of when she frustrates him

I don’t think Michonne gets enough credit for being such a STRONG women and I’m not talking about “the badass chick with a sword” it’s something much deeper. She watched Rick get emasculated REPEATEDLY like being dragged ( literally) by Negan, that moment when carl almost got his arm chopped off and everyone just being a dick to him. She seen Rick in his lowest point , yet something about him she’s still loves(probably them curls) even when she got frustrated she never blamed or took it out on him. She’s gives him unconditional love which he probably isn’t used too. I even loved the fact that in 7x4 they were on different terms but they still SLEPT in the SAME bed together. They reached a level of relationship goals that are out of this world in such a short time. That ICONIC speech in the cell sealed the friggin deal for me. She’s such a dynamic character and it drives me CRAZY when people don’t see that. Rick and Michonne have a connection unlike any couple I’ve EVER seen on Television. Ugh I’m so in love with this SHIP.

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In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

Learning Spanish Isn’t Easy

For the Hispanic imagine you could maybe do one where Y/N is trying to teach Peter and the boys Spanish and she comforts him when he gets frustrated because he doesn’t get it❤️❤️❤️

Tittle: Learning Spanish Isn’t  Easy

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader (Hispanic reader)

Requested: Yes

Rating: PG cause of course language

A/N: So this got lost in my inbox and I only just found it! For the person who asked for it I am sooooo sorry

“Hola mi nombre es.. then your name so I would say ‘Hola mi nombre es Y/n’ now you try.” All at once the lost boys began repeating after me, the few who got it smiling proudly as the others frowned and became more frustrated by the second. Since they learned I could speak another language, one other than English, they demanded I taught them, Peter claiming it would be good way to discuss important matters without anyone figuring it out. I would have pointed out that anyone could learn Spanish, but he was so determined I thought better of it, figuring instead it was far easier to let him think he had a fool proof method.

“I can’t get it. Try another one, I fail to see how that would be of any importance anyway. Try something else.” Peter huffed after trying for several minutes to pronounce it correctly. I smiled sweetly and turned towards the hard headed king of Neverland and took his hand in mine.

  “We have to start from the basics darling, this is it. Why don’t we try again, I’ll break it down word for word. It can be hard to hear the way everything is suppose to sound when it’s all jumbled up in a sentence.” He stared at me for a moment before sighing, nodding his head and waving his hand, his own way of telling me to continue.

 “Hola.” I said slowly, making sure to draw it out. Peter scrunched his brows together before trying it, saying it slowly at first. When he got it, he sped up, taking it to a normal pace. Once I beamed and nodded proudly, he stuck his chest out, a smirk on his face.

  “I  was wrong about this, it’s quite easy.” He said loudly, causing the lost boy sitting behind him, who was struggling greatly with the foreign words, hang his head in shame and mutter even more quietly to himself. I watched him for only a minute before grinning, watching as he finally got the word right, before returning my attention to a glowingly impatient Peter. “Next word please Y/n.”

BTS Reaction: His innocent gf gets him frustrated when she flirts with him

Anon said: “BTS reaction to you (an innocent girlfriend) who unknowingly flirts with them all the time causing them to become frustrated or something? Thanks. luv ur blog

Awww thank you lovely anon

Rap Monster: “Why don’t we skip the flirting and skip right to the fun part”

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Suga: “Only if you knew what your flirting does to me”

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Jin: *low key teases you*

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J-Hope: *flirts right back*

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Jimin: *lots of skin ship hopping you get what he’s trying to signal*

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V: *Gets a little shy about the situation*

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Jungkook: “It’s a little hot in here jagi” *sweating bullets*

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Legacy - 5x01 - 3 reasons to believe

Reason #1 - Oliver hasn’t lost hope

It is obvious across the episode that Oliver hasn’t lost hope when it comes to Felicity. The way his eyes linger on her when she is not looking, the frustration you can almost feel emanating from him when he has to restrain himself from touching her, the smile on his face when he talks to her or about her.

Oliver is not over Felicity and his feelings for her, even though certainly bruised after their breakup, are very much intact. Oliver is all restraint and frustration, very much similar to the mid-season 2 Oliver, when the sexual tension between him and Felicity grew stronger… and when he ended up in Sara’s arms.

The final scene is very much the one that seals the deal on Oliver’s feelings. Oliver is never as honest as he is with Diggle. He has no reason to lie to him, no reason to hide a part of himself from his brother.

His “I don’t know” is a real confession. He doesn’t consider his relationship with Felicity something that belongs to the past, something he needs to move on from. He still hopes. He still loves.  

Reason #2 - Felicity’s body language

Some will say that Felicity doesn’t love him anymore. Some that she is fooling herself. Some that she is trying to move on.

My opinion is very much “Wait & see and show me how & why”. I’m waiting for the writers to tell me what the hell is going on and to give me a reason to accept this path. Acceptation or not, one thing is obvious.

Detective Malone is not Oliver (duh, Em!). What I mean here is that Felicity’s body language is very much telling the story we need to hear. (For the purpose of this exercise, I’m putting the loft gif under the cut…).

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The first time Percy and Annabeth have sex, he’s so completely amazed and shell shocked from it and he wants to do it again so badly. He wants to sleep with Annabeth so much that they literally don’t do it again for another two weeks because he gets crazy shy about the fact that all he wants to do for the rest of his life is look at Annabeth naked and see her face when she comes and realize over and over again that she lets herself be vulnerable in front of him.

And he’s so overwhelmed by the fact that she lets him do it in the first place that he’s like “okay I just have to NOT mess it up by never having sex with her again because i really really really want to have sex with her again.” And Annabeth, after hearing this reasoning when she gets totally frustrated and finally confronts him again, is just like… “that doesn’t even make sense” and Percy’s like “I’m sorry, I’ll just go” and she’s like “No I want all those things too, you idiot, now will you please just take your pants off?”


You told her you would do your best to prosecute this case.
I am doing my best. Trust me.

Headcanon: Since Taiyang was the one who taught Yang how to fight he probably helped her figure out her Semblance. Imagine him watching Yang unlock it when she gets frustrated with herself and then her eyes turn red. 

Time seems to stop. 

Taiyang nearly forgets to breathe and a million things are going through his head all at once. It doesn’t help that Ruby’s there, jumping and cheering about how Yang’s eyes now look like Uncle Qrow’s (but it’s not Qrow he’s reminded of). Her silver eyes wide with excitement. 

But, Taiyang gets a hold of himself and does his best to quickly swallow down his panic and heartbreak. Qrow’s out on a mission and can’t take care of the girls if Tai shuts down again. And he will not do that to his daughters.

So he smiles wide and congratulates Yang (he really is proud of her) before she notices his silence, but she does and she asks if he’s alright. Tai just changes the subject and offers to get them ice cream.

falling-for-fandoms  asked:

Could you write a Drabble with a Yuma x reader where they have been dating for a while and when things get heated she always shuts him down. Getting frustrated Yuma asks why and she tells him that in the past people have always left her after seeing her body saying that she's not pretty enough or ect. And she is very shy and self conscious? Also could this be sfw? Thank you so much. With love, Mackenzie

  • Word Count: 1260
  • Characters: Yuma & Reader
  • Themes: SFW [ besides from his swearing ]

Lips connected, hands wondered and bodies grinding against one another; you and Yuma had never parted in the few minutes the two of you started. His hands hadn’t been able to keep to himself, running them over your sides and groping each place he had been able to find, as if your constant part would suddenly leave him desiring and lusting for more. In the vampire’s mind, he weren’t sure whether it had been his rough actions or if you didn’t desire him as much as he did for you, but without any issue he had continued as if your presence will soon be ripped from his own very hands. Every time your lips pressed together more in sync, his bruised against yours rougher and rougher and with each second that had passed your own cherry lips had turned purple. As much as it brought your nerves to tingle whenever he nipped at it with his fangs, your body continued to fight for more. It had been the only thing that your mind had been able to agree on without the nagging insecurity at the back of your head.
        “You’re not pretty enough.” The person had shrugged and left. “Are you even taking care of yourself?“ Another had spat the words to your face. “What the fuck am I suppose to be looking at?!” With arms flung towards the ceiling, an angry stomp had vibrated at the floor boards before they had left.
        There had been so much more, so many times which words pierced at your heart and left you with tears that streamed from your eyes. Each word broke you; broke your conscious to pieces that manage to stick together in a wall of insecurity. A wall which endlessly muttered beings to your ear and had your body jump from actions you had desired to be continue. If all boys were the same as many would say, then Yuma would be one of them too. The Yuma would just use you and leave. It even started that way, so there wouldn’t be a surprise if it had ended with it too. "He won’t care for you.“
        That had been the last strike. A sudden jump had pulled you apart. Your header soon lowered as your teeth had been able to capture your own bottom lip from its trembles. In the corner of your eyes, tears had managed to whelm through with each passing sentence your insecurity started to pounce at you. “I-I can’t do this…! I’m sorry…! I just can’t…!” The words slipped through your lips, as your body detached itself from his. Despite your movements stumbling every couple of seconds, you had managed to peal yourself from his body and drag yourself away from the bed the two of you had placed yourselves on. The actions had caused numerous amounts of grunts and annoyed sighs to leave Yuma’s lips, but in order for you to save your own humiliation and self doubt from its explosives, you had to get out.
        But it had been too late…

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anonymous asked:

For the Hispanic imagine you could maybe do one where Y/N is trying to teach Peter and the boys Spanish and she comforts him when he gets frustrated because he doesn't get it❤️❤️❤️

So I totally just noticed this, don’t know how long I have had it, but I can promise you I will be getting it done right away. This just became my number 1 imagine! I am soooooooo sorry! They get lost in my inbox

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that Annabeth is tutoring Percy and at first she thinks he's just some dumb jock and he thinks she's some know it all but as the tutoring goes on and they get closer they realize they actually have a lot in common?

I’ve read a couple AUs with this scenario and I am a sucker for it every time. 

  • she expects him to slack off because he’s an athlete when really it’s just because he’s frustrated with himself 
  • she teaches him to be patient and assures him that taking a little longer on stuff doesn’t make him any less smart than other people 
  • Percy is surprised by how nice she can be– he’s only ever seen her in a classroom scenario where she is intense and unforgiving 
  • they start learning about each other’s home lives and Annabeth starts to realize she never feels more comfortable than when she’s on Percy’s couch snacking on some blue cookies 
  • over summer break Percy discovers the local library has some real perks, one of which being the cute blonde that works there 
  • he has never read so much in his life and Annabeth doesn’t miss the way he glances at her while looking through the bookshelves 
  • those shy glances turn into stolen kisses in the lonely French Literature section and the library officially becomes Percy’s favorite place 
  • in the fall everyone is surprised to see their All American basketball star walking hand in hand with the All state debate champion 
  • they also go on to win cutest couple 

You’re an idiot

Request- “So glad you’re back!! Could you do an imagine where (Y/n) is a worker at JW, and she happens to be at the paddock when the I-Rex escapes and, she’s hiding in the same truck Owen cuts the gas lines to? So when she realizes the truck isn’t going anywhere she’s incredibly frustrated takes and takes some of that frustration out on Owen when she finally meets him and he just kind of laughs it off before realizing she could help him with the situation and recruits her to get the I-Rex under control.” + “Can you do one where the reader has feelings for Owen but becomes a tiny ball of sass and hostility to try and hide it. Of course Owen sees right through that though. And yeah you can take that wherever. P.S I’m glad you don’t do smut. You rock and I love your writing.”

Requested by- Anon and @k1ttyturah

Warnings- Swearing


The large creature roared as the gate closed on her, you jumped into one of the trucks and ducked towards the back where supplies sat. You cringed each time she’d roar. Soon enough, her rumbling steps faded. You jumped in the front and tried to follow after her. The car wouldn’t move. You threw open the door, nearly beheading the beloved raptor trainer.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N! Watch it!” Owen shouted as he narrowly dodged the door. As you caught of a whiff of gas, you leaned towards the former Navy-man. Your eyes narrowed.

“You! You cut the gas lines! I was going to follow that thing! Why? Why in the world would you do that! You incompetent man!” You exclaimed before hitting his chest a couple times. He escaped your grip and rubbed his ,most likely to be bruised, chest.

“Hey! In my defense that thing would’ve killed me!” He argued, his green eyes narrowing. Within that second the anger drained from his face and he just laughed. And laughed. And laughed. You angrily stomped your foot.

“Why don’t we just go get that thing and get the fuck out of here?” Owen stopped laughing and nodded.

“Let’s go.”

something more

Yeah I decided to be brave and post my first (well not first, but the first I’ve ever posted) fic that I actually like. I think if this goes over well I might start writing/posting more- accepting prompts. HMM

Something More (NSFW) (Read on Ao3
Cullen x Aurelie Trevelyan
Word Count: 3833

Aurelie was still asleep when Cullen awoke sometime in the night, his mind already losing the nightmare that had his heart racing. He breathed out, frustrated by how it plagued him, even when she was there in his arms. He rested his head near hers, and tilted his nose to her temple, breathing in the scent of her hair. Vanilla, with a hint of honeysuckle, threatened to lull him back to slumber when she rolled away from him in her sleep, her back meeting the mattress as she stretched out. She was still facing him, and he smiled, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead as he continued breathing in her aroma.

As he awoke, he suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about their first night back from Adamant, when she had come to him in his office, and confessed she wanted a future with him, something he had only dreamed about. It was rushed, and clumsy what followed, and regardless of her encouragement, Cullen was still embarrassed of how quickly it was all over, especially knowing they had been each other’s first. She had stayed that night, her flower-scent engulfing his being as he longed for a time he could do better by her, do better for her.

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Raiden has a really expressive face….

He is terrible at poker.

I can see poker night with Hal and Sunny, and maybe even some of their other friends.

Raiden draws and looks at his card. He looks pensive for a bit….then somewhat doubtful….

He inserts the card into his hand and stares at it silently, looking troubled….

He glances up at the other players, hesitant and unsure…..looks back at his hand in frustration.

Rose: “got a 5 of clubs, eh?”

Raiden shoots her an irritated glance.

Rose: “…..Jack do you know what the word ‘Poker Face’ means?”

Raiden: “yes?…..what about it?”

Rose: “….you’re not very good at it…”

Raiden /visor snaps shut

He continues to lose, and Rose later points out that she can still see him clenching his jaw when frustrated.

Unraveling -- Ch. 4

Summary: The Binding World is what holds the life of Earth in balance of nature, working in harmony with the Celestial and Demon realms to balance good and evil.  But when the Demon King threatens to unravel the bonds of their universe, four unlikely pairs of creatures of prophecy will set out on a quest to tie their existence together.  Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2  | Chapter 3 (ff.net

Even when she didn’t speak, Gajeel newest little treasure frustrated him.

While he liked to nap in his den, most of the day he spent in the glory of his hoard, organizing his precious items and entertaining himself with all the things he’d collected. He had a massive library and many instruments that he’d like to play, so his day was never too dull. Well, he could barely read any of the books, but the fancy script and pictures were at least interesting.

The tiny fairy, Levy, was not as fun. When she wasn’t glaring, she was curled up in her golden cage, the glow of her pixie dust wearing off more every day. That fiery spirit only returned whenever he tried to interact with her, in which she’d snap at him and turn away. She wasn’t a music fairy that could perform for him, and she certainly wasn’t very funny. He did feed her well, of course, but she always shoved the meat out of the cage grumpily. Were all fairies vegetarian?

It had gone on like this for about a week, and when Gajeel entered his hoard one day, he decided that her moping was over. His only company had been trolls for about a hundred years; this fairy needed to talk to him.

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Harsh Training (Derek/Liam)

anonymous asked:

Could you write an imagine where the reader is in a relationship with Derek and she helps him train the new beta which in this case happens to be Liam so she’s very caring and protective of him especially when Derek is too hard on him and when Liam’s upset and frustrated she calms him down and holds him in her arms and he falls asleep so she stays like that so he doesn’t startle and freak out?

Imagine: Derek and you are training Liam but Derek is really harsh about it and Liam gets mad at himself

Word Count: 501

Trigger Warnings: Anger, fighting

(Hope you guys like it! Sorry it isn’t that long. Enjoy! Don’t forget to request! <3)

(Gifs are not mine)

“Okay Liam, ready for training day 3?” You ask the young beta. He smiles.
“Yeah! Wait is Derek helping today?” He asks. You nod.
“He does everyday Liam. Trust me, he is way better at this werewolf stuff than I am. He’s been one since he was born. And I’ve only been one for a few years now.”
Liam smile drops a little bit.
“Okay Liam. Let’s start now.” Derek says as he enters the room. He pulls out his claws and growls at Liam. Liam repeats the action.
“In a fight, you must remember to stay calm and stay anchored to yourself. You don’t want to go full werewolf and hurt someone too bad.” You say as you watch the beta and Derek fight. Derek runs and slashes Liam across the chest. Liam didn’t react in time and fell backwards.  

“You must have sharper reflexes. Again.” Derek says.
“But just-”
“Now.” He demanded. Liam struggles to get up and gets ready. Derek does the same move, but near his torso. Liam is a second to slow and gets hit. He falls to the ground and groans. You run over to him.
“You alright Liam?” You ask in concern.
“Yeah. I’m fine. Just a few scratches. I’ll be fine.” He says.
“Liam. Again. We aren’t stopping until you’ve got this down.” Derek said.
“Derek I think you should give him a little break. His first mark hasn’t even-”
“(Y/n), he needs to learn. The only way to learn is to work them. This is how I was trained. I want Liam to be the best he can be. He has potential. Just like Scott did.” Derek says to you. You sigh and help Liam up.
“Remember to stay focused and act quickly.” You say trying to help.
Derek does something different this time. He sweeps his foot under Liam and flips him. Liam groaned.
“Since you obviously aren’t focused today, our lesson is over.” Derek said and walk out of the room. You sigh and walk over to Liam.
“Come on Liam. Let’s go sit on the couch.” You help him over to the couch. He puts his head in his hands.
“(Y/n), why can’t I just do what he says? I always mess up and it makes it even worse.” He says in a frustrated tone. You wrap your arm around him.
“Liam sweetheart, Derek is a tough guy you know? He just wants what is best for you. He was raised that way.” You say. He rests his head on your shoulder.
“I know. I just wish I could live up to his standards you know?” He sighs and closes his eyes. 

“It’s okay Liam. You’ll get better and stronger. Then, Derek will be more proud of you than what he already is.” You whisper to the young boy as he drifts off to sleep.
Derek was in the other room listening. And was almost smiling at the conversation you were having with Liam.
“Sweet Dreams Sweetheart.”

stars-in-a-runaway-sky  asked:

Absolutely love your blog! Your insights are fantastic! One of things I love about Outlander is how real Jamie & Claire's relationship is - they have had their share of trials/fights/tragedies and come out stronger and more deeply loving because of them. What are your thoughts on Roger & Brianna? I've often felt there was something missing there or that they weren't suited well to each other...what do you think?

Hi stars-in-a-runaway-sky - thanks for your ask, and your kind words! Verra happy to have readers like you.

Roger and Brianna’s relationship - and marriage - is fundamentally different from Jamie and Claire’s (though there are definitely parallels in their personalities - Brianna as Jamie, and Roger as Claire). But at the end of the day, I think they’re very well-suited for each other.

He calms her when she’s frustrated or upset. She makes him whole - especially after the raid in Book 6. She supports him in everything he does - whether it’s teach the Ridge children, become a minister, see to the well-being of their neighbors. He protects her and provides for her and Jem. They support each other as they try to make sense of the world around them. Together, they look to Jamie and Claire to figure out how to make this marriage thing work.

Roger is like Jamie in that he loves deeply - and likely fell in love with Brianna right after he met her. Like Claire, Brianna was hesitant to accept these advances - but once she did, she was all in. Keep in mind that their terrible misunderstanding in Book 4 was due to a number of factors - they’re both scared, he’s angry at her, she’s relieved but anxious that he followed her - and coupled with the fact that Brianna was very, very young, they have a terrible falling-out. It takes a *long* time to repair the damage - but they come out much, much stronger on the other side. Same with how Brianna didn’t like how much time Roger was spending away from home, in Book 6 - like Jamie and Claire, once they talk about it, and understand why they feel the way they do, they move on and their relationship strengthens.

Readers - what do you think? Do you agree?