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The worst thing you can do with two characters is make them hate each other and then slowly turn their animosity into 👀. I will immediately ship that shit.

I think I’m on tenterhooks about the KS season…finale? thing? 19. chapter 19. For the wrong reasons. 

Cause it was certainly an effective shock to remind the reader so nastily of the fallout of YoonBum’s actions when the person he’s stalking ISN’T a serial killer. The question is now what the plot’s gonna do with it. Like, that….needs to be addressed. And we need to get out of Bum’s head again to really properly do it. And all this is complicated by the problem that we now have two murderers motivated by misogyny in a comic that’s until veeeery recently been totally anemic in its portrayal of women. So that’s an uphill climb. And if we’re just heading into the two of them doing murders together until the cops come in to clean up the mess…I’m not really here for that. 

This isn’t Hannibal, where it eventually built the two up as equals before they became Murder Husbands and whatnot. If the story continues on with this trajectory, where Bum’s a murderer and the eventually he kills Sangwoo, or they both die, or he gets rescued and then continues doing the murders, whatever, then we end with a story where Sangwoo wins even if he dies. And I don’t just want him to die. I need him to lose, and for hims to be revealed not only as monstrous but petty and small. To strip any glamour away.

Most importantly, if Bum isn’t conflicted or trying to escape any more, then the dynamics of the story switch from Sangwoo vs Bum, Bum vs Self, and Sangwoo vs Seungbae to a far more simplified inside the house vs outside the house. With the number of tension elements the first arc of the story juggled, that shift would be really disappointing.

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Hey Ally Happy Birthday!! Ahh I've been following you since I was a sophomore in hs and now I'm a senior it feels so crazy that time flies so fast I remember looking at your fairy tail art and now bts art honestly it has been a amazing journey with you, you were kinda the push I needed to stan bts more, well anyway I hope you have a good one and keep drawing amazing art queen

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Oh fuck it you guys, I am tired of my own Jaal based angst. 

I am going back to where I belong, to my home, my beloved trashcan. 

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I love that Dan went to the Brits with Lottie and Tommy and Louis went home to watch the kiddos (with H). But like people might not see it as a big deal but it is. Louis giving Dan the night off to just have fun and not worry about the babies and the twins. It says a lot about how much Louis genuinely loves his family and Dan. Just that small act shows to me he would never ever treat his son the way we see it being portrayed. Idk I just love Louis so much

“Idk I just love Louis so much” - me af

So, I don’t even like Star Wars and I haven’t seen Rogue One nor The Force Awakens but I want to hug all the Reylo shippers because one of my best friends is a huge SW fan (she tried multiple times to get me invested in the movies, but the franchise simply doesn’t resonate with me) and she got harassed to the point that she decided to quit Tumblr for good because of what she likes to ship is considered “problematic”.

Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
If you don’t like stuff like this, it’s fine! But for the love of Nyarlathotep do not attack people who do! Respect artworks, respect the passion and effort that people put into their fanarts and fanfictions. Don’t JUDGE because you’re not in the damn position to do so. Nobody gave u the right to say what’s right and what’s wrong, ESPECIALLY NOT IN CREATIVE FICTION WHERE THERE ARE NOT RIGHTS OR WRONGS! Characters can be awful people and still be AWESOME characters. BAD things happening can be GREAT plot devices.

You are the disrespectful and ignorant ones around here. Peace.