of the mars wongs

I spent more of my childhood imagining how I would live in the Star Wars universe than I did imagining being an adult in ours. … When I was old enough to understand what a “movie” was – that it was just a thing people made up and not an actual alternate universe I was viewing through a rectangular portal – I was even more amazed. How can a human brain even conceive of something like Darth Vader, or The Force or … any of it?

These days I know that the roots of Star Wars go back to 1912, when Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a novel about a human having a swashbuckling space adventure called A Princess of Mars. It was the first mainstream hit that featured a now-familiar formula: spaceships, sword fighting, and magical fantasy shit like telepathy. A decade and a half later, this inspired a writer named Philip Francis Nowlan to create the swashbuckling space adventure Buck Rogers, which launched a wildly successful franchise that spanned radio, TV, film, novels, toys … you name it. Seeing the success of Buck Rogers, a comic strip publisher called King Features Syndicate went to one of its writers and said, “Write us something like that. And we mean exactly fucking like it. Make it rain money up in this shit!” The writer, Alex Raymond, came back with Flash Gordon, a shamefully identical comic strip that debuted in 1934 and launched its own lucrative media empire. … Oh, and the live action Flash Gordon episodes would open with a slanted crawl, stating the “Chapter” and giving some backstory:

This is what George Lucas grew up watching. Flash Gordon was his Star Wars. An adult George Lucas, hot off the enormously successful American Graffiti, tried to buy the rights to Flash Gordon to turn it into a big-budget film franchise. They couldn’t come to terms on a deal, so Lucas just decided to just write his own version. That’s all it was.

“5 Things Star Wars Fans Don’t Understand About Star Wars” by David Wong

HOLY CRAP!!! Neda is STRATEGIC AS HELL!!! K Big Brother, just end the show already and crown her the winner, PLEASE!

I have so many mixed emotions about Neda’s gameplay. The following displays just that:

Her strategic, Vancouver-based self has me going like…

So to all those Neda-haters out there saying that she’s a b!tch and all, y'all need to stop your chirping and have several seats because someone as smart and knowledgeable as her KNOWS HOW TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME PROPERLY when everyone else was too busy allowing their egos to get in their way.

Neda Kalantar is working like a hooker on Yonge Street!

So let’s sit back and watch Neda slay her way to the finale like so…

The end. Have a nice day :D