of teddy

fornowireallydontknow  asked:

Hey I love your art ...It is soo good like.. idk y but when I look at it, it fills me with this weird sort of happiness ...You are amazing!!!😍😘...And I would love to see your Teddy Lupin..😉

ooooooooh dear..thank you so much! this really makes me happy! I’ so glad my art give you some happiness! :) 

anyway…here  it is! Teddy! ( this the first time I draw him..and…. NOW  I REALLY WANT TO DRAW TEDDY FOREVERRRRRR °0°)

me and some friends played persona 4 mafia

for those of u who dont know: its basically where u get one of the persona characters ((or just a certain group of people, doesnt have to be p4 specifically)) and a role at random which you now “play as.” the villagers need to vote on who they think the mafia is. the person who gets the most votes will end up dead unless protected, while the mafia is gonna have to kill the villagers and uh here are some screenshots i saved

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Ed Sheeran GMA Cooncert 9/25/2017 (Full)


Catching up with Ed Sheeran live on ‘GMA’