of the fountain

Tadah! A few Pyropes and their strict trainer Lava Plume Agate! ( my new bb )
 The three Pyropes on the left are available for adoption if you want them and you can change them up a bit if you wish though i do request you keep them fairly similar to their OG design. Ill let you know when theyve been claimed

Ill draw a reference for Lava Plume Agate probs tomorrow tbh. 
Have any Questions about Pyropes or Agate let me know!

Lava Plume Agate !
The strict trainer of igneous formed gems like Pyrope and obsidian. This agate is not afraid to whip you into shape but can also be a friend for you to confide in. She is strong and passionate. Very determined to make you who you’re supposed to be.
She hones a barbed whip which flickers with flames at every lash.
She is stationed inside a large volcano base.

Feel free to fuse with her, draw her, or ask questions about her !


By Keith Bowden on Flickr