of the ep

  • Anti r/ylos: searches in the reylo tag, saves screen shots of reylo material, then proceeds to bitch about said material on blog.
  • Also anti r/ylos: can't believe I saw this with my own two eyes!1!
  • Me: well Brenda, if you would have stayed in your own fucking lane and not gone purposely searching for material that ain't your business, you wouldn't have seen it, and you wouldn't feel the need to bitch about it.

Links to watch it on Tumblr HERE or on Vlive CH+ HERE

  • Jin and Hoseok’s food dance is back
  • Jhope asking Jin to not play with food. Jin telling him “But I am the one who’s eating it” savagery man
  • BTS trying to harmonize the intro and failing like everytime / because Giving the same excuse as usual “It is still the morning”
  • Jimini cute way of drinking (LIKE YOU WILL DIE IT IS SHO CUTE)
  • Jimin asking for cooking tips from Jin and trying to crush rice with his smol hands
  • Jin turning a potato peeler into a knife. Jhope into a razor and JK into a clipper … the amount of EXTRA … While Jimin is singing in the backround
  • Jin then goes to cook in peace in the back a recipe he learned from a chef (That boy knife skills are no joke)
  • We discover that Rapmon minced the bones with the chicken then asks Jin if he can eat them. Jin “Am I a dog?” is pure gold
  • Taetae batteling the lid of a blender for minutes just to give it to jin that opens it in a second (Jin is a hero with no cape in the kitchen I swear)
  • V takes super care of the squirell bowl as he cleans it multiple times it is so cute seing him all focused
  • Rapmon vs the clock who does not wanna stand and that keeps falling (Rapmon the genius just disappears once near a stove)
  • RM found pots when asked to bring serving plates. Then thought of this genius idea of pairing a green pot with Jungkook’s red plate to express traffic lights????? then find streaming dim sum … Hobi became hopeless with that hyung’s ideas …
  • Jin pitying the lonely potato he found on the floor (what a big heart)
  • Jungkook’s magic show featuring the glued potatoes continues
  • Jin was all the time next to Namjoon (Namjin shippers are still making dolphin noises)
  • Jhope, Rapmon and Jungkook deviding the chores perfectly (Team work=BTS)
  • We discover that our golden maknae who is good at everything is good at doing the dishes too as he did them in Busan (Why you so perfect boi)
  • JK tip for clean dishes: Rince with cold water to get ride of the soap residue (If JK said it it must be true)
  • Rapmon singing Cypher while doing the dishes was goals
  • JK thanking Rapmon out of the blue was so cute
  • Surprisingly RM didn’t break any dishes nor cut any finger (Our prayes reached)

By @mimibtsghost