of the eps

Here’s something I drew yesterday! It’s very simple, but I just really wanted to draw Lich Lup,,, 

So here’s Taako cracking open a magic umbrella; episode 67 hell y eah


“It does bring back memories…”

The latest episode was so cute!! I’m so happy to finally be seeing more of Sarada and Sakura! This scene reminded me of a shot we took back in January, I’d like to think they’ll come back together one day. Their first date spot actually looks just like the place we went on our first date so I’m very happy. <3


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au where jimin and jeongguk have just gotten married and are on their honeymoon. they’re in a city they’ve never visited before, so it’s not surprising that they do get lost when trying to find places. but they’re young and they’re in love, they don’t mind getting lost as long as they’ve got each other.

“come on, this way. let’s go, baby.”
“are you sure it’s this way?”
“yes i’m sure! 100% sure!”