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Kip Fox

Commission for Kip, a very sweet fox.

Because Nick Wilde was not the only one who wanted to be a scout in his childhood, also Kip tried it, and he also was really proud of his uniform.

I decided to make a flat digital color pic without strokes, it was fun and I liked the result. This pic is for a badge, I also made the lettering. You can see the version with the words “KIP FOX” on my social networks (facebook, twitter and tumblr).

And over again, as sometimes happens, that for commissions I make really good friends; this was the case, this fox is awesome.

honestly i never got complimented when i was growing up so this whole deal is Wild…….. like no one ever thought i was good looking, ppl were actively telling me i was ugly from like age 9 - 15

so uh. you guys are really fucking sweet. means a lot to a guy who’s never honestly felt pretty his whole life.

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I think that anon is trying to imply that anyone fuckin' Winston isn't actually engaging in beastiality bc, well. Sentient Gorilla pal and all that.

But. Who is he . Going to fuck? Other wild gorillas ? He needs intelligent gorillas or he's‼️the one committing the crime⁉️

my dad went to a wedding yesterday and he told me about one of our old family friends from ottawa and IT’S SO WILD so like

this one family friend had three kids with his wife and they lived down our street so my brother and i used to come over to play games etc. and sometime after we moved away the guy started noticing that his middle son didn’t look like him (he would be 10 around this time) so he did a DNA test and it wasn’t his?? so he started throwing hands with this other vietnamese guy BUT he did a DNA test with the son too and it WASN’T his either. so he started hating on another guy/same thing happens, then it turns out he’s the son of some middle eastern man

and then his youngest son started looking different too so they did a test and found out it wasn’t his so he divorced his wife but he still lives with her?? and his oldest son kind of resembles him but he’s too scared to do another test that man has gone through too much 

Born Today, February 19, in 1924 Lee Marvin…

“The only people that don’t worry about a million dollars are the people that have a million dollars.” - Lee Marvin as Charlie Strom in The Killers 1964

Over 105 film and television roles including The Wild One, Raintree County, The Caine Mutiny, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Comancheros, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Donovan’s Reef, The Killers 1964, Cat Ballou, The Dirty Dozen, Paint Your Wagon…

Directions: Put your music library on shuffle and list down the first 10 songs and tag 10(ish) people

I was tagged by @katjebell and @smilingspoiler so thank you!!

Here we go:
• Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys
• Undo - The 1975
• Remedy - Adele
• Sugar, We’re Goin Down - Fall Out Boy
• No Lie - Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa
• 123HOPE - Tom Rosenthal
• WILD - Troye Sivan
• Taxi Cab - Twenty One Pilots
• You Haunt Me - Sir Sly
• Glowing Eyes - Twenty One Pilots

Not sure who to tag but if you want a go you can say I tagged you!

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You have that one lovely daemon AU ficbit, how about something on Clones and them having daemons? Would they be as varied as any other sentients? Or maybe they've all got the same TYPE of daemon but once you really look they're all individual?

Anakin’s sand snake curled around his left bicep as he walked through the Relentless.  He smiled at the clones and Edana waved her tail at their daemons.

Sometimes, it was odd being the only being with a snake daemon, or rather, the only being with a daemon that wasn’t some form of canine. Most of the clones has some form of domesticated canine, though some had wild ones.  Rex approached, with his small Dantooine fox by his side.

Ahsoka bounded over, her daemon currently a large Nubian swan.  As Anakin watched, Maverick blurred and became a snake to match Edana.  Anakin smiled.  That was becoming rarer and rare. He would settle soon.  Anakin was betting on some form of flying creature, but Obi-Wan was sure he’d settle as a canine to match the clones.

Anakin sidestepped Hitter, Pulse’s beegal daemon and smiled.  “Come on, Rex, Ahsoka,” he said.  “Obi-Wan wants us to comm him.”

They headed for the communications center, dodging various canines, though of course the daemons were as disciplined as their humans.

Yes, the Clones were all canines- pack animals with a need for others- but they were all different. 

And that was a good thing.


Yes, I did change beagle into beegal, and for the record, Obi-Wan has a cat-type daemon, though I haven’t decided what type of cat (probably a Jaguar type cat).  Cody has a large dog, something like a Rottweiler (looks fierce, has a reputation, but really just a big softy, especially to his chosen family).  Also, ironically, Obi-Wan and Anakin are both right about Ahsoka- her daemon settles as one of the species of winged wolves. Because there has to be wolves with wings somewhere in the universe.

Edana means something like “Flame” or “small fire”, which I thought… well.  Quite aside from Mustafar, Anakin is something of a brilliant flame that changes everything in his wake, isn’t he? Maverick is self-explanatory.  The Clones’ daemons all have names very similar to Clone names- single words that normally aren’t names- because they had to chose their own, just like the clones.

at first I was like “this is so accurate who else on this shit earth would recognize wilson’s sirens reactions @ house saying Romantic” and then I was like oh right just olivia thank god there isn’t another one of us out there in the wild

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They sure are running wild today. Why so ever. Life could be so easy. One of my best friends is a ch/ll shipper. She has her believes, I have mine. Simple as that!

The world is not going to end because we all don’t agree. Why are they getting so aggravated? The only reason to come here is fear. I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I visited one of their blogs. And I have never once ever sent a messaging challenging their beliefs. It’s a waste of time.

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My name is Jordan and people spell it as "Jordyn" like 90% of the time because I'm a girl, either that or they assume I'm a dude because of my name and hair I'm non binary tho so I'm glad I have this name so I don't have to change it

tbh i have only ever met people in real life with it spelled jordan i didnt know jordyn was a common spelling… @babylynz is the only one i’ve ever heard of this is wild u learn something new every day

She's into Romance and Sharing Feelings

I’ve had it all wrong for so long. Even with all my intelligence, I have managed to be very stupid in thinking about her. I made so many dumb assumptions. I forgot that not everyone is so transparent from jump. I thought she was all about indirect communication and figured she was rather introverted. I recently learned the opposite. She enjoys a lot of direct communication and she is somewhat extroverted. I also thought she didn’t care for romance. Some time ago, she told me she had a handful of relationships thanks to online dating and quickly lost interest in the suitors and the whole process. She recently told me she thinks people should commit to wild romantic gestures and she had at least one nice relationship in grad school. I see her for who she is now and I am very much relieved to learn I was severely mistaken.

I think I have to go for it. I can’t tell if she’s into me for certain. I only know our friendship keeps getting stronger and she’s still willing to see me once a week, even spending an entire day with me. I know she can still listen to me talk about my experiences for hours and I love every thought she shares. I don’t know how, but I’m going to find a crazy way to tell her what I haven’t so far. I’ve told her a lot of the thoughts I have about her. I haven’t explained my feelings in full. I don’t think there’s any potential for serious loss. As long as she enjoys the gesture, it will be perfectly okay if she has to tell me she can’t reciprocate. As long as I can make her smile, I won’t care if she doesn’t feel the same for me as I do for her. Now I just have to figure out how to execute it.