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Deadly Sins- Sloth & Lust

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader is sick causing her not wanting to do anything. Convincing Peter to be lazy with her turns into a heated session.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,)

Dominant Peter is going to be a thing \^.^/




Word Count: 1,815  (Sorry it’s short my migraine is killing me and I can’t look at a screen.. I promise the next Lust post will be 2,000 words )

A/N: BTW these are my interpretations of the sins. Of course for Gluttony I’m not going to have the eat a hella ton of food. You will see my interpretations as my pics are posted :) BTW THE OTHER LUST POST IS IN THE WORKS :,)

[Reader’s POV]

   Comfort. That is all you’re feeling right now. It was one of your favorite feelings. Sadly you couldn’t stay in bed forever which you wished that it was possible. It was unlikely due to the responsibilities you have. This one morning you don’t want to move at all. Your body ached and was sore from training and a night with Peter.

“baby girl,you have to get up..” Peter’s voice making you stir in your peaceful slumber.Your body being shaken lightly.

“Five more minutes…” I mumbled snuggling against the warmth he body produced. He felt so warm and cozy. The warmth lulling you back to sleep.You gladly welcomed sleep till Peter opens his mouth again.

“You have been saying that every time I try and wake you up” his chest moves as he laughs.

“shhhh, just stay with me and we can make up a practice session later.. Please Peter, I’ll make it up to you if you stay with me all day today..”  Your leg moving up to his waist pulling him closer. A whimper slips out as you feel how hard he is. You look up to see his eyes a shade darker. His eyes gazing at your lips, his tongue darting out quickly. His lips crash down onto yours in a passionate kiss pulling your body against his.

“darling, fuck” he groans gripping onto your ass tighter. You slowly push your hips again creating a needy friction.The tight grip he had on you made you moan in his ear.

“P-Peter “ you gasp out as his lips leave a path down your neck. The feeling making your eyes flutter shut. You straddle him feeling his cock press against your clothed core. A whimper escaped your lips as you pressed your hips against his. The rocking motion earns you a slap to your ass. His hand coming down against your ass each time you moved your hips.

“god your ass is so red” he moans gripping your tingling cheek in his hand. His hot breath fans across your neck making you shiver. You begin sucking on the base of his neck. A moan slips from Peter’s lips as you turn his skin red. 

“You’re so sinful it could bring a holy man to his knees… and you darling always bring me to mine” He tears your panties off causing you to frown.

Stupid Spider strength..

“Peterrrr those were my favorite” I pout rolling us over and pushing him off of the bed. A thud signalling he fell onto the floor. His head pops up from the edge of your bed making you laugh. His curls messy making him look cute and sexy.

“I’ll buy you new ones babe” he laughs standing up walking away. Sitting up on my elbows I look at him heading to the door. Is he seriously going to leave you here?

“You’re just going to wake me up, tease me then leave?” My voice coming out flustered. He closes the door locking it ,seeing that made your eyebrow raise. A smirk appears on his lips as he slips off his sweat pants. His Calvin Kleins showing a print of how hard he really was.

“Karen turn on the Don’t Bother Us Program, then you can turn back on when I say so” Peter speaks to the ceiling.

 Your sleeping quarters at the Avengers HQ was styled like an apartment so you and Peter could feel at home. A fancy apartment but it still reminded you of Queens. Tony had windows project sounds and views so it was practically a home away from home.

“Turning on Don’t Bother Us Program,engaging soundproof walls, be safe you two” Karen’s voice then turns off. You hear a beep signaling she was offline.

“You think I was just going to walk out of here to practice, rock hard and leave my girl flustered?” His voice getting lower as his strides bring him to the edge of the bed.Peter’s figure radiated dominance as he looks down at you.

“I-I” You were the stuttering one now. Peter is the one to normally stutter but once in the bedroom hes completely different. It was a good different.

“I told you that you could bring a man to his knees,that only man will be me” Peter’s hands grip your thighs pulling you to the edge.My skin felt like heat and fire under his palms. Your chest rising and falling slowly. He spreads your legs lowering himself down to his knees. The eye contact between you two not breaking at all.

“P-Peter..” his name coming out as a gasp. Feeling his tongue slowly licking between your folds. His thumb starts rubbing your clit in small circles. A loud moan comes out from the sensation. His thumb is then replaced by his tongue as he inserts fingers inside of you. Your nails dig into the sheets as you look down at him pleasing you.

“C’mon babygirl, tell me what you want” His hot breath fanning across your core.

 Feeling your stomach tightening as his tongue flicks faster. Arching your back as the pleasure travels in your body. He slid another finger in as your thoughts started jumbling together. Curling his fingers inside you hitting your g-spot when he makes a come hither motion.

“M-more please , I want your cock inside me Peter” you beg as your legs started to twitch. Desperation clear in your voice. The look in his eyes making you on the edge about to cum.

   Flicking his free wrist his web shooter expands onto his hand. A web pinning both your hands to the headboard. His chest rose and fell quicker as he gazed at your body. You looked helpless tied up to the headboard. A groan coming from him as you spread your legs , inviting him to you. You wanted him more than ever.

“How bad do you need it” He smirks crawling onto the bed. Your eyes screwed shut while his hand slid up your legs. His hips lowering down towards where you needed him most.

“S-so bad Peter, please baby” you manage to moan out as his lips pressing kisses in between your breasts. Slowly moving back up to your neck. You gasp as he slams into you without warning. The feeling of him inside you causes you to bite our lip.

Peter’s lets out a low moan tilting his head back. All you wanted to do was to touch him but you were restrained. Peter’s hands dug into your hips as his pace started to pick up. Uncontrollable moans came out of your mouth. He filled you up just right making you pant out his name.


“Look at how your tits bounce as I fuck you” His head tilting back, his veins in his neck showing. Holy fuck. You feel his hands move as he angles your hips up. The new angle making a loud moan come out,he went even deeper hitting the right spot. Grunts coming from him as he continued to pound into your dripping pussy. Thank god for the sound proof walls, you were loud when it came to expressing the pleasure you received. Peter loved hearing you thats why he had the system installed.

“P-Peter untie me please I w-want to touch you” your voice coming out as a whisper. You felt out of breath as you looked down. Watching as he filled you up with each thrust.

“I love seeing you like this “ he whispers running his finger down your chest and down your body. Your breath hitching in your throat.

“Under my control, only I can give you pleasure like this..” he whispers as his thrust becoming slower. Panting you try to rip his webs apart with your nails. All you want to do is touch him and run your fingers through his soft curls.

“You can’t get away from me,you wanna know why?” he grins cockily. Bastard knows his new web formula is tougher. His body gets closer to you if that’s even possible. Feeling your hands become free your hand grips onto his curls. The other scratching down his back. He hisses from the pain as your nails dig into his skin.

“Cause you’re my girl” his hand cups your cheek as he thrusts into you harder causing your head to hit the headboard.

“You’re mine, you got that princess?” His hips slam into you harder and harder. Nodding as a reply you keep eye contact with him. The pleasure feeling so intense you felt like you were going to burst.

Peter tugs on your hair letting out a low growl. “Let me hear that pretty voice, answer me” he demands kissing your jaw in fiery kisses.

“I’m y-yours Peter, please let me cum” your moans and whimpers filled the air as he reached between you rubbing your clit in fast circles.

“C’mon darling, cum for me cum all over my cock” Moans come out of his mouth as his thrusts start to get sloppy. The stamina he had in him had you breathless. Your orgasm causes you to hold tightly onto Peter. Your legs trembling as it coursed through you. Him filling you with his load shortly after, collapsing on top of your body.

     Peter rolls over pulling your body next to his. Your chest was falling up and down. Both of you were panting trying to catch your breath. Your body could just melt into the mattress,exhaustion taking over you.

“Karen, please start the shower and play some AC/DC for me” Peter speaks up a bit due to his voice being shaky from his breathing.

Turning on the shower, Peter you lasted a lot longer than you did the last time should we mark it as your new record?” Karen asks waiting for a response.

He was keeping track of how long he could last?

Peter Benjamin Parker” you sit up looking at your boyfriend. His cheeks turning pink as he sits up.

“Babygirl I-“

“You’re seriously keeping track?” You laugh placing your head in your hands. He is such a dork.

“Y-You’re not mad?” He questions tilting your chin up.

“Now I want to see how fast I can make you cum and start my own record” you grin sitting up heading toward the bathroom.

“I already have a record for how fast I can” Peter stands crossing his arms over his chest with a grin.

“Looks like I have to beat you, next time who ever loses has to clean the training rooms next week” you challenge looking back at him.

“Oh it’s so on, you’re going to cum and beg for me like always” he lifts you over his shoulder towards the shower.

“PETER!” You scream out as he starts to tickle your sides. From serious to childish, what a catch.

Peter is sweet in the street but a freak in the sheets.©

a friend like mine [2]

Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 2 of 2 || part one is here

Warnings: smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, spanking, seb being a dirty lil shit, swearing, and i think that’s it?

Note: I’m going to hell and you’re all coming with me

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GOT7 Reaction: Feeling Needy and Texting Their Crush To Meet Them At The Dorms

(Lit there was a couple times I forgot I was writing a reaction and not a one shot and almost made a full on smut XD Enjoy anon! I made this one way, way ahead of when I planned to because of the requests that are lined up before you, but I couldn’t help it because GOT7 are my bbys okok.)


Originally posted by jehbum

JB had absolutely no idea why, but at the moment he couldn’t get you and your body out of his mind. He was in the middle of a small meeting with the rest of GOT7 when his mind veered to the thought of you and what you would look like bouncing up and down on top of him, your perky breasts held tightly within his hands.

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A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. Hope you all enjoy it!


Originally posted by bestharrypics


It’s hot and you swear your brain has just about turned to mush with the sweltering heat that comes from the bright sun up in the Hawaiian sky.

Your skin is glowy from all the vitamin D but you feel hot and sticky and uncomfortable and desperate to get rid of the sweat and the suncream and the sand that cling to your body.

Your body drowns in immediate relief when, after waiting for your boyfriend to shower, you finally get your turn to slide under the almost cold spray. It’s refreshing and so satisfying to feel and watch everything that was making you feel sticky and gross slide away down the drain, your head immediately clearer once your head feels the fresh water soak up your hair.

You and Harry had been out all day long and now, when the sun had gone down a bit but enough to cool the room you both had booked, you two had decided a night inside was all you needed. Room service and Netflix and a good cuddle - three things you’ve been craving ever since he’d dragged you out early in the morning for a workout and then a day at the beach.

When you finish, renewed and smelling fresh, you stalk into the bedroom only to find Harry at the brink of consciousness. His hair is wet and flopping all over the place and his long legs are spread wide as he clutches the pillow on your side of the bed, his nose burrowed into it, eyes closed as he enjoys a peaceful nap.

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“How on Earth can one man be so perfect?” Anxiety whispered between kisses.

“You’re just saying that.”

The royal ran a hand along Anxiety’s side and felt a frown tug his lips.

“If you aren’t beautiful, than I’m a rotten boyfriend.”


“Roman,” Anxiety leaned up from where he was tracing his lips over the others tummy and whispered in his ear, “You are the most gorgeous, handsome-most radiant man I’ve ever known.”

“I can’t imagine how I would survive,” He traced his lips down the royals neck and kissed gently at his shoulder, “without you.”

One hand rested on Prince’s hip, holding him in place, while the other gently traced over his body.

“Your beautiful tummy, that is perfectly kissable,” He leaned down and did just that, “ your wonderful arms which are perfect for hugs,” he kissed there too, “your beautiful thighs, which-”


The darker man smirked.

“Your hands, that are always there to help and protect,” He picked up Princes hands and kissed the palms of both.

“Your eyes, that are deeper than an ocean, and shine brighter than all the jewels of the world,” He placed gentle kisses over Prince’s closed eyelids.

“The way you crinkle your nose, right before you sneeze,” He kissed his nose.

“The way you fidget with your fingers when you get nervous,” He kissed each of his individual fingers.

“The way you laugh, loud and unabashed, and free-”

“I though I was obnoxious?”

“Oh, you are,” Anxiety grinned at the other, “But I love you anyways.”

“I love your smile,” Ann’s voice was now barely a whisper, and he was leaning down so his lips were a breath away from Prince’s, “because it was your smile that first caught my attention. The beauty, the happiness, the excitement- the wonder of being something I thought I couldn’t be. It showed me a world I wouldn’t let myself be a part of.”

Prince had tears pricking his eyes, and Anxiety delicately kissed them away.

“You are the most radiantly beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, wonderfully sweet, caringly kind, loving, obnoxious, talented, magnificent man I’ve ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. And everything about you that I’ve fallen for over and over again is what has saved me, and its you. You in all your beautifully, wonderful, extraordinary-”

“Anxiety-” Prince’s voice cracked.

“-Stunning self, that has done this.”

He finally placed a gentle, soft, adoring kiss to Prince’s lips, feeling the other trembling beneath him.

Prince’s arms encircled Anxiety’s waist, and he buried his face in Anxiety’s shoulder, crying softly against the other.

“Thank you, Prince. Thank you, for bringing love to my life.”

Push me up

(not my image)

WARNINGS: SMUT, language, NSFW (gifs too!!)

A/N: Okay guys, so… a little purely smutty one shot because Seb is ruining my life lately and my lovely drakkatz is fighting to have a place in hell with me giving all kind of nasty thoughs so… enjoy.

Tags: @drakkatz (you are coming hell with me, dear) @fashun–deevah @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @melconnor2007 @avengersandlovers

You recognize his presence before he enters the room.

As if you were just bored you look away from your cereal bowl to observe how Bucky has just entered the kitchen with Steve, the two of them chat animatedly and you find it difficult to swallow the mixture of oats and milk watching as the sweat of his neck gets lost inside the neck of the thin t-shirt he is wearing.

Suddenly you cross glances and, although that it only lasts for a second, a shudder runs up your spine. Bucky and you have thrown eachother that glance that people throw when they want to  keep a secret too valuable to raise suspicion.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Wonder Woman was incredible and so so important. Eating breakfast? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. Getting the mail? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. In an important meeting? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. Showing women who value their own physical strength and power is so so important and will give girls a healthy way to view themselves and their bodies. Your thighs are big? Hell yeah, you can crush a man's skull, honey! And showing that you can be kind, loving, feminine, and a leader and fighter at the same time is so so important. The entire beginning in Themyscira was also so incredible and I want every frame of it tattooed on my face. Woman looking up to women? Yes, please! Women teaching other women? Yes, please! Women caring for and supporting other women? Hell yeah here I am! I am also in love with Diana
iKon’s Reaction to Someone Getting Too Close to Their S/O When She Is Pregnant {Mafia Leader AU}

anonymous asked:

Hi~ I’d like to request an iKON reaction where they are mafia leaders and are devoted to their s/o and see someone getting too close to her while she’s pregnant. Loooove your blog~

I am sorry it took me such a long time to finish this, but it’s finally here! I wasn’t entirely sure what you (the anon) meant by close, so I interpreted it as physically close. I hope you like it~

Warning: contains elements of violence or abuse

Kim Jinhwan

Jinhwan is usually calm and trusting when you are with other men because he knows that you would always excuse yourself if they got too flirty. Especially since your growing belly started to become more obvious, he was cool with you meeting other people on your own - after all, everybody would see that you were his and only his woman. Therefore, he had agreed to the meeting between you and your high school friend who once had a crush on you. However, the cautious person he is, Jinhwan decided to secretly follow you and your high school friend, just for a few minutes until he could be sure that you really were fine on your own. And your husband was glad he did: the other guy soon put and arm around your shoulder and whispered something into your ear so intimately that passersby could easily mistake him for your boyfriend. With an angry snort, Jinhwan would close the distance between him and the other man, forcefully yanking the guy’s arm away from your shoulder. No matter if there were many people around or not, your husband would pin the guy to the wall of the building right next to you and warn your friend with a dangerously low voice: “Who do you think you are, touching my wife like that? Do you know who you are messing with? If you hold your life dearly, then you better stay away from Y/N.” Once he sees the fear in the other man’s eyes, he would smirk triumphantly and walk over to you nonchalantly. Jinhwan would simply ignore the stares of any curious onlookers and walk away with you, pretending that nothing at all had happened.

Song Yunhyeong

The two of you had been at a private party, celebrating your husband’s success of making his gang the most powerful and most influential in the area, and of course alcohol was flowing freely all night. Although you stayed away from the alluring liquor because of your slowly growing belly, it did not mean that other guests did the same. The booze had raised the confidence level of one particular guy who could not stop taking his eyes off of you. Yunhyeong had been watching the two of you for a while, trying to keep calm and not overreact at the stranger’s overflowing attention for you. However, when the man reached forward and put one hand on your hip as if inviting you to dance with him, your husband decided that he had had enough and that it was time to do something against the annoying disturber. Not taking his eyes off of you for even one second, Yunhyeong would snap his finger once and watch with relish how two bodyguards came over and removed the man from his field of view. When you turn towards your husband with a questioning frown on your face, he would walk over to you, pull you close against his chest and whisper: “Don’t look at me like that, baby, you know exactly that I can’t stand when other men look at you that way… it makes me feel disgusted and I was close to personally do something to him. Of course I know you would not have liked, but at least I won’t have to ever see him again.“

Kim Jiwon (Bobby)

It was true that he had told you that he liked seeing you in the red dress he had bought for you a few weeks earlier, and it was also true that the tight piece of cloth around your growing belly made you even sexier in his eyes. But Jiwon did not anticipate that other men would think the same and be so bold as to approach you although it was clear that you were pregnant. You and your husband were at the party he had organized to celebrate his last successful operation, and Bobby had been watching one of the guests flirting with you for the last few minutes. But now that the guy was touching your wrist after telling a joke and laughing together with you intimately, Jiwon had had enough of watching the scene and decided to take matters in his own hands. He quickly made his way over to you and the other obnoxious man and grabbed the guy’s arm roughly. Jiwon would drag him to an empty hallway and throw him against the wall, a death glare in his eyes. Your husband would then pull a small knife out of his pocket and threateningly let it glide over the men’s throat. His voice only a hiss, he would whisper: "If you don’t take your dirty hands off my wife, these hands of yours will never touch anyone ever again. Understood?” Jiwon would not even bother to wait for the guy’s reply and walk away casually. Once he is with you again, he would put an arm around your waist, lower his head and whisper: “I am warning you, don’t you dare laugh with another man like this again or otherwise I’ll make you scream my name and forget about any other male human being tonight.”

Kim Hanbin (B.I)

Since he has a younger sister, he has always been a little protective and your relationship is no exception. He had hoped that once your were pregnant and people would recognize your slowly growing belly, other men would finally stop flirting with you. But, of course he was wrong - after all, you were the most beautiful woman in town. Therefore, it was no surprise that something inside of Hanbin snapped when he saw the bartender giving you a flirtatious wink and leaning dangerously close towards you. Your husband had only gone to the bathroom for a few minutes, and already you were involved in a conversation with another man. Hanbin, very annoyed at this point, would walk over to you and sit down in the chair next to you. He would put an arm around your waist immediately, signaling the bartender that you were his and only his woman. To make sure that the guy understood that Hanbin was serious, your husband would casually pull a small gun out of his jacket, throw it in the air once and put it back inside his pocket, all the while smiling and talking to you, pretending to ignore the annoying guy on the other side of the bar.

Kim Donghyuk

Although he is usually extremely polite and gentle towards you and his other gang members, his temper completely changes when something or someone truly upsets him. The two of you, as well as a few other members of his group, were in the headquarters of his organization, planning their next operation. Donghyuk would never approve a plan without your invaluable input, and tonight was no exception. However, he had noticed one of his members throwing you flirtatious looks throughout the meeting, and his rage built up even more when that same guy went over to you after the gathering and sat down next to you casually. Donghyuk completely lost his temper when the other man put an arm around your waist and pulled you towards him, so close that your faces were almost touching. Although Donghyuk had told his gang members to treat you like family, he was not okay with someone being so close to you, especially since you were pregnant, your growing belly being the proof that you belonged to Donghyuk. Your husband would furiously walk over to his team member, yank him up into a standing position and land a well-aimed blow on the man’s face. With an angry look on his face, Donghyuk would hiss: “How dare you touch her like this when I am present in the same room? I told you to treat her like your sister, but you just crossed the line… If you want to see the sun rise tomorrow, I advise you to fuck off and never show your face here ever again.“

Koo Junhoe (Ju-ne)

Since you had always had an independent personality, Junhoe had always been a little suspicious of other men who were trying to get your attention. He gave you your freedom and allowed you to meet whomever you wanted, but especially now that you were expecting his, your, child, he could not help being a little extra protective about you. He was looking outside the window of your shared apartment, waiting for you to come back from meeting your friend, when he saw you arrive in a big, black car. His face froze and a dark expression settled on it when he realized that the driver sitting next to you was male. Your husband could follow your every movement from his spot at the apartment window, and his anger only rose when he saw the man resting his hand on your thigh while smiling at you widely. A sudden wave of jealously shot through Juhoe’s veins, and he waived his bodyguards closer. Without taking his eyes off of the guy in the car, he growled: "Remove this… scum from my field of vision and make sure he will stay away from Y/N forever. If the guy does not comply, don’t hesitate to use force.” When his bodyguards had almost left the room, your husband would add: “Oh, right, and don’t let Y/N know about this. I just want her to be safe, but she does not need to know everything I do for her safety.”

Jung Chanwoo

Chanwoo had always liked how you offered to talk to business partners and the leaders of other gangs during important meetings since your presence and female charm often meant the successful concluding of contracts and other agreements. However, things had changed when your husband had found out that you were pregnant and his baby was growing in your belly. Although he had told you to rest and leave the talking to him, you had insisted that you were fine and wanted to help at this important gathering with one of Chanwoo’s greater rival gangs. But when your husband saw the gang leader throwing thirsty looks in your direction and you even followed the guy’s invitation to sit down next him, rage started to burn inside of Chanwoo and he no longer cared about the outcome of the meeting. Chanwoo would walk right over to the rival leader and point a gun at the other man’s head. His eyes would glow with jealousy and anger, and only through intervening in the heated situation and countless apologies could you prevent a major conflict, but Chanwoo and the other gang leader would be enemies for the rest of their lives.

Thighs (Bucky Barnes)

Request: a fic about a reader of color and Bucky? It’s fine if you don’t

Summary: You and Bucky are both dating privately from the rest of the avengers, but the thrill of a secret only excites you into teasing Bucky sexually at every chance you get (this isn’t that long im sorry)

Warning(s): A few ol swears, HOT BUCKY, not quite smut but its NSFW, no smut but its DIRTY, its mostly dirty fluff guys dw i wont hurt anyone today, this is so rushed im sorry 

Requests are OPEN

A/N: Hello all!! I like this request a lot and how it so simple, however I’m sorry to the person who requested this but I’m not gonna label a colour of skin onto the reader !! I understand this may upset you and it might defeat the point of you asking for a fic but whenever I usually describe the skin of the reader in my imagines I would just say (S/C) so it fits the reader! IM SORRY THAT THIS ISN’T THAT LONG I KINDA RUSHED IT AHHH I FELT THE NEED TO POST IT EVEN THOUGH IM NOT HAPPY WITH HOW RUSHED IT IS 

It was a hot yet rainy day in New York and you were dressed in an oversized shirt and some very tight and black shorts which hugged your lower half perfectly. One of the reasons you were dressed like this was because it was very hot outside and humid- the other being because you wanted to tease Bucky.

You and Bucky have been ‘dating’ for around 2 months now and no one in the team knew about you both apart from Natasha and Steve, both who can keep a secret and are quite close to the both of you.  The relationship thus far had been bliss for the both of you and love is a word you’d use to describe how you felt towards Bucky.

You wander into the kitchen, knowing that Bucky would most likely be there for his morning coffee like always. Only today, he was sat with Steve and Sam who were both to his right at the counter. None had yet noticed your presence which made you smirk. Your hair was still rather messy from sleeping all night and your whole attire was casual and comfy.

“Lovely weather we’re having, right boys?” You speak to the three, sarcasm evident in your tone. Eyeing the trio as they turn to greet you. “Classic New York weather, am I right?”

Bucky’s eyes darken as his eyes go to your lower region, eyeing your ass and then your thighs. Oh, Bucky was indeed a thigh man. He adored everything about your thighs and loved to grip them whenever you both would share intimate activities.

“Good morning to you too, (Y/N).” Steve spoke up, sipping from the mug he held in one hand.

Sam smirked a bit, also eyeing your legs and backside. Sam was oblivious to knowing about you and Bucky so he didn’t know that you were a taken woman. If he had knew, he probably wouldn’t be looking at you the way he was now.

“Ah yes, a fine morning we have.” Sam chuckled, stuffing a spoonful of cheerios into his mouth carefully.

Bucky was silent which wasn’t much of a surprise to you. Bucky knew what you were trying to pull and he loved every second that passed.

You gracefully push up on your toes to reach into a higher cabinet which gave Bucky a better look of what you were strutting around. A set of eyes burned at your lower back and you knew it was from Bucky. You’ve felt this type of look before.  

Bucky took a large gulp from his black coffee, his eyes surveying you quietly over the rim of the mug. His eyes particularly lingering over your beautiful freshly shaven legs- to be specific: your thighs. Bucky loved anything that he could just grope and mess with in bed- the thighs being a good thing to grab. Whenever spreading your legs, he loved to hold your inner skin of the thigh and leave soft strokes to watch you tremble beneath him.

“You should dress like that more often, (Y/N). You sure as hell put the moon in the daytime.” Sam let those words roll of the tip of his tongue with a smirk.

You look over your shoulder as you’re up on your toes, seeing Bucky’s jawline tightening and releasing over and over again- as if he was nipping down on his words and protests to what Sam was saying to you. Steve cleared his throat awkwardly, knowing the situation.

“Hm, maybe I should.” You allowed your (E/C) orbs to trail over to Bucky once again before turning around with a little wiggle in your hips.

“Damn.” Sam grinned happily.

This certainly was an interesting start to the day for the three of them,

“So- Sam, how about we do the training now?” Steve offered, standing up and gave a short nod to Bucky to give you both privacy.

“Alright Cap.” Sam smiles and puts his empty bowl into the sink for someone to clean later on, Steve following suit with his mug of half empty tea.

The two walk out, Bucky’s chapped lips growing into a smirk as he settles his cup down onto the marble countertop. You eye him over your shoulder as you grab yourself a mug from the high cabinet and rest down on your heels once again. 

“What was all of that for?” Bucky spoke lowly, gazing at your form head to toe which sent swarms of butterflies to your stomach. “Do you get off for making me like that this early?”

You smiled as you began to boil some water, swaying your hips in your step. “I don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about, Barnes.” Faux innocence coating your tone of voice,  facing away from your boyfriend once again.

“You fucking should.” 

Before you could comprehend what was happening, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist and grip your hips, Bucky’s crotch against your backside and you could practically feel the pulsing of his length through his sweats.

“Did you see the way Sam was staring at you, huh? How do you think it makes me feel that anyone can fucking stare at you without knowing that you are mine and that no other man is allowed to look at you like that..”

The tone of his voice made your knees tremble and buck, looking over your shoulder and up at your lover with a teasing grin.

“Are you jealous, babe?”

Bucky smirked wider and gently grinds against you, making a soft quiet gasp emit from your plump balmed lips.

“Jealous isn’t the word, doll.”

His hands give your thighs a gentle squeeze and a soft kiss to the back of your neck before pulling away, both of you knowing it was too risky to try anything here in the kitchen. You whine at the loss and look back.

“You’ll get more tonight, babygirl.” He hummed with a smirk.

As if perfectly timed, Tony himself walks in as the clock strikes 10am and grabs himself a water bottle from the fridge.

“Morning children.”

You roll your eyes, not responding but sending a wink towards Bucky and you decide not to have coffee that morning. You walk off, swaying your hips with eyes boring into the back of your thighs. 

Bucky licked his lips and could only imagine what would happen later that night.


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Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff, romance

AU: best friend!AU x Jungkook

Warnings: Suggestive language, swearing

Words: 4170

Author/admin: HO

Beta: FeeFee


Anonymous said to kpop-reads: Your best friend, Jungkook, text invites you over to the BTS dorm and says it’s fine that you’re only wearing pjs cause he knows it’ll fluster his Yoongi hyung 

Author’s note: I wasn’t going to write anything for this blog and just remain a Beta. But this request was too good to pass up. Thanks for the glorious idea!

In which your best friend has his friends’ best interests at heart, despite being a little shit.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could I request a Scenario for Shiro where his S/O helps bandage up some minor wounds and maybe it gets an little Smexy ( If ya catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

OK, I’m so so sorry this took so long! I was like halfway through with it when my computer decided to freeze up and crash on me before I saved. I was/still am pissed.

But here we are. Just a little NSFW.

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Ladykiller (M)

Anon requested: Can I please request a scenario where Taehyung is the resident fuckboi at ur university(it’s a College AU) and you’re the only girl he hasn’t banged yet so when he sees you at a party he makes it his mission to get you out of your pants and into his room annddddddd he accomplishes his mission of you know what I mean😉

I changed it a bit but I hope it’s still okay!

Word Count: 6.7k words

You believed in destiny when your acceptance letter into your top choice came to your house. You believed in destiny when you managed to get a perfect mark with one of the hardest professors in your program. You believed in destiny when you met your best friend in that same lecture hall. Despite your unwavering belief in destiny, you knew it was anything but destiny when the biggest playboy in your university moved across the hall from you.

You vaguely remember seeing a little old lady taking groceries there once but a week later, there he was knocking on your door.

“Hello, I just moved here and I thought I should introduce myself and–” he looked up, smirking when your eyes met.

“Today must be my lucky day.” You answered the door in shorts and a long sweater that covered the emerald green pair. His eyes scanned your body like a bar code and you almost shut the door when he stopped it with his foot.

“Piss off, Kim.”

“If you’re into watersports, give me a few minutes. I can quench that thirst with a golden shower.”

“I really hope you drop dead.”

“That’s so hurtful, petal. I thought you liked me?”

“Like to kill you in your sleep.”

“What I’m hearing is that you’ll get into my bed, right?”

“Wow, deaf too. Goodbye.”

“Selective hearing, petal.”

“Go away, you stalker.”

“For your information, gorgeous, I live across from you now. Might need some sugar later if you catch my drift.”

“Drift away from my door, asshole.” You spit out, the third time you told him to leave and shut the door successfully. He was probably stupidly smiling, now within arm’s reach within you.

The infamous Kim Taehyung, his playboy reputation consists of a swarm of girls that attack him, angry girls that want to get revenge and girls who are proud to sleep with him just once. You, on the other hand, didn’t fit into those three categories at all. You had no interest into Taehyung, finding that he thrives on attention and popularity to make a mark. He was an empty shell that filled itself with alcohol and painting a girl’s walls white with cum.

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5 | Save Me

word count:
 3,381 i love writing i’m sorry

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. very mature themes. this chapter has mentions of torture, non-con, bruises, being beaten etc

Originally posted by annabartollo

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“I could ask you the same thing, Serena.”

The once beautiful girl looked drained, she didn’t seem like your best friend, something had changed. Evidently. She was wearing a red silky dressing gown that had parted slightly at the front, revealing her matching lingerie underneath. Her overall appearance was outlandishly sexy and completely out of character, she would normally never wear anything like that, never mind be confident enough to answer the door dressed that way. Was she fucking Mr Lee?

“Sorry I think you’ve got the wrong house, it’s just me and my boyfriend home.” She smiled, talking just a little too loud for your liking,

“Serena what the fuck is going on?! Why are you here?” You whispered, just in case the dangerous professor was lurking behind her,

“I told you we didn’t order a pizza. I’m sorry you have the wrong address. You have to leave now-” Serena tried slamming the door shut on you, but a large hand gripped at the dark wood, stopping the door from shutting completely.

“Y/N.. Is that you?”

Mr Lee.

“Yeah, uh, my car broke down and I was just looking for some help… I didn’t know you lived here.”

Shivers ran down your spine when you saw him, he was still the same young, handsome professor you once trusted and looked up to. He was wearing a crisp navy suit, his black hair was slicked back and stubble shadowed his fierce features. Only difference being this time you were more than aware of his out of school activities, and he’d somehow managed to drag Serena into it too. Was she working for him all along?

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Batsis - Thighs

So sorry this took so long!!!

Prompt: I just read your Batsis Headcanons and when it got to the part about Dami saying Batsis could crush his friend with one hand tied behind her back, I couldn’t help but imagine Batsis smiling as she says, “I could crush your thick skull between my thighs.” And as she says this, she slowly drops her smile till she has this slight frown that shows she’s clearly irritated when she’s done. And I can’t get it out of my head and it’s probably a common threat when Batsis is annoyed with her bros.

So Damian is a little but of an asshole in this one, and bullying a deaf child is mentioned. You have been warned!


“Dickie! You need to go grocery shopping! The only thing you have here is stale cereal and expired milk!”

“I don’t want to go shopping! I hate shopping!” Dick shouts from the couch.

“Come on. Let’s go, if you want me to make lasagna and Alfred’s cookies I’m gonna need ingredients”

Immediately his head pops up, “You’ll make cookies?”

You roll your eyes and slip your shoes on, “Yeah, but only if you get your lazy ass up”

“I’m up! I’m up!”

“Yeah, that what I thought”


Once you get to the grocery store, you realize that you probably made a huge mistake. Dick immediately heads to the cereal aisle while you go and get things that you’re gonna need for tonight. Dick comes back to the cart while you’re looking at the fresh basil, and literally dumps 7 different cereal boxes into the cart.

“Are you kidding me right now? Why the hell do you need this much cereal”

At first you really do think that he’s joking, that he’s just trying to make you laugh, but then you take in his confused expression. “Why would I be joking? I’m just getting my usual cereals”

“You have to be kidding me!”

Dick looks as you incredulously, “Promise I’m not.”

“You need to put back, like, 5 of these boxes”

“What?! No!”

“You need a more balanced diet, you can’t just live off of cereal!”

Dick crosses his arms, “I’m not putting any of these back”

Your amused smile drops, turning into a frown, “Yes you are. You’re gonna put some of these cereals back, and pick out some fruits, or I’m going to choke you out with my thighs right here in the grocery store”

Dick deflates, nervously licking his lips, “Can I keep three boxes? Please?”


Dick immediately brightens, “Thanks, Y/N!”

You just wave him away, and turn back to your spices. “Idiot”

Jason is such a pain in the ass. Honestly, why is it so damn hard to get him to come to dinner at the Manor? All you want is for everyone to be in the same house for your birthday, but Jason is making it difficult.

“I don’t want to go to the Manor. Bruce and I aren’t getting along right now”

You keep the pleasant smile on your face as the two of you exit the café where you had gotten together for lunch, “You can’t just put it aside for one night?”


Suddenly you shove Jason into an alley, your smile finally dropping into a slight frown, “You will be at the Manor for my birthday, or I will find you and crush your thick skull between my thighs. Do you understand, little brother?”

Jason pales immediately, “Yeah, Sis. I got it. I’ll be there, promise”

Your smile comes back full force, “Great” you chirp, “Now, lets go for a walk in the park, it’s a beautiful day!”

Jason just nods beside you, still shaken by your threat. Thankfully, he listens and shows up precisely on time for your birthday, and you don’t have to go after him.

You lean against the Bat-computer, facing your second youngest brother, “Timmy, baby bird, you need to go to bed. Alfred says that you’ve been up for like 38 hours now”

“I need to finish this case first. I’ll sleep later”

“No, Tim, you need to sleep now. I know that you have a Board meeting tomorrow, and you need to be in top shape to face them” You reach over and quickly type in your override code, kicking Tim out of the computer and shutting it down.

“Hey! What the hell?!”

“Go to be, sleep for at least 8 hours, and I’ll turn it back on”

Tim looks furious, he jerks out of the chair and grabs his staff, pointing it at you, “Turn it back on, now”

Your eyes widen in surprise, “Are you threatening me, baby bird?”

“Just turn on the damn computer, Y/N”

Your eyes narrow, “Because I know that my little brother, genius that he is, isn’t stupid enough to threaten me”

Tim’s staff wavers, “Just let me finish the case. I’ll go to bed soon”

“I think it’s a little late for that, Timothy. I think that you need to put that staff down, before I show you why I’m the big sister”

He gulps but doesn’t stand down, “I guess we’ll just have to fight then”

Instead of answering you lunge forward, quickly disarming the younger man, and rapping him in a choke hold with your thighs. “You’re lucky that I love you or I’d just crush your thick head. Now, you have two options, 1) You go to bed, no more fussing, or 2) I can choke you out with my thighs and carry your unconscious body to your bed. Which one will it be, little brother?”

“Fine” Tim wheezes, “I’ll go to bed”

Immediately you release him, “I knew that brain was still in there!”

“I hate you”

You just give Tim another smile, “I love you too, baby bird. Now we had an agreement, get to bed”

Tim does a little mock salute, “Yes ma’am!”

“Damian Wayne!”

Damian immediately freezes, his mouth open to shoot another scathing remark at his fellow student, “Hello, Y/N. I didn’t realize you were picking me up today”

“Indeed I am. Now, what was it you were saying about her. That she is deaf and dumb because she needs extra help in order to overcome her disability. I want you to apologize to her right now”

Damian grits his teeth and crosses his arms, he refuses to be embarrassed in front of his fellow classmates. “I only spoke the truth. It is her fault that the teacher has to slow down his lecture. She should go to a school that specializes in her … disability”

“If you don’t apologize right now, I swear to God that I’m going to squeeze you thick skull with my thighs until some God manners come out”

Damian pales, “I apologize for my rude behavior, and for what I said”

The frown never leaves your face, “Now get in the car”

Damian nods. “Yes, Y/N”

You crouch down in front of the younger girl, “I’m sorry for my brother. Me can be rude at times. Please, don’t take what he said to heart”

She sniffles, “He wasn’t wrong. I’m slow the class down, will you tell him I’m sorry?”

“Don’t be sorry for things that are out of your control. Just do the best you can, and don’t let anyone put you down. Understand?” She nods quietly, “Good. Now, I have to go, I will see you around”

You turn back to your car, and to the pouting boy in it. “I didn’t mean for you to see that, Y/N”

“That isn’t an excuse, Damian. I don’t care that you were raise to see any disability as a weakness, you will not bully other people. Am I understood?”


“Good. Now because of your behavior, you won’t be patrolling for the next week. Instead you will be writing an apology letter to that girl”

“What?! You can’t do that!”

“I just did, Damian. I’m very disappointed in your behavior”

Damian freezes, he considers your disappointment more dangerous than your deadly thighs. He hangs his head in shame, right about now he thinks that his skull getting crushed would hurt less than disappointing you. “I’m sorry, Y/N”

“I’m not the one you need to tell that to”

Damian squares his shoulders, “I will do everything in my power to make up for my wrongs. I will not disappoint you again”

“See that you don’t, baby bat”

Ask Nicely

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon requestSam (or Jared 😉) with a Daddy kink please and thanks you 🙏🏼  - @spontaneousam

Word Count: 2,530

Warnings: all the smut, daddy!kink, dom!Sam, a little bit of edging, oral sex (female receiving), Sam’s monster cock, cursing, dirty talk, tiny bit of breeding!kink, barely any plot. *shrugs* fluff at the end, though, as per usual, a touch of angst.

A/N: I went with Sam, since I’ve written two Jared pieces recently. Plus, this seems more along the lines of a Winchester thing. I have never written daddy kink before, at least not like this. Holy wow. I hope this is okay. I’m really nervous about posting this. Also decided to add this to my Smut-entine’s Day masterlist because I included a few kinks in here. This shit is fucking raunchy. I’m not sorry. 

You flinched as the door slammed shut and Sam’s boots pounded toward your bedroom. Pulling the towel from your hair, you ran your fingers through it quickly. You hadn’t gotten dressed yet, Sam would be happy about that at least. He threw your door open without knocking, whatever, it was his room too.

“Hey, you okay?” You took a tentative step in his direction before he closed the gab between the two of you and crashed his lips into yours.

“No.” He spoke between kisses.

You let it go, not wanting to push the issue. The hunt had gone bad somewhere along the lines, that much you could tell. Sam’s mouth was hot, and he smelled like beer. His kisses were needy and demanding, and you knew what was coming next.

“Gonna make you mine, baby girl.” He grunted, hoisting your legs up around his waist before tossing you back onto the bed. “Lose the towel.” He stood at your feet.

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pairing: jongin x reader
genre: smut
request: jealous, possessive rough smut w/ jongin

Originally posted by itjustcomesautomatic

You held still, clinging onto the hope that it would make the tall man go easy on you but you knew you were only entertaining your thoughts because Jongin was anything but easy. Especially not when he had you in the corner with your arms locked above your head.

His plump lips ran over the length of your neck, only stopping to bite down when you didn’t answer him. “Answer me, kitten. I don’t like waiting, especially not after what you did tonight” his hushed voice against your pulse sent a rush of blood to your head. Excitement and nervousness blending into one as your breath hitched.

“I was just talking to him” you whispered into the thick air surrounding you both. The statement seemed ridiculous as Jongin stopped kissing your neck to snicker. Talking, it was laughable how innocent you perceived your interaction with a lust filled man to be. Jongin had never let his eyes wander away from you during the party despite him leaving you alone for a while. He had followed your every move, every sip of your drink, every awkward shuffle but most importantly he had seen the way the short, lustful man had stared at you. From your averting gaze down to the tight skirt of the dress which stopped erotically high at your thigh. Hell, he couldn’t blame the man, not when Jongin, himself, was ready to devour you.

Leaning back to look you in the eyes, Jongin smirked and raised an eyebrow at you almost as if to mock your statement. The intensity of his gaze made you shy away as you bit your lip and looked down at his large hand wrapped possessively on your waist. Moving in closer, his nose nudged against yours as he rubbed his hand along your back and splayed his fingers on your rounded ass and squeezed.

“You’re mine, babydoll. Don’t forget it” his lips brushed against yours. You finally released your abused lip from your teeth only for it to be bitten by the man in front of you. Jongin bit on your sore lip and sucked it, his plump lips soon covered yours completely and stole the air from your lungs as he forced his tongue into your wet mouth. You didn’t bother fighting back because he would win, he always did.

Your fingers twitched over your head and you moaned into his mouth. As if the moan triggered something in him, he pressed himself further into your body. His toned thigh made its way between yours, the movement pushed your tight dress up your thighs and revealed your dark lace panties. The golden skinned man let go of your arms as he continued kissing you, his hands reached down to pull your dress over your behind to expose your bottom half to him.

His soft hands cupped your ass to lift you up off the ground. The sudden movement elicited a gasp from you as you moved away from his sinful mouth, you wrapped your arms and legs around him. A sharp smack hit your butt, you whimpered into his shoulders knowing you should have expected it. The same hand that hit you wrapped around your hair and pulled to expose your neck to him.

“I’ve got to show you who you belong to, princess” he whispered. He threw your smaller body on the bed before peeling his striped shirt off. 

“Turn around, face in the pillow, baby” he commanded. You complied to his demands, your face rested on the pillow and you pressed your clothed breasts into the mattress while keeping your knees bent. The metal clicking of his belt excited you, sending shivers down your spine and a throbbing to your drenched hole. Anticipation grew inside you and released as a moan into the pillow.

With your closed eyes, your senses heightened. The mattress shifted as he moved behind you, despite his presence he didn’t touch you, he left you craving for his touch. Thrusting your raised hips backwards, you hoped to come in contact with his hot skin but you were met with a spank.

His voice had dropped an octave, letting you know he wanted this as much as you did. “Oh no, you don’t get to move. Behave yourself and I’ll treat you well” he muttered.

A shaky exhale left your mouth in an attempt to calm your racing heart. But to no avail it only increased as he rubbed the pad of his thumb against your swollen clit, he rubbed slow, hard circles on the nub while pressing wet kisses on your lower back. The wet smacks moved further back to your lacy panties, the excited man hummed against you and he took the edge of your erotic underwear in his teeth and pulled them down over your hips.

The lack of barrier let your wetness drip down and feeling it drip embarrassed you as you pushed your face further into the thick pillow while whimpering. Jongin felt himself grow harder at the sight, a groan rumbled in his exposed chest. His breathing grew shallow, he flexed his bicepts to stop himself from giving in and allow you to release.

“You’re so wet, all for me.” he spoke against your wet lips. His tongue darted out and in between your lips, it lewdly pressed and moved up and down your slit; he slowed once it reached your clit and he used his hands to spread you before pressing his tongue flat against you. The loud moans escaping you were muffled by the pillow but that didn’t mean they weren’t heard, his name left your lips like a chant. His lips wrapped around the nub, the suction created made you cry out as you raised your head up. 

All too quickly the pleasurable assault stopped. Pushing his mouth away from you, he positioned himself behind your raised hips. Fist wrapped around his hard length, he rubbed his leaking tip against your weeping hole while it contracted wishing to be filled.

After what seemed to be hours, Jongin pushed his thick, hard length into you without hesitation in one rough thrust which nudged you forward. Leaving you no time to adjust, he gripped your hips with enough strength to leave bruises and pulled out and pounded back in.

Grunts, moans and undoubtedly the sound of skin slapping skin filled the room as he relentlessly thrust into you. “Yeah, take it,” he encouraged you with each hard thrust, leaving you breathless and embarrassingly nearly reach your peak. Your legs shook from the intense pleasure, you knew you would fall soon but forced yourself to stay in position; you didn’t want to risk losing your orgasm. 

Adjusted his large body over yours, his hand wrapped around your tousled hair and pulled back; your back arched enough to tighten you around his length, the pleasure was undeniable as you both moaned in ecstasy in the humid room.

Your walls tightly contracted against his length that was covered in your wetness. “You gonna cum?” you could hear his prideful smirk at your sensitivity. Not trusting your voice, you moaned in response. The friction between your hot bodies brought you closer and closer. Jongin let go of your hip and licked his fingers, he wrapped his arm around your body and rubbed his fingers against your swollen clit to make you chase after your orgasm. 

Rocking yourself back against him, you felt his lower abs rub against you as you reached your high and moaned his name loud enough for anyone to hear. Your thighs shook and your fingers and toes curled as you clenched onto his length. Jongin grunted behind you as his thrusts became harder, he swore into the air as his length pumped his warm cum into you, claiming you as his own.

His grip on your hair released and your body went limp, you fell onto the bed in a sweaty mess. His cum slowly being squeezed out of you. Jongin sat back on his thighs as he looked over your exhausted body, still in your tight dress with panties down to your knees and he smirked knowing it was him who made you that way. Moving your thighs apart with his large hands, he rubbed two of his fingers in his cum seeping out of you and bought it to your face.

“Lick” he commanded and you complied. You sucked and licked on his fingers while he watched you with a lustful gaze. Jongin leaned over and kissed your sore lips. “You’re mine” he groaned.

Infatuation - Part 8 (M)


Genre: Romance, teacher, crime, murder, single dad 

Warning: SMUT(do not read if you are not comfortable)

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Author’s Note: Oh my god. I was writing this and then i clicked save as draft. A couple hours later I went to resume my work and IT WAS GONE. I WAS FREAKING OUT. But thankfully it popped back up and it wasn’t gone. Also, I feel like I’m going to hell for writing this chapter, so cheers to hell! I am sorry it’s so short though!

Part 8:

Taking your hand into his, Jaebum led you out of the bathroom hallway, and out the doors of the bar. His feet moved quickly as he dragged you to the elevator of the hotel. He held your delicate hand in his large one, impatiently tapping his foot and waiting for the doors to open to his floor. Your other hand was loosening his tie and getting him prepared. Your hand exploring his chest, and Jaebum didn’t know if he could contain himself. You obviously couldn’t contain yourself.


The elevator finally arrived to Jaebum’s hotel room. You followed Jaebum to the front of his door as he looked for his room key. You left soft kisses on his cheek as Jaebum was anxiously sliding the card into his room. He managed to open the door, and pulled you inside with him. You lost contact with his cheek and instead your body was met  with the wall. The room was pitch black, and you felt Jaebum’s lips grazing your ear.

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