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this is so damn corny, but: i feel like i’m finally starting to look like the man i envisioned becoming when i started to transition 5 years ago

i wish I could tell myself back then–three, four, five years ago, when i was feeling hopeless, helpless, unloveable, like i’d never be able to access surgeries, when i thought that killing myself might be the best option–that things would get easier. and (for me, at least), better

i am so fucking happy to still be alive

Ellgan & Jarissa. OC commission by the insanely talented and absolutely wonderful, @shanlightyear

Logan Michel Kesley grows up knowing without a doubt that he’s going to take over Benoit Farms and Gardens. Country life suits him perfectly and he’s in no hurry to settle down, but when he meets city-girl Elinor Le, his peaceful country life gets a shake up.

Jad Mahad Kesley recently returns to Benoit Farms and Gardens after studying abroad to become a vet. He hasn’t even officially opened up his clinic yet when writer, Carissa Gordon, literally comes crashing into his life. 

Oh you know, just a couple of OC OTPs and angsty love stories I’ve been cooking up in my head… Full fics to come… eventually… some day.

anonymous asked:

Ah Jiminnie! You precious thing, I hope that everything works out and all good things come your way. Good things like whoever you like will like you back!! /hugs/ -🍓anon

Jimin: Yeah… easier said than done.. but thank you……

((warning: angst and maybe eye sore idk also the words behind jimin will be like below the more angsty pic i guess))

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|An OC Post? From ME?|

It is a rare occurrence, but yes, posting a drawing of an OC for once. 
Felt burnt out from commission stuff so I drew something for myself of my unicorn OC Ethos. I’ve had her for like 7 years, so since 2010. She was for an rp group that ended up dying out but I never dropped her. I still rp her with my best friend whom I met in that group and her character, who is Ethos’ BF<3 If you’re curious the watermark on her hair is my DA account.

Might upload the other doodles I did of her sometime. Sorry for no fanart lmao

Please do not repost, edit or claim as your own. And do not delete the artist comments, thank you!