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Give me ALL the werebears

Recently @notsomolly and I have been messaging about great werebear romance novels and I wanted to put together a list, mostly for myself, but also so others who enjoy bear shifters as much as us can enjoy them as well.  This list is NOT exhaustive, so please feel free to add and I will update it!

Goodreads lists:

Personal Recommendations:

  • Shift (Five Novellas) by Ruby Dixon; reviewed by @mfred here.
  • Guardian’s Mate by Jennifer Ashley: werebear paired with a werewolf.  Part of a massive series (Shifters Unbound) with other shifter types, but can be read on it’s own.
  • Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley: novella from the Shifters Unbound series, one of my favorites - werebear/human paring.

@mfred Reviewed (all on my to read list):

  • Son of the Curse Bear by TS Joyce - reviewed here
  • T.S. Joyce’s entire werebear series - reviewed here
  • Bear Cop by Zoe Chant - reviewed here
  • Snowbound by Maeve Morrick - reviewed here
  • Tons more reviews for misc. books can be found here
  • Shifter Country Bears by Roxie Noir - reviewed here
  • Jade Crew series by Amelia Jade - reviewed here
  • Stone Bear series by Amelia Jade - reviewed here
  • Pine Ridge series by Belinda Meyers - reviewed here

@notsomolly Recommended:

@the-book-queen & @thecrankyagnes Recommended:

  • Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

More @thecrankyagnes Recs:

  • Handcuffed to the Bear by Lauren Esker
  • The Easter Bunny’s Bea by Zoe Chant
  • Marked Bear and Cabin Bear series by Bella Love-Win
  • Base Camp Bears and The Agency series by Amelia Jade
  • Cowboy Brother Bears series by Harmony Raines
  • Alpha Bear Princes by Lily Cahill

What’s your favorite werebear romance?

I would like to not dream of you;

not like this.

I see you as a figure of stories and central themes and I think I can pin you down to all of your facets

even though I know it would be wrong.

I sleep and your hair is as dense as a lion’s mane but I cannot imagine what it smells like

there are times I think of your smile and I think it is distinctly

frighteningly feline.

I have loved wolves well and even

their shabby mongrel cousins;

vowed my heart to fox dens,

but this horrific big cat business seems enough to maul me and whatever good sense of self destruction I have.

anonymous asked:

i noticed your destroya tag has a lot of canines (dogs and wolves mostly, but also feline teeth and that kind of thing) could you explain?

uhhhhh i can try 

DESTROYA (i go off of the song, not the comics) has always given me really animalistic vibes n shit, and i headcanon that my party perceives DESTROYA as a wolf. cuz like in my hc DESTROYA is a really fluid godconcept with a lot of interpretations and forms and like it appears to everyone differently. so my DESTROYA tag is just a way for me to collect possible avatars of DESTROYA. like there’s a lot of ways it could go… but my favorite form of DESTROYA is the wolf. so there’s a lot of pics of canines in the tag

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Name: Pallavi (ahaha I guess it’s tough to pronounce)

Nickname: Cat

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hogwarts House: Ideally Gryffindor but probably Slytherin

Height: 5′1 / 157cm

Sexual Orientation: I don’’t care

Favourite Fruit: mango and watermelons and mostly all berries 

Favourite Season: Monsoon but without the rain.

Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter (and if manga counts Death Note.)

Favourite Fictional Character: Light Yagami. 

Favourite Flower: Cherry Blossoms

Favourite Scent: coffee, strawberry, lavender

Favourite Colour: black, purple and red

Favourite Animal: all felines, wolves

Favourite Band: BMTH, The Neighbourhood, Bigbang, Got7 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: Choco Shake  Coffeeeeee

Average Hours of Sleep: I can sleep for days my friends.

Number of Blankets: 1 soft

Dream Trip: How to enter hell? Im kidding. Sk and Japan

Last Thing I Googled: bloo

How Many Blogs I Follow: 246 (across 3 sideblogs)

Number of Followers: 374 (idek why tbh, but thank you putting up with me!)

What I Usually Post About: 95% got7, 4% b.a.p, 1% bigbang,winner,ikon,exo

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cant stop rambling about aj help

I swear, once I get membership in Animal Jam, I’ll buy an owl and dress it up as Schultz from “Daffy - The Commando” (I’d get a helmet in the Horses Only Party). Might as well buy an eagle and make it cosplay von Vultur from the same cartoon… Unless my interest to specific characters burns out by the time I graduate from university and start earning my own money.

You know what’s ironic?.. “Animal Jam” can be played by people of all ages, but the target demographic is children. Unless the kid was already taught how to be responsible with money, which seems unlikely to me, they can only ask their parents for membership. Parents can refuse. What if the child REALLY wants membership and their parents give a strict “NO”?.. Some people say stuff like “get a job and buy membership with your own money”. I hope it’s not children they say that to because children are supposed to go to kindergarten and school, not to work. I guess those kids have to get used to it and to bear with spoiled member brats making fun of them for being non-member and being able to use only, like, 10% of the game’s content. All we can do is prevent them from publishing their passwords and using online “free membership” hacks, otherwise they may REALLY piss off their parents when they show them the computer with viruses…

I’ll confess: I MYSELF tried those hacks, with surveys, you know. I only picked specific surveys where I could do something for free, but they demanded real information so I didn’t finish them. I didn’t complete a single survey. I hope Kaspersky antivirus protected me from all threats I voluntarily exposed my cheating hypocritical ass to. Nothing weird has been happening on my PC since then. But I advise you NOT to try those hacks anyway. Don’t repeat my mistakes which could have possibly costed me. It will be better to have little features in a game than a ruined computer and your personal information in a stranger’s hands… Oh, and just to be on the safe side, I changed my password for the game.

I’m actually more chill about my restrained abilities in this game than I was a year ago. I wrote an angry “B’AWWW”-like journal on DeviantArt back then, complaining about how little stuff non-members have. I still think they could give non-members a little bit more features, I hope I won’t sound too greedy, at least not as greedy as I did before… I would like a 3rd space for an animal. I love my wolf Fuzzy Shyfoot (whose usual design resembles my persona’s and main OC’s) with Level 16 (yep, she has 5 hearts) and seal Teensy Sleepybelle (only Level 5), I don’t want to recycle them just to be able to play as another animal. I think that unpopular animals like rhinos and sloths could be made available for non-members, since most people seem to get membership for member canines (especially arctic wolves, DUH), member felines and birds (minus penguins) and a lot of people find rhinos and sloths ugly and hardly ever use them. They seem unprofitable, like, how many people bought membership for a sloth or a rhino? I bet I could count these people on my fingers… Then, I wish non-members could actually BUY those two non-member floorings, instead of hoping that a member wins them in “The Forgotten Desert” and trades with them! Heck, I wish there were more floorings and wallpapers for non-members in general, even plain one-color wallpapers would be nice! It would be cool for non-members to get their first flying animal even if they wouldn’t be able to play “The Forgotten Desert” with it, like a duck, or a raven/crow… or a goddamn PIGEON. Though, on second thought, flying animals can’t play all-year-round adventures on land (not to mention underwater), they can only play seasonal adventures and “The Forgotten Desert”, so maybe a non-member flying animal isn’t such a good idea…

I would LOVE to buy membership, but, as I mentioned some time ago, I’m not allowed to do so. I’m forbidden to spend money on games until I finish studying, so I try to enjoy free features. But I get bored quickly and fantasize about being a member. hhhhhhhhhh


My Top Albums of 2015 (a.k.a My Most Listened to Albums of 2015): [in no particular order with links to one of my favorite songs off of each album]

Honorable Mentions: Oh Wonder’s self-titled Oh Wonder Album (”Livewire”), Alessia Cara’s Know-It-All Album (”Wild Things”), Marian Hill’s Sway Album (”One Time”), and Chet Faker’s Built on Glass Album (”Gold”)

i cant stop thinking about the idea of big cats being domesticated as wolves were, but in ancient times, like, the role of canine and feline switched and instead of having a Husky or great dane you have small dogs almost exclusively and people with big cat breeds in their living rooms. “nah, i like a small cat, but what’s the point? you may as well get a dog.”

How to Research Effectively for Art
  • Be constantly on the lookout for websites/blogs/pinterests that have references relevant to the type of artwork you do. Do you do a lot of nature art? Follow nature photography blogs.
  • Have an organized system in place for compiling your references. I have a reference folder which contains many subfolders. It is divided into organic and non-organic. From there, organic is divided into environments and creatures, which then split off into very specific subfolders. I can follow a chain of folders from canines -> wolves -> adult wolves -> wolf paws. I can follow a chain of folders from felines -> large felines -> snow leopards -> nose closeups. I have a folder for wet fur, a folder for bloody fur, a folder for teeth.
  • Compile references you’ve taken yourself. You can reference these down to every last detail if you want. Invest in a nice camera if you can, if not a phone camera works fine. Take pictures of things you find interesting wherever you go. Sort and store these references properly. 
  • Learn how to use google efficiently. Learn what keywords work. Brainstorm effective keywords. Take advantage of advanced search options.
  • Take advantage of libraries. Check out photography books, scientific books, books on gardening or whatever else is relevant.
  • Download or buy an image cataloguing software if you can. 
  • ASK artists you admire what resources they regularly take advantage of.
  • Search tumblr and instagram tags. Looking for references of a dog breed? Chances are plenty of people have taken snapshots of their pets. Even extremely rare creatures usually have some sort of instagram or tumblr presence. The Instagram tag for the tarantula species Avicularia Versicolor has 2,484 posts at the time I’m writing this. 
  • Take advantage of free stock photography (or at times paid stock photography if you’re up for it/need it). There are millions of stock photos online. Be sure to read the photographer’s guidelines for use if you intend to reference closely. 
  • Subscribe to magazines with related material. 
  • If applicable, read a little bit about the theory/science behind what you’re researching. Knowing why things look the way they do will help bring a new level of realism and believability to your art.
  • Always be on the lookout for new resources and references. You never know when the perfect reference will come your way!
Dino's list of misconceptions. What therianthropy is definitely not

Feel free to message me any misconceptions so I can add them to the list!

-Disclaimer, this post includes otherkin as well. If you see me say kin it includes both therians and otherkin-

1. We cannot under any circumstances shapeshift.
2. We don’t have superpowers
3. Therianthropy and otherkinity is not a religion.
4. Not all therianthropy and otherkinity is spiritual. There are psychologicals out there.
5. Not all kin get phantom limbs.
6. Not all kin shift
7. There are kin that are older
8. Being kin is not solely a wolf thing. Wolves are extremely common types, but so are foxes, dragons, and felines.
9. It is not currently believed to be genetic.
10. Most kin don’t know their kintypes right away. It can take a few years.
11. Being kin is so much more than just feeling a connection. It’s identifying as and not with.
12. There is no underlying government or law to follow.
13. It isn’t new
14. It isn’t a teen trend
15. Wearing tail, collars, harnesses, etc. Is not a kin thing. Some may do it to express their kin side but it is in no way required.
16. It is not the same thing as being a furry. Furry is a fanbase.
17. It is not a gender.
18. It is not a tumblrism. A majority of kin aren’t on tumblr’s kin community. Tumblr is a trollfest so tread lightly.
19. Currently, there is no explanation of what causes therianthropy. It’s up to personal interpretation.
20. It isn’t a choice. Nobody can just wake up and say “hey i want to be a therian today”
21. It is most definitely not the same as Lycanthropy or similar conditions.
22. Therianthropy/otherkinity of itself is not a mental illness
1. Kin don’t only date people with the same kintype. Most cases are by coincidence and it just isn’t that easy to find others.
2. A person’s kintype does not affect how they act towards a person with another kintype. IE: zebrakin hating lionkin or demonkin hating angelkin
3. Not all kin are mentally ill. Some are, but not a vast majority.

-more to come-