of us and a red telephone box


Every now and then I get out and about and actually embrace my inner history nerd and take photos of stuff in London. So here we have a hotel I thought looked cool (ok I can’t explain this one, I didn’t find out which hotel it was), St George the Martyr (Charles Dickens lived nearby as a teenager, his father was imprisoned in the prison which used to back onto the church, and much of ‘Little Dorrit’ was based on this church and the surrounding streets) and the house where the poet Keats and celebrated chemist Henry Stephens lived. I got a red telephone box because idk tourists and people abroad seem to like them and finally I got part of the Shard (I was too close to get it all in as I was standing right below it p much but it’s the biggest building in Europe for a reason).

P.s. @khyharah since you said you loved it here thought you may appreciate this ❤️

How to Join BTS Official Shop

I myself found it pretty confusing to join BTS Official Shop, so I made a tutorial on how to make an account.

When you first click the ‘Join’ button in the BTS Official Shop, the following page comes up. 

Check ‘Foreigner’ and enter your username, ID, and email. For the username, I put my email, but really, it could be anything. Same goes for your ID, but **YOU MUST CLICK THE CHECK BUTTON**. The page will not let you join unless you make sure your ID and email is available. 

Next, enter your birth year, month, and day in the option boxes. The two options next to your birthday is your gender. So 남=male, and 여=female.

Enter your desired password, which needs to be 6-8 characters long, and have at least one special character (!@#$%^&*, etc.) Write your password again in the Confirm Password box.

For the zip code, click on the grey box indicated by the arrow in the image above. A pop-up window like the one below should appear:

It should tell you to type “Overseas” in the box if you want your goods to be shipped overseas. Click the blue button that says 검색. After that, it should look exactly like the image above. Click the button circled in red. 

Next, enter your full address, then your mobile phone. You can skip the telephone since it’s not required.


For your mobile phone number, you must enter it with no spaces or dashes in between the numbers. You must also include your country code. For example, I live in the US, so my country code is (1). I would then enter my mobile phone number as: 18084752991 (not a real number, just an example). If you enter your number in any other way, when you click register, it will pop up windows saying your format is wrong or number not found.

*The shop updated and now the sign up might say that if you live overseas, you don’t need to add your country code anymore. To be sure, I would still enter the country code because I don’t know if the sign up will work without it.

Finally, for the terms and agreement, just check the first box and it should automatically check all the other boxes for you. Once you’re done, click the button circled in red and you’re all set! Happy buying~~

I decided to include some pop-up windows you might encounter to ease any confusion:

-This says your ID is already taken.

This says your ID is available

My mac is in Chinese, but if you get a window with Korean that looks similar to that, it means your email is taken.

This means your email is available.

This means your password isn’t long enough or it doesn’t contain the special character (!@#$%^&*)

This means your phone number format is wrong (if in the US, don’t add any dashes, parentheses, or spaces and include the country code)

Feel free to send me any asks if you have questions!

British telephone box yarn bowl just made. This is a custom order of the traditional telephone box used in the UK for many years. The telephone box is set in a scene with a stone wall, nearby bushes and a milestone complete with blackbird all to be glaze coloured appropriately.


023 Dramarama: Rosie the Great (1989)

There is only one reason to watch Rosie the Great and his name is Tony, the British Ambassador.  Because look at him!  Now look at him again!

I suppose I could say something about how this is a fascinating look at how an episode of an independently produced children’s television show explored the ramifications of sovereignty and monarchism against the might of the military-industrial complex during the late cold-war period, but since it isn’t, I won’t.

(It’s not even a fascinating look at what happens when you elect Ploppy, son of Ploppy, as Chairperson of your Island council.)

I do have to admit though, that however silly the script – and it is very silly verging on the outright stupid – at least the production looks great and not just because of the magnificent Capaldi mane (first seen at 13:30 if you want to skip right to the most important part) thanks to being filmed on proper film, rather than being taped.  And maybe too, because it is directed by an extremely young Michael Winterbottom right at the beginning of his career, probably best known now for his film and tv work with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydan. The story may suck not be anything to write home about, but at least we get a visual feast. 

Also, prominent red telephone box.  I know they used to be everywhere and it’s in no way a reference to Local Hero, but still.