right? if im wrong just give me another ask and ill do the something else :$) and like thank u for sending this :$)

btw happy headcanons: thats the cutest thing ive ever read by the way. happy headcanons. i dont know why i just

-mulder and scully had saw each other prior to the pilot meeting. i mean, one or both of them had probably attended a lecture that the other had done and were familiar with their face. i mean, given that neither passed out when they laid eyes on each other.

-after their first meeting, scully went home (btw why the fuck was she dismissed after like five minutes at work. ‘we leave for the very plausible state of oregon at 8 am see u tomorrow’ what the fuck) but after their first meeting, scully called ellen and told her she was working with that hot lecturer from last year and he was coincidentally spooky mulder, the most single man on the planet. help me ellen i dont know if ill make it.

-mulder called the gunmen because he needed advice about this adorable little redhead that had been assigned to him and oh god im screwed. i mean i hope one day i will be, but right now, im totally, metaphorically, screwed. she was sent to spy on me right???? what do i do now?????

-mulder’s fear of fire (i know but just wait) was cured after that case, one because scully was there and he knew nothing bad was gonna happen to him so he felt more comfortable facing said fear, and two, 'scully was there and she was really really cute and i was tryin to get with her all this first year and then that bitch phoebe showed up and fucked everything up and im not letting her have any power over me so there. fear cancelled. ’

-mulder slept with like a sheet as a blanket for years. he overheats. hes a walking furnace. but after the season 3 incident (or was there one before??) where mulder spends the night in scullys bed because he got poisoned, he noticed that she had a lot of covers on her bed. so eventually he went out and bought a ton of blankets just in case she ever spent the night at his place (purely platonically right???) and so she wouldnt get cold.

-not msr related but walter skinner knits. and is good at it. check out his etsy store. smoking man-voodoo dolls half off until forever.

-not happy, but the reason why mulder wears such hideous ties is because his father and his minions were government workers and always impeccably dressed, and when mulder became a federal agent, he hated the idea that he was growing up to be just like the man, so he embraced the 90’s style.

-scully could never tell you, but maggie could: mulder adn scully had worked together for three months. just three months. and by that time, scully had stashed a pack of sunflower seeds in her car, her apartment, mulder’s car (that man cannot think ahead), her mother’s house and the cushions of the mulder’s normal chair in walter skinner’s office.

-alternatively, mulder stashed scully’s favorite cassettes in his car, his apartment (hey, he could dance. maybe if the mood struck them they’d put something on and let some yayas out), the office (for when she was in a particularly awful mood because of some shit he pulled.)

-scully always gets mulder cryptid or alien gizmos when shes out of town. mulder always gets her science or medical related stuff. they once had to suffer through a budget meeting in 98 degree heat with their coats on because neither was willing to show off the “i’m feeling all science-y” (spelled with periodic letters), or the “aliens exist” temporary tattoos they were each sporting.

-at the end of every month, whoever has been to the hospital more takes the other out to dinner. it started out as a formal affair, going to a fancy restaurant and pretending that they were just friends not fbi partners. now the atmosphere is still the same, but they go to sandwich shops or burger places. scully just wanted to make sure mulder didn’t go broke since he was paying for dinner every time.

-the gunmen do regular bug sweeps of the office, their apartments, and maggie scully’s house. it was actually mulder who asked them to do hers because the adoption papers have almost gone through and his new mom needs protection. but once a month, the gunmen have a great time going over to maggies, they have lunch with her, and then in the afternoon right as they’re wrapping up, maggie’s friends come over to play cards adn invite melvin, richard and john to play with them.

-the gunmen are the #1 Caught in the Act witnesses because of the bug sweeps at the wrong times. maggie scully is #2. william scully was #3. an incident with the 3rd victim and Return of the Jedi movie night caused carrie fisher’s gold bikini to be forever tainted.

-maggie scully is very protective of fox. shes well aware that shes’ the only person who can call him fox without triggering him, and she loves this poor boy. she’s his second emergency contact, after scully of course, adn occasionally she’ll get a call saying fox is in the hospital only to show up and find her daughter straddling his hips with her tongue down his throat. “DANA KATHERINE SCULLY THIS MAN NEEDS HIS REST AND IF I FIND YOU DISTRACTING HIM FROM THAT ONE MORE TIME I’LL HAVE YOU THROWN OUT OF THE HOSPITAL UNTIL HES BETTER.” “maggie im really okay” “FOX YOU WOULDNT BE IN THE HOSPITAL IF YOU WERE OKAY.” and meanwhile scully’s hiding under mulder’s covers with a face to match her hair.

-walter skinner is genuinely terrified of maggie.

-totally not a headcanon yall probably know this from watching season seven right???? right????? but mulder agreed to go to oregon with skinner under one condition: scully goes to the hospital and gets checked out. i’m not leaving you until i know that you’re not going to pass out alone in the apartment and accidentally die.

-mulder never cried harder than when he found out scully was pregnant.

-“skinman i quit the bureau thank you and goodby-”“wait, sir, its me, agent scully, ill call you right back after mulder and i have a talk ok?”

-mulder’s allergic to pineapples. but it mysteriously went away a week after everyone found out about it.

-scully was forced by maggie to go to her high school reunion, and so she convinced mulder to come and put on the s'mulder (he trademarked that thats another story) and get back at those fucking bitches who bullied her for trying to start a biology club.

-actual dialogue from that night:
“Scully? You tried to start a biology club that’s so cute.”
“Emphasis on try.”
“What, no one wanted to compete with Dana Scully’s genius?”
“More like no one wanted to be around Dana Scully.”
“Awww, Scully, I would have been in the biology club with you.”
“Thanks, Mulder.”
“we can start our own biology club”
“mulder we’re not- whatever. oh wait check out my butt, stephanie baker is looking”

-scully and mulder both gave each other stars for christmas the same year, and they went stargazing to try and find them, only to discover that they were right next to each other in the sky.

-scully did in fact give mulder porn for christmas that one year. that seems really weird but you didn’t see the card.

“heres blank tape, video camera’s all set up. figured since those tapes aren’t yours, we could make one that was.”

-the gunmen can quote the lazarus bowl line for line. so can skinner. he plays it whenever hes sad.

-mulder makes a point of PDA towards scully whenever bill scully jrs in the room. not enough to be obviously trying to piss him off, but enough that he most certainly is.

-mulder changed his shampoo to make his hair especially fluffy circa season 2. do you miss me scully? do you miss petting my fluffy hair?

-anytime one of them asks the other for a drink, mulder will bring scully iced tea, and she’ll bring him root beer. everytime he’ll throw his head back in mock disappointment like that one stakeout.

-mulder is very aware of how much it turns scully on to see him with no jacket, dress shirt arms rolled up to his elbows. thank goodness he normally runs hot.

-they both secretly love when the other rests their head on their shoulder. but of course they never admit it.

-mulder always makes them run an office secret santa. just the two of them. because hes mulder.

-his fish have all been named after moby dick characters since he heard that that was a thing.

-they went on runs together during that second year just to be able to spend time together, but then stopped because how the fucking hell is scully faster than him, im sorry scully you’re ruining my rep, im gonna have to pretend i wasn’t just beaten in a 5k run by someone nine inches shorter than me.

-mulders mother bought him a polaroid camera when he went off to england for school, saying that he’d make so many memories adn all that crap. he never used it until he and scully were put on fertilizer background checking and he wanted to make the best of their roadtrips. she then bought one of her own and thus began the most intense contest of their lives to see who could take the most candid shots of the other. at this point in time, mulder’s closet has just of boxes of pictures of scully.

-their son would find all these thousands of pictures years later and wonder, for the thousandth time that day, what the fuck was wrong with his parents.

-they once had to take a ferry. dont ask me how or why, but it was just something they had to do. and mulder refused to stop just quoting lines from moby dick. the only way that scully could get him to stop was to pretend to see a nessie like creature.

-scully dominates at paintball, and when her son hit eleven years old, became the coolest person in the world hands down. mulder didnt stop trying to convince her that she was ALWAYS the coolest person in the world.

-they have a box of mulder’s clothes that scully simply labeled “the apocalypse could be upon us but so help me if these jeans go missing, i will hunt you down and end you.” nobody touches her man’s ass hugging jeans.

-scully + hoodie + overcaffinated mulder =

[this was the last thing i wrote last night before i passed out and i have no idea where i was trying to go with it but i think its hilarious so…]

-when mulder adn scully were first picking out things for their home together, mulder came home with a light blue-purple linen comforter. he liked the color and the texture and they loved it for exactly one year until william threw up on it and they couldnt get the stain out.

-mulder has been banned from the local florist because he loitered too long trying to pick out flowers for scully, they thought it was suspicious.

-mulder then got into gardening, and was taught by skinner how to not kill a plant.

-they have a sunflower patch right outside william’s bedroom window.

-maggie knit a blanket for william that he slept wrapped up in until he was in grad school adn the stitching finally gave out.

-if they were to have another kid, the siblings would have a rapport much like mulder and samantha’s or melissa adn scully’s. they called each other buttmunch adn teased and pulled each others hair, but let each other tag along on adventures and shit.

-mulder has a frequent customer card from LUSH because his lady loves baths and he loves excuses to follow her around smelling her hair all damn day.

-theres a fair in the tiny town they live in once a year in july. they have a family tradition of going to it, and watching fireworks and going on rides. by ten o'clock, every single time, both kids would crash from the funnel cake-induced sugar high.

-the first movie william scully ever attended was the incredibles. until the age of 9 he wanted to be a superhero and mulder 100% supported him and tried to get scully to do some science experiment that would make their son into a superhero.

-they live in a tiny town where the only entertainment is either a movie theater running very old movies or the local elementary school’s talent show. theres a farmers market on the main street every weekend in the summer and the mulder-scully clan often will bike down and hang out there for the day.

-mulder and scully chaperone school dances. every single dance. if there’s a photo booth, they’ll go make out in said photo booth and embarrass their kids only slightly more than if they were slow dancing in the middle of the vacant dance floor. “cant you just be normal???? i get you waited years to get together and are 'makin up for lost time’ but you dont have to take it out on me!!!!!”

-every year they host a “sci-fi july” for all of their friends and their families. they hang a sheet up outside every saturday night in july and watch a different sci fi movie out on the projector. scully and mulder can always be found in the back of the crowd, cuddling in a beanbag and arguing about inaccuracies.

-drive in movies. mulder adn scully cuddling in the back seat of the car while their offspring block their view on the hood of it, sharing a box of fries.

-maggie dominates the bake sale. neither mulder or scully can cook for shit and so they enlist maggie and she becomes famous.

-william has been banned from playing poker. after winning far too much off of uncle frohike, he’s been demoted to crazy 8s.

-mulder has half an alien face tattooed on his lower back. since scully has a tattoo he should too right? but he could only handle the tattoo needle for so long and afterwards scully assured him that half an alien head looked plenty cool and she loved it. he didn’t really care, she’d be the only one to get to see it, but he was more fascinated about why the hell the tattoo needle turned her on originally????? wh- how-??? scully????

-uncle skinner takes his godchildren’s halloween costumes to a new level.

-the bullpen bet as to who the father of scully’s kid was (please everyone knew it was mulder, but they were just bored) was called off when scully left early one day with the most intense craving for sunflower seeds.

-the only thing that mulder knows how to cook is grilled cheese and tomato soup. you’d think toast would be easier than grilled cheese, adn therefore something he could cook, but that is not the case.

-anytime one of the kids is sick, mulder or scully stays home with them and they spend the entire day playing scrabble and eating cinnamon toast.

-an older will is completely unable to walk anywhere near the hoover building without being yelled at as “HEY SPOOKY MU- oh sorry buddy. jeez you look like your dad”.

-as they grow older, mulder and scully decide to retire from the bureau. scully will occasionally do pathology consulting or lecture circuits, but for the most part, they simply stay around their home in virginia and have the peace that they always dreamed of.

-but that said, after their retirement, the x files, for the first time, remained open, and in years to come, many agents worked their way in and out of the office, none having as much a lasting devotion to it as mulder adn scully had. the few that did last fairly long had just as much trouble with the government conspiracies as their predecessors, despite the smoking man being long dead.

and when these agents had difficulty on cases, when they were clearly lacking in bits of information only people deeply involved with the conspiracy or long-time observants would know, all of these agents made their way out into the more rural parts of virginia, to an old but warm house, and they’d sit on the porch listening to mulder and scully bicker about what was true or not, now being the deep throat contact that the x files depends on. but for the first time, these deep throats weren’t at risk of murder because the head of the fbi was their children’s godfather and god help the poor bastard who disrupted their peaceful life.

-mulder always keeps the freezer stocked with chocolate ice cream. if its not, it is treated like a national emergency.

Luckiest Girl : Spencer Reid

Request: First of “Dance with me” was awesome! (It would make an awesome fic) 😉 and Second I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please do one with reid where him and his heavily pregnant wife (reader) go to a team event (dinner, wedding, etc) and she goes into labor and spence and the team freak out? Lol sorry that was super long! Thanks so much!

requested by: @frickin-bats

A/N: first off, you are an absolute doll!! Second, I really hope you like it, and feel free to message me if you want something different. I add a little bit after the reader has the baby and is in the hospital and some godmother JJ too.  xx aubree

pairing: Spencer Read x pregnant!reader

warnings: uh, none that I can think of, maybe cussing? who wouldn’t cuss while giving birth. does giving birth count as a warning? lol

word count: 913

(gif is not mine, but it’s so damn cute!)


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Dinner with Spencer’s team was always fun. No matter where you guys went, it was always a night for the books. 

“Spencer!” Y/N called down to her husband. Within seconds, Spencer was next to her.

“Yes, sweetheart. Are you okay?” He looked you up and down making sure you weren’t having your baby. You were nearing your due date, and Spencer was always on edge. You hoped that when the baby did come, he would be in town and not on a case.

“I’m fine, Spence. I need you to zip this up.” You laughed at your husband’s manic expression. 

The longest sigh you’ve ever heard escaped his lips, “Right, okay.” Zipping you up, he knelt down so he was level with your stomach, “Listen little booger, as much as I want to meet you, can you give your mom and I one night with some friends?” He kissed your stomach.

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (8/15)

Originally posted by mapiyahuyana

AU Summary:Y/N finishes her first mission and shares information about her family. 

Notes: filler chapter to fix some plot holes and reveal a bit of Y/N’s background

Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


The people inside the cells have been released and taken care of. Hawkeye had to land the jet and speak to the people since neither Tony, Steve nor y/n spoke Chinese. They had medics came in and checked their health and their background. Transportation has been given to those in need and shelter for the victims. It was protocol.

“FRIDAY, are you done yet?” Stark groaned as he spun around the chair he found in front of the control Chinese base control panel.

“The encryption is most complex, sir. I have yet to crack the passwords.” FRIDAY answered.

“Damn Chinese smartasses.” he mumbled then stood up and stretched his legs. “How long till then?”

“About 20 minutes more, sir.”

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You said you would wait for me (final part)

Warnings: angst, fluff!

A/N: here we go. I hope you enjoy it and thank you again for taking the time to read my stuff x

Bucky stood, frozen. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The love of his life stood in front of him while her name occupied the stone he was just mourning over.
“Bucky, it’s me (y/n),” she cautiously made her way closer to him.
He started to slowly shake his head. And responded with the only emotion he could muster right now, anger.
“No, nope. This is not right. Who are you really! Who do you think you are!”
Tears started to form In her eyes, maybe this was a worse idea than she had thought.
“It’s me, Bucky. I’m here. It’s me, (y/n).”
He stared in to her eyes looking for signs of a lie.
“Tell me something only (y/n) would know,” he said with no hint of emotion in his voice.
“You sleep on the left side of the bed, you have a mole just below your right butt cheek, you took me and steve to the pictures to see the wizard of oz for his birthday and then spent the next 3 months singing ‘if you only had a brain’ to him every time he done something stupid, shall I go on?”
“No, no it’s fine, I’m sorry. After all I’ve been through and seen you would think that me of all people should think that something like this is weird, I know the god of thunder for crying out loud!” They both chuckle.

“Walk with me?” She asks with a hopeful gleam in her eye. “Sure,” he replies taking steps towards her as she turns and they fall into step together.
They walk in silence for a few minutes before Bucky speaks up, “so, are you going to explain? Or do I have to guess, doll?” Her head shoots around to look at him. She’s waited years to hear him say that to her again, “doll.” Always her favourite name.
“Oh yes, Sorry.” She huffs out and in easily laugh.

“Well after you left, I went to go find steve at his place but there was no sign, so I went home. I sat on the couch and just sat looking around until I saw the picture of you and me at coney island that sat on the mantle, I don’t know how long I cried for but I eventually fell asleep.”

Bucky looked at her with sad eyes. He remembers her being so strong. His girl. Never showed she was upset over his deployment.

“When I woke up, there was a note and a key to our apartment on the coffee table. It was from steve, explaining his situation with the doctor and Peggy and that he was joining the army too. All I could think of was how small and sick he was. After you left he was all I had, but now he was gone too. I tried to carry on as normal as possible like all the other girls waiting for their men. I got a job at the local factory but I never really fitted in. I will remember that day your sister showed up at my door until the day I die. She just stared at me with a blank expression and shook her head. A few days later I read an ad in the paper about experimental drug trials and thought ‘why not,’ you and Steve were gone. I had nothing left. If it worked, I’d be a wealthy girl. I could up and leave town, start fresh somewhere else. If not I’d die and in all honesty the place I was at the time I’m not sure which option appealed to me more.”

She went on to explain how she was one of Howard starks test subjects for the replica serum he was trying to recreate that was used on steve.
“Howard put it down as a failed experiment as I didn’t show any physical changes like steve did. As time went on though we started to notice small things like I was breaking a lot of cups just by holding them, I was able to run a little faster, things like that. He kept a close on on me from then. I started to feel suffocated. One day I was out getting some groceries when a bomb dropped not a mile from where I was, I saw my chance and took it. I ran. I was declared missing and presumed dead.”

As they were walking, Bucky found himself drawing closer and closer to her. At some point his hand had entwined with hers and they were walking hand in hand towards the a small coffee shop so they stopped off for a drink.
“I can’t believe you went through that,” he says feeling defeated.
“That’s not everything.” Just by the look on her face he knew the worst was yet to come. And he was right as soon as the word “HYDRA’” fell from her lips he knew it was going to be bad, real bad.

She sat and looked into her coffee cup while absentmindedly stirring it.
“Back during the drug trials, there was a HYDRA agent in hiding there. Turns out stark wasn’t the only one keeping an eye on me. When I ran after the bomb, I didn’t get too far before I was captured by them. I struggled of course but even with my strength 6 men are a bit of a struggle especially when they sedate you.” She huffed out an unamused laugh.
“When I woke up there was a small man staring back at me, he knew my name and introduced himself as Dr. Zola, I wanted to ask where I was, I wanted to lunge out and grab someone but I couldn’t move. I was strapped in to a chair with machines all around. I’m not sure how long I was there but after a while what they had given me started to wear off and I managed to break free. I made short work of the, maybe, 12 guards in the room so then they shouted to the one man who they knew would be able to overpower me.”
She glanced up at Bucky who sat looking at her frozen, “me.” She nodded her head in agreement.
“When you walked in that room I swore my heart had caved in, you looked like you, but you wasn’t you. Not my Bucky. There was no trace of you there, just a cold hard stare that burned straight thorough me. It didn’t take you long to get me into the cryo chamber, I was a mess. Screaming your name but you didn’t flinch, not once. The last thing I saw was your dead expression staring at me. My love. My heart. Dead.
He wasn’t sure when he started crying “I’m sorry, doll. I’m so, so sorry.”
“It’s ok buck, I never blamed you. I never will. I know that wasn’t you. That was a monster they created.”

She stood from her chair and knelt in front of him, “I love you James Buchanan Barnes, and nothing or no one will ever change that!” She reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out the ring and replaces it on her ring finger. He grabs her hand and just looks at it. “Just as it should be.” He says and kisses the ring.
They leave the coffee shop and hail a cab, as they climb in Bucky gives the driver the address for the compound and calls ahead to Tony and asks him to meet him in his lab. And that he’s bringing a friend.

As they walked in to the lab Tony turned wide eyed and surprised, “it can’t be, (y/n) (y/l/n), I saw the files on you. You died in the war. How is this possible!?”

She proceeded to tell Tony the whole story like she had Bucky.
Tony introduced her to Bruce who was keen to ask if he could run some tests while Tony run some background checks to see if her story added up.
(Y/n) stayed hidden away in the lab for the next few days with the 2 men while Bucky was away with steve on a mission.
While on the way back from the mission, steve was walking away from the console of the Quinjet after putting it in auto pilot and tripped over his own feet and Bucky couldn’t help himself “you know you wouldn’t have done that, ‘if you only had a brain’” he sang.

Steve turned to face him, “wh-what did you say?”
“You heard me, punk.”
Cocking an eyebrow at Bucky, steve stared him down knowing there was a story behind his actions. The last time he heard that from Bucky was the 40s.

Bucky tells him everything that happened after steve gave him the box that day.
When they get back to the compound F.R.I.D.A.Y speaks up, “Sargent Barnes, mr stark and dr. Banner would like to see you in the lab.”
“On my way.”

As he enters he’s met by a room full of smiling faces.
“Everything is good, she’s free to go. Oh, and she’s going to need a mentor as of now she’s part of the team.” Tony says proudly.
“Thank you, tony. You father would be proud.” she tells him and he just smiles and looks at his feet.
“Come on, doll there’s people you need to meet.” Bucky says with excitement that would match a child at Christmas.

The common room is full of chatter as Bucky enters, holding (y/n)’s hand so tight, as if he lets go she may disappear again.
The room falls silent as everyone stares at the couple who just entered.
“(Y/n)?” Steve questions.
She runs and throws herself at him and he catches her “wow!,” she breathes “look how you’ve grown, the pictures don’t do you justice!” She laughs and throws her arms around his neck.
By now everyone is confused and is just staring at the three.
“Oh, sorry.” Bucky clears his throat. “Everyone, this is (y/n).” He looks into her eyes, “my fiancé.”
Naturally question come from all sides so (y/n), Bucky and steve tell them everything.
“This is great!” Wanda shouts. “Another girl on the team!”
“Not just that,” Nat says with mischief all over her face, “but a girl with a wedding to plan!”

Worthy: Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

This is the first part of a series idea that I came up with. This first chapter will mostly cover the background of the reader and lead into the main plot of the story with the Avengers and Sam. I promise/hope the next chapter(s) will be better i just wanted to focus this one on the background first.

Part One out of ?

Chapter/Story Description: Y/n is a natural born mutant, and the “adopted” sister of Clint Barton. She is one of SHIELDS biggest kept secrets and their best Agent. She was kidnapped as a teenage and experimented on by the secret organization called Cronus. She works alone in secret until Cronus creates their own army to take down SHIELD and the rest of the world. She meets the Avengers and they work together, all the while she struggles with fitting in, as she does not feel worthy to be a part of a team.

Note: I got a brief rundown of Clints backstory off of wiki, but I changed some of it (timeline wise) to make it work in the story. 

Words: 1,970   Gender: She/Her    Triggers: Mentions of torture, death

Relationship: Sam Wilson x reader (does not begin until next chapter)

Originally posted by fantasysystem


15 Years ago

“Why are you all alone over here?”

Glancing up at the older boy you stared in shock ‘Why is he talking to me?’, you thought. You didn’t think anyone had seen you sneak off behind the trees.

“Do you not talk? Or are you just scared? I promise I wont hurt you, I just wanted to know if you were okay”

You could tell he was being genuine, you could feel his emotions, you still didn’t understand it, but you knew he was a good person “I’m…okay”

Without hesitation the boy sat down next to you and reached out his hand “I’m Clint Barton, who are you?”

Slowly reaching out and taking his hand you spoke quietly “I’m Y/n L/n”

“It’s nice to meet you y/n. I know it’s scary being brought here, I was brought here with my brother after our parents died in a car accident, what about you?”

You began fiddling with your hands “My parents didn’t want me”

He stared at you for a moment before sadly looking down at his own hands “I’m sorry, that sucks”


It had been a few weeks since Clint began talking to you. He didn’t seem afraid of you, even after you showed him what you could do. But he wasn’t afraid, not like your parents were, not like everyone at your old school. Clint seemed to have his own unusual abilities, he was fast, agile, and had the eyes of a Hawk. You bonded easily, and he quickly became like a brother to you. Which is exactly why you chose to run away with him and his brother to a nearby circus. Maybe there you could make sense of who you were.

They loved you there, though of course none of the audience truly believed your wings were real, and they thought the way you could create small bursts of light, or the way you could make a plant grow by touch were just illusions. But that was okay, if they didn’t think it was real, they wouldn’t be afraid of you.


10 Years Ago

Clint left to become some form of Agent, they wanted to recruit you as well, but you were too afraid they would use you as a weapon, and you didn’t have perfect control over your powers and you didn’t want to hurt anyone on accident. But the man named Fury would come talk to you from time to time, tell you how your brother was doing, try to convince you that they just wanted to help. You finally decided to say yes, but someone else found you first.

They called themselves Cronus, a stupid name really, but they didn’t play around. They took you one night, they almost destroyed the circus in doing so. Their leader, a man named Constantine wanted to recruit you, but not like SHIELD, they wanted you to be a weapon, their weapon. And when you refused, they didn’t take it very well.

You screamed as the electricity ran through your body, the man standing in front of you simply smiled “Your mind is strong, it’s not going to be easy to take it over, but don’t worry. We will.” His words were almost hard to hear over the sound of your own screams.

You had no idea how long you had been here, but it felt like years. You spent your time hoping that someone would save you, that SHIELD would save you, but you didn’t even know if they knew you were gone. Maybe Fury gave up visiting you, maybe they would never know. Eventually, you got so tired of waiting, that you just hoped that they would kill you so that the pain would stop. But not even that happened. 


**Clints POV**

When he got back from Natashas recruitment into SHIELD he did not expect the news he got from Fury.

“What do you mean she’s been taken!?”

“Apparently there’s a new organization in town. They call themselves Cronus, we’re pretty sure they took her because of her powers, but we’ll get her back Barton, I promise”

**Your POV**

“This would be much easier if you would stop fighting it” Constantine hissed in your ear

“I am not a weapon”

He chuckled, a malicious sound that made your body tense “You will be”

The sudden sound of explosions made Constantine and his agents dart out of the room. A new found hope found it’s way into your mind, maybe SHIELD had finally found you. Your hopes were proven true when the man watching guard over your room fell dead with an arrow sticking out of his chest.

“Clint!” you yelled with what energy you had left.

When Clint ran into the room, the sight he was met with almost broke his heart. You were chained to a chair, an IV in your arm and blood, cuts and bruises covering your body. Running over to you he stroked your face and whispered to you “It’s okay y/n, I’m here”

“You’re late” you muttered out, causing a sad smile to form on his lips

Hearing more gunshots you turned to see a red haired women take down two Cronus Agents before coming into the room “Who are you?”

“My name is Natasha” she said while glancing between you and Clint

Hi Natasha, I’m Y/n” 

She smirked at you before helping Clint free you from the chair. As the two of them practically dragged you out of the building, you were cornered by a bunch of agents. Looking at Clint and Natasha, you could see that you were trapped. Suddenly you were filled with anger, anger at the men that took you, anger at them for shooting at your brother. Before you could really think, you pushed yourself away from Clint.

“Y/n!” he screamed after you, but you ignored him

You could feel power growing in your body. You knew they did something to you, but it wasn’t until now that you realized they made you stronger. They were trying to turn you into a weapon that they could control, and you wanted them to see what they made, what they couldn’t take. A bright light came out of your hands as your wings sprouted from your back, stronger then they had ever been before. Raising your hands at the men, and the light in your hands turned into fire. Suddenly there was screaming and explosions as you aimed the fire at the building you had been kept in. 

As the building began to burn you saw Constantine climb into a helicopter and fly away. You began growing dizzy as you fell the ground, Clint yelling your name as he ran towards you.

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anonymous asked:

Hey~ can you do hc of the rfa + v and saeran discovering that mc is a master theif please

hi there~ of course I can! sorry this is kinda late; also sorry this is so long…i got carried away;;; 

some spoilers!! requests are open!

edit: took the cut away cause there were some problems with it >.>


  • actually found out on the phone with mc while playing LOLOL
  • he was describing what was going on in the raid to them 
  • they offered advice like “no no, sneak into the back window. Don’t bust it open either, use your knife. left corner.”
  • he followed them instinctively, but then paused it. “wait…how’d you know that?”
  • *cue mc’s nervous laughter* “it’s..a side job…I’m kind of like..a thief”
  • *yoosung confused emoji noise* “like..in a game?” no, yoosung
  • becomes hella worried but doesn’t ask them to stop bc he didn’t know how
  • his main concern is them getting caught bc he can’t bail them out
  • he’s broke
  • starts taking classes hella seriously bc now he wants to open the hospital asap 
  • “so you won’t have to do it anymore!”
  • in the meantime, he visits the nurse and the bio club often to be prepared
  • jokingly asked if they could steal test answers once. don’t tempt them
  • when Seven pranked him again, mc managed to steal almost half his hbc stash
  • Seven was both impressed and devastated. Yoosung laughed so hard he cried
  • he hasn’t pranked Yoosung since, making Yoosung incredibly happy
  • still pls mc its dangerous 


  • found out through the background check
  • confused as to why V let them join 
  • he’s very suspicious at first
  • but they joke along with him and seem so positive 
  • it hits him that they could be like him
  • cue Stress™
  • really pushes them away now
  • “I’m a very dangerous person, mc” “ok me too what’s your point”
  • but he still fell for them 
  • they were so nice and genuine, doesn’t let their job affect them too much
  • when he lets go of avoiding them, there’s a lot of questions
  • which leads to a lot of stories 
  • its their form of couple bonding 
  • take the “agents 606 and 707″ thing very seriously 
  • even after they eventually both quit their dangerous jobs
  • the rest of the rfa is lowkey scared of them but they know how lucky they are to have this dangerous, but positive couple


  • is Very Stressed 
  • found out when she was compiling info on the rfa members 
  • figured that’s why she didn’t trust them at first. baehee has great intuition
  • tells them they should quit before they open the cafe 
  • but suddenly a lot of the things they talked about made sense
  • like when mc said all those crazy things. “just shave elizabeth 3rd lmao”
  • manages to get mc to switch jobs and fully take on the cafe
  • but one day they found someone trying to break into the cafe 
  • oh boy
  • not only were the rest of the rfa infuriated jumin was honestly so pissed this would happen there’s bodyguards around the whole block now
  • but jaehee allowed them to do it just once more
  • *evil mc grin*
  • they didn’t steal anything, but they sure did get them back by messing up their house
  • ok they stole one thing
  • it was their coffee maker….look it was a keurig 
  • normally, jaehee doesn’t really like those 
  • but they help out on busy mornings at home or lazy days
  • she feels guilty but then again, the cafe was never in that situation again


  • remember that april fools phone call? (”you’re a thief” “yea, i am”)
  • that’s how he finds out
  • except he doesn’t believe them. just had to tell him during april fools, huh mc?
  • finally believes them when he they were going through pics and he saw one of them before going on a raid. they were all dressed for a mission
  • asks about it cause he was confused and they were like “i told you already gdi zen”
  • is Shocked™
  • “but princess, that’s so dangerous!” “says the one who used to be in a gang!” 
  • almost demands they quit for safety (he’s also kinda broke and can’t pay bail)
  • they tell him they already did because they were worried it would give him hella bad publicity 
  • is so touched rip zen 
  • they still steal one thing though…merch. and tickets(technically cause zen always gives them one)
  • jaehee says she disapproves, but always takes mc up on their offers
  • they talk about their dangerous pasts while cuddling
  • his new favorite pickup line is “are you a thief? because you stole my heart <333″ how disgusting
  • brags about having a badass significant other 


  • oh boy
  • mc didn’t wanna bring it up because this would be really bad for him
  • but when Elizabeth ran away, they walked around the penthouse and pointed out the most likely used escape route 
  • jumin was impressed, but also a little confused
  • mc forgets he doesn’t know for a minute and starts rattling off about escape routes that are in the penthouse and which one they’d take
  • jumin is even more impressed
  • and worried because they could sneak out
  • “were you planning on leaving, mc?”
  • oh snap 
  • “no no no! I was just giving an example, i won’t leave you jumin!” 
  • *internal sigh of relief* “but..why would you know that then?”
  • time to come clean, mc 
  • he’s so? surprised?? 
  • mc promises they’ll quit because of all the controversy that’s bound to happen 
  • which makes him relieved but also kinda upset cause they can’t do something they probably enjoy
  • hence why there’s a new room in the penthouse that makes mc feel like a spy to cross all these obstacles
  • jumin failed it like three times now 


  • was worried about letting them join when he heard from 707
  • but this had to be a sign because they were there 
  • so he let it happen
  • reads through the chat room more often than he did before to see how they were all getting along and if mc was really dangerous
  • but they weren’t, which made him feel better
  • he still found himself coming back, though
  • he hadn’t seen the rfa so bright and active in a while 
  • made him smile 
  • when he met mc at the party, they had a talk. especially cause mc figured he knew 
  • they were both glad there were no problems and then the conversation went to awkward, lowkey blushy territory
  • *cue both 707 and jumin snickering in the background*
  • mc offers to help with the whole Mint Eye situation 
  • at first, he refuses. it’s dangerous and he’s the only one who should be in danger 
  • so they steal those special glasses of his (that help him see a bit better w/his left eye)
  • the two of them reach a compromise: they’d do it together. 
  • V gives them all the info and finally tells the truth while mc goes in and shuts them down i want the rfa happy ok


  • he knew because he’s a stalker i mean also background check
  • thought they’d help just steal the info he needed
  • but they were cute… 
  • dammit saeran
  • still thinks they’d be the perfect candidate for Mint Eye though
  • and he imagined the rfa’s faces when their new member is actually a thief
  • hahah that oughta show them 
  • when he breaks through the window, mc is half scared-half “you could’ve done that so much better” 
  • mc it’s not like you’re on the first floor
  • they start to bond over his tattoo and leather jacket
  • if he stays in Mint Eye, they become The Scariest Couple oh my god
  • if he doesn’t and he stays with saeyoung, mc decides to quit as a thief to help him out and kind of show him that he could get over the hard past too
  • when he has nightmares, mc tells him stories of what they did before 
  • the stories are really no less scary, but imagining them doing all that and getting out alive make him feel better
  • especially cause they’re so nice
  • they keep their matching aesthetics though  
Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (11/15)

Originally posted by esgaroths

AU Summary: Y/N spends her free day training and surprisingly, a date with an Avenger.

Notes: another filler chapter but it’s fun. steve needs to chill sometimes so :)

Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12


Y/N has been sparring a lot with Natasha, Clint and even Tony. She also substitutes as a combat coach for the twins on separate occasions. On some occasions Thor would be in Asgard for long periods of time but he trusts the team to handle the earth by themselves.

There are also days where she’d be in the lab with Bruce and would work on the mechanics and computer systems of the agency’s design and structure since Y/N is first and foremost a computer engineer. Then there will be nights where she’d be on the balcony with Steve, talking about nothing and everything. Drinking a few glasses and chatting.

These things are what she looks forward to the most ever since she became an Avenger. After fulfilling the missions given to her and the team, Y/N finds a way to make herself comfortable in the new but quickly familiarizing environment. She was getting used to her life and happiness was slowly creeping up on her.

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A Night In... [Part 2 of ? // Bill Skarsgard x Reader Imagine]

Chapters One & Two aesthetic board created by: @haroldjagger

Author’s Notes: Surprise! So because Chapter One was so large, I had to break the original chapter down into two chapters instead – since it was almost 20 pages long. (No don’t adjust your screen, you absolutely read that right.) Now the amazing thing about this chapter is: We’re jumping into the story’s present timeline and we finally get a little bit of Bill making an appearance.

I’m sorry I had to basically make you all depressed in the first chapter - but this one is much lighter and I’m happy with it. 

Alright, please keep in mind that we’re still setting things up for the story in this chapter so bare with me – because things start really getting interesting from here on out. 

Musical Inspiration: Whatever It Takes by: Imagine Dragons 


When the worst day of my life happened, I threw myself into survival mode and adapted to my world crashing down all around me. With a broken heart thanks to my callous ex-husband, and my spirits crushed due to a ruthless ex-boss; I had hit rock bottom and hard. It was within that incredibly painful moment of my life, that I had made a solemn vow to myself that I would make sure that I had achieved everything I had ever wanted to do and more. Most importantly of all though, I sure as hell wouldn’t let anyone get in the way or distract me from those goals – ever again.

Now as an incredibly well-known, critically acclaimed writer and journalist; I had brazenly re-written the rules by launching my career on an independent level. Because of this, I wrote two New York Times Best Selling novels and created an online blog series that’s launched me into international fame called, “A Night In With…”

And I was only just getting started…

The basis of the blog series was simple: Every celebrity, politician, author and music star that enters into this piece with me – stays with me for an entire weekend in seclusion and in a destination of their choice, so that I might capture their most authentic selves in order to write about them openly and honestly.

So when my agent came to me and let me know that up and coming Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard, had agreed to become my next highlighted celebrity for the blog series; I was astonished to say the least. His only terms were that the weekend away to conduct the interviews, must take place in his home country of Sweden. Without a second thought, I had willingly agreed to the terms and prepared to pack my bags to get the interview of a lifetime.

Little did I know though, just how much this decision was about to alter the course of my life, my future and my career… Forever.

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anonymous asked:

JBM, 12?

“So my roommates wrote a book, and they are fucking geniuses,” Grantaire says on a phone call that is supposed to be them arguing about Grantaire’s illustrations for the latest middle grade book she has him working on. Musichetta should have known when he actually agreed to the phone call without bribes that he was going to instantly derail it.

“Oh? Do they have an agent?”

“I … guess that’s me? I don’t know if they’re going to submit anywhere, but it’s fucking charming and it’s for our age bracket, and I will draw whatever illustrations you want, I will draw whatever cover art you want and I will not complain about any of it, just give it a read.”

Musichetta sighs. “You are not an agent.”

“I could be!” he says, mock offended. Or she hopes he’s not actually offended, anyway. “Come on, just give it a try. It’s about space.” He lowers his voice. “There are puns.”

She is far more predictable than she ought to be. “Fine, fine, send it over,” she says, and Grantaire is feeling so triumphant about it that he lets her talk him into all sorts of edits on his illustrations that normally he would whine about for half an hour at least.


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Meta: SE and Stable Partnerships

The whole premise of Soul Eater is based on the structure of meisters and weapons and the partnership that goes into that. It’s easy to come up with plenty of examples of these partnerships: standard one-to-one pairs, or trios, or even variable meisters with multiple weapon partners or weapons who can be wielded by any meister. Aside from granting structure to the plot in itself, these partnerships can also be read as unstated commentary about the dynamic of the characters within the partnerships, their relation to each other, and (perhaps most interestingly) their grasp on their own sense of identity.

A note: I’ll be focusing primarily on the main anime in the course of this, with only very few references to the Soul Eater Not anime and occasional nods to details in the manga. I’m hoping this will make it easier to follow (and easier for me to compose)!

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RFA+V+Unknown+Vanderwood knowing MC before

Yo I’ve seen this a few times but I wanna do my take on this. The crew and trio knowing you before the whole RFA thing let’s have fun shall we?


  • “MC I can’t wait to meet you in person!”
  • “But we already met once”
  • Hold up
  • “We’ve met?!”
  • You were a little upset but then remember he doesn’t know what you look like
  • “Yup~ you’ll find out who I am at the party~”
  • MC you tease
  • You actually worked at his favorite Cafe when he was in high school
  • When he had long days studying he would come to the cafe
  • He didn’t really notice you at first because he was so focused on school
  • But then one day he walked in the shop with lifeless eyes
  • you actually grew to like him and seeing him like this hurt
  • so as you place down his drink you sit across from him.
  • “Are you okay?”
  • He was really confused
  • just some random pretty girl
  • is talking
  • to me?
  • “Ah yeah…”
  • “You’re a terrible liar”
  • He was taken aback
  • “I’ve seen you for awhile and you don’t usually act like this…sorry if im prying but do you want to talk about it”
  • You do your whole cute thing and it works
  • He explained that someone close to him died
  • You were very understanding and he noticed that
  • You have to get back to work but you hug him
  • “You’re strong! you got this!”
  • When he went back again you weren’t there anymore
  • Fast forward to the party he was very surprised when he saw you
  • “Omg it’s you!?”
  • He was very happy
  • He actually had a crush on you 
  • it was like it was meant to be


  • You were part of his middle school theater club!
  • “Hey Zen do you still play guitar?”
  • ???
  • “How did you know I used to play? are you a fan~?”
  • “Well I was in your theater club-”
  • “You were?!”
  • He tried to narrow it down
  • but a bunch of girls would come and go because they only joined to see him
  • “I wasn’t very good so i did all the props”
  • He remembers very clearly about how beautiful the set was but never knew who did them
  • “That was you?!”
  • You were a bit hurt that he didn’t bother to find out who you were, but it didn’t bother you much you’re just glad he’s doing something good with his life
  • Once you went to his house when he was healing he just saw you and
  • “I do know you!”
  • And you’re confused because you never would have guessed that he knew you
  • “You’re the one that kicked my mother out of the dressing room when she tried to pull me out of the play”
  • Oh yeah
  • She came barging in trying to pull Zen out by his hair and you just went off on her
  • “Zen has been working very hard on this play and if you pull him out right as he’s about to get on stage so help me god I will give you more problems then just your obvious jealousy over how beautiful your son is”
  • Savage MC in the house
  • His mother was angry and flustered
  • “How dare-”
  • “OH! do you hear that? It’s the sounds of people cheering for your handsome son! you must be so proud to have a son that’s more well liked then you!”
  • que deep offended gasp
  • mama was gone
  • He still thinks of that day
  • He tried looking for you after but he couldn’t find you
  • “You are my hero”


  • “So Jaehee do you still tap your forehead with your pen?”
  • “Wait? how do you know that??”
  • You told her that you knew her from a long time ago.
  • She has a very good memory so she was quite frustrated when she couldn’t remember you
  • “Maybe you blocked it out? it was a pretty sad story”
  • She was very confused but you explain it was around when her mom got into that car accident.
  • You were part of the car crash, you were in one of the cars that got hit
  • While in the hospital you heard the news about the woman that died and her daughter was around waiting to be picked up by her uncle
  • You first spotted Jaehee filling out some papers at the front desk
  • hitting her forehead with the pen
  • remembering what she looked like and feeling bad you left your hospital room against your nurses wishes
  • You saw her outside by herself with lifeless eyes
  • without any words you just sat beside her
  • “You look very injured, you should go back into the hospital”
  • She was very cold to you
  • “Naw I’ll just sit here”
  • She was annoyed and tried to get up but you just pull her down to sit again
  • “You should sit here two, it sucks to be alone”
  • She just looks at you but doesn’t move
  • That’s all that really happened is you sat with her while you two waited for her uncle
  • It was only a half hour of silence but it was nice
  • You noticed that she started to quietly cry but you didn’t say anything but put your hand on hers
  • When she sees her uncle she wipes her tears and goes to him
  • “I barely remember that”
  • she was more trusting to you
  • more willing to talk about things and even bring up her mother more
  • “It’s funny, I thought you were helping me now, but you’ve been helping more far longer then I thought…thank you”


  • “I see those etiquette classes did you justice Jumin”
  • “How are you aware of my classes? I don’t remember telling you
  • “I was in your class, I was your partner”
  • He thinks about it
  • “I don’t recall”
  • “I would be surprised if you did, you didn’t like me because I was a girl”
  • “haha so does Jumin Han is gay is true!”
  • “Shut it seven”
  • “Well that wasn’t the only reason..”
  • you were the girl that he practiced on to properly treat a lady
  • He was very good at pretending but you caught on his bull shit
  • “you could at least act like you like me”
  • Jumin was taken aback that you were able to see through him
  • “Isn’t this the point of the class? is to act?”
  • “Well you’re not wrong, but you seriously act too much. loosen up”
  • He didn’t like your chill and laid back attitude
  • it rubbed him the wrong way
  • It wasn’t until you saw first hand how the woman treated him and how his father was and you just
  • “Yeah….you have a good reason for being an ass”
  • He appreciated that you understood but he still requested a new partner
  • “I never knew why you switched partners…what I that forward?”
  • He remembered who you are after you told him about this
  • It’s wasn’t until he was ready to tell you that the reason he switched was because he had a crush on you and thought the feelings he felt for you were hate
  • “You mixed up the feelings of love with hate?”
  • “Ya”
  • you had a lot to teach this man

Seven (also some spoilers~)

  • “I still have that astronomy book if you want it”
  • “The what???”
  • “You know…the book you forgot at church, I still have it”
  • “wHAT?!”
  • He was so confused
  • He did a very thorough background check on you
  • and he was well hidden so how did you know it was him???
  • before you could talk anything more about his past he calls you
  • “God seven would like for you to not say anything to the others about what you know about me mmkay?”
  • “I wasn’t planning on it, I was just curious if you still wanted the book”
  • Of course he wanted that book. It was the book that he read with Saeran
  • But he was an agent now, he cant go over there to get a childhood book
  • But when “Unknown” Came in seven had to go.
  • When you saw him it was like
  • “…Saeran is that you?”
  • you recognized Unknown before Seven could
  • When Saeran left and it was just you and Saeyoung it was really quiet
  • you still tried to get close to him and he still pushed you away
  • But one night you just sat against his back with the book in hand
  • “MC not this again I’m trying to-”
  • He stopped when you started reading from the book to him
  • He had relaxed, it was like he was safe again
  • Your voice reading these words were perfect.
  • once you finished the book you move to sit beside him
  • “If you want the book back it’s still yours.”
  • “How did you even know this was mine?”
  • “You had that thing glued to your side how could I not…besides”
  • You open the book and pull out a picture
  • “The bookmark said it was yours”
  • He hasn’t seen this in years and you had it this whole time
  • He knew this was fate
  • You were his fate

V (spoilers?)

  • “Jumin long time no see how is Jihyun?”
  • It was your first day but you already knew about them so it raised some red flags
  • “Are you a stalker? how do you know Jihyun?”
  • “haha I’m sad you don’t remember me Jumin, we were all in the same  etiquette classes, I was your partner and then you made me switch and I became Jihyun’s etiquette partner.”
  • “oh yeah, well if you want to see how he is, I’ll inform him of your worries”
  • “Wait no that’s not-”
  • Jumin has left the chatroom
  • You actually got a call from Jihyun
  • “MC? I didn’t know that was you”
  • You two did a bunch of catching up, although you noticed something was up with him
  • “I hope you’re okay Jihyun, you seem off…”
  • “Me off?”
  • “Very, you have to remember I knew everything about you”
  • “Sorry”
  • “This is just like you, stop saying sorry. If you need someone to talk about you can call me okay? I care about you”
  • that hit his heart, something that he didn’t feel for a long time.
  • he found himself calling you more and more
  • one day he was showed up in the apartment in total shambles
  • “What do I do?”
  • He was a mess, he was in a mess
  • Mint eye, his eyes and Rika
  • you were there for him, he needed you
  • With you around he didn’t even think of his mistakes 
  • you were the light he needed  

Unknown (Spoilers hardcore Spoilers)

  • “Hmmmmm I don’t see the lock”
  • “that’s strange,there’s really nothing? there’s really nothing to put the password in?”
  • “There’s nothing”
  • “I can see with my own eyes that you are standing in front of a password door lock…are you going to continue to lie to me?”
  • “what? You can see me?”
  • “Yes I guess that’s it then”
  • “Plan failed”
  • You were so confused and then you see this tall lanky guy but then you’re like
  • “Saeran!”
  • You run over to him
  • “Whoa Saeran you’ve changed…are you okay?”
  • ????
  • ????
  • What?
  • “What?! how do you know me!?”
  • He was super aggressive
  • “We were friends…how could I not remember my best friend?”
  • He stopped
  • “friend? I had a friend?”
  • “Well yeah…we were pretty close but then you were gone…”
  • He saw how upset you were that he left you and he was so confused like
  • you like and miss him???
  • “You’re lying”
  • You pull out your wallet and there’s a photo of you and him hugging
  • “We took this when I snuck you out of your mom’s house and we spent the whole day together before your mom noticed.”
  • He actually starts to remember you
  • He was brainwashed so bad that he forgot you
  • He still planned on making you his a assistant and you agreed so you could keep an eye on him
  • You saw how corrupted he became and you wanted to help
  • Slowly you helped him get better
  • he was very against you and angry about everything
  • but he didn’t hate you he actually enjoyed you being there with him
  • you made this hell hole more bearable 
  • Rika wasn’t very happy about how you were changing Saeran
  • She wanted to brainwash you too but he didn’t want that for you
  • He didn’t quite understand these feelings he had for you but he felt them
  • So when Seven came and got him you were right by his side.
  • he wouldn’t go anywhere without you
  • it would take time but you would be the reason Saeran would be happy again


  • it was actually him that recognized you through the CCTV
  • “agent 707…that woman…”
  • “Oh~ do you like her?”
  • “I know her”
  • exe.agent 707 is frozen
  • “You know MC???”
  • “personal you don’t need to know”
  • “Why is she there?”
  • He explained that you were the newest member of RFA and might or might not be in danger
  • Vanderwood volunteered to watch you 24/7
  • Seven tried to dig up anything and found out you were his fiancé
  • Dramatic god seven gasping
  • New mission for agent 707 is to be match maker
  • Seven actually brought you to his home for “safety”
  • “Seven where’s MC? I don’t see her on the CCTV”
  • “She’s here”
  • What?
  • “She’s here I figured it would be easier to watch her this way”
  • He was so ready to get out of there before you could see him
  • But alas he was found by you 
  • “Vanderwood? what are you….how?”
  • “ I should go…”
  • “Vanderwood sit your ass on that couch so I can think!”
  • Que obedient Vanderwood
  • Seven is internally dying of laughter
  • to tame the Vanderwood you must out rude the Vanderwood
  • “I don’t know what to think….should I kiss you for seeing you or should i slap you for leaving so suddenly”
  • “As a hardcore shipper of you two I would prefer kiss first, slap later”
  • “Agent 707 shut up”
  • you make him explain what happened
  • After his long tangent of him trying to justify him leaving you before you two could get married you had your answer
  • “You know seven I’m thinking Slap first kiss later”
  • “As long as there’s a kiss between my ship I don’t care”
  • there was a slap and a kiss
  • seven took pictures
  • for both
  • You forgive him and Vanderwood takes up Seven’s offer of leaving the agency
  • He had to buy you a new ring to start over with you

Omg it is 5 A.M right now, I have to sleep good night~

Master list of my headcanons

Ray’s headcanon

Wish You Were Here (Final Part)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your high school sweetheart moves back into town, and you reconnect for the first time since college.  You both have gone your separate ways, but a series of events places you back in each others lives.

A/n: Final part hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

WYWH MasterList

You had been back from Fiji for two months, you were finally getting settled in your and Bucky’s new place.   That was a strange concept, your and Bucky’s place.  You sneak a peek at the diamond placed on your left hand.  Grinning at it you think back to when Bucky gave it to you.

Standing on the beach you look into Bucky’s eyes, while the Justice of the Peace spoke about love and commitment.   This wasn’t how you imagined your wedding.  Bucky seemed to be the only part that was accurate to your daydreams.  When it came down to it, all your daydreams didn’t matter, all that mattered was the fact that Bucky was by your side.  So with the breeze in your hair and the sea behind you, you and Bucky professed your love for each other.

“You lookin’ at that ring again?”  Bucky chuckles shaking his head at you slightly before placing the box in his hands down.

“I can’t help it. It’s perfect.”  You move over to the box he just placed on the floor, pulling out your old yearbook.

Bucky comes to stand behind you and places his chin on your shoulder pulling the book out of your hands and tossing it back in the box.  Kissing your neck he wraps his arms around you.  “Why did you have to invite them over tonight?  Why can’t it just be you and me.  I have waited over 10 years to have you as my wife and I have to share you with our friends.”   

You laugh and turn in his arms wrapping your arms around his neck before kissing his nose. “10 years huh?  So you’ve wanted to marry me since we were 15 years old?”

“Sure did sweets.” Letting you go and walking to the box behind you, he digs through it, and pulls out what your recognize as his old yearbook.   Flipping through it quickly he hands you the open book.

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anonymous asked:

I think the met as teens verse is my favorite thing you've written so far! (And I love all your stuff so that's saying something) can you maybe write how murderous mask would have gone down in that verse?

(You guys are lovely, you know that?)

What’s hilarious is that the first Murderous Mask prompt actually predates the Mag betrayal prompt. When I got that one, I just stared at it in puzzlement for a while– because if Juno’s on Brahma, then literally the entirety of Murderous Mask can’t actually happen– Cecil would be dead and the Mask would still be buried in the desert, and besides, there’s no way Peter would have failed to retrieve the Mask if Juno was there helping him out.

Then I got the request for Mag’s betrayal. And then I got some help from my friend Kya about how to make that all work without breaking character (fun fact: the version I sent you guys is the second one I wrote; the first one just didn’t feel right.) 

And just like that, the pieces are in the right position to make MM work again. Sometimes it just requires a little suffering along the way.

Like any of my episode-based fics, I’m gonna jump around to the scenes that are actually different. There’s no need to make you read through the entire episode. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (The Talk) | Part 4Part 5

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