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Number 56 (Trust no one tonight) Zen Hack?

Gosh, I haven’t written this pairing in forever, it feels good~

All Hallows Eve

Zen Hack. Halloween Prompt — 56. “Trust no one tonight.”

Different cultures celebrate different nights, their own history and myths intertwining into a holiday. More experiences are born from watching the people with special food or dance and drink. Their faces light up with the divergence from the mundane.

He has never quite came across an event such as this.

Many of the villagers are hiding, even the bar has few sitting on its stools and benches. He only stops for a drink of water, but all the folks seem to be spooked by his suddenly appearance.

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I have such a strong love of old timey werewolf stories. They often have a lot of shame associated with them, which is why they also involve religion. Even The Wolfman had a scene where Talbot can’t bring himself to enter a church because he feels too dirty.

My fascination with monks mainly comes from the drama of men who are expected to live a pious life but usually have a really hard time doing so, so they lend themselves very well to this sort of werewolf story.

Context: A little ways into our game we find a bank covered in vines and abandoned so obviously we are gonna loot it. Trying to get into a vault we did some weird shit. Also I am a 6'9" Dragonborn Monk

DM: Okay you are now directly below the vault. How do you want to proceed?
Monk(me): How tall are the ceilings?
DM: About 15’. Why what are you gonna do?
Monk (me): *turns to the rest of the groups* Okay guys. You (Will, our wizard) are gonna fling Anakin (druid) into the air and then I am going to jump up and Anakin will fling me up so I can cast shatter at the ceiling.
DM: ……
Anakin: I’m down.
Will: Yeah let’s do this.
DM: You know you all have to roll perfectly for this to work.
Group: *nods*
DM: Alright roll.
*we all roll between 15-18*
DM: Well since ya’ll are crazy, that plans works. The ceiling breaks leaving a hole to the vault but just big enough to where you fucker (me) can’t fit but everyone else can.