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That defense for the Judy and Gideon ship is a load of crap. That whole ship is nothing but a fantasy of perverted, sexist furries who want to see her abandon the respectable career and the healthy relationship she has with Nick, turning her into some doting housewife for some white trash fox who´d probably be abusive to her too. It´s just as bad as forcing her to be with some male bunny just so she could have babies . Talk about spitting in the face of everything the movie taught its audience.

Congratulations! You are my first experience with internet hate/flaming/somthing idk what is this argument?

It’s a ship…its fantasy simply by being a ship that is unconfirmed. Judy x Nick, apart of a one line tease at the end, is unconfirmed despite their chemistry.  you can ship anything you want - i choose to ship judy and gideon. you choose judy and nick. we do not have similar interests, but that doesn’t mean you can hate it, and flame others, simply because you dislike this ship.

Judy would not give up a promising career to be a home person. if anything they would need to work with her schedule.

I think we saw a completely different movie. Zootopias overt lesson was that institutionalized prejudice needs to be overcome to grow and change.

Change is the second one. the movie is all about taking a character trope and playing with it to make something different and better. Tough no nonsense Chief Bogo/loves pop stars. Sly connman Nick Wilde/Feels he’s trapped by what others assume about him. Proactive rule skirting Judy Hopps/has a secret dislike of predators she never considered she had.

All of them changed.

Bogo learned to be proud of his pop love and not hide it. Nick learned to not let his species define all that he is. Judy learned that she had negative ideas about predators that she consciously had to realize to overcome.

Gideon Grey was a bully who had allot of self doubt that manifested as rage and aggression. He learned that he was a jerk, and like the rest, he aimed to change that.

I like one ship, you like another. Let’s just embrace variety cuz their is plenty more Nick and Judy, then Judy and Gideon.

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