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Oh shit, guess who just hit 15 million subs when I was asleep!
More seriously, @therealjacksepticeye , if you ever get to read this… Wich I doubt ‘cause there are millions of drawings waaayyy better from more talented people, anyways, if you do see this silly message, I just want to say thank you and congratulations on 15 million subs! We are so proud of you Jack! You are such an inspiration for me and a lot of people everyday, thank you for that. I don’t think I’d still be here or I don’t think I’d have the guts to try and make my dreams come true without you, you’re such a genuinely good person and everything surrounding you just makes me happy. I actually reached a good level in English by watching your and Mark’s videos. Thank you for all the laughs you bring to my life everyday, for indirectly encouraging me to be a better person, a better artist, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend… Just one more time, thank you, AND CONGRATULATIONS YOU FUCKING BOSS! HIGH FIVE ✋

I was at a con recently. And while looking at some of the art, I made a comment to a guy who had a collection of cat avengers prints that he was missing the best avenger. So he goes, ‘oh and who is that’ and I just kinda look sideways at him and say 'hawkeye, the only one you don’t have’. To wich he of course smirks and says 'is he really the best or is it just cause of jeremy renner?’

First of all… Jeremy Renner is a gorgeous human being and he is more than enough reason for Hawkeye to be awesome, so why the hell you got that smug look on your face like I’m just some random ass fangirl who don’t know shit about comics. I was fuckin dressed like Captain Marvel, 100% comic accurate costume thank you very much.

So my dad starts laughing cause he can see I got my 'fight me’ face on. And I proceed to list each and every reason why I have loved Hawkeye since waaaaay before the movies and why he gets even better with new movies and comics.

NUMBER ONE, he is the only fully human Avenger in every single story line.

To which of course I get 'well what about Black Widow’ well sir you must not know your comics very well because in the Earth-616 universe she has the Red Room version of the super soldier serum which gives her enhanced physical abilities as well as a very long lifespan.

Then comes the 'well Scott Lang is human’ well yeah but he’s got a mother FuCkiNG SUPER SUIT. What does Hawkeye have? Spandex or leather, not quite the same thing. And you take away that super suit, is Scott still a super hero? No he is in jail for being a thief. You take away Hawkeye ’ super sui… oh wait that’s right HE DON’T GOT ONE.

'But what about Black Panther he is human right?’ Do you know anything about comics dude? The dude eats a magical plant and is gifted his powers by the Wakandan Panther God and has enhanced speed, strength, agility, healing, reflexes, stamina, etc. NOT FULLY HUMAN he also is proclaimed King of the Dead and is granted the power and knowledge of past Black Panthers and gains the ability to control the dead… so awesome but still not human.

Hawkeye is 100% human 100% of the time (except a very brief moment when he borrowed pym particles just to help out on a mission) and still manages to keep up with super humans, gods and guys with fancy super suits.

NUMBER TWO, he is deaf, canononically.

'Well Daredevil is blind’ his accident enhanced his other senses… and not an Avenger… so your argument is not even relevant.

NUMBER THREE, he shoots a bow, usually a recurve, in battle with people that have magic and laser guns and other shit and he can shoot it with out even looking!

'But he has trick arrows’ wich are guaranteed to be weighted terribly and that weight changes depending on which arrow it is. So he not only has to compensate for the strange weight but he has to do it on the fly in the heat of battle for each individual arrow. Not to mention when he shoots multiple at once.

And come on, have you ever tried to shoot a bow and arrow, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice patients and skill. Especially to get as good as him.

NUMBER FOUR, I mean have you read the guys backstory? If you looked up tragic backstory in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Clint Barton. He was orphaned after his abusive father got into a car accident that killed his mother as well. Was sent to a children’s home, ran away to the circus, was trained by Swordsman and Trickshot who were not the best mentors, was betrayed and abandoned by Swordsman and his brother and left for dead, ended up severely injuring his brother, had to leave Trickshot, when he tried to do the hero thing he was mistaken for a criminal, was manipulated into trying to kill Iron Man, kept falling in love with women who didn’t love him back, left the Avengers at one point believing he was unwanted, was passed over because he was not super human, watched his brother die, was forced to leave the Avengers, had a bounty put on his right arm, lost former mentor Trickshot to cancer, split with his wife then watched her die saving him, sacrificed himself and came back, was almost assasinated, went to prison so the rest of his team could go free, was shot and conducted a suicide mission that saved the planet but killed him, lost his memory, was vanished into nothingness, doubted he was himself or even alive, faked his death, and that’s just the short list.

NUMBER FIVE, he ran the West Coast branch of the Avengers, as well as other treams.

NUMBER SIX, he took on the mantle of Captain America for a short time.

NUMBER SEVEN, Caw Caw Mother Fucker.

So yeah, suffice to say that I left the guy speechless surounded by his friends who were nodding along and adding in their own bits of info and laughing hysterically at him. I turned to walk away after that mic drop and heard him mumble, 'well I guess I’m making a cat hawkeye’

My brain suggested we do something usefull today, but then i remembered that i have no brains so i did this
these two are my @thebbros  Oc’s, bakers Vinny the mouse and Poud the goat who work at V and P’s Bakery
they are both orphans, and they’ve been best friends since childhood, when they grew up they started to work the bakery since they both love baking

  • Vinny is 22 but he is very imature and irresponsible. He has the ink illness. He loves to goof around and can make a joke out of literly anything. He likes sweets but some times he doesn’t know when to stop and that gives him lots of sugar rush. He is very optimistic, likes to cheer other people up and personaly most of the times doesn’t get worked up about anything, even when he got sick he still didn’t change his attitude.
  • Poud is 27, and he is almost complete opposite of Vinnny. He takes his job very serious and responsible, but some times he worres a bit too much. He is pretty stressed most of times, but he tries to act nice to everyone. He can be patient but sometimes he can’t help it and losses his temper. He is also very eloquent which makes many girls like him.  And he loves flowers.  

Ever since Vinny got sick Poud was very stressed and scared because he loves his friend more than anything and he doesn’t wants to lose him, but Vinny believes that he might have a chance to survive and always tells Poud not to worry, but at the same time he is actually ready for his death, he just doesn’t care
idk lots of people do this crap, i just wanted to be INKluded (i am lonely)
The AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge you can check it over here

Well, there’s a reason of why I’m posting to much. It’s beacuse I’m stealing wifi I wanted to start a new activity on my tumblr! In celebratrion of my 2000+ followers I want to do this! “Let’s create together”!

This activity consist in creating a character using the suggestions you guys give me (eye color, powers, skin color, etc) but in my style. What’s my style? well, as you see, I love to draw sanscest fan children and I want this character to be one. And finally give blueprint a friend so I don’t have to draw him alone

SO, since there’s a LOT of Sanscest ships, I want to make a votation of wich ship should I draw. After that, I’ll ask you guys to send me descriptions based of how would a child from that ship look like. Simple right? I hope I have explained it well ;o;

Let’s call this stage: “Selecting a Ship”

but HEY, don’t start throwing me ships names! keep reading first uvu

I sellected a few ships I like and you will have to choose between those! Since Tumblr allows to comment on a post, I don’t have to create a poll for this on other site -v-)U yes! It doesn’t matter if the ship already has one child, I want to make my own and give you the chance to cooperate in the process of creation! 

Also, I’ll give the winner ship their own ship week (like I’m going to do with InkBerry)

Here’s the ship list:

-ErrorNight/Error x Nightmare

-Cream/Cross x Dream

-RottenBerry/Reaper x Blueberry ( @nekophy made me love this ship with just one comic xDU)

-AfterFell(?)/Geno x Edge

-Kustard/Classic x Edge 

They’re the ones who I love the most! 

So, as I said before, this time you only have to comment with the ship you want to win! After some time I’ll check the votes and announce the winner. Once the first stage is done, we’ll proceed to the stage two: “Making their appearance”!

Don’t forget to participate!


Am i late for Valentine’s day? Ahaa..   So yeah, angsty and happy-lovey-dovey (?-  Flirtyrobot!!!  (because i couldn’t choose wich expression i like the most) 

I’m so proud of this one! It looks better than i expected. I’ve been practicing a lot these past few days, so i’m happy with this. Yes, i still have trouble coloring but hey… The lineart looks nice? And the Klance one looks cute too (still haven’t finished that one tho)~


Hiccstrid Week 2017!!! 
Day 5 : Favorite Hiccstrid Moment [hugs on a flight] 

 - Okay, you’ve gotta hold on tighter. 
 - Sorry.
 - No, don’t apologize. Truth is, obviously, I’m glad you’re here. 

Yes, it was and in first movie, but there it was just romantic. Here it’s really cute. This is what it once was.
Hiccup knows it.
And we’re know it with him. 

Of course we have a lot of similar moments wich I could choose, but that;s what brings us back to the beginning. 

The art of erasing queer subtext German translations of Sherlock Holmes

When I first came to tumblr for reading all the fantastic analysis of the Sherrlock Holmes stories and adaptations, I was quite confused. Of course I read the Holmes stories before, well, most of them, but a lot of the quotes I read here didn’t sound familiar at all. I thought, well, I must have forgotten that or didn’t read properly. That doesn’t sound like me, but I never picked up my (german) copy and looked it up. One evenening, I sat over a glass of wine with my friend and she denied the gay subtext of the Holmes stories so vigorously, that I felt like proving my point and so I took her copy and wanted to show her some of the evidence. To my suprise, i could not find it. Starting with the „Quick. Hide if you love me“ part in „the dying detective“ wich was translated to „Hide if you want me to be thankfull forever“ (Verstecken Sie sich, wenn Sie sich meines ewigen Dankes gewiss sein wollen). That made me curious and I bought a copy of the original english ACD stories.

I will now start to read along with you, in german and in english to see what had been changed and why.

First, we have to note, that the most common german translation is the one by Adolf Gleiner, Margarete Jacobi, Louis Ottmann and Rudolf Lautenbach. It is an early translation (the first in some stories) and is used until today. I had a look at five different copys of the translated canon, modern ones and old ones, but they all had that translation. There is one other common translation by Gisbert Haefs, but I don’t have it, so I can’t say anything about that. Maybe someone has read those.

Then we have to note some general problems with translating from english to german, wich is not only true for Holmes but also for many other stories. There is, for example the „Sie“ and „Du“ problem. „Sie“ is the formal, polite way of saying „You“ wich one would use to adress strangers or respected people or people you don’t now well, „Du“ is the more intimate way of saying „You“ which one would use if you are adressing friends or family or people of your own age if you are younger than 25. Of course, it is always hard to get the point in a movie, book or series when people stop to use „Sie“ and start using „Du“, for it requires a permission or invitation in the spirit of: „Please, you can say „Du““ which is a big deal. In the Holmes stories, Watson and Holmes always talk to each other using „Sie“ and it is hard to create this natural intimacy between two people who do that. In translated english stories, it became quite normal that two people use „Sie“ even when they know each other quite well, especially in stories written before the 1950s. Even children adress their parents as „Sie“. Maybe it was just a way of showing how posh the English are.

Then we have the trouble of words with a slightly different meaning in both languages. But we will see that when I point out some examples.

When I read through the first three stories (TheGloria Scott, The Musgrave Ritual and The Spraceled Band) I recognized some parts that were translated pretty wrong and had to come to the conclusion, that it was done on purpose. By the third story I knew which part would have been changed before I even looked at the translation.


The Musgrave Ritual:

The „certain quiet primness of dress“ that a lot of people refere to by pointing out a queer reading of the canon was changed to „In his appearance he showed a certain accuracy and punktuality“ which is not the same and they could have used many german expressions wich would have been closer two the point. (German: Was sein Auftreten betraf trug er eine gewisse Genauigkeit und Pünktlichkeit zur Schau). But I see, that it is not easy to catch that exact meaning for the word „quiet“ is not really used in german in that manor.

Holmes „mischivious eyes“ were changed to „smart smile“.

„He (Musgrave) was a dandy“ was changed to „He emphasised his suit“. Wich is understandable because the term „dandy“ hadn’t been used in Germany.  

Fun fact: The term „woman“ refering to Rachel Howells was changed to „Weib“ (a deprecative term for woman) or to „Mädchen“ (girl) on various occations.

The Gloria Scott

In this story, Holmes speaks to Victor Trevor using „Du“. That might be because of their age.

Then they left out were Holmes was going the day the dog bit him, („I went down to chapel“).

„before the end of the term we were close friends“ was changed to „before I recovered, we had formed a friendship“ (German: Ehe ich wieder auf den Beinen war, hatten wir Freundschaft geschlossen.). And there is a term for „close friends“ in german (enge Freunde). There is no reason to change that.  

But these two stories aren’t the interesting part. Let’s move on to „The spraceled band“

It starts with minor changes in the description of Holmes (They changed „love of his art“ to „Love of his work“) and in the way Holkmes adresses Watson („my dear fellow“ was translated to „My dear boy“) but they mix up the boy/fellow thing in every way, all the time.

Then, when Holmes wakes up Watson, Watson accompanys Holmes down to the sitting room in the english version, while in the german translation, Watson follows Holmes to the sitting room. They could as well have translated the sentence word by word. But they didn’t.

Holmes intruduction of Watson („This is my intimite friend and associate Doctor Watson before whom you can speak as freely as before myself“) stayed the same. I wanted to point that out.

When Holmes says that „(The gun) and a toothbrush are all we need“, the translator went through some trouble because he obviously was concerened about the singular. Instead of just changing it to plural, he invented a comb, so you can read the german sentences as plural or singular. Its hard to explain… („Wenn wir Kamm und Zahnbürste mitnehmen, haben wir alles was wir brauchen“).

When Holmes and Watson go to „the Crown“, they engage „a bedroom and a sitting room“ in the original version, while in the german version, they get „two rooms“. Well, I guess that is not exactly wrong, but it is not the whole truth either.

These are not the big ones, those will come later on, when we read more stories. But you can find this sort of changes in every Holmes story, while the rest of the story (For example the Cases) are translated with a certain accuracy.

Why did they do that? Well, I think they realised how strong the subtext is and didn’t want that to come out. I don’t think they said:“Oh my god, this is so gay, let’s not write that“, I think they thought: „Well, if I translate it word by word it sounds wrong in german, to intimate. I have to look for less strong words or discriptions.“. Maybe it was because of differences in german and british culture at that time. But they clearly changed most of the parts which one could read as „to intimate for friends“.

Thanks to @handl0ck for talking to me about this and to @astudyincanon for encouraging me to write it down… and sorry for the mistakes. I am still learning.

Being Short and Dating Derek Hale Would Include...

So… this is my first request (Made by @phasiion​) and I’m kind of excited. I hope you like it

(i don’t own the gif)

Originally posted by hobrien

  • He ALWAYS bothers you for your height
  • Being in top (if you know what i meant 😉)
  • Getting on tiptoes to kiss him
  • Wearing his jacket (wich is huge for you)
  • He having to bend to hug you
  • Or kiss you
  • Or do anything with you
  • Warm hugs
  • Bear hugs
  • Although he loves to annoy you for your height, if someone else does it (Peter) he can break his nose
  • He leaning his arm on your head to annoy you
  • Being a mother for his pack
  • Him teaching you how to fight
  • Being the little spoon
  • Helping him when his werewolves abilites were gone
  • Arguing with Peter
  • Nobody wanting to say the diferences of your height
  • He bugs you lifting your things to a height you can not reach
  • He teases you not only with your height, with EVERYTHING
  • He secretly finds sexy that you are shorter than him
  • And in secret you enjoy being shorter, because you loves hug him

i was thinking on an idea of why Shadow would think Flower Arragement would be a medium to bring hope to the humanity. i’m refering to this.from Lego Dimensions and at first i though i would be something like Sonic or Rouge would tell him as joke or perhaps Cream also migh have told him something about since she likes to do things with flowers and maybe then Shadow toke it too seriously.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but then i though…. when people are sick in hospitals, usually they receive flower arragements from a familiar or friends… wich its such a beautiful and delicated detail and a way to show the wish that the sick person will recover soon and also it does a lot to cheer up that person..

perhaps Shadow saw someone doing that somewere and though flower arragement can bring hope to humanity just like it brings it to the patients who receive them ..?? XD  dunno  but have a quick Shadow and flowers pic :D

Inheritance characters sorted into Hogwarts /Ilvermory

My headcanon for if they were sorted into Hogwarts/Ilvermory. Sorry if I spell things wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve read/seen the harry potter books/movies. Let me know what you think!



I was originally going to put him into Gryffindor, since he’s brave and one of his main characteristics, but I thought that he would fit better into Hufflepuff, since alot of things he does is for his friends and family. 


Gryffindor/Horned serpent. 

Saphira may be a warrior, but she is also very wise, especially for her age. I sorted her into Horned Serpent because of it.



Roran is incredibly smart, thinking u strategies and stuff, rather quickly becoming a commander, sure, hes very brave and like Eragon, I wanted to put him into Gryffindor, but thought better of it.



Katrina was kind of hard, since I do not know as much about her as the others. I put her in Pukwudgie because she very much seems like a healer, comforting the boys agt several times. But she got balls. I will fight anyone if they think she isn’t brave. 



Murtagh is unbelievably cunning, and know very well how to handle himself in situations, being able to move his way arounf Galby to get to Nasuada. I also have a feeling that he is the adventurous type as well, thus putting him in the Thunderbird house.



I don’t know a lot of Thorn either, but he always seemed to me like he was a very sweet dragon, longing to be free. Thus I put him in Hufflepuff.


Slytherin/Horned Serpent

Arya is very cunning and rebellious, she is also smart and skilled as hell, need I say more?



Fírnen is very smart, and also long for adventure. I don’t know much else about him, so I just went with my instinct.



Very smart, warrior at heart, Shes a born leader, wich takes smarts, but a lot of guts.



Cunning, smart, tricky, but also a healer, forced to feel their pain but willing to help them if she so desires. 


Hufflepuff/Horned serpent

Sweet guy, but the smartest you will ever meet. I was going for Ravenclaw, but decided against it, I found it too obvious, Of course, he was the wisest, but also very sweet.



He’s an old dragon, of course I went with Ravenclaw, but he’s a warrior as well, I have more than one reason to belive he is.


Slytherin/Horned serpent

Smart af, brave af, good in almost everything. mysterious, cunning…

Sorry for the long post, here is my drawing of Thorn with a flower crown again

NSFW: How is SF9 in bed

A/N: I don’t think i need to clirify this but of course this only includes the +18 members. Since the pentagon one got a lot of love i think the fantasies want one too, right? 



-For some reason i think about Inseong being the softest of all the members during sex

-Unless he is very into the mood, if that’s the case and he is boiling hot then it’s a rough round of sex. 

-But despite that he is good tempating you

-He’d run his fingers up your arms tickling you or kiss the space in your neck under your ears while wishpering words that gives you chills

-And that’s the way he tells you that he wants to do it when he is horny, rather than with words

-Sometimes he holds you so hard because god, he is specially strong that he makes marks appear in your skin for a couple of days

-Sometimes is not on purpouse

-He can’t hold back the fact of making noises if he needs it

-So he is not a very soft lover even if he is the softest of the group. He is just easier to carry with. 


-You know when you kiss someone on the neck and they like… coil because they are too sensitive there? That’s Youngbin

-He laughs it off when you do it but it makes him very very horny

-You can tease him but have in mind that he would tease back and twice as hard

-It would be all laughs and fun until you end pinned on the bed and i tell you why

-He is the oppa kink in all his extension

-Because he likes to be the one, you know… commanding haahaha omg i die 

-It doesn’t matter if you are older, if you call him oppa he is already going for IT

-Don’t be fooled he is not that gentle at all, and we all know it, is not a secret that he’d be rough 

-Taking his own words, he likes to give more than recieve so yeah get ready to be overstimulated

-Deep kisses because he loves you 

-Endless eye contact until you just *liquid noises*

-god forgive me i just imagined everything i’m dying, next member please


-He likes the long heated make outs

-In fact i feel like he would have this lips/mouth fixation-

Which leads us to a lot of fun things!

-Such as how often he goes down on you. Because he likes how you react to him licking down there

-He’d love to have your hands tangled on his hair

-And of course: the payback blowjob 

-Kisses and bites in your inner thighs

-A switch

-Gives you many different pet names 

-When he is tired he likes you doing all the work so he just takes you with his arms and pulls you on top of him and makes you go up and down


-Althought he treats you with care in your daily life because he loves you and you are his S/O i think he would became more raw in this 

-So he may be sweet at first

-But then, ha, then he won’t

-Just because he likes it that way, he enjoys it better what can i say

-So wild sex ahead

-I think he would like to give but also to recieve (in every sense)

-This fam goes down like it’s his job. Seriously, tongue master. 

-Not that he doesn’t stop talking but he won’t be quiet either

-Yes i’m insinuating that he is the type to burst a dirty ass phrase out of the blunt (get ready for the example)

-[Dramatically sexy crawls on the bed predatory] “You don’t know how many things i want to do to you right now”

-Takes his time doing his thing and doesn’t rush wich prolly makes you eager sometimes 

-It’s trash for when you take the initiative

-Like: if you are together watching TV or something and then you suddenly go for it he would give you that half smile of “hell fucking yeah”

-But anyways, he is a dom. 

-Calls you “babe” HOHOO


-He. Worsihips. Your. Ass

-He would squeeze it a lot, even if it doesn’t implies sex and you are just walking around in shorts

-But specially when having sex

-Puts up a whole erotic show for you

-Like a streaptease, he would asolutely do that

-Pretty imaginative, he always surpsrises you with a new thing

-To the point that he may touch kinky edges sometimes but i asure you you’ll have a lot of fun trying new things

-He listens what you have to say. It’s easy to talk about what you want to do with him or not so everything ends being pretty pleasuring

-Idk he has so many different styles, he can do it softly or he can be dirty, it would totally depend on his mood

- Another switch

-He would let you ride him 0 COMPLAINS he would love it


-A Soft Dom

-Into the food play lolol

-Like he would take the whipped cream can out like “let’s see if you can taste better that you aready do” rip rowoon stans

-The body kissing master. He leaves many wet kisses on your skin

-And i tell you another thing he would be good at: fingering

-Those long fingers tho

-Really close to you all the time, your bodies would be glued

-You can feel his fast heartbeat

-And his body feels hot like a summer evening

-Pounds on you so good and hard he has you moaning in 3 seconds

-Not the type to moan but yes the type to groan 

-Ok this is going out of hand 

-He allways tells you that you look so good or that he likes you so much

-And when the whole thing finish he is suddenly the soft Rowoon again and he kisses your forehead and makes you laugh



-Not wild in the “i have a lot of kinks” way 

-But wild in the he is extra passionated way

-Kissing, licking, bitting, hickeys.. it’s  all in for him

-He rips your clothes off and let them scatter al over the floor. And honestly you do the same to him

-There’s always more than one round he thirsty

-Has romantic points like carrying you to bed bridal style

-The type to hold on the header of the bed because he is being too intense

-Obviously with you underneath

-A lot of noises from both parts

-It would turn really erotic, for sure

-But, like Rowoon, when you are done he would turn really sweet and put a lot of tiny kisses on your face and help you clean yourself 

-Because when you two are done the bedroom is a mess


I really need to save some money so it’s commission time! ;;w;;


Digital Sketch Commissions:

-Bust and full body will cost the same, with the difference that full body will be drawn in a more chibi-fied style, like it shows in the examples

-You can choose a motif and a character (ex: character+plants) // motif is optional

-Send me the refference for the character and we can then discuss poses, colours, etc

-I don’t draw Mecha, Gore or NSFW

How to commission me:

-Contact me via tumblr message

-Tell me wich commission type you want: (black and white/colour + bust/full body + character + motif(optional) )

-I’ll start the commission after I receive the payment via paypal and after we’ve discussed what the drawing will be

-After starting, I’ll send you a sketch/wip so you can see the base of the final drawing and I’ll finished it after getting your approval so that I can be sure that you are getting what you want!


-Paypal (in euros)

-my email is marimel-stars@hotmail.com

I’ll open two (2) slots for now and then open more after I finish the first two! 

I have a lot of college projects to finish and I want to make sure that I give the proper amount of time and dedication to every commission ! 

Even though I need money right now I don’t want to possibly compromise the quality of my drawing by overworking myself! ;w;

Thank you for reading! 

Reblogs are apreciated!

isn’t enough time apart? Part II (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

I’ve finally ended the part two of this imagine. i thought that two parts was going to be enough but i couldn’t so im alredy working on part III, let me know if you liked it or i should just drop it. thank you for reading and I hope you like it. 

Resume: Zach and the reader found themselves working together after 10 years since their break up when they’re fully professionals - Part I 

Warnings: This is too long and i’m sorry I tried to cut it. And english is not my mother lenguage. ive spent so much time reading and re reading this but please let me know if you find some mistakes so I can fix them 

Words: 2674

Keep reading

tonykusmierski  asked:

hey i have a one question, how long u draw and coloring one character? Im starting character design and i have few simple problems wich coloring and line art

Hi (: SORRRRRY for the time I took to reply T-T 

It totally depends on a lot of stuffs! If I have a strong idea of what I want or just if not blocked (it happens really often this times)… The rought is the step that takes the most time (i’m sure this sentence is wrong), because I have to find the posing, the shapes, the personality etc… of my character. Everything have to be clear on the sketch before I start to clean. If It works quickly it can takes 20 minutes or it can also takes 2hours (mostly because of the face and the HANDS) after this step I clean and correct it for 30min to 1 hour, and for the colors I put basic colors very quickly, and then I put the shadow and the details in 30 min to 2hours it depends on my feelings about my drawing :p  so I can make the entire character in 1hour like in 3 or 4 (: (haha and if I need references just double the time because I get lost finding cool stuffs on cool artists pages etc… :p) Don’t be discouraged if It did not works the first or the second time, don’t hesitate to find help and inspiration through the art that you like and make sure you are satisfied with your rought before you start the line work! (: Also to find the good colors I put random colors, just clic ctrl+U on photoshop and play with the adjustements to find something I like :D 

To avoid posting without art here a chicken made for a friend project 

(Blackpink) Girlfriend Jisoo

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Jisoo would be such a fun girlfriend. She would always want you to smile, because for her your smile is the prettiest. Jisoo would want to impress you in new ways everyday. After a long day of promotions she would come back home to you and would greet you with a lot of kisses and hugs. She would buy you two a lot of couple items. Like, a lot. She loves them and she would want to tell everybody that you’re together. She would cook for you all the time. She would constantly speak backwards to you and would make you speak backwards to her too. She would wake you up a few hours before she has to go to practice just because she want to see your cute “I just woke up” face.

You would probably argue over wich restaurant serves the best chicken. Mostly of your arguments would be over food. But they wouldn’t be serious argue. On the rare occasions that you would have a serious fight, you can bet she would call you out if you’re wrong and wouldn’t rest until you admitted it was your fault. Later on she would be a little embarrassed by it. She would feel really bad for talking to you like that and would apologize even if she’s right.

She would take so much care of you. It wouldn’t matter if she’s older or younger than you. She would always try to make you feel good over problems with whatever. If you’re happy, she’s happy.

I also think that she would be really jealous sometimes. Like if she notices someone staring too much at you she wouldn’t hesitate to cup you face and give you a brief kiss. Just to show them that she was your girlfriend and you were happy together.
She would like everyone to know that you’re her baby.

NCT's reaction when they hear you speaking your mother language.

Request: Nope, lol.

A/N: Hey, hehe. Let me explain what this mess is. So, today I was really bored and I tried to do for the first time one of this NCT’s reactions. So, yeah, if this sucks you know the reason, lmao. But, tbh I’m really proud of this and I really enjoyed writing it, so, yeah, I’ll be accepting request of this. Just, remember that I don’t do smut and that I’m probably terrible at all the kinky stuff, lmao.

Also, lately I’m having lots of homework and tests so.. yeah, shit happens. But thank you very much for understanding!


It would surprise him at first, but end up getting used to it and loving hearing you taking in your mother language. He would tell you to do it more often, sometimes asking you to translate for him when he sees comments of international fans and wanting for you to teach him a bit too.

“What did you just say, jagi?”
“Oh? Ah, nothing important, I was just mumbling something to myself.”
“Ah~ It sounded pretty.”

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You were reading out loud some phrases that you wrote in an old notebook of you. After reading, you would translate for him and make him repeat after you, trying to teach him. Both of you giggle when he makes mistakes but you give him little kisses on his face when he gets it right, making him more flustered and motivated every time.

“Did I said it right, jagiya?”
“Ah~ yes! Good job, baby.”

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This guy loves learning new languages, so he would always make you like a thousand of questions about your country and culture and would also try his best to learn this language for you, asking you to buy him books that can help him and making you study with him.

“How’s possible that your pronunciation so good, Johnny? I’m impress.”
“Is a natural talent, baby.”

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He would love hearing you talking in your mother language, whenever you do he starts looking at you with heart eyes and extreme attention.

“It was your mom the one who just called you, jagiya?”
“Yes, she told me that she misses you a lot.”
“We should travel over there and visit her, then! I’ve been practicing, and I think that now I’ll be able to have a conversation with her without you help!”

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It would be super interesting for him listening to you talk those beautiful and differents words. He would try to “speak” with you, copying your accent and trying to repeat what you said and, obviously, pronuncing wrong, making you laugh. But in the end learning the most common and unnecesary phrases you can think of.

“I did well, right? I said it just like you.”
“You wish, Yuta.”

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You make him fall in love even more everytime you talk in your mother language, but just can’t take it when you sing in it. His heart races and he can’t help but smile widely, losing himself in your voice. 

“Why are you looking at me so much, Doyoung?”
“You’re just so beautiful, y/n.”

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Just like Taeyong, he would love hearing you talk. Once, you tried to teach him but he gave up in less than ten minutes because it was too hard for him, but he would love hearing your voice and seeing you so comfortable and excited when you talk with your family.

“It sound so nice, I wish we could talk with each other in other language more.”
“Ah, really? You should teach me Chinese someday then.”
“Really? Let’s do it right now, baobei! It’s really easy!”

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He would ask you to talk for him all the time, while cuddling, eating or just asking you how to say random words. He finds your language really beautiful and he would love hearing your pretty voice saying unknown words.

“Wow, y/n! The word you just said sounded super pretty, what does it mean?”
“I love you.”
“Aw~ babyyyyy~”

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Other cutie who would love to hear your voice, he would try to learn at list the most common phrases to be able to create a small conversation with your family.

“I keep forgetting how to pronounce that word! Do you think your mom is going to understand what I’m saying?”
“Of course she’s going to undertand! Also, you sound really cute.”
“Then, I guess I won’t worry too much about it.”

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This cutie would get frustrated when he can’t get the words right, and you laugh at his cuteness. He gets his revenge later, when he tries to teach you Chinese and he keeps giggling the whole time at your pronunciation. You guys make each other so happy with so little.

“You’re so cute, Sicheng. Did you know that?”
“Hehe, you’re cuter baobei.”

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Here’s other baby who’s good at languages, but like Winwin he would get frustrated everytime he doesn’t get the pronunciations perfectly, even if it’s the littlest mistake. But he loves spending time with you, learning things about your culture and your country.

“The pronunciation is alright, Mark! Don’t be too hard on yourself on something so silly.”
“Is not silly, is the language that my significant other speaks… and their family, it’s really import to me!”
“You’re an angel.”

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He would be similar to Jaehyun, only learning basic stuff, he just doesn’t want to confuse himself more than he already is because of the languages he already knows. But he loves how happy and comfortable you seem with your friends and family. Whenever he is in a bad mood he asks you to read or sing for him in your mother language, losing himself in the sound of your voice.

“Where are you going? We didn’t finish the lesson yet, Jun.”
“But you promised to go to the Moomin cafe with me! Also, I already know the important things, you teach me then the other day, baobei.”
“Renjun, you only can say your name and count to three.”

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He would make you teach him, but in this case you’re the one giving up. He’s so distracted by your soft voice and all your beauty that he can’t remember nothing at all.

“Can you say that again?”
“Jeno, is my third time saying it!”
“I’m sorry! But you’re so pretty.. It’s distracting.”

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This baby would love to learn your mother language, you guys probably even have a determined day and hour to have lessons and everything. Apart of the basic stuff he would also want to learn cute pick up lines and compliments so he can say them to you when you’re sad or in a bad mood. And maybe some insults that he can say to the other members, of course.

“I’m saying it even better than you, did you notice that babe?”
“Do you really think so? Ah~~ I was internally thinking that our lessons weren’t giving any results.”
“Hehe, you’re so cute, Hyuck.”

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He would be pretty much like Taeyong, enjoying your voice and loving seeing how happy you look while talking with other people in your mother language. Falling in love with you a bit more. Maybe he would learn some easy pick up lines or compliments to say to you or to his fans when he has the opportunity.

“Your voice while talking in your mother language is so beautiful.”
“It’s the same voice that you heard when I talk in Korean.”
“No, no. Your accent is adorable, did you realize that?”
“Shut up, Jaemin.”

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He would be like Haechan, having a determined day and hour in the week to have lessons. Once, he practiced for weeks and weeks a cute message wich was awfully translated telling you how thankful he’s for having you by his side and how much he loves you, he made you felt so happy after saying so that he won a whole day cuddling and watching movies with you. You can’t even imagine how happy he was that day!

“Thanks for teaching me all of this, baobei. I love you a lot.”
“I love you too, Chenle.”

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This baby would think that having a foreign significant other is the coolest thing and he always brags about how intelligent you are to his hyungs. He loves hearing your accent when you talk in your mother language but would get shy when you ask him to repeat after you while you try to teach him, and he gets so nervous that pronounce everything in a funny yet very cute way.

“But I don’t understand, we were literally making out an hour ago, why would you get so shy for something like this?”
“Y/N, don’t say that~”

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I had A LOT of ask about how Lizzy would look as an animal and wich species she would be. I choosed a dog instead of a cat, a king charles spaniel, due her personality fit, and the fact that design those ears as her hair was a must. I know, Ciel is a cat and they are cousins, just imagine that in this au a couple can have children of mixed species and we will be fine. Lizzy´s father can be a dog and her mother a cat (a very ruthless one). I guess.

Aaaand the servants!

Aaaaaaaand William is a pigeon now.


©Yana Toboso

paintingit  asked:

Heya V0id it's me again!! Just wanting some advice about commissions. I really love doing requests for my followers as it makes them happy but I'm an A2 level student and I need to start prepping for the future. When should I start commissions? Any advice would be amazing from you (*・ω・)ノ

Hey :)
I would highly recommend to do commissions if you have the time and energy for it as it is work which you do for someone else.
This is always harder, if it’s their OC’s or a specific thing they have in mind.
Some can take longer, because of a lot back and forth, some can be done super quick. It will depend on both of you and the communication. You will need the time and determination, to fullfill the commission the best you can at your current skill level owo!

I always tell people commissioning me, that I am a bit slow and it might take some time because I have a full-time job. Until now everyone was always super understanding and patient, especially with animation commissions wich take way longer :o
But it might happen to not be like this.

So you have to mentally be prepared to do this kind of things, as you don’t want to dissappoint your commissioner and/or yourself :)!