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I want to do
Is to cross horizons
Loose my blues,
Touch your freckles everyday.
—  You are my moon , I am your wave🌜 /Methethinkinggirl

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42. "if you don't want to talk about what happened, then say so. dont just lie and say its fine."

[Not really sure where I went with this but???? Have some Archie getting told to get his head outta his ass.]


‘If you don’t want to talk about what happened then just say so.’ Archie sighed as he slung his arm around your shoulder. ‘But Y/N, please don’t lie and say you’re fine.’

'Archie I am fine.’ You sighed exasperatedly, you plastered a smile onto your face and looked up at your very best ginger friend. 'How many times, Ron Weasley, do I have to tell you before you get it in that thick skull of yours - I am not in love with raven-haired angsty teenage friend?’

Playfully you nudged your elbow into his ribs, he stared back at you in disbelief.

'Well-’ he began, 'I’m just saying, hypothetically of course, that if you were upset about Betty and Jughead then it would be okay if you weren’t fine.’

You rolled your eyes at his words, okay maybe you had a little crush on his friend but it was nothing like Archie was making it out to be. Maybe it stung a little bit to walk into the Blue and Gold office to find Jughead tenderly brushing Betty’s cheek. But maybe, maybe Archie was less concerned about your feelings and more concerned about coming to grips with his own.

'Hey Arch,’ you looked up and smiled tenderly at him, 'you know, if hypothetically you were to be a little bit upset about what happened, you could tell me right?’

'What?’ His voice cracked. 'Why would I be upset about it? No I’m happy for them, Jughead deserves to be happy and so - so does Betty.’

'Okay, but I just mean-’ you linked your arm in his, 'Betty told you she liked you only a few weeks ago and now she’s hamming it up with your best friend, you’re confused. But real talk though, you thought she was always going to be there for you to fall back on and now - now she’s moving on.’

'Gee, thanks Y/N.’ Archie muttered bitterly. 'You know hypothetically if I was upset you wouldn’t be making me feel any better.’

'Archie Andrews, you’re my best friend, but you’re also a goddamn idiot and I’m always going to tell you the truth. You had your shot with Betty and you didn’t want it, and now that you can’t have it you want it. She’s not a toy Arch.’

'I know she’s not, Y/N.’ His voice was gruff and filled with frustration. 'I just I don’t know.’

'You want what they have.’ You smiled at him sympathetically. 'Archie, you’re a good guy and one day you’ll find the Hermione to your Ron, but it’s not Betty Cooper.’

'You’re such a dork, Y/N.’ He smiled as ruffled your hair. 'You know you kinda look like Hermione.’ He laughed as walked along the pavement arm in arm.

New myths, modern legends, and fabricated lore...

Along with collecting folklore, one of my other great passions is writing new mythology and making weird art! If this also interests you, then check out my other tumblr, Beyond Tall Tales. It’s only recently started but I have a lot of content to put up soon.

One of the things that originally drew me to studying folklore was reading sci-fi novels as a kid and teenager. A lot of those old books that we know and love are based upon very real folkloric traditions. Once I started looking into the basis of these writings I started to see how folklore is far from dead, but rather lives on as long as there are people to tell the stories. 

Once again I don’t have any new pictures cuz my phone is shit BUT this week I did log into my old myspace account so thought I’d treat you all to this completely not at all embarrassing photo of myself. If I could go back to 2007 I wouldn’t even tell me to stop wearing contrasting patterns or br00t4L clawing in public, I’d just colour in my eyebrows cuz what was I thinking there.

Anyway happy “last show before the hiatus”, super keen to stay up til 2am so I can cry about it in real time. Also keen for planning for Polaris Con with @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 and @forgivenessishardforus which I am uGI&6t576ghjvghf levels of excited for.

Tagging the rest of the BFC cuz they have to love me even though I was a teenage emo @ginalou16 @bellbearblake @hehmionee @dale-bozzio @adancergirl @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @jenarchis

Criminal Minds: 12x18
  • Rossi - the only father figure Reid has left 😿 
  • I guess when Reid is gone, they just give lines about really random things to another agent?
  • JJ’s so good with parents. I really love seeing her shine in that role.
  • Walker has a teenage daughter? How old is he??
  • I really loved the plot with the unsub, but there was no profiling??? What was his name? Why did he do this? What behavior did they look at?? Plz satisfy my poor psychology major heart.
  • Calvin Shaw is shady as heck. 
  • I really admire the writers for trying to do this longterm plot line, but I feel like they’re really struggling to pull the weight of both an “unsub of the week” and a “Reid’s Shawshank Redemption” in every episode. In the great words of the wise Ron Swanson:  Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.
  • Okay that was probably really clever because it shows him who used the supply and who was in on it but -

This season got real dark real fast. Please get my baby out of there before he becomes an unsub!

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13 for adam

Lmaooo omg

13: “What do you mean the brownies are "not quite brownies”?“

"Adam, I’ve made brownies!” Hailey called from the kitchen. She knew her teenage son loved baked goodies, and he could help himself as his three sisters were out of the house.

Adam came rushing in.

“Brownies? Where?” he asked. Hailey rolled her eyes.

“Right there, silly. Where else would they be?”

“Not quite brownies, but sure. They still look nice.”

“What do you mean the brownies are ‘not quite brownies’?” Hailey asked in confusion.
Adam realised what he’d thought and looked at the ground in embarrassment.

“I… I got confused for a moment and thought you’d made miniature Brownies, as in my horse…”

Hailey stared blankly at her son for a moment before bursting into laughter.

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Ochako Uraraka

Why I like her:

Uraraka’s character is really unique, she isn’t your typical shounen anime girl, she has a nice backstory that makes a lot of sense, and she’s like the first main female character  I’ve ever seen put her ambitions before her romantic feelings/teenage angst (i also love the way she portrays her feelings). She’s not always like “I have to save my friends!” or “it’s because we’re family! so we have to stick together!”. Nope. She’s all about saving her own  family (I’m not saying she doesn’t care about her friends at U.A, she’ll obviously save them without hesitation if they’re in danger but you know what I mean).

She isn’t ANNOYING, and I think that’s the most important part. There are so many anime girls who are the main female characters in their story that irritate me to no end sometimes like Sakura, Lucy, Amira, Hajime, Chidori, Shiemi, Mikasa… and I could go on (I still love them though) because of fanservice, bullying, being over dramatic  or just being damn cocky… . But Uraraka doesn;t do all those cliche anime girl things, her body isn’t sexually emphasized (if that even makes sense) in any way and she’s just a unique character that I love so much. 

Why I don’t:

there’s nothing I dislike about Uraraka.

Favorite episode (scene if movie):

She didn’t really do much in season 1, but maybe my favorite scene would probably be the part where she threw Kurogiri up so Iida could run away. But I know I’ll have a lot more in season 2!

  • Favorite season/movie

Favorite line:

“Bakugou! You’re a damn sight with a kitchen knife!” XD

Favorite outfit:

I love her hero costume, and the outfit she wore in the second popularity poll


Izuku of course.


Izuku and Iida. I kind of want her to get close to Shouto too

Head Canon

Uraraka and Shouto will become really close when they’re older. I just really like the idea of them being good friends.

Unpopular opinion:

I don’t think I have one.

A wish:

I want her to interact with Bakugou more… I guess? She did interact with him a lot in the drama CD and it was hilarious XD! I need more of that in my life.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:

Uraraka ending up with Tsuyu (no offense to Tsuchako fans, but I honestly just love the two of them being best friends)

5 words to best describe her:






My nickname for her:

I don’t have one. :0