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I pride myself in claiming I don't have the hots for Fenrir - not even yours, because he (the character in general) disgusts me so much - but I think he's one of your strongest cosplays and I think he might be the furthest from who you seem to be ooc (for those like me who don't really know you), which is why I find the acting so awesome. Not that I enjoy your marauders any less, I love especially your wolfstar very much, but Fenrir leaves me very in awe of your acting skills.

(( OOC: I can definitely (gratefully) say that Fenrir is, by far, the furthest away from who I am as a person. *dies* He’s absolutely disgusting… and terrible… and disgusting and terrible, in every sense… which is why he’s so damn fun to play. XD Gotta love some good villainy. 

And thank you! :D I really appreciate the compliment. I try really hard. hehe. )) 

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I love your 9-to-5 mullet Stan art, but it has me wondering. How did Stan get a white collar job with no high school diploma?

  • The Black Fairy: The police did find evidence of what happened to Belle. I just wanted to save you and Gideon the heartbreak. Look at these pictures.
  • Gold: She took up graphic design?
  • The Black Fairy: What? No, she's traveling the world. Here she is in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Gold: These are all clearly terrible Photoshop jobs. Did she make these? Her teacher must be awful.
  • The Black Fairy: No! These are all real! Look how much fun she's having without you.
  • Gold: Has she been doing this for the entire time she's been away? Because these wouldn't fool anybody.
  • The Black Fairy: Apparently not.

Color practicing and an exhausted Bakugou sketch 

Boyf Riends CisSwap; Pad Shopping in Hell

“We will never talk about that again.”
“Agreed.” The two were now in Michael’s car after an embarrassing few minutes of trying to figure out how to use the bathroom.
“So what happened? I mean last night I went to bed and I was completely normal but now I have boobs! Michael, I’m not supposed to have boobs.”
“We’re here.” Looking out the window Jeremy groaned.
“They have the cheapest pads.”
“But there’s so many people there, what if somebody we know see’s me?”
“You’re wearing a hoodie, I don’t think anyone will see them. Even if they see us together they’ll just think the pads are for me.” Getting out of the car Jeremy felt awkward, trying to hide as much as physically possible in the old jacket. Heading straight to the “feminine products” isle they looked through the packaging and Jeremy was left confused.
“Nighttime? Daytime? Extra Strength? They all look the same.”
“Extra Strength, you don’t have to change those as much.”
“Oh, great.” The two were heading over to the pharmacy when Jeremy immediately stopped, pulling Michael with him behind the cardboard display for Mountain Dew.
“Ow, why’d you do that?”
“Shh, look.” Poking his head out Michael saw Rich and Jake walk by without seeing them.
“So? It’s just Rich and Jake.”
“I can’t let them see me like this!”
“Jer, you’re worrying about this way to much. Rich and Jake aren’t the worst to that could happen to us right now.”
“We’re what now?”