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What if Tom Holland breaks his nose so many times that it falls off and he plays Voldemort in the Harry Potter reboot 30 years from now

Thor: Ragnarok

welcome to another movie masterpost by me, and holy SHIT where do i begin. Let it be known that Loki has me fucking WHIPPED and Tom Hiddleston is a terrific actor

  • when he kept turning in the opening scene 
  • when he drops Mjölnir into that fire things’ mouth (i feel like that technique should’ve been used more often)
  • the music???? amazing
    • im really glad marvel is sorta going back to old classic rock songs and bright colors for their movies like it’s really great
  • Matthew fucking Damon???? Luke fucking Hemsworth???? amazing
  • I love how Thor just fuckin yeets his hammer to prove it’s Loki like how Extra
  • “You had one job. Just the one!”
  • their outfits when they get to earth are amazing those were some Looks™ 
  • “I’m not a witch.”   “Oh, really? Then why did you dress like one?”
  • I love Stephen Strange with all my heart
  • the way he fell out of the portal
  • the way Loki looks at Odin when he says “my sons” and “i love you” like  f u c k  i am capital d Dying
  • when they change their outfits 
  • Hela is amazing 
    • her outfit was dope
    • but get her out of those lil heels i still see that (i’m just salty about superwomen having heels)
  • the way she just fuckin shatters Mjölnir with so little effort 
  • “I’m just a janitor”
  • the way Hela like fell/flipped into the tomb thing was so dope
  • Fenris is a lorge boy but a good boy nontheless 
  • those arm gun things that Valkyrie had were pretty cool
  • Jeff Goldblum is an amazing actor and the Grandmaster is such a cool character
  • “Trash.”    “Were you just waiting to call her that? That doesn’t even start with a B.”
    • pretty much every interaction btw the Grandmaster and Topaz was hilarious
  • how excited Thor was when he saw Loki in the grandmaster’s place
  • “I pardon you….from life.”
  • That little shimmy the grandmaster does when he’s eyeballing Loki
  • i know i overexaggerate everything that i say both in real life and on this site but literally everything that came out of Korg’s mouth made me laugh my fucking ass off including:
    • “Oh yeah, it’s like a circle…but like, a freaky circle.”
    • “Piss off, ghost!”
    • “Hey man.”
    • “Oh my god, the hammer pulled you off?”
    • “Guys can we please clean the weapons off after your fight?”
  • i found out that the movie did like a Make-a-Wish thing and this kid was chillin with Chris Hemsworth and was like “Yeah it’d be funny if when you saw Hulk you were like ‘he’s a friend from work’” and Chris was like damn good idea bro and just went with it
  • Heimdall is a badass and him fighting was crazy cool to watch
  • I love Valkyrie’s relationship with Hulk 
  • when Thor throws the ball thing at the window and it comes back and hits him, then he jumps up and does that little punch
  • the Loki/Valkyrie fight scene
  • the flashback to when Hela and the valkyries fought was so fucking awesome i got chills when they all came riding in
  • “Welcome, strongest Avenger.”    “hh, what?”
  • i really love @markruffalo and his acting so im gonna tag him in it so he can maybe see this and know that i love him
  • “the sun is going down, it’s getting low, the sun is low,”
  • “Tony wears his pants so…tight.”
  • the way Loki says “surpriiise.”
  • the whole story where Loki turns into a snake to scare and then stab Thor was so fucking funny
    • i also found out that there were so many iterations of that story like im pretty sure Chris Hemsworth changed it every time he did that scene
    • im also like 60% sure that Tom Hiddlestone’s laugh in that scene was real and they just left it in
  • man just that whole elevator scene, like Loki just really loves his bro (also great acting on Chris and Tom’s part)
  • “We’re not doing get help.”     …     “Get help!”
    • alternatively: this bitch empty YEET
  • the biggest sigh left my body when Loki tried to turn Thor in like binch,,,,give it a rest just be kind to ur bro
  • the way Bruce fell out of the ship
  • that absolute power walk by Valkyrie oh my god 
  • as soon as Thor landed on the bridge with his lightning powers i nutted
  • Loki fighting will always be fucking A1 spectacular like wow
  • there’s a meme somewhere on tumblr that’s like “me when i see Loki looking at the Tesseract” and then its that pic of Michael Scott with the “[softly]: don’t” caption and bitch if that ain’t me
  • i was robbed of that hug scene:
    • Thor: “If you were here i might actually hug you.” 
    • Loki: *catches the thing*
    • Loki: “I’m here.”
    • Me: “HUG HIM
  • Thor’s dorky little wave to the Asgardians at the end

wow that was really long but i just rly like this movie and will probably see it 8 more times


A/N: A rather short idea I couldn’t get out of my mind. Writing Imagines during university classes is apparently becoming a habit.

Words: 905

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A Fluffy Night In With Peter Parker...

Originally posted by spiderling--parker

  • You guys have school tomorrow so of course it starts with homework
  • You two would be on his bed with papers spread out around you
  • You just copied all of Peter’s answers
  • And half assed the ones you couldn’t copy
  • You just wanted to make time that you could spend with your precious boyfriend
  • Dinner Time
  • Peter had tried to cook dinnerIt did not go well
  • He almost burned down the house while cooking steak
  • You guys ended up ordering a pizza
  • You hadn’t eaten all day so you started stuffing your mouth with slices
  • “You’re so beautiful when you’re yourself, princess”
  • You tried to smile at him through your pizza mouth
  • At the most random times one of you would turn to the other and peck them on the lips
  • BUT
  • It’s not a night in without a Star Wars Marathon
  • The bean will lay his head down in your lap and beg you to play with his hair
  • When you play with his hair you can hear him silently humming in pleasure
  • Can’t forget the junk food
  • You guys baked brownies earlier for the marathon
  • May had to supervise the baking because she’s afraid you would burn the house down
  • again
  • Whenever you would kiss Peter after eating the brownies he would taste like chocolate
  • By the time the fourth movie rolled around Peter would start to get clingy
  • He removed himself from your lap and just lyed on top of you and clinged to you
  • Then he would start to kiss you everywhere he could reach
  • He wouldn’t even pay attention to the movie anymore
  • “Babe. Babe. Babe”
  • “Peter I’m trying to watch the movie”
  • “Love meeeee”
  • So you would turn the movie off and start making out
  • Eventually you guys got tired though and decided to put on some cheesy rom com
  • Your head rested on his shoulder and his arm was wrapped around you
  • You ended up falling asleep
  • When he heard your breath even out Peter turned off the movie
  • He lifted you up gently and brought you to his bed
  • He climbed in with you and kissed your head
  • “Goodnight, my love”
  • You two fell asleep tangled in each other
  • And very much in love

[During a post battle, the flying Iron Man and War Machine banter]

Tony: Hey, Goose, you big stud!

Rhodey: That’s me, honey.

Tony: Take me to bed or lose me forever.

Rhodey: Show me the way home, honey.

[Bucky and Steve are devastated by this, not knowing the two are quoting Top Gun]

A Misunderstanding

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary/ Request- Hiya I hope I’m not too late would you mind doing a Royal! AU where one of the ladies at court conspire against you so that you would be imprisoned for something you didn’t tho? Queen!Reader x King!Bucky pls

Message- Here’s one of the requests for 1,000! Sorry these aren’t coming out as fast as I said! Schools crazy and it’s just easier to write the stories that are already in my head! Sorry if this sucks!

Word Count- 716 

“He hates me.”  You murmur to your half-brother Clint.

“He doesn’t hate you.” Clint says as he rolls his eyes.

“Yes he does, he barley speaks to me.” You say.

“Maybe he is shy. You have only been married to one another for two weeks.”

“Perhaps, but the ladies of the court do hate me. Even you have to admit that.” You murmur.

“Yeah, they totally do. I bet their jealous. Your husband is very handsome and powerful.” Clint says as he rolls his eyes.

“I would take friendly over handsome and kind over powerful any day.” You whisper.

“Things will get better, I promise.” Clint says. “You should go to bed, warm your husband’s bed.”

“If he’s even there.” You grunt. Then you get up and wander down the hall to the chambers you share with your husband. You open the door and you see Bucky sitting on the bed, facing away from the door. “My King.”

“Bucky, please call me Bucky.” Bucky murmurs as he turns to look at you. “Where have you been, Wife?”

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