of the kama sutra

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Cas and Dean reenact the gay kama sutra. Deans favorite is sitting in his boyfriends lap, his back pressed against the angels chest, slowly rocking on the thick cock in his ass. Cas is all for it, loving the easy access to pert nipples and a leaking cock.

They try lots of things. Sometimes Dean tops, but most of the time he doesn’t. Cas loves being able to see Dean’s face. Missionary, in a chair, against a wall, that sort of thing.

Dean loves feeling safe. He loves Cas over his back, pinning him down, being surrounded by him. And he loves to sit on Cas’s dick, wrapped up in his arms as Cas kisses his neck, strokes his cock, plays with his nipples. Sometimes they bring out the clamps, or a cock ring, or they tie dean’s hands behind his back, so all he can do is bounce.

Dean just loves to sit on his boyfriend and show him a good time, riding him at varying speeds, completely at the mercy of Cas’s hands, his whims and desires. He can do whatever he wants to Dean when he’s like this and it drives Dean mad. 

Cybertronian Kama Sutra

Or I was writing a story and ended up here.

In my research for science! for a fick I am writing I learned a bit about Kama Sutra. Surprise, surprise, it is more than just a book with description of fun sexytimes, in fact most of it is devoted to how to better live with your spouse (People who know better, correct me if I am wrong here). 

So I had an idea about Cybertronian version of Kama Sutra and how the content might differ depending on where the authors were from. 

Like if it was written by Vosians - would it include suggestions on how to keep a trine happy?

If it was written by Praxians - would it have chapters describing the spiritual bonding one could reach through doorwing stimulation? 

Would a Kaonite author include suggestions on how to treat the wounds of your gadiator mate?

Would Iaconian version have tips on how to discretely show affection when in public?

Discussions are welcome.

Only Read Kama Sutra In 140 Characters Or Less

Slow sensuality is a thing of the past. The days of soft touches and building tensions are over; we live in a world moving on a conveyor belt.

Speaking of belts, take yours off. We haven’t got time to waste, the clock is ticking, minute hand moving faster than yours are and that is unacceptable.

Everything ends with rewards; we are a conditioned system. What are you working for? Pay check, loan, orgasm.

Your innermost desires are now reflected in uncomfortable tags on a lonely blog. Nothing is sacred, what a funny thought. Nowadays, nothing is private. 

Remember the days of soft touches and building tension?

I can’t.