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gallusrostromegalus  asked:

Hey, do you have descriptions of your characters? I'm in to mood to draw some fanart.

Oh gosh, what a wonderful message :D

I do have mood boards for each of them where I have tried to incorporate their characteristics (Vlad, Ursula, Nathan) but I don’t know if I’ve ever actually described them in full.

Vlad is the most vampire to ever vampire. He’s tall and slim with dark almost black eyes which he lines with kohl to make the most of what he perceives as narrow, angular features. He was turned sometime in his early 20s and has never lost his youthful looks, somewhat to his own embarrassment. He’s something of a regency dandy, but can just as equally be found puttering around his workshop with his long sleeves rolled up and his waistcoat left open and soot all over his face.

Nathan is an inch taller than him, but acts like it might as well be a foot. This may have something to do with the fact that he’s built like a brick house. He’s solid muscle the whole way down—think sports jock but with the sunny disposition of a Labrador—with ice blue eyes and unruly brown/rusty colored hair that matches the color of his fur which is always falling into his eyes. As Captain of the Guard, he’s most often seen wearing his redcoat uniform, but he also has simple civilian clothes too. Things which are easy to take off when your hands can change into paws at a moments notice.

Ursula is in fact shorter than both of them by about a foot, but stands around 5′5. She’s stocky and round featured and doesn’t bother to wear stays. She has voluminous curls which she keeps braided and is perpetually slightly frizzy from always being dyed blonde. She is noticeably mixed race—though as Vlad points out, which races, are not quite discernible. Her most stunning feature are probably her eyes, which surpass the yellow gleam of most supernatural creatures and take on an almost golden glow. She favors an older style of fashion, forgoing the more modern styles and retaining a slightly medieval look in her choice of attire. She has many scars, she does not bother to hide them.


The night that my parents died, I blew off family night so that I could go to some party. I ended up getting stranded, and they had to come pick me up. That’s why we ended up in the car at Wickery bridge and that’s why they died. Our actions are what set things in motion. But we have to live with that.

I got a question from someone who wishes to remain anon (sorry, I know it’s a nice feature for some of you, but to me it’s nothing but a source of harassment. Sorry.) regarding Hunger Pangs so here we go:

Hi mom! I’ve got a random question about Hunger Pangs but please dont feel like you need to respond if you dont have the spoons. I’ve been reading through your meta tags and I love love LOVE what youre doing and I know you have said that Vlad suffers from depression (I think?) but I was wondering: do you mind if people headcanon him as autistic? A lot of the things you write about him I recognize in myself and it’d mean a lot to have a character in a book from an author I like be like me. Sorry if this is weird. I just thought I’d ask ^^; I’m looking forward to the book regardless I guess I just wanted to know your opinion on how you feel about people headcanoning your work. Thank you in advance, and also if you publish this could you make it anon, ty <3

Hello anon, thank you for the wonderful message. I’m glad you’re looking forward to Hunger Pangs, I am hoping everyone will love reading it as much as I have writing it.

And to answer your question simply: you can headcanon whatever the hell you want. He’s definitely neurodivergent, his mental health is based somewhat on my own (as is his sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell), he’s the victim of hundreds of years of gaslighting and a few other things I can’t talk about without giving away plot, but he’s definitely not neurotupical. But if Vlad is autistic to you, then he’s whatever you want him to be, and that’s all that matters.

If you want him to be non-binary, he’s non binary. If you want him to be trans, he’s trans. I’m not going to stop anyone from headcanoning my characters into whatever works best for them. 

Nathan is often described in what could be seen as very cis masculine terms, but if you headcanon him as trans—more power to you friend, have at it. If you want Ursula to be something more than what I’ve presented her as, go for it. I’m here 100% for your headcanons and interpretations of them if they provide something you need. 

I’ve tried to make the book as diverse as possible, but with this being my first novel I will undoubtedly fall short of a few things, and I can only apologize and promise I’ll continue to do better as we go along. I will say this though, hardly anyone in the book is what I’d define as neurotypical (or able bodied for that matter). High functioning maybe, but when I said I wanted to write a story for me and people like me, I didn’t just mean that in regards to sexuality. 

Anyway, I hope that answers your question. Take care and have a wonderful night :)

  • Baz: im a fucking vampire that can bite your neck and literally suck all of the blood out of your weak mortal body
  • Baz: im an edgelord like dont fucking touch me im so edged i would fucking cut you
  • Baz: the only thing darker than my hair is my fucking soul because its so dark and full of death
  • Baz: you cant break whats already broken because im dead
  • Baz: i feel noth-
  • Simon: *stuffs a little too much food in his mouth*
  • Baz: oh my god he's a baby squirrel that needs my love and affection . also i need to pet his fluffy hair because squirrel