of unusual size

Okay guys but a remake of The Princess Bride where the frame story is a sick little girl home from school, playing like Breath of the Wild when her grandmother comes in to read her a book. And she starts reading aloud, and the fantasy part starts and it’s footage from the original film that plays for 30 seconds, before the little girl interrupts to be like “is this a story where a bunch of guys save a girl?” in this really annoyed voice

And the grandmother is like “……nooo, let me start again, I misread,” and the fantasy starts again, except this time Wesley is a farm girl and Buttercup is the haughty boy who doesn’t realize he loves her, and Inigo Montoya is a woman, and so is Fezzik and Vizzini, and Humperdinck and Miracle Max, they’re all women, and the only men in the story are the ones playing the roles that were originally female (so: Buttercup, Max’s wife, old lady who boos in nightmare sequence, I literally think that’s it?)

(I thought about lesbian Princess Bride because of course, but then I thought what if you kept the script almost exactly the same, and when reviews complain that the men were boring, we can be like THE ROLES WERE ALWAYS BORING IT JUST WASNT NOTICEABLE BECAUSE THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE WOMEN)

(Lesbian Princess Bride tho, that’s giving me a lot to think about)

And there’s nothing gritty about the remake, the swordplay is as acrobatic as it is unrealistic, the quips are just as light, the colors just as bright, the characters just as ridiculous, and the rodents of unusual size are still giant puppets except women, everywhere women, women women women of all kinds, and it wins a billion oscars

So we’ve got a small but powerful token,

originally belonging to a powerful being, but taken by a flawed hero who didn’t know what he was getting in for,

and who is defeated, losing the item into the water.

This token comes into the keeping of an eccentric mortal for many years, giving them long life and vitality,

until they pass it on to a younger relative, and their health immediately begins to deteriorate.

The adorable, dark-haired, doe-eyed new bearer,

carrying the token on a necklace,

sets out to find someone else to take it,

but ultimately must take ownership of the quest themselves.

Along the way, they encounter endless dangers and obstacles,

finally facing their greatest challenge yet at a volcano,

and return the token to its source.

Featuring super idyllic, completely culturally stagnated hometowns,

raptors of unusual size,

Dramatic Tower Is Dramatic,

and tiny boats sailing into the sunset.

tl;dr - Moana is Lord of the Rings without the actual evil.

betaetathetahata  asked:

Is Cass's initial illiteracy something essential that should go into future adaptations of her (whether live action, animated, etc) and if so, how could it be worked into her development?

Absolutely! Illiteracy is a real an debilitating factor in at least 14% of the US population, and that’s not taking into account the 22% of people who struggle reading past a 5th grade reading level. And that’s only in the United States. It’s an important problem that is not often addressed and can often isolate people suffering with these issues, especially for those who, like Cassandra herself, struggle with this issue due to a combination of unsupportive/abusive parenting and real reading disabilities like Cassandra’s (formerly canonical) dyslexia. 

It’s a huge part of her characterization and has always been an important function of how she relates to other characters and the world around her. It’s why her original series Batgirl (2000-2006) was so unique and so beloved by people – it was a book that was so accessible and full of expressionist art that it was able to relate to and be understood at “lower” reading levels without lacking the significant nuance and maturity of its overall story. 

It wouldn’t take much to express these things and transfer it into other medium either – actually, you could argue it’d be easier to express this in media that utilizes more than written language. Just use moments like these: 

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #2]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #12]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #16]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #20]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #33]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #47]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #54]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #58]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #61]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #67]

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #69]

On an unrelated note, I’ve seen articles and posts claiming that Cass’ disabilities were not a visible or relatable part of her character in her own series and I just… really fail to understand where those people are coming from or what series they were reading, because literally these are the moments that just come to the top of my head when I think about Cass dealing with illiteracy and how important it is to her character. I didn’t even get the guest appearances in other books where it comes up.

Anyway. It’s an essential part of her character and it’s also something that is important and deserves more representation in all media. 

And now it's time for "Two-sentence stories with Radioactivepeasant", the part of the show where Radioactivepeasant comes out and tells two sentence stories

1. “Don’t worry, I have a plan,” said Arcee. Unfortunately, the plan was explosives.

2. Marianne had always liked walking through the forest on her way home. It wasn’t quite the same after the one tree followed her home, though.

3. “Rodents of Unusual Size?” said the Capybara, “I don’t believe they exist.” He was determined to be a cryptid.

4. “You may have hidden the boy,” said Palpatine, “But I know where your daughter is.” And he was never heard from again.

5.Nobody was surprised to see the Paladins piloting the Lions. It never occurred to them to check and see if any of them actually had a license to pilot a combining death robot.

6. “I have everything under control,” Optimus reassured the humans. Meanwhile, Bumblebee wondered how many tires he could stack on his head and still be able to move.

The Adrien Diaries...

6 Mar 2017

You know how I said I was going to be killed by the muffin man, Diary? Turns out, I was wrong… pretty sure at this point he’d settle for having me neutered. Well, maybe not Adrien Agreste…

…just the leather-clad superhero he caught KISSING HIS DAUGHTER TONIGHT!

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anonymous asked:

I never knew that The Eggbaby episode was your favorite Batman Beyond! Can I ask why that is?


Part of it is that I got so much crap over the years for liking “Splicers” as much as I do and it kinda soured that episode for me, but the other is that, for me, “The Eggbaby” was kind of a perfect Terry story. All of the first season and a good amount of the second, a lot of the plot falls in line with Bruce’s personal stakes and relationship development between him and Terry, but the formula of the episodes kind of comes in line with an average Batman: The Animated Series episode, right down to Bruce having the ultimate realization and usually Wayne Enterprises being somehow involved in a major plot element. 

“The Eggbaby”, and “Splicers” for that matter, are stories that could only happen in Terry’s world – this semi-dystopian future, but also from the perspective and world of a teenager most of all. And beyond that, one thing Eggbaby has over other BB episodes you could say the same for is that the tone is just so completely different from the rest of the series. It’s a stand out because it’s all Terry – it’s his humor, his values, his struggles. 

What other Batman character – let alone what other Batman – would be failing Family Studies? What other character showing exactly no paternal instincts would struggle with a ridiculous egg-shaped robot on a mission? And what other Batman would literally stick his tongue out at the villains in complete joy for having saved said ridiculous robot egg from falling off a building. Like who would celebrate that?

So when I say “The Eggbaby” is my favorite episode, I’m saying that it’s the Batman Beyond episode that most separates itself from the previous and later DCAU TV shows and relishes in its individual setup and characters. 

And it’s endlessly quotable. Seriously, every line in it is gold. 

The Adrien Diaries...

24 Feb 2017

I…I don’t understand what is happening. I came to class, prepared for whatever fate awaited me.

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anonymous asked:

whats your favourite catwoman origin?

Technically my favorite origin for her is her Post-Crisis|New Earth origins, the illegitimate daughter of Carmine Falcone, but only with the adjustments made to her life story thanks to Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper, Batman: The Long Halloween/Catwoman: When in Rome, and Ed Brubaker’s classic run on Catwoman (2002-2008).

Basically I enjoy that origin for her in just about every way except for Miller’s blatant virgin-whore complex that led to taking Golden Age, rich lady Selina to a prostitute who had never “Met a Real Man” until she got punched by Bruce in disguise and was eventually infatuated with him.

bc that makes sense

I should say that her current/Prime Earth origins aren’t a far shake from this and I really appreciate that, especially with how she was written in the Valentine run of Catwoman (2011-2015). And I also have a lot of affection for the Bronze Age take on her origins, which was that she married young to a wealthy but cruel man who mistreated her and only understood the value of material things, thus she became a thief, namely to take from him the only things he loved. Which is why she eventually came to retire as a thief and grow closer to Batman and Robin!Jay as a pseudo-crime fighter herself. 

I think Batman: The Animated Series tried to come at this with the Bronze Age angle but never got into why she would become a thief if she was a rich socialite in Bruce’s circles. Outside of being very pro-animal rights. idek. There are a lot of ways B:TAS looked at certain great ideas and couldn’t quite thread that needle due to the limitations of their media. 

Anyway. Hope that answers everything!

Judith is walking briskly down the sidewalk, an abomination of a dress folded over her arm, when she sees the man about to destroy the world and the man about to save it.

People would say that Judith can see the future. She’d laugh if she heard it (to hear it, she’d have to tell them), because it’s not like that at all. She’s yet to find a future that’s come true a hundred percent no has she seen something that’s unstoppable.

They’re like threads. Hundreds and thousands of pale, fragile threads arcing out of people towards future destinations, future mistakes, future successes. Some are thicker than others but that doesn’t mean they’re more likely. Instead it means that there’ll be more people involved, a party, a get together, something like that. Maybe they’ll hire ten more people at work or maybe they’ll be going to a funeral soon.

She’s gotten so used to the spiderweb of futures she sees, she barely registers them anymore. She just walks down the street registering baby shower, shoe repair, flat tire, anniversary, trips on way to school, breaks a dish, etc.

She’s doing that today, in fact, right now in the present. She’s going dress shopping for her sister’s wedding (not the bridesmaid, she dodged that one). The colors are grey and silver and hardly any shop sells a dress like that so she’s had to go into the city.

Judith is walking briskly down the sidewalk, an abomination of a dress folded over her arm, when she sees the man about to destroy the world and the man about to save it.

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The Signs as Iconic Monsters From 1980s Fantasy Films

Aries: the Skeksis

Taurus: the Red Bull

Gemini: the Eborsisk

Cancer: Beetlejuice

Leo: Ludo

Virgo: the Ohmu

Libra: the Luckdragon

Scorpio: the Horrible Will Vinton Claymation Nome King

Sagittarius: the Horned King

Capricorn: That Beholder-Thingy Lo Pan Used

Aquarius: the Darkness/Tim Curry Satan

Pices: the Ray Harryhausen Kraken

Ophiuchus: the Rodents of Unusual Size

anonymous asked:

do you have a favourite costume for starfire (and maybe some of the other teen titans) ?

There are a lot of Teen Titans with a lot of costumes over the years, so I’ll stick to answering only for Kory for now. 

In all honesty, I love her ‘90s costume the best. There’s s till a midriff, but it looks like actual armor, which is important bc it has pissed me off for yeas that the bikini is excused constantly as “armor” itself. 

That being said, yeah, I know that the cutesy two-piece look is pretty classic, and if we’re in that department, I actually like her current outfit that started in her recent solo series Starfire (2015-2016). My feelings on the series itself are kinda merrrrrr but I did like the art a lot and really liked her redesign even if they took away MY PRECIOUS CURLY HAIR WHY.

If I was in charge of a Starfire redesign, I’d start with her 90s look and work with it to make it more colorful/popping in the overall design and give it some individuality, as well as build the top armor more. If I had to pick of her hot pants/midriffs or bikini looks because I was given no other options for some reason, then I would go with the recent design. 

I would give her back her precious curly locks regardless. I am so sick of her hair being flat. 

So @ramimalekeyes tagged me in a thing. You just like… post some pictures from the camera roll on your phone? I’m sure there are some stipulations I missed but eh. Here’s some pics from my “real life” (99.9% of my camera roll is my kids. Shocker. So it was actually really fun to go back and see what ELSE caught my eye.)

I guess I’m supposed to tag people too? I did 9 photos, so I’ll tag 9 people. @snowmedics, @moontowers, @soulsacrificed, @totidem-verbis, @bullrandleman, @atterodominatus, @make-upgeek, @msridcully, and @suitcasefullofmixtapes - do the thing?

As you wish (Dwalin x Reader)

Disclaimer: I have no rights to the Princess Bride, or J.R.R.Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s work.

Word Count: 1599

Dark was the night. Silent and eerily empty as the dwarves all sat side by side, staring out into the forest or sharpening their weapons.

Not the soft crunch of a falling leaf nor the whistle of wind was heard in the encompassing and never ending emptiness surrounding you. The silence seemed to last for hours before it was broken by a sudden voice. A strong vibrant tone belonging to that of Bofur as he asked; “Lass, could you tell us another one of your stories?” Immediately, excited murmurs of agreement sprung through the air and you felt a tender smile stretch across your lips.

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