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How would the sakamaki & mukami react to having a tall s/o that's slightly curvy. Often being confused for a model in public?

hello there! thanks for the ask, now lets get started shall we?

Sakamaki & Mukami React to Tall/Model s/o:

You were out shopping with (Insert S/M Brother) when you noticed that you were being stared at by passerby. Although you were used to it, you were taken by surprise when an attractive stranger approached you and asked “Are you a model? Because you are very Beautiful!”.


Shu: Shu, although quiet, would be quite pissed if people were to stare excessively at his S/o in public. Especially if they were male, or exceedingly obvious about flirting with his S/o in front of him. After a while of quiet annoyance he would pull his S/o away from whomever was talking to them.

Reiji: When Reiji heard the comment the stranger made he was furious. (although he always looks pissed, anyway) “Ahem!” he cleared his throat which caught both his S/o’s and the strangers attention “S/o, We are leaving now” and before his S/o could complain they would be dragged away.

Ayato: Ayato began to laugh when he heard what the stranger had said to his S/o. “Chichinashi a model? Don’t be ridiculous!” the comment caught the stranger by surprise, and out of embarrassment they began to back away, but before they could do so Ayato said “My Chichinashi’s beauty cannot be captured by any camera” and with that he turned grabbing S/o’s arm and walked away “Ayat-” his S/o began, “shush” he said. That was that

Kanato: Needless to say, the entire interaction did not end well. “EXCUSE ME!?!” Kanato screeched when he heard the strangers compliment “WHO said that you could talk to my S/o, Mule?!” the stranger began to back away “Kanato” his S/o said in a hushed voice as a blush spread across their face. “NO ONe TaLKs TO mY DoLL LiKE ThAt BUt ME!!!” Kanato screamed even louder, which caused an entire crowd to gather “im sorry” the stranger muttered as they tried to make their escape. “Kanato please, i only have eyes for you, their words mean nothing to me, i love you and you only” his S/o said calmly. Kanato turned sharply toward his S/o, “You Better” he snarled as he grabbed S/o and pushed through the crowd.

Laito: Laito giggled maniacally at the strangers compliment “Oh Bitch-Chan is a model alright” he said as a blushed spread across his face. “Laito?” his S/o said in confusion. ‘But don’t you know?” he said to the stranger “Bitch-Chan here is a famous porn star!” and with that the stranger began to back away, embarrassed. “LAitO!!!” his S/o yelped. “Ne, Bitch-Chan there is no point in lying to this stranger about how lewd you are!”. “B-But Im not” his S/o began to stutter “Welp stranger we must be off, Bitch-Chan has another porn video to make” and with that Laito grabbed his S/o’s arm and walked away,  leaving the stranger confused and flustered.

Subaru: Subaru lost his temper, as per the usual. When the stranger had the audacity to compliment his S/o in front of him, he snapped. “Who are you?” Subaru snarled at the stranger causing them to step back slightly “uhh” they spoke, barely above a whisper. “Tch, You must be stupid” he said losing his temper even further “Subaru” his S/o said hugging him to regain his attention “Lets go”. Grabbing Subaru’s hand his S/o turned away, not giving the stranger a second thought.


Ruki: Ruki glared at the stranger without saying a single word, causing them to  jump slightly and back away from Ruki’s deadly glare. “Uhh, I have to go” the stranger said, turning abruptly and running away. “hmm I wonder what that was all about” his S/o said as they turned to face him pressing themselves against his chest. Ruki wrapped his arms around this S/o’s waist “That is none of your concern Livestock”. and with that, the conversation was over

Kou: Kou grabbed his S/o the second the stranger approached them. “Aw my Mneko-Chan has an admirer! how cute!” Kou cooed smiling at the stranger. “I don’t think they meant it like that Kou” his S/o began when he suddenly locked lips with his lover, taking both his S/o and the stranger by surprise. “Mneko-Chan is taken” Kou snarled suddenly dropping his smile. The stranger backed away and apologized for bothering them both, causing his S/o a little annoyance. “Kou, it’s not nice to mess with people like that” his S/o said, but without even acknowledging the last comment, Kou grabbed his S/o arm and walked away.

Yuma: Yuma towered over the stranger, growling at their presence. “Who is this Sow?” he asked his S/o. “I don’t know” they said in confusion, “Ive never met this stranger before”. “Well then” Yuma said turning to the stranger “Sow doesn’t know you. Leave. Now” and with that the stranger ran away. “That was a little harsh Yuma” his S/o chided “Whatever sow” Yuma grumbled as he scooped his S/o up and walked away.

Azusa: Poor Azusa was too shy to say anything as he watched both his S/o and the stranger chatting up a storm. As the conversation continued he grew more and more depressed. Tugging on his S/o’s sleeve he asked “Do..you not …love.. me?” which took the stranger by surprise, for they had not noticed Azusa’s presence. “Of course I love you Azusa” his S/o answered without hesitation “Then… why wont… you… talk to …me?”. His S/o paused at this question and smiled before answering “I’m sorry for neglecting you, but you know that my heart belongs to you and you only. I love you ” “You… Do?” Azusa asked “With all my heart” his S/o responded. “Lets… leave.. please” Azusa said and with that the couple walked away without even saying goodbye to the stranger. 


Never Hide Your Beauty Part 1

Juice/Plus Size OC

Warnings: None in this part….

The moment Juice laid eyes on her it was over. Nothing and no one else mattered. He had never seen someone as beautiful as her. He stood there mouth agape in a puppy dog daze staring through the department store window. He had gone to electronics store at the mall to get a few upgrades for his gaming pc when he stopped mid step and froze.

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Can I request a birthday boy Lance? Like one where the reader makes a stuffed animal of his lion, and he loves it?? And how ever you want it to end?? Thank you!! ❤️❤️

Of course aaaaaahhH! This is such a cute request omg. I hope you enjoy!~

– Ryan

“Yeah, Blue, I really think he’s going to like it.” Sitting on the floor in the hangar, the Blue Lion of Voltron impatiently circles you as you complete your project.

You pull the needle out one last time, making sure to wrap the extra thread around it to create a secure knot, doing it a couple times before deeming it complete. Blue continues to nudge closer and crane over your hunched form. Taking the scissors, you clip the tail of thread off before holding up the finished project.

Blue backs away to study the plush with a critical eye. You keep it steady, comparing the two before a wide smile cracks your face. “It’s perfect!” You squeal, and jump up, rushing to the lion’s paw. You give him as best a hug as you can to a large space robot cat, holding the doll carefully to your chest. “Thank you, Blue, for keeping this a secret. It means a lot to me, and it’s really going to surprise him.” Blue hums in acknowledgment, honestly just looking forward to seeing his Paladin happy.

You turn your attention to the plush in your hands, looking over the doll for any imperfections, or seams that need reinforcements. But Blue can see past your nervous antics, and his tail comes around to give you an encouraging push. Flustered, you look up at him and nod frantically.

“I know, I know! I’ll get him now.” You say, and place the doll in its gift box. “I’ll be back real soon!” You say, racing out of the hangar to go find the said Paladin.

It’s not a surprise that you find Lance still snoozing away the morning. Despite your irritation, your face wears an expression of adoration looking upon him. You silently sneak into his room and make your way to his bed. You’re half tempted to snap a picture of him like this, sleeping like an octopus, but you fight the urge. Instead, you kiss his forehead and run your hand through his hair.

With that, he stirs but doesn’t wake.

“C’mon, Lance, I know you’re awake. I’m not gonna kiss you, you know you gotta work for that.” Lance groans in response and cracks an eye open.

“Not even for my birthday, [y/n]?”

“Maybe if you’re lucky.” He sits up, another groan.

“You wake me up early on my birthday and you don’t even give me a kiss? It better be important.” He stretches, running a hand through his hair, then adds real quick, “did Hunk make breakfast?”

“Well, no. But it is important! You’ve gotta come see!” You say, your face lighting up. Without warning, you reach out and grab Lance’s wrist to tug him along with you as you exit his room. Shocked by your strength, Lance tries to recover from sleepy legs and almost falling out of his bed as you literally drag him down the hall.

“Whoa, wait, slow down-” Lance rearranges his sleep clothes (how did his pants get twisted all the way around his waist??), but you continue dragging him. He can feel the excitement rolling off you in waves, and he smiles to himself. He knows once you’re excited, you’ve got a one-track mind.

“We’re almost there, okay?” Lance recognizes the threshold of the hangar and becomes infinitely more confused.

“Uh, babe, are we going somewhere?” You shake your head, but don’t respond. You weave through the corridors that you’ve become so familiar with now, and you arrive at the entrance of Blue’s holding chamber.

“Did you, uh, did you get me my lion for my birthday?” You roll your eyes and shake your head, letting go of his hand. You walk over to Blue, and Lance, although hesitant, follows after.

Blue erupts in a staticky noise of pleasure, and he leans down, nudging his Paladin with affection. Lance laughs and pats Blue’s muzzle.

“Thanks, buddy.” You approach Lance with the box in your hands.

“I didn’t get the chance to wrap it,” you say, more to yourself than to him, “but I hope you enjoy opening it anyway!” You say, and hand the box over to Lance. He blinks, taken aback a little. 

“You got me something?” You nod and he begins lifting the cover off the box. He looks at its contents, dropping the lid unceremoniously.

“This is..” He eagerly takes the plush from the box. A modest plush, about the length of his forearm. But it was soft and seamless. His fingers trace the velvet over the replica’s body, as his eyes look between the doll and the live model standing before him. It had been made with care, for god knows how long, by hand. Emotions well within him, and he holds the doll close before finally looking at you.

“You.. made this?” His words relay his disbelief, and you smile at him.

“I sure did. Though Blue here helped a lot.” You say, stroking over Blue’s muzzle, and he gives a small mewl of appreciation. “I couldn’t have done it without him.”

You didn’t even have the time to look away from Blue before you felt Lance’s arms around you. Surprised, your head snaps forward and your brain attempts to register what hit you. Lance holds you tighter, and you’re enveloped in his warmth. Your arms slowly make their way around his back, and you smile.

“I hope you like it, Lance.” You whisper, and you can feel Lance turn his head against your shoulder, now feeling his breath against your neck. “[y/n], I love it. I think you’ve ruined me for receiving any other presents today. Nothing can be any better than this.” You scoff, laughing against his shoulder.

Finally pulling away, he looks at the plush once more time, a smile and an expression of pride draw over his face. Placing a hand over his, you lean forward and gently kiss him.

“Happy Birthday.”

Hitch a Ride Part 2. (Katlaska) - Vixen

So Im not sure if anyone other than me really wanted a sequel to Hitch a Ride (which you can find here) but  I really love this fic tbh, its one of my favourites. Id like to give a shout-out to Boleyn, who sent me the loveliest message which completely inspired me and brought me out my little funk. You prompted me to write a fic for Vixen, and this is it really. As always, let me know what you think either here or on my sideblog. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it -Vixen.

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Savages (6)

Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts

(On the job)

Savages (1) Savages (2) Savages (3) Savages (4) Savages (5)

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Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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Part ONE// Hate How You Made Me Feel/ Ashton Irwin

Requested : No, You’re the younger sister of Calum Hood, and don’t have a really good past with him only because of your small mutual crush with his older friend Ashton Irwin. After months without Calum or his friends, they return home for good, how will you adjust? 

Word Count : 3k+

A/N : Okay this is my first part of my first story/series/ etc I know that the description has a lot of Calum but i swear this is an Ashton series.. I hope you all enjoy it ! And if you could reblog so more people could possibly enjoy. Thank you for reading loves, and if this first part gets some attention then I will continue with the story.

Parts : one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

I sit in front of my vanity brushing my longish dark brown hair, that matches my dark brown eyes that had hidden golden flecks within them, the two things I always acknowledge when I sit in front of this mirror always being reminded that i’m just a simple plain Jane. Whereas my parents only acknowledge that I’m still breathing and my grades are straight A’s.

I rise up from my seat in front of the mirror and I slowly walk over to my closet, I flip through my choices and settle on a black skirt that settles a little above my knees with a cream colored shirt and a burgundy cashmere scarf. I push my headband a little farther back, and grab my tan Ralph Lauren tote along with my french textbook.

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Yello! May I request some general and then some friendship headcannons for Ten? Poor sweetheart needs more love!

(YEAH, OF COURSE! I love that guy.)

  • Swerve and other usuals and Swerve’s try to teach Ten to speak other words, but it never works out.
  • He’s friends with almost all the ship, so when Getaway did his thing, it really hurt him. 
  • He swore on some low-key revenge. As in, he’d do anything he could in his power to stop them. 
  • Swerve and other usuals and Swerve’s try to teach Ten to speak other words, but it never works out. 
  • Friendship with Ten consists of the cliche friendship things.
  • Friendship bracelets.
  • Scrap booking
  • The creative stuff.
  • He’d want help when painting himself and he appreciates whatever you decide to add.
  • Also, you’ll take weekends together to add to his collection of dolls in his hab. He’s really into the models, so if you legitimately enjoy making them with him he’d be pleased. 
The 2Ps and art
  • 2P!America: specializes in spray paint and graffiti-type of art, murals, sidewalk chalk landscapes, and charcoal drawings; especially in urban areas
  • 2P!China: can't art for shit but wishes he could draw anime/ manga style
  • 2P!England: loves watercolors, knitting/ crocheting, cupcake decorating, drawing cartoonish cute things like bunnies, and making crafts with lots of pastel colors, ribbons and bows
  • 2P!France: the most artsy he gets is drawing stick figures
  • 2P!Russia: likes to sketch machinery, cars, steel buildings, aircrafts, steampunk, robots and sometimes Transformers
  • 2P!Italy: he's decent at doodling but dislikes traditional art; he tries to get modern with digital tablet-drawing and absolutely sucks at both line-art and coloring, usually rage quits
  • 2P!Germany: three words. AMAZING. TATTOO. ARTIST.
  • 2P!Japan: as expected, he's a great manga artist. however, he has very eccentric interests, such as anime-style body horror, guro, and hentai
  • 2P!Canada: likes doodling animals and nature landscapes when he's bored, usually when he's out camping and has a sketchbook
  • 2P!Romano: has a portfolio full of clothing designs, haircut ideas, and "draw me like one of your French girls" model poses
  • 2P!Austria: he always uses black ink for drawing and he's into dark themes/ fantasy. Some of his favorite things to draw are spiders, werewolves, faeries, demons, possessed/ worn dolls, grim reapers and ravens
  • 2P!Prussia: SUPER. TALENTED. AT. CALLIGRAPHY. also, he likes to draw video game/ movie fanart, such as Prometheans and Predators
Spilling Tea

AMD’s Latest Doll Gets in the Hotseat

Born in Sleep Hollow to West Indian and Hispanic parents, “Abi Doll” has the desire not only to make her family proud but establish a name for herself on the world stage. Respect and honor is paramount to her as she strives for professional acclaim in modeling and as an ambassador for many prestigious brands. Not to be outdone, she would like to launch her own business later in life and expand her work to include acting. The letters Abi are paramount in the word ambition. 

But that’s not all. 

Hear from Abi in her own words:

Where were you born?

I was born in Sleepy Hallow, Westchester County.

What is your nationality?

My mother was born in St.Lucia; my father is from Costa Rica. So my nationality is West Indian and Hispanic.

Tell us about your personality…

I would describe my personality as passionate and confident. I’m humble, a bit shy at times and easy to get along with, but if I’m around good company I am spontaneous and open minded.

What are some of your hobbies/interest?

Some of the hobbies include spending time with my close friend, experiencing new things and going places I’ve never been before , meeting new people that I can learn from. Things that spark my interest are anything that would contribute to my success in the future. One day I would like to own and run my own business based on something I am passionate about.

Tell us about your style…

I would describe my style as comfortable on a regular day; jeans, a turtle neck, uggs or sneakers. When partying I wear fitted dresses, anything to compliment my curves. I love to look good because when you look good you feel just as good.

How long have you been interested in modeling?

I would say recently I became interested in modeling,when I first starting taking photos professionally I was not comfortable in front of the camera but after being in the industry and taking photos is apart of my job to promote myself I became more open to it and accepting.

What is something about you that sets you apart from anyone else? Favorite music?

Something that sets me apart from most girls in the industry is that no matter what I accomplish I remain humble and true to myself I never let anything get to me or make me feel I am superior to others even though cockiness is something that is common amongst girls I work with.

I love all music Rap, Hip Hop, Old School R&B, new R&B , my favorite R&B artist is NeYo. Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, and some Rock (Not hardcore). I listen to everything.

List of Pleasant Events

This list is meant to give you some ideas for the variety of enjoyable activities you could choose to be your daily positive experience when you are practicing the Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions component of the ABC Emotion Regulation Skill. Obviously not all the pleasant events listed here will be considered positive or pleasant by everyone–you may be particularly adverse to some of the things on this list.  These are just suggestions to use as a base to give you enough inspiration to form your own, personalized List of Pleasant Events that you can use in your daily life to Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions.

The List has 300 entries on it, so I’ve put it under a cut, but hopefully these 300 ideas will give you at least a few suggestions of things you might enjoy doing today or sometime in the near future.


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“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” 🙏
― Terence McKenna

Photo: photo-masche.de Model: Candy Cane http://facebook.com/AlternativeModelCandyCane
we brought home the wrong dying baby (ix)

on muscle detail, the clapping boy from the cult of thunder brings a wheelchair to the last rocking horse known to model swimwear for the few dolls that remain married to the same mask. the boy is weak but maybe he puts two words together. like ghost

and exodus. for the second coming of the handcuffed animal.

Title: Thank You For Choosing Me 

Protagonists: VIXX, Reader

Warnings: Rated M, Angst, Dubcon, Multiple pairings, Abuse, Self harm, probably others that I’m not realizing.

Word Count: 8632

Summary: You’d been waiting such a long time for someone to take you home. You were tired of being the last doll on the shelf.

Author’s Note: I had the idea for this fic a looong time ago when initially starting Trust. I finally got this finished, and actually wrote most of it today. It turned out way longer than I expected, and I personally think it’s very heavy. There’s a lot of things in it that I personally think might be triggering to different people, but its hard for me to catch those. You’ve been warned. The set up is weird, so you have to bare with me. I wasn’t happy with the way it was written at all until I got neck deep into writing it and was almost done. I think it works. Anyway! Enjoy reading!

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“Words like ‘coward’ and ‘deserter’ and ‘defector’ are splashed across the first post-war edition of the Prophet; they mean nothing to Blaise and even less to his mother, but they don’t need a compass to tell them that the tides have changed and the current’s become…rocky. Unpredictable. White-capped whirlpools surrounded by tempestuous towers of sea salt. // They’ll drown if they aren’t careful.” – voodoo doll by @provocative-envy

Everyone's Mad: Ultra Street Fighter IV Edition - Who is Decapre?

Ultra Street Fighter IV’s mysterious fifth combatant, teased all year by Capcom as someone who had appeared in Street Fighter before, but never as a playable character, has been revealed. Surprise! It’s Decapre, a mysterious Cammy lookalike with a Dr. Doom-style mask and deadly energy blades!

External image

The FGC has met this reveal with… Less enthusiasm than Capcom might have hoped for. Given the dislike for Cammy within the SFIV competitive circuit, as well as the general disdain for “clone” characters, this isn’t a great surprise. I have to admit to being just a little disappointed myself.

But it’s early days, and hope springs eternal- just because she looks like a Cammy clone, doesn’t mean she is a Cammy clone. So let’s take a closer look at Decapre and see if we can’t get to know her a little better, shall we?

Just who is Decapre, anyway?

Decapre is one of the Dolls, a squad of teenage fighters brainwashed by Shadalooo to serve as M. Bison’s assassins and personal guard. It’s common knowledge that Cammy herself was part of this unit- as Killer Bee, she was possibly the deadliest fighter under M. Bison’s command, until Rose intervened and freed her of Bison’s brainwashing.

External image

Though Cammy herself has been around since the days of Super Street Fighter II, the Dolls and Cammy’s past with them weren’t revealed until Street Fighter Alpha 3. In addition to Cammy, the game featured two additional “hidden” fighters, Juli and Juni, who served as sub-bosses that could be faced in Arcade Mode if certain conditions were met.

External image

Juli and Juni were meant to represent what Cammy was prior to breaking free of her brainwashing- a cold, calculating assassin that fights completely without mercy, and attacks with the intent to kill. To reflect this, the player faces Juli and Juni at the same time in a very challenging two-on-one Dramatic Battle. Both fighters were eventually made playable in home console versions of the game.

As for Decapre, she’s never been playable before; as far as the games go, she has only ever appeared as a cameo in Juli and Juni’s special intro animation, seen above.

External image

She has, however, played a moderate part in the Street Fighter comic series by Udon, where we learn that her primary mission is to terminate Cammy. From this, we can surmise that Decapre was probably intended to be Cammy’s replacement, an “upgraded model” meant to kill her after she went rogue, but it’s all conjecture at this point.

What’s her name mean?

The Dolls are named after the months of the year, written in the language of their country of origin. Juni and Juli, for example, are the German words for June and July.

External image

The other known named Doll, Noembulu who hails from Mexico, is named for November. Incidentally, Noembulu is actually T. Hawk’s younger sister! Personally, I think she would have made a better addition to the cast, but I digress.

Decapre hails from Russia, and as you might expect, her name translates to December.

What’s up with that mask?

At some point, she was badly injured, resulting in facial scars which the mask hides.

External image

External image

Given that Ultra is going with a half-mask instead of a full one, it seems the extent of the damage has been tweaked a bit, at least to the point that it no longer covers half of her entire face.

So what’s the bottom line? Is she a Cammy clone or not?

Well, yes and no! Bearing in mind that only a few people have had the opportunity to actually play her so far, we’ve learned that though the two share some normal moves, there are differences that make playing Decapre a whole different ballgame.

  • Decapre is a charge character. For those unfamiliar with Street Fighter vernacular, this basically means she’s a defensive fighter, with special moves that take one or two seconds of charge time to unleash. Compare with Cammy, whose instant specials make her an ideal rushdown player.

  • Decapre has chains. This means some of Decapre’s normals link from one to the other instantly, essentially guaranteeing a free combo. With this capability, a skilled Decapre player could sit on a charge, whip out the chained normals, then unleash a special move for an easy link into a Super or an Ultra.

  • Decapre has mixups. Though they share normals and at least one special move, Decapre brings a few new special moves of her own to the table, and they’re all designed to confuse and fluster the opponent, some instantly hitting overhead, some crossing up ambiguously. It seems that all the tools Cammy has lacked in Street Fighter IV, like a reliable overhead and mixup abilities, have been given to Decapre.

  • Decapre has higher vitality. This is based solely on my own observations, so take it with a grain of salt, but from what I’ve seen of her, Decapre seems to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-200 additional hit points. More health means a more hardy fighter!

So is she a clone? Not exactly- she’s more like a remix. She’s a clone in the same way Gouken is a clone of Ryu- they share properties, but the stuff going on under the hood means you cannot play them the same way, to the point that calling them clones is a gross underestimation of their capabilities.

As I’ve said, it’s early days- we won’t have an accurate bead on the character for months yet, and it may be years before we fully understand her as a competitive weapon. It’s way too early to accurately predict exactly what kind of character Decapre is going to be. That said, Decapre is too distinct from Cammy to be called a clone, at least for now. Write her off as one at your own peril- try to fight her like you fight Cammy, and you may find yourself on the business end of her blades.

External image

Radley Sanitarium...insane being the right word.

Was it just me, or did that doll house and the insanity within, remind anyone else of RS?

I definitely connected some Radley dots watching the girls in there, and I am more and more convinced that “A’s” lair is either, 1. underneath it, 2. somewhat modeled after it, 3. just a HUGE similarity, in hope of a clue. 

What made me believe it even more, is that in recent interviews Marlene and the other producers/writers discussed the return in season 6, and how we are picking up where we dropped off. They talked about how the girls are going to be in the dollhouse, and that they have “been there a while.” They are going to have undergone some changes… Being in the dollhouse has “affected them”, and Mar has said we will see that. Now, as she described this dollhouse changing the dolls (liars) I suddenly thought of Radley. 

RADLEY seems to be the center of “it all” (”he, she, it, bitch”) here in Rosewood. Even Tanner has said that “Everything seems to lead back to Radley.” Only Spencer and Mona have both had some time in Radley THAT WE KNOW OF. We have seen SO many people, either have visited, worked at, or are connected to Radley. Almost EVERY theory out there, at this point in the show, have RADLEY mentioned as a clue in some way. Doesn’t matter who the theory is about, Radley is a piece to this pie. Key lime, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, cherry, peach, WHATEVER, Radley is a slice in EACH ONE. 

Question is, why? 

What is it about that creepy, ABANDONED-looking building, that attracts so many people? (Tanner: “I want to know what it is about those four pretty girls, that attracts so many bodies.”) When I started thinking about the appearance of Radley, I remembered the creepy, ACTUALLY ABANDONED house from “The First Secret.” I remembered, how the liars were “lured” there and found Alison “locked in a room because someone was after her.” Which, that actually turned out to be TRUE. Alison thought she was playing a trick, but she didn’t realize it was a real attack, until Noel said he wasn’t the one who attacked her. Interesting…. when the liars were put in the dollhouse, Ali’s (Mona as Ali) piano playing “lured” the girls into “her house.” BUT here is where the two stories start to separate… Mona as Ali, is “playing along” in the dollhouse. Faking (this) A’s fantasy of it’s favorite little liar. Now we see that as VERY IRONIC, considering Mona was Ali’s LEAST favorite. And Ali was Mona’s least favorite. Let’s see what other “uneven” events DONT add up.

In the past few episodes leading up to the finale, the liars have been consistently ONE WAY, but in the dollhouse, it is a tad flipped flopped…there is a subtle change in the Liars. We see ARIA being the calmest liar of them all in the dollhouse, BUT in the last few episodes WHO WAS THE LEAST CALM? It was almost as if Aria was “at home.” HANNA, who usually has an opinion about EVERYTHING, kept her cool, for the most part. She went off on Mona for “playing along” as Ali, and also at the “A” camera about Caleb, but other than that, she was just done with the whole thing. SPENCER, was once again miss smarty pants, HOWEVER, not only was she a little more level-headed, but she allowed Mona to help her. She trusted. She used someone else’s mind WITH hers. She also “played along” with A’s sick fantasy game, WITH Mona. We haven’t seen this from her with Mona. Interesting. And lastly EMILY- she was NOT working with A, even if it meant getting out, or at least NOT getting punished. She wasn’t going to be playing along. Em is usually the optimist of the liars, she tries to see things differently. But no mas. Sarcastic comments, which are usually Spencer and Hanna territory, are now coming from Emily. I know these aren’t drastic changes but something about this dollhouse brings something out of the girls. Someone on Tumblr already pointed out that when we first see the girls in the room, Hanna yells for her Mom, Emily yells for the girls, Spence doesn’t yell out for anyone and tries to get out, and Aria just kind of takes in her room, and looks around. She said it was very telling of the girl’s personalities and ITS SO TRUE, however after that initial scene in the dollhouse, these small changes come on to the characters. Something I think is very interesting and something to take note of.

Why do these places seem to be connected? Why are the liars connected? Why does everything lead back to Radley? WHY IS RADLEY ENDGAME?

Send your theories. LOVE to hear them. 

Kisses xxxx