of the wrong bed

~Reaction When Their Kids is Scared by Imaginary Friend~

Jin: He would immediately hug the child and tell her everything is going to be fine. “Don’t worry, Appa won’t let anyone hurt you! You can sleep with Umma and Appa tonight, okay?”

Yoongi: “Scared?” he’d ask, frowning, and looking all around, under the bed, in the closet. “Of what, baby?” Then when she tells him that she’s scared of imaginary beings, Yoongi would gently respond by, “Baby, there is nothing to be scared of because they aren’t real, okay?

Hoseok: Hobi is a little asshole, I can see it. No matter how cute he is, he is going to be that dad. He would just start running in circles screaming until you come in and ask what is wrong.

Namjoon: Namjoon would calmly look under the bed and smile.”There’s nothing to be afraid of, see?” Then he’d gently pick her up and carry her to his room.

Jimin“What?! A monster? WHERE?” Jimin would be so afraid to hurt his child’s feelings by not taking this serious. He’d be looking under and in EVERYTHING before pretending to see a monster. Jimin would pick up a pillow and whack it. “ALL GONE!

Taehyung: He would look under the bed, then look back up at his crying child. “WHOA! SOMETHING SCARY UNDER HERE!” He jump back and grab his baby and shut the door. “Guess that means we can stay up and play, right?”

Jungkook: Once  he hears his child cry the deep feeling of nervousness is going to come through. He barely knows how or what to do. He’d rush to his baby, shook as can be, holding her. Once his child tells him shes scared, he’ll be super understand, patting her back and kissing her head.

Bitty likes putting clothes/blankets in the dryer just so he can be all warm and snuggly for a while

(Jack figures this out and buys like five electric blankets for his apartment and no one can figure out why he has them, he’s Canadian)

Ford Safety Week day 6: Ford and Stan on the Stan-o-war II

Ford would get all excited at the end of each day, chattering on (in his pajamas) about the anomalies they’d seen that day and drawing in his journal or looking at books on other creatures. Stan would kind of just listen and take it all in, and add his own commentary. But they’d both just be happy to be there, with their brother. Just like olden days.

Headcanon: Ford likes to wear boots so Stan got him fluffy boot slippers

I’m going to sleep .;D

snoke: ok general I just need you to get along with your new co-commander 


Wrong Bed || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do a newt/reader where after a hard day of trying to catch the niffler again reader accidentally collapses on newts bed and falls asleep but the newt wakes them up and newt gently wakes her up and she gets all fluster apologising and just just lost of fluff


You and Newt had spent the entire day chasing the niffler, who seemed to disappear so very quickly that you two could barely keep up. So finally a couple hours after it had gotten dark, you were exhausted. That’s when Newt caught the niffler, hurrying to empty its pouch of the things it stole and take it back into the case. Once that was done, you were happy to go home, tired of how long it took to catch the niffler. Newt led you back to the apartment, telling you that he’d be back in just a bit since he had to check on the other beasts. You nodded your head and waited a bit before walking to what you first thought was your bed. You didn’t seem to notice how it smelled much more like Newt than usual, starting to bury yourself in the blankets before you fell asleep quickly.
Newt climbed out of his case after almost an hour of getting all the things sorted in the case. He noticed it was rather quiet in the house and figured that you had gone to bed. That is until he noticed you underneath his blankets on his bed. He studied you for a moment before carefully walking over, sitting down beside you.
“Y/N.. are you awake?” Newt whispered, tapping your shoulder lightly. You didn’t wake up that easily, only moving towards him slightly since he was putting off more warmth than the blankets.
“Y/N… Y/N..” he continued saying your name, keeping up the light taps and shakes until you began to stir from your slumber.
“Mmmm.. what time is it?” You mumbled out, rubbing at your eyes.
“Well.. it is about 12ish?” Newt answered, smiling slightly at you.
“12? Why.. did you.. wake me up?” You spoke in sections, almost as though you were very close to just falling back to sleep.
“Oh.. the reason for that is because.. you’re kinda.. in my bed..” Newt let out a slightly awkward chuckle while you became more awake in realization.
“I’m so sorry! I thought I was in mine.. no wonder it smelled differently.. I mean a good different..” your face was flushed a bright red as you rambled on a bit.
“Oh no it’s fine Y/N, I just.. didn’t wanna be awkward with me having to go to bed..” Newt’s cheeks colored a soft pink as he said that, however he kept a soft smile upon his face the whole time.
“That makes sense.. I’m still sorry for falling asleep here.. I’ll just go to my own..” you began to try and untangle your body from the many blankets as you said that.
“No no.. um.. you could.. you could stay.. I don’t mind sleeping in the same bed.. I mean if your ok with that..” by now his face matched yours in hue. At the sound of that, you smiled more, leaning forward, as if you were going to kiss him… and then fell asleep against his chest. This made Newt grin, shifting so you both fell asleep comfortable and secure in each other’s arms.


Quick thing for @springtrap-trash! Happy birthday!

Ellie from The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog concept artist Ashley Swidowski

Absolute perfection.

It never even crossed my mind that Ellie looked anything but awesome - and then I heard about the shit heads complaining about the way she looks. Complaints about Ellie seem to be coming from a place of thinking she looks too manly or like she’s not taking ‘care’ of herself - which enrages me beyond belief. Regardless of whether or not this is a post apocalyptic setting (and a persons ability to give a shit about how they look) I rage about the expectation that because she’s a female she needs to look a certain way. SHE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN BEING. SHE LOOKS AMAZING. I could see this person walk past me in the street today and I wouldn’t even look twice. I see a lot of myself in her. If I rolled out of bed in the morning this is it.

What is WRONG with people?!?!?!?!?

Again. Absolute fucking perfection. I love you Naughty Dog. Keep breaking shit down. Fuck expectations.

Ok but what if:

·        The same night they exchange rings, Viktor and Yuuri just pass out back at the hotel

·        Like, they’re both so jet lagged and exhausted

·        And Yuuri wakes up in the middle of the night to pee, and he doesn’t want to wake Viktor (Victor?) so he keeps the lights off

·        When he’s done he’s basically blind (he already is without his glasses), and ends up crawling into the wrong bed

·        And just, passes out again

·        And after a bit he rolls over and bumps right into Viktor, and just lets out this little groan

·        And Viktor, jolting awake, sees that Yuuri is tucked up against his side, and just….!!!!!

·        And he’s kind of paralyzed because, damn, this boy is ballsy

·        And damn, he’s so cute in his sleep


·        So Viktor, completely ecstatic, wraps his arms around him and falls asleep

·        In the morning Yuuri slowly wakes up, and wonders why the bed is radiating heat

·        And why is it so smooth and soft

·        And he sort of runs his hands up and down the “mattress” trying to figure it out in his groggy state

·        When he reaches Viktor’s face he pauses, and sudden realization makes him jump back


·        And Viktor, who’s been awake for nearly an hour and a half now but god forbid he wake this precious bean draped across his chest, just laughs

·        “How was your sleep?”

·        And Yuuri combusts, his face is so red, he starts apologizing

·        But Viktor takes his hands and quietly says

·        “Because mine was the best sleep of my life.”

·        And it’s just all so cute and romantic until they realize what time it is and hot damn they need to hurry if they want to make it on time


Pick it, pack it. Fire it up, come along. And take a hit from the bong. Put the blunt down just for a second. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a new method. Inhale, exhale 

I don’t like my own bed.


What’s wrong with yours?


I’ve just got used to yours. When are you done studying for your test?


I have it on Friday and I’m fucked. I’m so behind.


Should I study with you?




You should remember I’m a 3rd year. I know much more than you


Hahaha you don’t know anything about physics?


How hard can it be?

Studied physics at Elvebakken.


Physics and media?



Hahaha. Are you stalking me?



Who is Mikael


The last man of my life




No. You are the only one




Ok don’t have time to talk to you anymore. Gonna shower.




Huh? What?


Fuck it. Come over then.


Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has added Steve, Tony, Thor, Nat, Wanda, T’Challa, Clint, Sam and Bucky.

Y/N: Guys, I have a serious problem.

Y/N: Guys, seriously, this isn’t the right time to ignore me.






Y/N: UP.


Tony: Y/N this better be important, or else you will remember not to wake me up ever again at 2 in the fricking morning.

Steve: Someone got up on the wrong foot. So what’s so urgent?

Tony: Still in my bed, but will gladly get up to kick your ass.

Wanda: Oh just kiss already.

Clint: I so ship it.

Clint: What do you think their ship name is?

Bucky: STONY.

Bucky: I mean I guess it could be that, but I don’t know, I guess it could, I mean maybe it’s not.

Sam: Don’t play innocence now, I know you read a lot of #Stony smut.

Bucky: Do not.

Y/N: Buck honey, even I know you do.

Thor: What’s smut?

Nat: Porn. But written.

T’Challa: Yeah, remember that time when I walked into your room and you-

Bucky: OKEY


T’Challa: Oh did I now?

Tony: No T’Challa continue, I think you were just getting to the good parts and I would hate to miss them.

T’Challa: So as I was saying, I walked in and—

T’Challa has been disconnected.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: Oh snap.

Y/N: Oh geez guys. But anyway the story’s not that interesting.

Steve: I was just getting into it.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I have far more important question to ask. Why did you wake us up? I assume it wasn’t for T’Challa to tell his story about Mr. Barns masturbating, was it?

Nat: Haa I told you Stark.

Tony: Whatever. He was always weird.

Steve: Tony you owe us some money. C’mon.

Sam: I always knew there was something wrong about him.

Sam: He never smelt good.

Wanda: I am pretty sure that was you when you hadn’t showered in four days?!


Y/N: GEEZ, how?

Clint: Y/N?

Y/N: Huh, yeah?

Nat: We would all like to know why did you woke us up.

Y/N: Oh yeah

Y/N: oh boi. I almost forgot.

Y/N: I mean I never will but you guys helped me to get my mind out of it for at least little bit.

Steve: Y/N, what happened?

Wanda: You’re scaring us.

Sam: And we all know Mrs. Controlling you mind isn’t easy to be scared.

Y/N: I can’t go with you on a mission this time, because, because…

Y/N: Two of my family members passed away. And while trying to save them, my, my little baby almost lost his left arm.

Steve: Oh my goodness Y/N, that is awful.

Steve: I am truly sorry. Rest in peace.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I am truly sorry about your loss. Do you need anything?

Tony: Wow, I am sorry.

Clint: Really Y/N? Really?

Nat: Clint have some respect.

Wanda: Yeah she just went through a lot.

Sam: She lost two incredible people.

Steve: Y/N take as much time off as you need. No one is going to blame you for not going on a mission.

Tony: Yeah rest kid. Take some time off.

Clint: Oh c’mon guys. She didn’t lose anyone.

Sam: Clint, this isn’t time for your stupid little jokes.

Nat: I swear to God I’m gonna kick your ass.

Thor: Don’t worry of you suddenly feel some weird shaking, hear screaming or see unexpected lightning.

Wanda: you get him Thor.

Clint: HEY, HEY, HEEEEY. No need for violence, okay?

Clint: and besides she didn’t lose anyone.

Clint: At least not in real life.


Clint: Mine too so? I didn’t woke up the whole team and bragged about it.

Tony: What, wait, wait. What the heck is going on here right now?

Steve: Y/N have you been drinking again?

Y/N: No.

Nat: Then what the heck is Clint talking about.

Wanda: Waiiiit, I think I know it.

Sam: Did you just finish the season 3 of Game of Thrones? Because Robbs and Caitlyn’s deaths are kinda an old thing.

Clint: Nope not that.

Tony: Explain yourself Y/N, and don’t make me count.

Wanda: oh I definitely know what it is.

Wanda: and I am out of here before it gets ugly.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Traitor.

Steve: Will someone explain already?

Clint: Do you wanna tell them y/N?


Y/N: R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. You will be missed.


Tony: I woke up for this.

Tony: You’re gonna pay. But tomorrow, I am way to tired now.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: oldie.




Sam has left the chat

Thor: Aren’t they from that one show with the dead raising?

Steve: It’s exactly that.

Thor: Oh Loki is watching it. Now I can ruin it for him.

Thor has left the chat.

Steve: So that’s all? That your family?

Y/N: It was stressful and tragically. My little babies

Steve: You know they are just characters, right?

Clint: Oh buddy.

Steve has been disconnected.

Y/N has left the chat.

Clint: Better run big guy.

Clint: Unless you wanna get Lucilled.

Clint has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat

Bucky: So T’Challa lied

Bucky: Wait WHAAAAAAT?

Bucky: Am I Dreaming?

Bucky: This is just a nightmare right? Yeah.


Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I swear to God, they need help. ASAP.

Nat has left the chat.



Shitty i know. sorry.


the OTP list: sam/steve
[Sam Wilson & Steve Rogers | MCU]
“You don’t have to come…”
“I know. When do we start?" 

a few reminders:

  • that thing you did that was kind of embarrassing and weird, everyone else forgot about that already
  • you look fine today, if you can’t notice something on your face standing 6 feet from a mirror then nobody else will either
  • if something is out of your control, do not let yourself or anyone else expect you to deal with it alone
  • social lives can go through cycles sometimes, if you feel like your friends are all ignoring you for no reason they’re probably just busy with other things
  • if you can’t stop thinking about someone or something, find something mentally occupying to do like reading a book or watching a movie. it won’t solve any serious problems but you will feel better
  • nothing will always be easy, if you’re trying then that should be good enough for anyone. if it’s not then you’re talking with the wrong people
  • never underestimate the importance of going to bed, if it’s dark outside and you feel bad just go to bed and deal with your problems the next day

what fucks me up is that even and isak are probably both lying in their respective, separate beds right now blaming themselves, thinking that somehow they did something wrong; isak thinks he misinterpreted things and even never actually liked him and even thinks that isak does not like him due to his mental illness, that if he was just different that it everything would be okay