of stephen sondheim


get to know me meme: 1\10 musicals → sunday in the park with george (1984)

Artists are bizarre, fixed, cold / That’s you, George / You’re bizarre, fixed cold / I like that in a man / Fixed, cold / God, it’s hot up here / Well, there are worse things / Than staring at the water on a Sunday / There are worse things / Than staring at the water / As you’re posing for a picture / Being painted by your lover / In the middle of the summer / On an island in the river on a Sunday

Irony is a made-to-order refuge from emotion or criticism; the author is asserting with a smile, “You can’t criticize what I’m saying, you can’t even accuse me of believing it, because I’m fully aware of it and I’m making fun of it while I’m saying it; I’m making fun of it before you can.” The irony of irony is that it is often taken to indicate intelligence…
—  Stephen Sondheim

“Johnny Depp’s performance is quite remarkable. Sweeney’s desire for revenge and the simmering anger and hurt that he feels carry the story forward, and Johnny finds the most remarkable variety within that narrow set of emotions. The intensity is at a boil all the time and he never drops it. It’s real anger.
Stephen Sondheim