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Easily one of my favourite host segments, after Every Monster has a Country, and I’ve been waiting for someone to clip it for weeks so I can share.

- The™ Final™ Rehearsal™

- H e l p

- Okay so first of all they started SO LATE

- Literally nothing was done until at least 6:30 omfgggg so it ran longer than it was supposed to and even tho I snuck out before everyone else I Am Death

- I spent like half the night filming lmao so I’ll see if I can post those in the morning

- At the very last second the choreographer decided they should add flags to “Carnaval de Barrio” so that got…messy. But I think they should be fine by the show

- Right before they started running the entire soundboard just turned off so that was fun

- Irrelevant to the show but Tom opened my eyes to the fact that they make Sour Gummy Bears??? Honestly this was game changing information for me

- The script we’re using has…so many typos. Like it’s ALARMING.

- My personal favorite of this is ‘Alabanza’ as ‘Alabama’ lmao but seriously I’ve never seen this many typos before wtf is going on

- During the two wasted hours all the kids were dicking around on stage and singing all the parts to the songs so that was actually cute/entertaining omg

- Costumes are still all over the place Usnavi whipped out like three more shirts and Nina’s apparently just wearing her club dress for the rest of the damn show



- W H Y

- The music was just like ‘hey what if we just went up and down in volume for no God damn discernible reason??? That’d be fun right??? Gucci’ so like honestly…fuck that

- Tom had to jump up and run to get the house lights for ‘Blackout’ and on his way back to our table he literally fucking almost died he crashed into like three different things omfg

- Why does like every kid in this cast have uninterested parents??? Lmao the director is literally desperate trying to find people to run the snack table and help out during the shows bc none of the parents care apparently

- Benny has a line in sunrise that’s like ‘I wont leave’ or something like that I don’t remember exactly but the point is the kid accidentally sang ‘I don’t care’ and I was cracking up

- This is the first night Vanessa kissed Usnavi without a bunch of girls from the cast who snuck out to watch it giggling I was impressed

- Camilla’s gonna kill someone and I’m gonna support her

- Dancing was so much better!!! I was so relieved

- The Piragua guy almost lost his cart bc he was too into the dance lol

- Lmao during the beginning of Carnaval de Barrio Vanessa deadass just opened up the Piragua guy’s cooler and stuck her head in it

- LMAO they still haven’t gotten Graffiti Pete’s picture of Abuela Claudia on the grate yet so they were like “look at this masterpiece” and just pulled down the normal one with the graffiti writing on it and it was way more funny than it should have been

- Tom’s way too impressed with the special effect he uses for the girl singing on the record lmao

- “Okay so we hooked up the grate and it comes down but we can’t get it to go back up”

- “That’s literally the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do oh my God

- As much as he’s only really doing an LMM impression the guy playing Usnavi is really good and getting emotional and making it clear in his voice so shout out to him

- I’ve had 96000 stuck in my head for like ten hours it’s not even my favorite song from the show help

- Did I ever mention the one door that no one can use because no one has bothered to screw it in yet??? That’s still happening. It’s just a door blatantly there and everyone has to go around it or walk around a set piece because no one can get it to work???

- overall??? I don’t think it’ll be terrible???? Show opens Friday so we’ll see if survival is possible

- prayers. paciencia y fe™

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Hey babe, could you please ask your followers to vote for 1D & HS here so they can be nominated for #ItalianMTVAwards 2017? All you have to do is like this picture "m*facebook*com/mtvitalia/photos/a.10154244579647693.1073741908.159917292692/10154244580897693/?type=3&theater" (Harry) and this picture "m*facebook*com/mtvitalia/photos/a.10154244579647693.1073741908.159917292692/10154244581112693/?type=3&theater" (Oned). It's so easy yet people are not voting ):

Okay, people!  Go vote:

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watching how well Krennic’s lines and screen time were used in Rogue One let me see just how much potential Hux can have as a character if they just USE IT PLS, like oh my god pls DO THAT, LET HUX SHINE

  • Hamilton: It's alright Burr, I wish you brought this girl with you tonight Burr
  • Burr: You're very kind but I'm afraid it's unlawful, sir.
  • Hamilton: What do you mean?
  • Burr: She's married
  • Hamilton: I see
  • Burr: She's married to a british officer
  • Hamilton: ¡NO ME DIGA!

Theatre of Hierapolis

Hierapolis, Phrygia, Turkey

206 CE

12,000 seats

The theatre at Hierapolis was built in the second century AD under the Roman Emperor Hadrian during a period of extensive rebuilding following a devastating earthquake in 60 AD. It was later renovated under Septimus Severus (193-211 AD). At this time, the scaenae frons was modified and decorated with elaborate limestone and marble carvings. Although the exterior is relatively unassuming as viewed from the front, the interior contains one of Anatolia’s most complete and best-preserved collection of Greco-Roman theatre decorations. In 343 AD the scaenae was renovated and the orchestra was altered so that it could hold aquatic displays. In the later years of the Roman Empire the orchestra was converted into a cellar. Renovation work since 1977 has restored many of the arches and a portion of the stage floor. Prior to this date, the stage as well as its arched support system lay in ruins. Recent archaeological evidence shows that the theatre was in use through the 5th and into the 6th century AD. In 532 AD the scaenae, which had been weakened by seismic activity, was repaired.

Will Roland auctioning off Ben’s cast to raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS at the April 16th 3:00 performance of Dear Evan Hansen! Recorded by me, @neglectedrainbow