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Book Club.

Mkay. I love that Gladio is so hype about reading. I’m doing a literature degree and it just makes me hella happy. So here, have some reader and Gladio being hype about books. Pure fluff. 

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The Lucian National library never ceased to impress you. From it’s tall, seemingly never ending spiral bookcases to the simple elegancy of architecture of the building, in your eyes it was the most beautiful place in the city.

You frequented it whenever you could, either to explore what new literature was available or to simply get away from life for a few hours. It was calm, quiet, peaceful. It was an escape. You found yourself in there one afternoon, rooting through the bookshelves to find something new to get lost in. You became so immersed in walking round the shelves, however, that you failed to realise you were headed straight for another human being until you collided with him sideways, knocking the book he was examining out of his hands.

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I'll Sail the World to Find You
a platonic playlist dedicated entirely to the friendship between Moana and Maui from Disney's Moana!

I made a playlist! 

go on over and have a listen if you love songs about these two being dorky best friends

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13 for Alec and Bucky Barnes


13. Unpopular opinion about the character

I’m not sure if it’s considered an ‘unpopular opinion’ to want both of these men to use Nice Things like bubble baths and fluffy robes and beautiful lingerie to fight all of the harm that’s been instilled in them by the toxic masculinity and violence of their respective societies… but I’m gonna say that anyway because I like getting to talk about it. 

Also, for Alec a genuine unpopular opinion is that I absolutely hate the idea of him ever becoming immortal.

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I’m doing this on my phone lol, let’s see how difficult it’s gunna be


✨5 things you’ll find in my bag✨

🎀 a knife or pepper spray lol
🎀 a book, of the sketch or reading variety
🎀 bus tokens
🎀 my water bottle
🎀 loose cash cuz I’m too lazy to grab my wallet half the time

✨5 things you’ll find in my room✨

(I’m choosing the weirdest stuff I can find)
🎀 a large glass container partially filled with flour
🎀 an old cigar box filled with matches
🎀 jars of coins
🎀 so many blankets
🎀 a vintage clock that ticks but doesn’t move

✨5 things I’ve always wanted to do✨

🎀 go to college lol
🎀 go to Vegas and do some dumb shit there so I can regret it later
🎀 travel the country in a van/rv
🎀 hang out in a parking lot at 3 am w/ friends and roll around in shopping carts (I am a simple man with simple wishes in life)
🎀 move in w/ the future loml

✨5 things that make me feel happy✨

🎀 my friends!!!
🎀 hiking !!
🎀 boys who treat me like one'a the guys
🎀 squirrels that let me feed them peanuts on campus
🎀 finding a good book that I can read even with my depression and that makes me forget everything for a bit

✨5 things im currently into✨

🎀 ghost b.c.
🎀 learning guitar !!
🎀 home decor ??? (Me and blush baby have been planning our future apartment together and I’ve gotten super hyped about it, like full on pinterest boards yk, even tho it’s kinda unlikely we’ll move in together I still like to think about it)
🎀 uhh wow I have no interests… uh I mean I found this new Columbia coffee place and I’m super into their coffee
🎀 oh I know!!! Buzzfeed unsolved and cayleigh elise youtube videos!! Spooky

✨5 things on my to-do list ✨

🎀 civics essays :(
🎀 go for a walk
🎀 clean my dang room
🎀 do my dang dishes
🎀 actually remember to take my meds for once

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You're pretty chilled out, difficult to offend and you have a lot of time for different people and you don't judge easily. Also based on drawings of yourself you're white with long brown hair... and you're a student? Something to do with programming or game design? Are any of these right??

LMAO You got them pretty much right (I’d say so anyway *thumbs up* it’s game design and art~) I’m actually majorly hispanic, I just got that Casper complexion ;P