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slcoats “Hey I love that shirt,” Peter Capaldi says to me. I immediately blush.
He was so sweet about taking a photo and then asked me if I wanted anything else and my brain short circuited. So I just told him how I think he’s wonderful and he’ll always be my Doctor. He put one hand on my shoulder and the other on his heart and told me thank you and how much he’s looking forward to the next Doctor. And then Elaine came over and they talked about my shirt. She told me how she and their daughter bought two and wore them as a surprise for Peter. We talked a couple mins more and then I drifted away on a cloud and have yet to come down. Lovely, wonderful people. A beautiful man inside and out. I am still floating. #noyoudidntneedallthesedetails #buticouldnthelpit
#Ifeellikeimdescribingadream #petercapaldi #sdcc #doctorwho

hey y’all, it’s macy aka kimsjaehwan aka baekhyeun ^.^ so the other day was this blog’s one month anniversary and right after i hit 1k followers??? wow, i’m in awe, i haven’t had this blog for long but i’ve already met some incredible people, my eyes have been blessed with beautiful creations, i’ve grown as a creator/editor and i feel so comfortable in this fandom, each and every one of you are amazing and i love and appreciate you all so, so much 😖❤💕💘

thank you so much to the lovely blogs i follow, you guys bless my dash with quality content all the time and i’m so grateful to you all 🌺

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That one OTP meme: that one quote

“I know that you’re… confused about who you are. So, I’m going to tell you. You are a hero, who helped your people. You’re a beautiful woman, who loved an ugly man. Really, really loved me. You find goodness in others. And when it’s not there, you create it. You make me want to go back. Back, to the best version of me. And that never happened before. So, when you look in the mirror and you don’t know who you are, that’s who you are. Thank you… Belle…“

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Love your new tattoo, it's beautiful. Love what you're doing and saying to people struggling to handle this death. I just want to make sure YOU are not drowning alone either... Would you like to talk about it? As in share a happy memory you have of them?

Thank you Kohana. 

Time will heal the wound, and while it’s really big right now and I sometimes can’t handle some of their ballads without breaking down, it will get better. I’ve spent the first two days ugly crying, I bet my neighbors think there’s a crazy man living next door now.

I’ve listened to Linkin Park basically my entire life. I was 9 when my cousin played “in the end” and I couldn’t find it anywhere. These were the days where I was limited 30 minutes a day of internet and I usually looked for linearts to print and colour, I then dedicated that time looking for the song. I ran into the source band a little later and was overcome with happiness and immediately looked up more of their music. Some of their music was a little heavy for my 9 year old ears but as I grew, I came to love their Hybrid Theory and meteora music. I became a metalhead and it’s all I listened to.

Just like they kept experimenting with their music, I kept finding new things I liked and I’ve stuck with their developing music style which lead me to finding more music I liked. My best friend loved LP too and she and I would constantly run to each other’s houses, screaming about another song we found by LP that sounded incredible. In May when they hadn’t fully released “One more light” yet and would upload songs from time to time, I’d still go to her place and scream about how the new song was good. 

The first time they held a concert in the Netherlands in 2014 I believe- I missed the tickets and was so bummed I couldn’t be there. Then I heard there was a 2017 one and I HAD to go. I’m blessed I had the privilege to see the band as a whole June 20th in Amsterdam and it’s one of the most beautiful times I’ll hold dear.

I’ve listened to LP when I was feeling broken and wanted to die. The lyrics spoke to me and I felt I really related. During the ages 13 to 20~21 I struggled with heavy depression and I lacked the courage to end my life. I felt nothing had purpose and even if the sky was clear I’d see that one single cloud and everything was dim and gray. I’m blessed to have ‘escaped’ my depression because I haven’t felt this open and happy in anytime I can remember and I’m turning 24 soon. I’m glad I never took my life, because I’m enjoying many things now. Chester’s voice has been there through all of the ups and downs in my life so it’s very hard for me to adjust to having to live with the fact Chester isn’t there anymore. 

I’m not okay now, but given time I will be. Though I’ll never forget him. I’m grateful for all he’s given me, and many other people.


Touching final tribute to #PeterCapaldi! Fan’s #sonicscrewdrivers pointed to the sky captured in a selfie by @DoctorWho_BBCA cast #SDCC17 (x)

therealpearlmackie Adventures from #SDCC

A few of the 6500 people in Hall H that screamed for us on our #doctorwho panel today, and quite rightly, gave #Petercapaldi a standing ovation for his beautiful work as The Doctor. I think I cried about three times. Not really sure what will ever top this experience. Thank you for such an amazing reception!
#Billisback one last time for the Christmas special. You’re gonna love it about as much as I loved today.


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THANK YOU ALL so much for all the support, for a little over half a year we laughed, we cried, we fangirled, we appreciated how beautiful cas is on the inside out, we defended cas / misha together 

but most importantly, we put cas first, above any ship or show and having so many people gathered together for this purpose makes me so happy and we are grateful for all of you ♥♥♥

Thank you

I have no idea of anyone has said anything about it but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in the Midsummer Nights Revelry! Thank you to the wonderful and hard working organizers, the guilds involved, the amazing and wonderful people who took so much time to bring this all together. Thank you for everyone who came out and supported the event, who cheered is on, who joined in the games, who made it all worth it. You are all beautiful and great people and I love you all. @msn-revelry

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I am so IN LOVE with your fic, Falser than vows made in wine, I just read chapter 4 and I'm super excited for chapter 5! I couldn't stop smiling while reading it. It was beautiful!

Thank you so much! I’m having the most fun with this fic, I’m happy to hear other people are enjoying it too. (And also smiling about it bc right now, the show is certainly doing nothing but making us cry!) 

Those two are so great in any Universe, but a modern one just offers so many different possibilities.  Chapter 5 is already in the works, btw - there’s a fight about cream cheese and hella domestic!Rosvolio.

(This is the fic btw: Falser Than Vows Made in Wine.) 

heya my lovely mutuals and other amazing people of the universe
stop here for just a minute
take a deep breath
and know that you’re a beautiful and amazing person worthy of being loved and cared for
now you may continue on with your day
thank you!

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Dude, lemme tell you, a lot of people definitely care about what your painting/drawing; you're work is seriously BEAUTIFUL IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO SEE SHEITH IN YOUR STYLE 😭 so yes, people definitely care 😂

😭😭😭😍😍 oh my goodness such kind & wonderful words!!! Ahhhhh marry me! Haha jk but seriously thank you 😩☺️
Sometimes I feel a little lonely out here but I know I’m just being silly!

I hope to keep contributing art to the Sheith fandom because we deserve it!!! I want to serve you and the lovely fans of Sheith because you guys deserve it, we put up with a lot of crap!

hey i’m leah i’m sappy and happy that i got 100 followers in less than a week so i wanted to appreciate some people. this isn’t really a follow forever, more like a thank you for being so cool to me.

@monstrauma you were like the first person i really fully wrote with and i was really intimidated but you’ve been so chill and really nice to me.. your writing is gorgeous in the best way possible. i love our thread so much. 

@hclllbent another person i love my thread with . really i do. you’re super kind and cool. your writing is beautiful.  i love the icons u made of freddy. they had me laughing. thank you :)

@playsvulgar i know i haven’t been on my other blog much to reply sorry but ur my first follower on here lmao. thank you for being cool. you’re a joy to the dash and fucking hilarious too. i absolutely love your blog. 

@serialclown i know we haven’t talked too much but thank you for doing that devil’s rejects lifestream. i had a lot of fun and i really enjoyed talking to u and others. 

@dollcursed i know we haven’t talked either but i love our thread so much dkkdjkjfd u have no idea

@heslept  another thread i love! your writing is amazing. i’m in awe every time i read a thread of yours. you set a tone so well , and i admire you a lot . also you’re really nice and chill. thank you for being you :)  

ok i think that’s it. 

Appreciation post

Hi! I’m here to give all my beautiful friends love!

Ok so first of all, I love you all with everything I have. You all mean so much to me. You’ve helped me through anxiety attacks, insecurities, everything, and I appreciate it so much.

@itsdatponyboy Maddie, you are an absolutely amazing person. You were the first person I met on this site. You mean so much to me and I hate the fact that people send you, well, hate. You deserve so much better. You’re absolutely beautiful, and so nice. Never change, Liebling.

@pureoutsiderstrash Carter, you were the second person I started talking to on here. You’re one of my best friends and I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re beautiful, sweet, and all together a fantastic person. Thank you for all the anxiety attacks you’ve helped me through. I love you.

@redhoodshood Hailey, you beautiful specimen, I love you. Your writing is gorgeous and so are you. Thank you for being one of the nicest people I’ve met on this site.

@jasons-not-dead we haven’t been friends for long but you still mean a lot to me, thank you for everything, mien engel.

((Thank you for your time))

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🌼~BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you’re supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but its sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.~🌼

Hi, thank you so much!! I’m just gonna tag some friends because I’m on mobile (and also I’m lazy lmao)

YOU ❤❤

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Hello - I have decided that everyday I should at least try to make someone a little happier. So I came to let you know that your writing is unreal, I have been reading it for a few months now, and you have serious talent. Enjoy your life, you are incredible xx

The world need more amazing people like you. Honestly, you’re going to make people’s days so much better and that truly makes you a beautiful soul!

Thank you so much for your lovely words. I’m very glad you like my writing. Stay awesome and amazing, hugs!

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Hey. I think you're really beautiful. I remember seeing all your pics of you on a more regular basis and I loved that because it brightened my day. Unfortunately there's a lot of negativity out there but I hope it does not get to you--focus on the kindness people share with you when you share something with the world. I hope you continue to post more. Not just of a bunch of other stuff. Just you, your smile, and (when you feel empowered) your sexy body :)

Thank u

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Would you date me? I'm a 17 year old female, I'm about 5'8 and I've got a brown bi haircut and brown eyes, with some freckles. I really love broadway soundtracks, video games, Voltron, conspiracy theories, politics and drawing. I don't like the ocean, hot weather, ignorant people, running, math and apathy. I'm a very passionate person, and I'm a libra. :))

you sound awesome and beautiful!! i love conspiracy theories and drawing, and i can totally agree with you about not liking running and ignorant people, lol.. thank you!! :)

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As a big person that's recovering from an eating disorder, I super love love your blog and your message ♡♡♡ Im learning to love my stretch marks and chub so much thanks to people like you and i appreciate that greatly!

I am so happy to hear that!!!! Your stretch marks and chub are beautiful just like you!