of what you got

reflecting on 1st year of uni

what i nailed

- i made friends who i enjoy the company of and really care about me
- i passed first year
- attended at least 80% of lectures and all tutorials
- at least attempted all homeworks
- found an awesome house to live in next year
- joined societies, including being on debating society’s committee
- survived a break up
- didn’t fall out with my flatmates even though they really annoyed me
- cooked for myself pretty much every night
- loved myself again

what i can improve on

- be more patient with people you love, it’s not a big deal that the kitchen is not immaculate or if they nick your vodka sometimes
- keep my desk and room tidy 
- exercise more
- mastering course content early on so i avoid cramming at exam season
- bringing back structure in my routine

- i invite you all to do the same thing
- srsly think about all the good things you have done this year
- it can be as “small” as getting up and getting dressed in the morning :) 

Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

  • unfollow me
  • ask me to unfollow you
  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)


archer with a sword


Take this sinking boat and point it home. We’ve still got time.
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice. You’ll make it now.