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Hi! I was just reading Alex Rider and came across a part that mentioned Alex beating up a group of bullies and it got me wondering. If trained child combatant who was going to a normal public school how would the school as a whole (faculty, parents and students) react to of a story circulating regarding a kid taking on five and going to the ex-special forces levee of brutality to win? How could it be covered up?

Looking at the real world, if you have a kid who’s been getting training from their parent… look, this shouldn’t happen. Most responsible adults with advanced combat  training won’t teach it to their kids. Most. But, it does happen. You will occasionally run across kids who’ve had police or military hand to hand training. They have a parent who’s a cop, or spent tours oversees. The kid may be responsible with this information. Or, something like this could (and does) happen. Maybe it was some misguided, “teaching them to fight,” machismo by their parent. Maybe the kid just wasn’t quite stable, or simply made a miscalculation. There’s a lot of potential factors.

The result is pretty messy, however. Criminal investigations, of both the parent and the child. Depending on the severity of whatever they meted out, you may be looking at criminal charges, potentially being charged as an adult. A kid snaps, gouges out the eyes of an opponent, and kills another by crushing their trachea, and you could easily see a kid in modern America sentenced to +25 years in prison. This can easily spill over onto their parents. It’s not hard to see a situation where an older kid could get their younger siblings taken by CPS in order to, “protect,” them from the parent responsible for this training in the first place.

There’s also a real liability issue for the school and the kid’s parents. If you’re wondering about the idea of a cover-up in the real world, that would be stopped dead by civil litigation. Say whatever you want about America being overly litigious, but things like this are why tort law exists. This would also become a factor regardless of the bullies being alive after the encounter. Someone trained this kid; they’re responsible. Someone let this kid wander around free, waiting for something like this to happen (even if they didn’t know); they’re responsible. This means, even if he kills all the bullies, and there’s no witnesses, you still couldn’t bury this thing fast enough.

The irony here is, even if the bullies provoked this response, it’s still indefensible, and in the eyes of everyone the kid who went too far, and started turning people into meat origami, and they will be held responsible.

This is something every martial artist lives with’ the more training you have, the less force you’re allowed to use to defend yourself. The thought process goes (accurately) that you need to apply less force to ensure your safety, and that of others. It becomes far easier to become the aggressor, legally. This still applies to your kid. Age really isn’t a factor in that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a teen or an adult, with advanced hand to hand training. They go off and start killing people, even in self defense, it’s going to be viewed far more carefully than if a white belt screwed up and accidentally killed a mugger.

So, yeah, that’s not going to be fun.

There’s another factor here worth remembering, bullies are looking for easy victims. They don’t always succeed in finding them, and they probably couldn’t tell you how they identify their potential victims. Normally, bullies will avoid someone with combat training. This isn’t intentional behavior, so much as a subconscious response. Martial training builds self-confidence. In turn, this makes them look less like ideal victims to a bully. Somewhat obviously, it’s not 100%. Some people really are too stupid to live, but that tends to be a self-solving issue.

So, let’s put this back in its intended perspective for a minute. Or at least, as much as I can, having never read the Alex Rider books.

You’re an intelligence agency that just took complete leave of its senses and trained a teenager to be a superspy. They then took that training and used it on civilians? Your next phone call is to get a cleaner on site to bullet the kid in the back of the head, and dump them in a landfill, hog farm, or whatever’s nearby, then pretend that kid never existed in the first place. Let everything after that become one more mystery, because really who’ll notice?

After all, if you couldn’t trust them to keep their training secret, what hope do you have that they won’t flip and start spewing classified information to anyone with a badge or a gun? You can’t afford that. No one can.

Worst case, leaving the body where it landed won’t really lead back to your doorstep. There’s an awkward truth to homicide investigations: If the killer and victim are total strangers, it can become damn near impossible to identify them. A cleaner with an unregistered .44 can leave your teen spy in a pool of their own blood, and slip the perimeter before the local PD figures out what happened. They’re used to giving authoritarian regimes the slip; what are the NYPD going to do? Seal Manhattan over one homicide? Yeah, right.

Not killing the kid and just turning them loose will result in a psychologically unstable rogue agent who may have information you really don’t want in the wild, and their cover is now blown. So any rival groups could potentially make a play for them, or try to disappear them for their own use. That’s another big problem, but hey, it’s a tough world. Hell, even M threatened to have James Bond killed at least once, right?

Also, having a kid flip out like this is a training failure for your agency. I mean, it’s one thing when we’re talking about some guy who was teaching their kid Krav Maga in their basement,  but if you’re supposed to be a respectable intelligence agency, you really needed to make sure your spy would actually be able to operate in the field. That doesn’t mean shirking the issue of bullies, but it does mean finding other, more creative, ways to neutralize them. Not necessarily non-violent means, though those would be preferable. Planting evidence, framing them for crimes, or just straight up blackmailing them into public confessions are all on the table, but taking the direct approach for no substantive gain? No, that’s just bad tradecraft. It exposes the kid, it exposes your agency, and it does this for no benefit.

If there’s a lesson for your writing, it’s that no one is too important to kill if they become a big enough problem. I realize this kind of flips the script on the superspy genre. But, given the provided scenario, there’s no compelling reason not to snuff them. Any cover-up needs to start with tying up loose ends. That means the kid and anyone he confided in. Best case, just him. Worst case, it’s time to dig out the tarps and deep six a few friends and acquaintances. Just be quick, clean, and make sure there’s nothing left that can tie back to you, and you’re golden.

Now, this doesn’t mean that assassinating the kid needs to be successful. The odds aren’t in their favor, but they could find a way to survive. I mean, the entire Bourne film franchise is based off a rogue agent working against his old handlers (the novels are slightly different). But, it is the reasonable response, especially when working in a genre that goes through supporting characters like popcorn. It’s easy to sit back and think, “well, that doesn’t apply to this character, because they’re one of the main characters.” Splat. Not so much, it seems.

One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged (in genre fiction) is to find ways to subtly violate the conventions of your genre by remaining true to the nature of your characters. Especially if those characters are baked into the genre itself. The superspy genre is (usually) very lethal, selectively. It kills off characters who aren’t important to the narrative. It will wax the mentor, the old friend, people your protagonist cares about, because it’s expected. But, it rarely turns around and puts a bullet in the protagonist because they became too much of a problem… unless you’re Sean Bean.

It’s probably worth saying, in closing, you really can’t train a teenager as a spy. Maybe for sigint, but not spies like you think of them. Working in human intelligence includes a staggering amount of psychological pressure. Most adults can’t handle it. Part of the training process is about screening out recruits that simply wouldn’t be able to survive the job. While you could subject a teenager to this, their chances of coming out the side as a functional operative, or even alive, are extremely low. It’s one thing to wave this for because you’re looking at the superspy genre, but that operates with a comfortable disconnection from reality. When you start asking, “but, how would this actually work?” Everything starts to come apart at the seams.


Since I didn’t work a reference in along the way, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is still a fantastic look at spies, and absolutely worth your time. Amusingly, it’s not the first novel in the series, but is an excellent book.

Also, I’ll say it again, the first couple seasons of Burn Notice are a fantastic tradecraft primer. They’re not perfect, but the narrator offers a lot of excellent insight into how to exploit human nature.

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Unlucky Steam key scammer calls electronics, gets the dumbest employee in the world

When I worked at Walmart, I went from cart pusher->cashier->electronics->security. Sometimes after I switched to security, when electronics was really swamped, I’d help out for a few minutes. One day, the phone was ringing and I was walking by and randomly answered it.

Sir Scamalot: “Hello, sir, this is Steam Support services with Valve.”

Instantly, of course, I know this is a scam. I adore valve and played so many of their games too. I can’t believe my luck! Of all the calls to answer! Surprisingly he didn’t have some weird accent.

Me: “Oh, uh… what can I do for you?”

Sir Scamalot: “We’ve had reports that game keys shipped to your location may have an error that prevents it from authenticating, specifically the game Counter Strike. We need to validate your game keys to see if your affected.” [I forget which CS was on sale then, this was 2008].

Me: “Oh, what do I do?” As if I didn’t know.

Sir Scamalot: “Well I just need you to open any copies of the game you have and read me the CD key on the instruction manual so I can verify them with our validation software.” [or on the jewel case, I don’t remember that either]

Me: “Sure thing, can I put you on hold for a minute while I get those?”

Sir Scamalot: [obviously happy] “Sure!”

So I put Sir Scamalot on hold while I called all the other area stores electronics department and warned them about the scammer and confirmed nobody had taken a call like this earlier. About 15 minutes later, I get back to Scamalot.

Me: “Thanks for holding, but I can’t find any CD keys. I looked all through the book and the packages.”

Sir Scamalot: [annoyed] “Well sir, just open any copy of Counter Strike and on the-”

Me: “Oh, COUNTER STRIKE! I thought you said Counting Strikes, that bowling game, ok, hold on!”

Everyone in the department is listening and we all laugh. 10 minutes later, I’m back on the line.

Me: “Ok, I got what you’re looking for! What do you need?”

Now I make him walk me through how to open the box, including interrogating him for 5 minutes about how to do it without breaking the seal, then pretend I can’t find the book, etc etc.

Finally, I’m ready to read the code!

First, I read him the UPC. This upsets him. Then I read him a part number from something. Now he’s livid. Finally, I ask if he means the code on the book that says “game key” and has like groups of four digits with dashes (like he’s said probably 50 times already) and he gets excited again.

Oh, ok heres the game key…

Me: “Ok F… like frank. U… like uncle. C… like cat.”

Sir Scamalot: “Sir, I don’t think thats right, normally a code would-”

Me: “No, its. F, U, C, then K like kite. Next four is Y like yesterday. O like owl-”

And he swore at me and hung up.

Can people stop talking about how H!P needs to be more like Kpop groups? Not every decision UFA has made was overwhelmingly great, but I like that Jpop and H!P in particular is so different. Honestly, I’d stop following them if they became like a Kpop group because it would mean that the unique aspect of the company is gone.

HYOYEON’s interview for W KOREA, August 2017

Q: Not too long ago, you released your solo ‘Wannabe’. It’s not easy having cute and cool coexist, but they were both there.
HYOYEON: When I promoted my first solo song 'Mystery’, I really wanted to look pretty. Looking back, it seemed like I lost a lot of my own color. This time, I wanted to show a greater performance. Recently, I keep looking to Janet Jackson and Madonna’s videos. Seeing Janet Jackson’s group dance, popping and locking, it revived my interest in that type of choreography.

Q: What compliment do you like hearing the most?
HYOYEON: I’m thirsty for compliments, so I like pretty much any compliment (laughs). Honestly, in the past, I liked being told I’m pretty, that I’ve gotten prettier. Now, I like being told I’m charming the most. Because it means I have my own color.

Q: Then what kind of efforts did you put in when you wanted to look pretty?
HYOYEON: I monitored myself a lot. Especially when I monitored my members, I would find their positives and tried to accept what I needed to.

Q: Normally, people only monitor themselves. Hearing you monitored not yourself, but your members more, this is an uncommon remark (laughs).
HYOYEON: At that time I didn’t even know how differently I would look between my reflection in the mirror and on screen. It just felt like I wasn’t appearing on screen the way I wanted to express. Am I not putting in enough effort? Do I not know how to express myself? I thought about various things, and it turns out you don’t look pretty just because you work hard. The reason I monitored my members is because I felt there was a reason they were being told they were pretty a lot. It seems when the general public speaks in unison, they’re usually right.

Q: Seeing how you’re saying all of this, it seems you have a different mindset now. If you’re this honest, it seems like you wouldn’t have tried to hide your feelings from your members at the time.
HYOYEON: During 'Tell Me Your Wish’, Yuri’s tanned legs coming down from her shorts, and all her styling looked pretty in my eyes. So I even told her, 'This song is made for you’. And then Yuri would feel shy.

picture credits: GGPM
translation credits: ch0sshi

OKAY SO, JUST, HEAR ME THE FUCK OUT so Ryuji hits on Hifumi while she’s out in the city looking idle & she actually agrees to go on a date. absolutely picture Ryuji bursting into the group chat like GUYS YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS I GOT A DATE and Ann’s like you’re right I don’t believe it.

they go on a couple dates and have fun, Ryuji sees her in The Shogi Zone & when she’s like ‘you don’t think it’s weird?’ and he’s like ‘I mean it’s a little weird but honestly all my friends are way weirder so w/e’ and after a couple more dates he’s like ‘sssooooooo I like you, but I’m not really getting the impression that you’re really interested in dating??’ & they talk it out, it was honestly petty rebellion against her mother because her mom’s treating her as some sort of idol so she can’t date, and that didn’t bother her before it was a rule but that kind of control was really messing with her, but now she’s wondering if there’s something wrong with her because she still doesn’t care about dating??? at all???? so they talk about attraction & interest & Hifumi asks why Ryuji was interested in her in the first place and he’s like ‘it’s ‘cause you’re cute‘ and Hifumis like ‘that’s all it takes? that’s how it’s supposed to be??’ & after jammin it out some more, you ready for this, Here Comes Another Aro/Ace Headcanon.

so ryuji’s like ‘hey, you don’t have to force yourself to date me’, & hifumi’s like ‘but this is the closest thing I’ve had to a friendship’ and ryuji’s just. 1) not ending a romantic relationship because you’re worried about ruining a friendship is the exact opposite of how the usual thing plays out, 2) if Hifumi still wants to be friends Ryuji’s game, He Cares About Her and not just in only girlfriend way, 3) DOES NO ONE AT KOSEI TALK TO EACH OTHER??? JEEZ. 

anyway Ryuji sets up Yusuke and Hifumi to be friends. tells Hifumi to play shogi in front of Yusuke. Hifumi asks if Yusuke would think she’s weird and Ryuji’s like ‘nah he’ll totally be like woah! that passion! I gotta draw it! or something.‘ Ryuji texts Yusuke a pic of Hifumi & sends a message like ‘hey eat lunch with this girl tomorrow. ALSO, EAT LUNCH.’

and that’s how no one ended up dating each other and also friendship.

(but Hifumi helps Yusuke confess later. they approach it Super Tactically & treat it like strategizing shogi. Love Is A Battlefield. rip in pieces ryuji.)

(2) cause when you think about it, he’s too ashamed to do anything out of his comfort zone, and when you think about putting your whole life and career on the line (and not just his own, but the whole group’s) don’t you think he would be careful w/ it? maybe he does care (i’m not saying that he doesn’t and is being reckless with his relationship), but just wants to be with Jong_in, and maybe my answer is that he doesn’t see anything bad with their relationship (hypothetically speaking)

(3) I’m sorry if i offended anyone, it’s just i needed to ask someone this and i think you’re the perfect one to answer me :) btw i love your blog, and I love Kai_soo more than anything out there, so I was just wondering :) keep being perf, my fellow shipper <33

Hi anon! 

Well I can somewhat understand what you mean.

But I think that since they’ve been together since even before they were famous, which should be around 6 years now, and they’ve been through both happy and difficult times together, that their love is too strong and solid to let go of? I think that they’re both taking a big risk, but that it’s a risk worth taking when it comes to true love? I know it sounds cheesy af, but I really do believe that that’s the case here. 

I think that rather than letting their relationship get adjusted by their fame, that they’d rather adjust the fame TO their relationship. And it seems like they’ve managed that quite well tbh. 

So I wouldn’t regard that as “not adding up”, just cuz smth is risky doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s the risks that teaches you a thing or two in life, and I think that by them being together and taking that risk, that they’re better ppl because of it, and have learned a lot about each other as well as individually. I also don’t think that kd are the only ones in the industry that are dealing with being attracted to ppl of the same sex either, so..   

I hope this somehow made sense? Take care of yourself anon!


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

For my day off, I’ll be updating a lot of the blog’s information, since so much has changed since i first threw this thing together. For you guys, this means I’m updating the FAQ, and hoping to add some new community connection features, because you guys are great and I want to connect with you. Group hug!


First, do you guys have any FAQs I can put in the FAQ section? Any small or big little inquiries you’ve been wondering and would like to toss my way? It would make my job a lot easier, because hey, I know everything about this project already. You guy’s don’t. 

Second, how to connect with you guys. I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do when school starts, and tho I won’t be updating the comic, (I’ll post something else about that later in more detail it’s still a month away) I will die if I have to live without you all for four months (or however long a school year is I have no idea). On that note, what do you guys think about drawing livestreams? I’d LOVE to do some livestreams with you guys during the school year to keep myself fresh and give you kids something to enjoy. But any other suggestions? Discord? Twitch? Any suggestions for new comic platform sites/blogs?

Thank guys! Please let me know your feedback, more than just a like. I really want to open a discussion about all this and connect with you guys more than I have had time to before. 


- Admin

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i have an honest question, don't mean to start discourse, but not all bi women are attracted to men? some are just nb ppl and gals. what about their relationship to the d slur?

(Part 2) since the term is only directed at lesbians, only lesbians have the right to reclaim the term (just like butch/femme are terms invented and used exclusively by the lesbian community and thus are exclusively lesbian terms) -A lesbian

so if someone is a lesbian that means they are attracted to women. this includes woman-aligned folks who are nb. 

it’s kind of iffy to me if someone says “i’m attracted to x and nb people” because it’s grouping together all nonbinary people. some nonbinary people are masc-aligned in which case you shouldn’t call yourself a lesbian if you’re attracted to masc aligned nb people.

that’s just my two cents

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hey did you know... that being ace..... doesn't mean that you can't be aphobic.... wow what a concept.... i've barely looked through your blog so i have no idea if you're aphobic or not but when you say shit like "they ignored the fact that i'm ace when they called me aphobic" you're discrediting yourself. people who say shit like that obviously don't know as much as they think they do. maybe you've literally never said anything aphobic, but dismissing criticism with "but i'm ace!" is bullshit

no offense but when i say “actually i’m ace” in response to people calling me “aphobic” it’s bc i’m being told that i don’t understand ace-specific experiences and/or discrimination.

i’m fully aware that being a member of a group doesn’t mean i can’t be offensive towards that group.

How differently would the X-Men and their mission be seen by the audience and the writers if they were a real minority rather than a group of mutants? If they were a group of black people training together and running a school exclusively for black children? 

I’ve always felt that the way the X-Men are framed by the writers and the fandom as the moderates to the Brotherhood’s radicals relies on a kind of privilege that the X-Men wouldn’t have if they stood for any real-world minority. In this drawing, I chose to make them black, but it’s hard not to imagine a group of trans or disabled activists being seen as similarly controversial by the majority. Putting together a group of minorities like that isn’t politically neutral or moderate, and framing it as such reveals the failure of the writers to connect their metaphor to real-world oppression. People who would balk at real-world activists so much as being mean on Twitter to white supremacists will write the X-Men casually contemplating the murder of fictional bigots. 

It’s easy to stand against fictional oppression. It’s a lot harder to stand against oppression when doing so might threaten the very real status quo that the writer and the audience live in. 

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Do people not actually know that the reason that PETA is the face of the Animal Rights movement is because they're one of the least radicalized, "public friendly" animal rights groups? I mean, sure, PETA wants to euthanize your pets, but they're not setting ranger stations on fire or sending white powder through the post like the other ones.

Literally though. The animal liberation front is literally labelled a terrorist organisation. Animal rights groups are notoriously violent groups, that actually abuse and harm the animals they claim to “care” about.   

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Oh god if there's gonna be a Justice League movie trailer AND Infinity War teaser, it means we might have to deal with a group of people taking screencaps from both videos just to say "see? marvel shows us how a good superhero team up movie looks like. so bright and colorful, looks fun. but the other one is trying too hard to look fun. take notes, DC!"

Pretty much. I could care less about the preferences of a bunch of overgrown children who can’t enjoy anything without acting like that. 

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Have you not been reading or listening to what Camila had said in her interview? Oh wait no you haven't cause you have no interest in her. SHE WASNT HAPPY TO BE IN THE GROUP THATS WHY THERE WERE TENSION. Working her and the girls to the bone takes a toll on you and being with the same people for the longest can irritate you. That doesn't mean they weren't friends. "Yes they had their moments" bro if they weren't friends what's the point in "having their moments" with each other?

show me when and where i said she wasn’t not happy there? i don’t recall saying that, please and what about the others? none were happy with the situation that was going on, like it or not it had an effect on their relationship as friends.

are you really closing your eyes to what happened between them 5? the only thing that always kept bringing them together was DINAH, other than that they barely acted like friends… dinah was the one who made them come together but there was no friendship, friends go out together and do things friends do, she didn’t hang out with them but they came together for the sake of dinah lol

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Meiko is a very shy girl and a transfer student to boot. She was blushing heavily even before she saw Taichi. seeing him simply startled her further, but she did not blush differently. It looks like she quickly avoided him. It was a small shock for her to see her neighbor in the same class as her. It means that school will also follow her home.

@yesyoshiposts offered the same explanation and I actually think this makes a lot of sense, I had never thought about how being classmates with a neighbour might be uncomfortable for some. 

And as for the fact that she blushes like crazy in the hallway, well she probably just really doesn’t enjoy having a whole group of strangers stare at her.

Yes I think these explanations are very plausible explanations :) Thanks for suggesting the neighbour aspect that I would have never thought of. Good deduction skills!

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Dude y'all are like 5. Having your moments means hate is exhausting. I had a group of coworkers who HATED each other behind their backs but would have to smile and be friendly in front of the boss and clients. Also some days, people just try to get along because you get tired of fighting. When u can't do that, you just avoid each other. It's hard to make up when ur forced to be around each other when ur angry. It makes it worse. All their friends and family hate each other guys. It's real.

thank YOU!!!

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Girl groups are held to a higher standard than their male counterparts and they are expected to always maintain a spotless public image. One "scandal" is more likely to ruin a female idol's career than a male's. And girl group songs ALWAYS have a higher dislike to like ratio than boy groups on music videos because people will search to the ends of the universe for one tiny flaw in whatever girl groups are doing.

From a person who idolises and stans Hobi as their bias, this makes me mad. It makes me mad that my out hobi, our sunshine, our beautiful beam of light has to say ‘who like me.’ There is so many things that j-hope does for BTS, they all contribute into their group and people just put down the members like it means nothing. How can you call yourself a ‘lover of BTS’ when all you do is criticise the one member that is never down, who is always smiling, who is literally a fucking god? I’m not saying you have to stan hobi and praise him like I and millions of other people do but don’t put someone down just because you feel like it. If you love BTS, then you LOVE BTS. You love each member with all your heart, you love their music, their dancing, their voice, their choices, their flaws. Everyone says that ‘j-hope is ugly without make up.’ Um excuse you, j-hope if fucking beautiful, with or without make up. Just because he doesn’t cake his face like you do everyday doesn’t mean he’s not pretty. He’s my hope, he’s your hope. He’s our angel. And we will protect him and love him for who he is and the decisions he make.

Thank you all for loving and supporting BTS, may we forever accept them and love them for who they are and who they become in the future.

Edit: to everyone saying that this was translated wrong I get you boo, but I’m still bringing this to everyone’s attention that Hobi still deals with stuff like this. There are still people in OUR fandom, OUR ARMY that makes him feel this way. So please, understand that I’m just bringing something important to the table and dishing it out to everyone who reads it. I didn’t think this would get big but it did and I’m glad to see so many Hoseok stans and even just other people part of BTS ARMY sharing love and kindness. Thank you all so much for the love and support you show BTS. I’m sure if they saw how much you all cared and stood up for each member they would be proud. Love you all and spread the love 💕💕🤗🤗