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“Have you seen people in all sides?” she asked. “I mean when you look at that girl with her back towards you, would you consider her as beautiful? Would you think that she’s kind? Would you see all the wonderful things she’s been keeping inside? And have you ever looked at a guy next to you, with his side facing you? Without seeing his eyes, would you say that he’s a gentleman? That he can tell you all the secrets of his mind.” she smiled lightly and continued, “You know sometimes, I wondered how people could just judge someone so easily without even seeing their hidden sides—without considering to stare on different perspectives. I know, sometimes I get mad and just blurt out everything. I know I did a lot of bad things, too. But I just can’t help myself on wondering, how people love ignoring some things they never wanted to see”.
—  ma.c.a // Have you seen yourself, wholely?

I’ve always said someone can but they can’t

No one can get what I’m feeling inside

It’s my inside, not yours, not yours

It’s not a piercing knife to my chest, no

I’m like a candle, slowly killing itself

I am warm, I am at peace, I am burning, I am ending

I’m like a pond that’s been shattered by stones

Tsunamis taking every part of me that cannot swim

I am drowning inside my own candlestick body

You don’t understand. You don’t understand. You don’t understand


i wish you knew

how hard i try

to make sure you’re okay

and i wish you knew

how much i love you

because i just want you to be happy

but i wish you were


anonymous asked:

prompt: an alien discovering humans/their habits a little too excitedly

“They call it whistling. Isn’t that neat?”

“I never knew they could imitate sounds so well. I truly thought an alarm was going off.”

“Look at them. They’re so tiny compared to us. It’s adorable- I want twelve.”

“I can’t wait to approach one. Do you think they’ll be friendly?”