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Sherlock going to Mrs.H for advice on flirting and trying to be "sexy" to attract John, but of course Sherlock would put his own spin on it so for example. " Sherlock, you need to make eye contact, also maybe treat him to a nice dinner or something. " S:" Got it." * insert all the gifs of the prolonged eye fu-.. I meaning "staring"* and also him taking John to the italin place. " Sherlock make good convo" * John asks if sherlock is gay, basically says yes but in his very sherlock way*

He will be so extra :’)

I have a few days a little apathetic, and I only want to draw them together,  I want to cry with only look at them ;___;

Robin Hobb © Rote

No spoilers, please. I know who is Bee, a part of ending of Fool’s Fate , and a bit details of Fool’s assassin and Fool’s quest. In fact, I know everything that happens to the Fool. I don’t know when will be published Fool’s fate in Spain.

to-my-beloved-fandoms  asked:

OMG!!! I love me some god old Jelly!John but even better?.. Jelly!Sherlock. * fans myself* Like after John meets with his old military buddy for the wedding, which you can totally see that they had a thing in the past. John gets flirted with by him and Sherlock, later. Grabs John and presses him up against a wall and growls, then just has a hot make out session with him.

Jealous Sherlock is precious. It is rare to get a glimpse of it. But it is beautiful to watch. xD

carlos wishes that cecil would be more confident in himself. carlos knows that cecil is beautiful in ever way, and feels as if his husband sometimes doesn’t give himself enough credit! he is the most beloved voice of night vale after all. he makes sure to remind cecil how endearing and lovely he is, which is always received with a blush and a kiss to the cheek.

I LOVED the episode

I loved everything about this episode, it was SO good. Can someone save that precious little girl please? Now would be good! Magnus can do it. He can apparently do anything and everything. He is the best thing that has ever happened to anyone ever. GOD, I love him.

This is what I wrote immediately after I watched the episode:

You know what I’m REALLY good at? Blocking things from my mind. Is it good for my mental health? Fuck no! Is it proving mega useful in this case of ‘the worst sex scene that was never actually written?’ You bet. So, no matter what anyone says, they did not have sex and instead had a tic-tac-toe battle. Aaaah, sweet oblivion. And the show itself is so helpful!! I mean, they are completely ignoring their most beloved couple´s first time! It´s pretty funny when you think about it. And btw, my absolute fury (when I don´t block it) it’s not the consent thing. Alec would never. It’s the blatant mockery. Putting Jace’s whatever that was in the same episode with malec playing backgammon? Rude. Lol I’m laughing now, it’s all good.

This is what I´m thinking 2 hours after:

I genuinely still believe they did not have sex and they are just going with the plot. Again, NO ONE confirmed it. Even Jace said he just felt Alec was happier. So yeah, I still think they didn´t do it. I may be very naive and ignorant, but I still think they are doing this intentionally. And I mean, no one has any real proof they did it, so I am choosing to go with the option that does not make me want to kill someone. You all can be angry, I will happily live alone in my virginal Alec world.



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