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requested: low-key upset there’s only going to be one more season of teen wolf 

Dating Scott McCall would include:

  • the first time Scott sees you he is overwhelmed by your beauty and stops whatever he is doing 
  • Stiles notices this and nudges him, smirking and raising his eyebrows
  • the two of you spent months flirting but did not acknowledge your feelings
  • until the pack sits Scott down and tells him you love him and the two of you should stop dancing around one another 
  • so the next day he’s a fumbling awkward mess that has a bouquet of flowers in his hand and is trying to find the words to ask you out 
  • you find his nerves endearing and of course say yes
  • Scott’s puppy eyes being your weakness and of course he knows this 
  • you and Melissa scolding him 
  • and when you’re alone Scott getting all whiny and cuddly complaining that his girlfriend and mom are ganging up on him
  • she honestly just loves you 
  • like she will find you and Scott asleep in his bed cuddling and will take some cute photos of you guys
  • being close with Stiles
  • helping Stiles with research for the pack
  • you and Scott being that cute couple that everyone adores and secretly wants someone to love them like you love each other 
  • but behind doors you and Scott can be kinky little shits
  • Scott loves bending you over his knee and spanking you 
  • dirty talk 
  • teasing you in the middle of class by running his hand up your thigh and putting pressure on your clothed clit which leaves you aroused (which he can smell) and squirming for the rest of the lesson or day 
  • if you had time Scott will drag you into the closest room and fuck you over a desk 
  • Scott’s alpha eyes turn you the fuck on 
  • and once he learns this he will always flash them in the bedroom and command you, “yes Alpha”
  • finding comfort in your scent 
  • Scott can get crazy protective/possessive, especially if you’re being touched or hit on big time by some douche that won’t leave you alone
  • forcing Scott to watch some of your favourite tv shows
  • “oh come on, I’m way more attractive than him” 
  • “of course you are darling”
  • the tendency to tickle one another 
  • piggy back rides from time to time
  • Scott loves seeing you in his lacrosse jersey and after a win (and loss too probably) he will take you home and fuck you in nothing but his jersey 
  • slow sex where you just memorise every detail of each other’s bodies 
  • lots of eye rolling at your boyfriend
  • Scott getting really excited at the smallest of thing and you love the way his eyes light up and he gives you that adorable grin when he does 
  • hickies on his jaw
  • rides on his motorbike 
  • yes that includes motorbike sex
  • Stiles walking in you on 
  • “oh my god! Put a sock on the door or something! My eyes, I think I need to go pour some bleach into my eyes now, bye”
  • Stiles third-wheeling
  • never forgetting you (IM SORRY I HAD TO)

Just Don’t!


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Prompt: 21. Don’t try and blame me for what you did & 49. I waited and waited for you to realize that no-one is going to love you like me. Imagine my disappointment when you never did

Summary: You see Stiles and Lydia kiss

Every since you unintentionally admitted to having feelings for Stiles, you had rejected every call from him and shot down any attempts he made to visit.

Scott had been constantly telling you, for the last 2 weeks that this problem wasn’t going to get solved unless you talked it out with Stiles. You knew he was right, but the idea of even facing this right made you feel ill.

This morning, unlike the others, you finally decided to heed Scott’s words of wisdom. Taking your time getting ready, you rehearsed what to say to Stiles and the apology you were going to give to Lydia, even though apart of you didn’t feel like she deserved one. But Scott pleaded you make an amends, so that’s what you were going to set out to do today.

Scott had texted saying both of them were at the school library, it was opened on the weekends for any student that needed a quiet place to study. Heading there now, you mentally prepared for what was about to happen.

Walking through the school hallways, the sound of your boots clicking away echoed across the walls. Turning left, you halted when you recognized Stiles in the locker room. Stepping closer, you soon realized that he wasn’t alone. And once you got the full view, the one thing you didn’t mentally prepare for was occurring right before your eyes.

Stiles and Lydia, kissing.

Warm tears made their way to the surface, backing slowly away you bag got caught and you tripped over the bench, causing a noise. Stiles head snapped forward and his eyes grew wide when he saw you.

Regaining balance, you rushed down the hallway. Stiles called out your name and at this point you were ready to run. Somehow he caught up and rested his hands on your shoulders. Shoving them away, you couldn’t bear to look at him.

“Y/N wait!. I’m sorry-”.

Silencing him with your hand, you felt disgusted. “Don’t! Just don’t Stiles. Save your shitty apology, because I’m sorry isn’t going to fix this”.

“I was going to tell you, I didn’t want you to find out about me and Lydia like this”. He fumbled over a few words, but his voice remained steady.

Looking away, this was all too much.

“Yay for me, that at some point you stopped to consider my feelings. You know what Stiles, go screw yourself”.

Roughly pushing past him, he tried to grab your hand but instead got the bag’s strap causing it to fall from your shoulder. “I know you’re hurt, but you knew how long I’ve liked Lydia for. Maybe if you had told me of your crush sooner…”.

Scoffing, did he really just say that?

Jabbing him in the chest, you lowered your voice. Don’t try and blame me for what you did. Especially when you knew how it would affect me!”. Scrunching up your hair as you ran both your hands through, you were on the verge of losing it. “I waited and waited for you to realize that no-one is going to love you like me. Breaking eye contact from Stiles, a new set of tears were clouding your vision. "Imagine my disappointment when you never did”.

It hurt to be here, it hurt like hell to have Stiles standing opposite you. He went to say something, but decided against it. Which truth to told, was the best move he had made during this conversation.

Letting silence be the final words, you held onto your bag and walked out of the building.

You didn’t feel like going home, nor did you feel like being alone. There was one place your mind was screaming for you to go too, so that’s where you went.

Parking the car, you took your time walking up the pathway.

Ringing the doorbell, you saw the door swing open. Scott stood on the other side, his eyes already showing sympathy. 

“He kissed her, Scott”. Not longer being able to hold yourself up, Scott caught you before hitting the pavement. He lead you to the couch and stayed with you until the tears dried up and sleep took over.

scott mccall and bellamy blake sitting on the porch of their house, beers in hand, utterly exhausted of dealing with all of their children. 

‘man these idiots’

‘cheers to that mate’ 

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since you made me aware of how much sterek is my jam and thereby Personally Victimised me, please enjoy thinking about a world where Derek and Kent hook up, try to make it work, but can't get past their respective emotional barriers. Alternatively, a world where Stiles and Bitty meet and the western hemisphere falls to the force of their terrifying friendship

I would ask what I had done to deserve to be targeted in this way, I’m a good person, etc., but I know. But look, if someone comes to me and complains that this answer made them even more confused about which Derek they were reading about, I’m blaming you.

Re: Stiles and Bitty meeting, I can’t shake @petals42’s vision of this, so I will point you at that not!fic, because it is my favorite. (Other things I think would be true from the TW crew being the denizens of the lacrosse house: Scott and Chowder would hit it off through their shared CA optimism maintained in the face of all stress, plus potentially bonding over what it’s like to stand in front of a net and have people chuck things at you. Liam would be over at the Haus trying to score free food con-stant-ly. Mason would completely idolize Ransom.)

Re: Derek (Hale, just to be clear, people) and Kent… Hmmm. Would they hook up? I can see ways they might end up in the same place. Derek is maybe just traveling around the Southwest for a while after finishing up whatever hunting job he agreed to help Braeden with, and he meets Kent, who is camping in some national park area with poor cell reception for the early off-season, because the Aces got knocked out of the playoffs early and he’s pissed but trying not to show it. They bump into each other at the water spigot, and while Kent found the solitude refreshing for the first day or so, now he’s going a little nuts having no one to talk to (and it’s not like he doesn’t take notice of a tall, well-built, dark-haired guy in his vicinity), so he invites Derek over to his campsite for s’mores (because bulking up during the off-season is important, dammit, and maybe he’s doing that with marshmallows this week, so what.)

And Derek is not exactly immune to a lanky guy with messy hair and a sarcastic mouth on him (and, boy, has he not been examining the why of that, no sir), so he says sure, and he finds it kind of nice to listen to Kent talk about hockey and how he’s trying to be a good captain by coming out here to sulk instead of doing it where any of his rookies might see, because it reminds Derek of who he was when his main concern was trying to lead the high school basketball team to the state championships.

Eventually the fire burns down to glowing embers, and, poking it with a stick, Kent says something about how he gets really tired of knowing everyone’s going to leave him, and yeah, he was talking about being on a multi-year contract and having to deal with what feels like half his team traded around every year, but Derek hears that there’s more behind that sentiment, and, well, he gets that. So, while he doesn’t clue Kent in to the whole existence of the supernatural, he does tell him just enough to know that “I know what you mean” isn’t just a throwaway line, and if they spend the rest of the week hiking and joking and doing… other things… because they each gave themselves permission to indulge in trying to actually feel good, to feel happy, for a week, well, no one else has to know.

They don’t try to make it work, because they know from the beginning that’s not really a thing that was ever on the table, but Derek does find himself watching the hockey TV in sports bars occasionally now instead of the baseball one, and he smiles whenever the show a highlight of a score by #90. And Kent sometimes gets postcards out of the blue from completely random places, because Derek knows that’s sometimes all you need to know you haven’t been left behind.

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Prompt with Scott: *shivering* "Scott...how are you not cold, babe? It's like an igloo in here."

Originally posted by kissmywonderwoman

You were shivering lightly wrapped up in what felt like a million layers! School was freezing, but standing outside waiting for Stiles and the others was worse. It felt like you had be dropped into the Siberian Winter with nothing but a bikini…yeah, you weren’t liking the cold. Scott on the other hand looked positively cosy. He wasn’t even wearing that many layers! Maybe it was a werewolf thing? Whatever it was you were incredibly envious of it. 

“Scott…how are you not cold, babe? It’s like an igloo out here.” It was so cold that it couldn’t even snow because it had reached a ridiculous point, you didn’t really want anymore snow if you were being honest, it was already thickly laid over everything and the roads were pretty unsafe to drive on let alone response to supernatural emergencies. 

“You’re cold?” The boy honestly looked confused, eyebrows meeting in a furrow and that concern that never seemed to quite fade shining through. It was testament to some weird supernatural heating system that he’d been completely oblivious to the cold. Yeah, you were definitely envious about that, not so much the claws and the fangs though…

“I’m literally freezing!” You didn’t even need to shake on purpose for emphasis, you were already shivering badly, your body attempting to create some form of energy to warm you up…bless it’s soul…

Scott looked at you for a long moment, before grinning suddenly arms open, “Well, come here then, you doofus!” You probably had never dashed faster to be held by someone, but Jesus Christ Scott was like a  furnace, a supernatural, furry furnace. 

“You’re cute when you’re cold” It was mumbled against the top of your head and if you weren’t currently reveling in the warmth that you’d found you would have hit him at least once for being cheeky like that, but your wish to simply stay wrapped up like that was far stronger than any want to hit Scott McCall for being a cheeky bugger. 

Running with wolves

Hello! This is my first Teen Wolf fic. I won’t be publishing day by day -bussy college girl- but I’ll post as soon as I have free time. So with enough support, this could be a story I’d like to share with you.

Teen Wolf characters don’t belong to me!

Summary: Y/N is a normal girl whose life has taken a radical change after the murder of her mother. As time goes by, and with the help of her friends, she discovers the mistery behind her mother’s death and behind Beacon Hills.


But I kept running for a soft place to fall…


“Dad! Finally! Are you okay? What happ–Stiles Stilinski surprisingly stopped talking when he saw me standing next to his father. "Y/N?” Stiles cocked his head and approached us. “Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”

I looked down and I finally felt how cold the floor was. I curled my toes and wrinkled my nose a bit.

“Y/N is going to stay with us for a while…” Sheriff cleared his throat and looked at me sympathetically.

“Okay, but what happened?” Stiles’ nature was curious.

Sheriff sighed before speaking again.

“Y/N, honey, why don’t you go to the bathroom? You can use the shower and get yourself cleaned.”

I nodded and pursed my lips.

“That would be great, thanks” my voice sounded raspier than I thought.

“I go with you.”

“Stiles, I know where it is” I tried to smile to my friend. “It’s not the first time I come here.”

“Yeah, right” Stiles looked at me nervously and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“We’ll be here if you need something” said sheriff.

I nodded one more time and made my way to the bathroom.

“What happened to her?” I heard Stiles voice. “She looks… quiet.”

I got in the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I lay my back on the door and took a deep breath. I was conscious that my father was a deputy of the Beacon Hills Police Department and that it meant he wasn’t always safe. But I’d never thought about the possibility of being attacked at home… with us.

My family knew the Stilinski family for years, and for hence I knew Stiles. My family and I lived in a normal house, surrounded by normal neighbors; we kept a normal life. My mom was a strong and independent woman, my dad was the kindest man I’d ever known, and I was just a normal girl whose parents were proud of.

I went to primary school with Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall; we were friends, but not so close as they were at that time. I had a normal life; I always had to carry my medicine with me in case my migraine appeared. I was just as any other person in Beacon Hills.

Then why? Why all these happened to us?

I looked at myself in the mirror and combed my wet hair out of my face. I was pale, I was scared. I knew something happened to my family. Something bad. But I couldn’t remember.

I got dressed and got out of the bathroom. As I walked to the kitchen, I could hear Stiles and his father talking about me.

“…we arrived to her house after that and we found her mom.”

“Was she…?”

“She was dead, she was shot and… I can’t find the words to describe it, Stiles…”

“Then find them!”

“Stiles! I don’t know what’s going on yet, but we need to keep her safe. Okay?”


“When I found her, she was walking down the street, barefoot. She had blood in her hair and face. She doesn’t remember anything.” Sherrif went silent.

“What? Dad.”

“She hugged me, she hugged me and started crying as if she woke up from a nightmare” he said. “That’s how I knew something was wrong.”

“She must have seen something very bad.”

“We must take care of her, Stiles.”

I entered to the kitchen and they shut up.

“Hey there!” Stiles leaned awkwardly on the table and winked at me. “How was the shower?”

“Good” I nodded.

“I can lend you some clothes” Stiles said.

“It’s okay, I… I just forgot my medicine at home, so…”

“I’ll go to get them” sheriff interrupted me. “Don’t worry.”

“Thanks, for everything…” I whispered.

“No problem.” Sheriff gave me another sympathetic smile. “You’re staying in Stiles’ bedroom, if you’re okay with that…”


“Great!” Stiles talked a bit too loud. “I’ll sleep on a mattress right next to you” he said with a smile on his lips. “Okay, that sounded creepier than I thought…” he murmured.“What I mean is that we’re sleeping together, but… that sounded horrible!”

“In the same room” I smiled at his clumsiness.

“Exactly” he said. “See? She gets it.”

“I promise I get a bed for you as soon as I can” sheriff assured me with a nod.

“That’s not necessary” I frowned. “I can sleep on a mattress, or in the couch.”

“For now let’s eat something, we’ll figure out that later.”

At night I slept on the bed while Stiles spent the night on the mattress with his baseball bat right next to him. I woke up thirsty and hungry; I got up of the bed and stepped in Stiles stomach.

“Shoot! I’m sorry!” I shouted as he screamed horribly.

“I’m fine! I’m fine!” He tried to sit, but he couldn’t. “I’m dying!”

“You’re overreacting, Stiles.”

“I’m not; I feel my stomach is making his way through my throat.”

“Stiles!” I frowned and smiled at the same time.

“Hey, a smiled appeared! That’s good.”

Stiles and his dad helped me as much as they could. They made me feel at home, they made me forget the bad situation I was facing. Not the whole time, but at least for a moment I was back in that normal life I had.

“Remember that guy from fifth grade?”

One evening, Scott, Stiles and I were resting on the couch and remembering the old times.

“The one Y/N punched?” I smiled a bit at Stiles’ words.

“Yeah, she broke his nose! Remember?” Scott looked at me and I nodded. “How did you do that?”

I stood up and gestured Scott to get up too. Scott got up and looked at me curiously.

“Attack me as the guy did” I ordered.

“Are you going to punch me?” Scott stepped back and Stiles laughed.

“No” I smiled sweetly and he relaxed.

“That would be hilarious” Stiles commented.

“Shut up” Scott smiled at his friend without taking his view from me. “Okay, so I attack you” he motioned a very slow punch.

“Exactly like that,” I explained “the force and speed of your arm go to one direction.” He nodded as he understood. “Instead of trying to stop it” I took his hand and caught it with the palm of my hand “like this… and hurt your own shoulder; and probably being hit anyways…” Scott smiled along with Stiles" you could use the enemy’s force and speed to change the trajectory of the punch.

“Like… a deflection.”

“Yeah!” I grinned broadly. “And then you’ve got all this space” I pointed Scott’s face “to strike back like a big empire.”

“What?” Scott asked confusingly and I sighed.

“Nothing” I shook my head and continued. “Use your free hand to punch him, but be careful. If you’re going to punch him, your thumb must be out.”

“Out? Why?”

“If you cover it with your fingers, you’ll break it…” Scott swallowed and nodded. “It’s better if you hit the enemy with the palm. Try it…”

Slowly I moved my fist towards Scott. He deflected the fist and then with the palm of his hand he barely touched my nose. He was a really soft guy… in a good sense.

“Good boy.”

“My turn!” Stiles got up of the couch and stepped close to us. “I want to break noses too.”

“What?” Sheriff was standing at the door.

“Y/N broke some guy’s nose” Stiles pointed at me and I felt embarrassed.

“Thanks, Stiles!”

Scott chuckled, but then he stopped as he saw sheriff’s expression.

“A bully tried to steal Stiles’s lunch in fifth grade” Scott explained “and she stopped him…by breaking his nose” Scott last words were shy and low.

“It was a long time ago” I cleared my throat and looked at Stiles.

“Yeah! She saved me!”

“Well…” Sheriff sighed and scratched the back of his neck. “I see you’re getting on well.”

Scott went home an hour later and the Stilinskis and I had dinner. Sheriff told us that he had something important to tell us, so after dinner Stiles filled his father with questions. Sheriff, annoyed, shut Stiles up and made us sit quiet.

“It’s been weeks and we had no news about Y/N’s father.” Sheriff looked at me and I nodded at him, indicating to go on. “Social services-”

“No” Stiles spoke. “They can’t take her!” he shouted. “She’s our family!”

I didn’t say a word; I just stared at them as they argued. I couldn’t help but smile sincerely.

“Would you shut up and listen to me for a second, son?! They are not taking her!”

“Then why you started with ‘social services’?! You can’t start with social services unless it’s bad news from social services!”

“Son, they approved the paper forms I signed.”

“So…” Stiles looked at his father.

“So I’m his guardian now, she’s staying with us.”

“Yes!” Stiles stood up from his chair and celebrated.

“Alright, alright, calm down, kid. Go to bed, get some rest, tomorrow we’ll packing Y/N stuffs from her house.”

“Stop eating!” my mom scolded me funnily and I pouted. “Your dad is coming soon; we’ll wait till he comes so we can have a normal family dinner for once.”

“Okay” I left the cookies aside. “So I went to the library yesterday and this guy… Isaac, he looked tired and he had a bad bruise in his right arm.”

“Are you worried?”

“I heard stories about his dad and…” I shrugged. “Yeah, I’m worried.”

“I know how much you care about people, but sometimes you should keep some distance” she smiled kindly. “Did you hear that?” I frowned confusingly; my mother always had an excellent ear. “I think your dad’s back.”

“Run!” my father shouted as soon as he got into the house.

The shout was so scarying I trembled. My mother took my hand and guided me through the kitchen to the laundry room. We hid behind the washing machine and listened to the people who were sneaking into the house.

“We’ll be okay” my mom assured me.

I nodded and looked at the door which connected the laundry room with the kitchen. I distinguished a thin shadow and lost my breath. I stepped back slowly, forgetting my mother, my father, everything. Suddenly, a dry sound called everyone’s attention. I turned back to look at the broom I accidentally bumped into.

“Over here!”

Terror filled my body.

“Y/N!” my mother grabbed my arms and I reacted. “Go!” she pointed at the back door. “Run!”

A blond woman appeared from the kitchen and aimed a gun to my mother.



Last thing I saw was my mother going after that blond woman. Last thing I heard was the sound of the gun mixed with my mother shouts, and a big growl.

I ran, I ran until I got tired; and I kept running. I ran looking for a known face, but I couldn’t find any. I was giving up when suddenly the lights of a car blinded me for a second. I narrowed my eyes and when sherrif Stilinski got out of the car I ran to him. I knew him; he was the safest man I could ever find.


“No!” I shouted as I woke up.

My hands were full of sweat, shaking. I hugged my legs and started crying as I cover my face with my knees.

“Y/N?!” Sheriff Stilinski entered into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. “Y/N!”

“My mom…” I muttered. “She…”

“Sh…” sheriff hugged me tight. “It was a nightmare, just a nightmare, sweetheart.”


“What happened?!” Stiles appeared grabbing firmly his bat.

“I remembered” I responded.

“What?” Both spoke looking at me concerned.

“I remembered.”

I’m running with the wolves tonight…

Don’t Tell Nobody ((Scott)) 3

Forty Likes, Yay! As promised, here you guys go!

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

You squeezed your eyes and groaned at the intense headache you had.
Opening your eyes you were revealed to a dank room with one sink.
As you tried to walk to it you could hear the sound of chains dragging behind you.
Looking down at your foot you noticed the heavy chain around your ankle.
The last thing you remember is Scott and Liam fighting in the hallway, then being dragged into a room and getting hit on the head.
The lights flickered and the walls were a sort of muddy beige color.
The large steel door clanked and groaned as it opened.
“Well, look who’s awake, you’ve asleep for a long time sweetheart”
You’ve heard this voice before but you couldn’t quite place it.
A girl walked in behind him and touched his shoulder.
“We can’t kill her yet”
“I know that Vi, we just have to turn her into a killer. She massacres plenty, and she’ll be worth a lot.”
Vi? Massacre? Killer?
What is going on?
Why would I massacre or kill people?, you thought.

“I’m sorry did you just say Y/N’s a werewolf?”
Scott couldn’t believe what your mom just said.
There was no way that you were one.
He would’ve felt it.
Scott wondered if Liam knew because he wasn’t reacting to what she said.

Mrs. Vanguard: That’s funny, don’t you have enhanced hearing?
Scott: But how? I would’ve felt that she was or sensed it
Liam: That’s because she’s not fully one
Scott: You knew about this?
Liam: Not really, there was this one time but I shrugged it off
Mrs. Vanguard: Y/N is a pure blood. The wolf gene won’t be activated until she takes a life
Scott: Like the Hales
Mrs. Vanguard: Exactly, that is why we must hurry. I’m afraid they’ll get her to murder someone and she’ll turn
Liam: This was planned
Mrs. Vanguard: Yes, the full moon will be at its highest peak tonight, there will be no doubt that she’ll turn immediately after
Scott: But why choose her? Me and Liam were right there, a beta and a true alpha. She hasn’t even turned yet

Mrs. Vanguard stopped walking to turn to Scott.
She held her stomach and fingered her wedding ring.
She then tugged on a black necklace to reveal the gem.

Mrs. Vanguard: This is a moonstone. Its helps me control my shifting and the bloodlust
Liam: Bloodlust?
Mrs. Vanguard: She was targeted for a reason. Both the beta and the true alpha fighting over the girl who just so happens to be a Vanguard. They’ve hit the jackpot
Scott: What’s the history of being a Vanguard?
Mrs. Vanguard: Vanguards are European werewolves. That means that we are no ordinary wolves. We are the most vicious and dangerous of them all. You’ve seen us in movies and storybooks. Once we’re in wolf form, we can’t control our lust for blood so we became skilled killers, ready to tear apart whatever is near. That blood has been passed down to her and if she kills –
Liam: She’ll turn
Mrs. Vanguard: Yes, we have to go, now

You let out a bloodcurdling scream.
The ice cold water was sprayed at you from a hose while you were pressing aginst the wall to try to find some sort of warmth.
“Oh quit being a baby”
They were torturing you.
You still didn’t know.
The boy yanked you by the hair and threw you onto the metal bed in the corner.
“Feeling angry yet?”
You gathered all the saliva in your mouth and spit directly in his eye.
He stumbled backwards an grabbed his eye.
You smiled at his pain but it was quickly replaced with darkness as something hard hit your skull.

Violet: That bitch, you okay baby?
Garrett: I’m fine, I’m just tired of babysitting, I want to kill something
Violet: I know, me too, but no wolf, no money
Garrett: Well she’s knocked out, want to do a quickie?
Violet: Its never a quickie for you
Garrett: I know, but it is for you
Violet: *punches him on the arm* Shut up

Liam’s POV

We’ve looked everywhere and there’s still no sign of Y/N.
Being in the car with Scott made me want to gag.
He was responsible for this.
If she wasn’t with him, she would be safe.
Alpha or not, he was worse than any villain we’ve ever come across.
Scott tore away the one thing that made me happy.
The one girl who could calm me down when the wolf inside isn’t.
I can’t believe Mr. Nice Guy ripped my heart out of my chest and ate it in front of me.
I just pray that she’s okay.
We pulled up to the school and checked the school grounds.
Mrs. Vanguard went to go check the hospital and left us there.
We searched the hallways and the locker rooms.
“Liam, I’m sorry”
It almost came to me as a whisper before I realized Scott was talking to me.

Scott: I know how much you care about Y/N and —
Liam: Care? I love her Scott! And you went behind my back
Scott: What did you want me to do?! Let her cry her eyes out because you were avoiding her, not answering your phone, and fucking Hayden behind her back?! Tell me Liam, what did you want me to do?
Liam: How about not sleeping with her?! You’re my alpha, you did this to me! You made me this, this thing, this monster!
Scott: Y/N told me that being a werewolf is not monstrous, it’s who you are inside. She’s a werewolf too, and you and I both know she’s far away from being a monster

He was right.
But it still hurt.
And I did hurt her first.
I was being selfish and needy.
Jesus, like a fucking puppy.
Stiles was right, I’m literally an IED, and I just killed Y/N.
A noise startled me from my thoughts.
Scott and I snapped our heads in the direction of the sound.
He gave me a look and I nodded my head.
We proceeded down the hall and prepared ourselves for what was going to happen.
Mrs. Vanguard stepped out in front of us, noticed our alertness, and sighed.
“No luck?”
We shook our heads no.
Who took her and how were we going to get her back?
“The only thing I found was this ripped shirt piece.”
I got a whiff of the scent and grabbed it from her hand.
I knew exactly who this was.
The only person I knew who still wore Tom Ford.
"Liam, who is it?”
I looked up at Scott then Mrs. Vanguard.
It’s The Orphans.

A slow clap was heard from down the hallway.
“Congratulations, you’ve solved the mystery”
He was one of my friends, him, Mason and Violet.
That bastard.

Garrett: Mrs. Vanguard, your daughter is quite the lovely girl
Mrs. Vanguard: *snarls* What did you do to her?!
Garrett: I sense hostility, but relax she’s fine

He shows us a picture of a bruised and frightened Y/N.
In a heartbeat, Mrs.Vanguard grabbed him by the throat and held him high above her head.

Mrs. Vanguard: I will break you in half
Garrett: *strains* I would reconsider, I die * breath* she dies
Scott: Mrs. Vanguard, I know you want to find her, we all do, but killing him will just leave at back to square one
Mrs. Vanguard: *throws him against a locker* Fine, where is she?
Garrett: Ouch. *gets up* Y/N is in a very safe place. Well that is, until tonight. When the moon is high and the thirst of blood is strong. You three, won’t be able to witness me  stabbing your daughter in the chest with a silver spike

I flashed my eyes and brought my claws out.
Lights flashed and smoke fogged the hallway.
I couldn’t focus and it felt like I was being choked to death.
An arrow pierced my shoulder and I cried out in pain.
Someone grabbed me by the shirt and yanked me into a classroom.
Scott breathed heavily then tugged on the arrow.
“I’m going to pull it out”
“Wait, no!”
Scott pushed the arrow deeper into my shoulder until it popped out on the other side.
I bellowed out a scream and dug my nails into the floor, making a mark.
With no warning, Scott pulled it all the way out, almost making me pass out.
He broke a window to get me out of the school.
“Where’s, Mrs. Vanguard?”
Scott wrapped my non-wounded shoulder around his neck so he could keep me steady.
“I don’t know, I couldn’t see anything.”
A car screeched up in front of them and the driver put down the window.
“Get in!”
Mrs. Vanguard drove off in a hurry after we got in.
Mrs. Vanguard was smiling from cheek to cheek.
Scott made a confused face.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Because Scott, I know exactly where she is. She’s at the abadoned factory in the West Hills.”
Hang on, Y/N, we’re coming.

Think I’ll keep 40 likes the level that will make me write more. Maybe some smut next story? Comment if you want some ;)

Allison's home-Stiles Stilinski

This was a dream I had then I made up an ending. I don’t know it may be strange but I think this should happen, if it did i’d actually cry.

words: 3130


I woke up screaming in the middle of the night again for the 8th time this month. It’s always the same nightmare -Allison getting stabbed by the oni. Only it’s not a nightmare, it’s a memory an it plays over and over again until my brother Scott wakes me up. Like now, he just holds me in his arms while I cry. Sometimes he cries with me. I feel awful to keep doing it and reminding him about it but I have no control over my nightmares. It always feels so real, like I’m in that moment again. I can smell her perfume and feel the cold from the wind. Eventually we fall asleep in eachothers arms. Mum always wakes us up with a sympathetic smile and pancakes.

It’s been less than a year since Allison passed and weird things have happened. I was in Eichen for a couple of months. They thought it was best for me. While I was in there the pack dealt with the deadpool, they were extremely shocked to find my name on it. It turns out I’m a witch. Not the hocus pocus, bibbidy bobbidy stuff. But I can do spells, heal people and i can create a protective force field kind of thing (like bella in twilight) around people- which i haven’t learned to do yet. I’ve been training with Deaton ever since I got out and I’m getting good. 

A couple of weeks ago I found this spell to bring people back to life. I wasn’t supposed to find it but I begged Deaton to help me. I told him I would do it with or without him. He told me i could die if i did it alone so he would help me but it would take a couple weeks to gather supplies. I haven’t told the pack in case something goes wrong or it doesn’t work, but we are doing it tonight. There are countless things that could go wrong.

Firstly, I essentially have to die much like the way Stiles, Scott, Allison and Isaac have done in the past. I may never wake up. Another issue is I haven’t found my anchor yet, eventhough I’m not a werewolf or werecoyote - wereanything, i still need an anchor to control myself.

Currently though, I’m sitting in class listening to coach talk about something nobody cares about as usual. There is a lacrosse game tonight and I’m planning to do it while they are there. I hope it’s not too suspicious because I go to every single game of Scotts, we are very close siblings being twins and all.

I feel something hitting off my shoulder. I turn to catch the culprit but smile when I see Stiles with that adorable grin.

“you okay?” he whispers nodding to my forearm where I had drawn blood from scratching. I was too focused thinking about tonight I didn’t even notice. My eyes widen but nod. He smiles and i do too. I go to turn around my Scott catches my attention.

“are you sure your ok? you’ve been tapping your foot this entire lesson and your heartbeat just got really fast…” he asks innocently. I blush but nod resting my head in my hands to hide my face. The bell rings and I shoot up and out of my seat. Stiles and Scott race after me. I almost get away but Lydia, Malia and Kira are waiting outside the door. I groan.

“hello to you too buttercup” Lydia says sarcastically. I smile at her and try to walk

past them.

“were are you going? are you coming to the game?” Scott yells at me as I’m quite a far distance away now. I turn and shake my head.

“I’m sorry but I can’t, I’ve got to train with Deaton. It’s really important and I can’t miss it. I might see you after, you’ll do great!” then i run outside to my car. I drive off before any of them can reach me.

Scott’s POV*

“she never misses our games? do you think she’s ok?” I turn towards everyone. “dude, she’ll be fine come on, we’ve got to get ready, we’ll see you girls out there.” Stiles replies. I sigh but go to get changed.

“Now that you mentioned it, it is a little strange. What can be more important than coming to see you play, she comes to every single game” Stiles says as he’s getting dressed. I huff.

“I know, she’s my good luck charm. Although I think she comes to see you more than me.” I reply to stiles wiggling my eyebrows.

“what are you insinuating?” Stiles’ voice wavers and I smirk.

“that you and my sister are going to get married and have lot’s of babies together…” I joke. I expect him to laugh but he just gulps.

“wait, do you actually like my sister?” I ask. He breaks eye contact with me.

“ew, no bro, that’s disgusting she’s like my sister too…” he defends. I nod agreeing but I can hear his heart beat getting faster and the slight squeak to his voice, you don’t have to be a werewolf to tell he’s lying.

“I mean, I wouldn’t be bothered if you did…” i suggest.

“well i don’t!” he snaps back slamming his locker shut. I laugh silently, happy that I know they both like each other but will not admit it. Her heart beat get’s faster everytime she looks at him. As does his.

We leave the locker room and go to the field. It’s raining really badly. We go over to coach.

“Hey guys, I think we’re going to have to cancel. A little rain is fine but it’s too dangerous for you to play like this. I don’t even know where it came from. We go over to the girls and Lydia looks really panicked.

"Lydia what’s wrong?” I ask her. A tear rolls down her cheek.

“It’s y/n” that’s all she has to say until we are all racing towards Stiles’ Jeep.

Normal POV (earlier on)*

“Hey Deaton, we ready to do this?” I greet him as i walk inside the clinic. He smiles nervously. I sigh taking off my jacket.

“don’t get nervous on me now, I’m ready. I can do this.” he nods uncertainly. I go inside the ‘main’ room and he has two ice baths ready. One for me and hopefully one when I bring Ali back.

“did you bring it?” he asks. I nod showing him the necklace Allison had given me. It was right before she died so it held a lot of meaning. I looked at it for a while before dropping it in her bath. Then I turn towards Deaton.

“Ok, ready to go?” i ask nervously. He rubs up and down my arms.
“Did you find an anchor?” I look down shaking my head, but subconciously I’m playing with the necklace around my neck, it was a birthday present from Stiles. “what about who ever gave you that?” he points to the necklace. I look at it thinking then i whisper
“Stiles” and look up to see Deaton smiling.
“perfect!” I blush and he pecks my forehead. I step into the bath instantly my body freezes. I sit down and take a breath before laying down.

Scott’s POV*
We run out of the Jeep and head towards the animal clinic. The lights are low and the door says that’s it’s closed. I look at Stiles and he runs his hand through his hair afraid of what we’re about to see. I open the door going first, i run into the 'main’ room and see Deaton but no y/n. There are two ice baths and I cough getting Deaton’s attention. He get’s up quickly coming to stand in front of me.

“what are you all doing here?” he asks nervously.
“where’s y/n” Stiles asks.
“i, uh, she’d kill me. She’s in the bath.” he whispers. My eyes widen and I go towards the bath.
“dont touch it! you could kill her!” he states. I step back.
“why are there two?” Lydia asks confused. Deaton looks down at his feet. I growl and he gulps.
“She’s gone to bring Allison back” he mumbles. everyone gasps. I get angry and storm towards Deaton pushing him against a wall.
“why did you let her do that! she could die!” i yell. He flinches and Stiles grabs me pulling me away. Lydia is in shock, Malia and Kira are sitting down. We hear a gasp and we turn around.

normal POV*
When I 'wake up’ I’m still holding Stile’s necklace. I am in a really large, white room. I look around but I’m alone. For a moment I think i failed but then i feel a hand touch my leg. I look down at the floor and there is Allison, with the same wound she died from. I go through the steps in my head and bend down to heal it. She gasps when it’s healed and looks at me not believing I’m real.

“I came to bring you back Ali, these past few months have been hell without you!” She looks at me with tears in her eyes.

“how?!” she whispers. “I’ll explain when we get back” she nods and we stand up.

“look in your pocket” i ask her quietly. she looks at me funny but does it. She finds the necklace and looks at me expectantly.

“Hold it, really tight, with your palm facing the floor, don’t let go of it. Close your eyes.Think about the people you left behind - Scott, your dad, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Isaac, Derek, Deaton…” I say and she does it immediately. I work my magic also closing my eyes, when i open my eyes she’s gone. I look around and scream excitedly that I’ve actually done it! Now I just need to get myself back…

I sigh feeling quite light headed, i power through it to get back. I close my eyes and I’m about to start the spell when i feel a hand on my arm. My eyes snap open and I see Claudia, Stiles’ mum. My eyes immediately start to water, she was as close to our family as she was her own. She smiles sympathetically and brings me in for a hug. We pull away and she wipes my tears so they don’t drip.

“please tell me you are not dead darling?” she asks quietly, tears brimming my eyes.

“no, I’m a witch… I came to bring Allison back” I smile. she’s a little shocked for a second and a bright idea pops into my head. “I could bring you back too! come on!” I tug at her hand but she stands still in her place. I furrow my eyebrows. “what’s wrong?” i turn towards her completely. she sniffles.

“I can’t come back with you” my face falls.

“why not?” i stutter. she looks at the floor.

“It wouldn’t be right, and it could harm you, it was great just seeing you, I’ve been watching over you all. Your doing great. And please knock some sense into my sons head, he loves you, beyond a shadow of a doubt” she rubs my arms the way Deaton did. She laughs at my expression. “And you love him too don’t you?” she raises her eyebrow.

“no why would you say that?” i mumble. She smirks.

“your playing with the necklace he bought you and oh my word your scar is bleeding.” she gasps. I look down and my shiirt is covered in blood, i lift it out of my shorts and i nearly faint at the sight. After the nogitsune was gone he had left something. Stiles’ name carved into my hip, he must have done it when i was passed out and done it with a knife. Nobody else knows about it except my mum and Lydia. She runs her fingers above it careful not to snag it. My eyes start to water again. She grabs the sides of my face.

“first thing you do when he get back is kiss him, ok honey? just straight into it! you’ll have him wrapped around your little finger!” she smiles when i giggle. “will you tell him that I love him and that it wasn’t his fault I died, I was very sick at that time. Also tell Stilinski that I love him too, and that he’s doing a great job with Stiles.” she is now crying and i nod, she sighs and pulls me into another hug.

“I love you” I whisper into her hair.

“I love you too baby, say hello to your mother as well!” she laughs. I nod but start crying. we are both sobbing in eachothers arms. Until I am ripped out of her arms.

Stiles POV*

We hear a gasp and we turn around. I sigh thinking it’s y/n but it didn’t come from her bath. There right before our eyes, is Allison gasping for breath, dressed in the same clothes she died in nearly a year ago… Scott runs over to her and pulls her out of the bath, Deaton hands him a towel and he wraps it around her. She holds it gratefully and he crushes her in a huge hug. A mop of strawberry blonde hair flies past me. Scott and Allison pull away just for her to crushed in a hug by Lydia again. They pull away and she comes over to hug me.

“your actually real?” i whisper into her hair. she giggles. “yeah. y/n brought me back” she sobs.

“I’m so sorry!” i mumble. “It’s not your fault…” she whispers. we pull away.

“where is y/n?” i gasp. “she’s still under! we need to get her out quickly a different way. Kira grab that jar. Stiles come over here.” Deaton yells.

“why what can i do?” i mutter but go over anyway.

“your her anchor, you need to grab her hand and when i say pull her out of the water completely” he says in a rush, tipping the entire jar into the water. I look at him with my eyes wide.

“I’m her anchor?” i question. He groans.

“yes, are you ready?” he mumbles. i gulp but nod.

“NOW!” he yells. I immediately yank on her hand pulling her out of the water completely and falling backwards with her coughing on my chest. I sigh and rest my head on the floor.

“did i do it?” she whispers. I laugh and grab her face, her eyes are closed and she looks really tired.

“yeah” i whisper back.

“take me home?” she mutters so i stand up to the best of my ability. Pretty much everyone is crying relieved that she’s alive. I walk outside and into my jeep followed by scott, kira, Allison, Lydia and Malia. Somehow we all fit in the car with y/n still resting on my lap. I start driving and she nestles her head into my neck. I bend down and peck her forehead and she smiles.

“where shall I go?” i ask nobody in particular.

“guys, what’s that smell?"Malia asks. Scott looks around.

"I can smell it too, it smells like blood…” he mumbles. He looks over at y/n and gasps.

“Stiles your covered in blood” Scott gasps.I look down briefly.

“it’s not mine, its must be y/n’s” I panick.

“what shall i do?”

“go to Derek’s loft” Lydia interrupts, so i do.

When we arrive at Derek’s i lay y/n down on the couch gently. Lydia comes over with a first aid kit. We all stand around waiting and when Lydia lifts y/n’s shirt everyone turns to me puzzled. Carved in blood is my name. It’s silent so Lydia starts cleaning the wound and bandaging it up, which y/n has to sit up for. I sit behind her holding her up and she grips my hand. She leans back slightly and rests her head on my shoulder looking up to me.

“the nogitsune did it” her voice is hoarse but loud enough we can all hear it.
“why didn’t you tell us about it?” Scott says.
“I knew about it!” Lydia murmurs.
“It’s creepy, I don’t know what the point of it was but I think that’s why I was having nightmares” she says to Scott. He nods deep in thought.

“what happened in there?” Lydia brings up. y/n looks at me skeptically. I raise my eyebrows and she sighs closing her eyes again.
“I saw your mum” her eyes open and she’s looking directly at me. My lip trembles but nod for her to continue.“I was going to bring her back too, but she wouldn’t let me. She wanted me to tell you that she loves you and it wasn’t your fault she died, she was really sick.” then closed her eyes again.

I get up from the couch putting a pillow in my place before walking over to the window. I look out thinking about my mum, warm tears threatening to spill over. I hear rustling behind me then a soft hand grabs hold of mine. I look down at her and smile then look over my shoulder and everyone has gone into a different room to give us some privacy.

“thank you” I whisper but she stays silent.

“thank you for bringing me back!” she then replies after a few moments of silence.

“so… I’m your anchor?” I ask teasingly. she blushes and looks away. I grab the side of her face and kiss her putting every emotion into it. she kisses back instantly and we’re both enjoying the moment when the door bursts open. We turn towards it startled. Chris, my dad and Melissa burst through the door. Everyone comes out of the kitchen to see what the fuss is and when Allison sees her father she makes a beeline for him and hugging him. He holds her shocked that she’s actually real and alive. He looks up to y/n and smiles and mouthing 'thank you’. She nods and smiles.

My dad comes over and y/n walks over to him before I can. I follow and hold her waist. He smiles at the small gesture but stays silent for her to talk. “I saw Claudia” she starts. “I tried to bring her back too, she wouldn’t let me. she said it wouldn’t be fair but to tell you that she loves you and that your doing a great job with Stiles and she’s been watching.” He tries to muffle his cries in his hand but it’s no use. I hug him tightly and bring y/n with me.

“well I’ve got some good news?” I whisper.
“what?” dad says. I grip y/n’s hand.
“were together now” i say smiling down at y/n she grins up at me and i peck her forehead. Scott and Malia holler, clearly they were listening and y/n blushes hiding her face in my chest.

“i love you” I say into her hair.
“I love you to dork” she mumbles back.

Lost in Fire. Chapter 5

I love you all!

Only after about two seconds Lydia ripped her eyes off Stiles. She stepped back without a word and his hand naturally fell down from her waist. She avoided his eyes snapping out of his space. 

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Preference 70: Heartbeat.

Derek: Kate Argent had rewound your boyfriend’s life. He was 16 again. And he had no idea who you were. When he found Scott, he also found you, only without recognizing you. His back had been to you as Scott and Stiles tried to figure out what they were dealing with by questioning him on what he remembered. “What did Kate do to you, Derek?” The young boy’s expression, though you couldn’t see it, was clearly confused and slightly defensive. “Nothing. Kate didn’t do anything. How do you know about her?” Stiles shook his head, rubbing his hands together in thought. “It doesn’t matter how we know her. What about Y/N? Do you remember Y/N?” At the mention of your relationship with Derek, your heart skipped a beat, maybe even two. “Who’s Y/N?” He then turned around, somehow feeling your presence. “Hi, D,” you smiled painfully, preparing yourself for the time you’d have to go pretending Derek was nothing more than a friend. “Hi… I guess that’s you?” You nodded, and he put out his hand for you to shake. God. You’d never wanted to kiss him more than in that moment. But you couldn’t. Friends, you thought. Derek is nothing more than a friend. How the hell were you gonna get out of this one?

Isaac: You sat in the lunchroom with Lydia, the two of you taking up your own table. The current topic of conversation was her relationship with Parrish, as neither of you knew what it was or what it would lead to, and were trying to figure out where the two would go. Related to her romance life was yours, as you had no idea what was going on between you and Isaac. At one point you’d been official, but after everything that went on with the Darach, you’d told him that you needed time but shot down the title of a breakup. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I guess we aren’t together, but I don’t even know if he wants to be with me anymore.” Your best friend rolled her eyes, picking at the sandwich before her and turning pages in her Chem book. “Honey, please. Isaac is totally in love with you,” she said confidently. “And if you can’t realize that, you’ve got some serious self-reflecting to do.” Upon hearing your heart spike when Lydia spoke his name in the crowded cafeteria, Isaac looked away from Scott and Stiles and toward you, who he’d located as soon as he made his way into the room. “Scott,” he called to his alpha. “They’re talking about me.” His friend looked away from Stiles, suddenly interested. “Dude, her heart is pounding.” “I know,” Isaac said, suddenly panicking. “What do I do? Do I go over?” Without hesitation, Stiles decided he should before biting into his apple. “Obviously, dumbass. Look, Lydia’s leaving anyway. Go now, or be single forever.” Lydia began to move from your table, gathering her things and dumping her lunch. “See you in English. Hopefully you’ll have yourself put together then.” With that, Lydia made her exit, and Isaac moved to your table. “Hey. About your conversation with Lydia? I definitely still want to be with you.” And, all of a sudden, your lunch was suddenly a lot better.

Liam: Another mission for the pack wasn’t really something Liam was excited for. When Stiles and Scott told him something else had happened, Liam was fully prepared to tell them he’d stay out of it. Before he had the chance, though, his friends told him that you’d been taken, that a new unknown enemy had taken the remaining Hale kids. Derek and Y/N. Liam didn’t even want to ask questions anymore– he wanted to find you. They went to your locker, finding out where you’d been last, and took off after Scott had picked up your scent. It didn’t take long for the younger beta to hear you. Someone had put you in the vault, the old bank vault, and Liam could hear everything about you. Your heart was pounding, and your older brother was trying to find a way out of the mountain ash without any success. It took ten minutes for the Jeep to reach the bank, and the three boys rushed in to free you. For a few minutes, your heartbeat slowed down to its normal, healthy pace, calming Liam more than he thought possible. But then someone walked into the room– your captor. Liam’s eyes were already shining a distinct shade of yellow, along with the other wolves’, the room suddenly glowing blue and yellow and red. There would be a fight, and the pack was ready for it.

Scott: Listening to your heart beat was something Scott did when he needed to either channel his inner wolf or rid himself of it. He could always hear it, though, especially during games. The team captain could have all his energy focused on watching or playing, but if there was a spike in your breathing he wouldn’t hesitate to call a time out or pull his eyes away from the field and toward the audience where you sat. This was just the case at the team’s Friday night game. Stiles was on the field, as were Liam and Kira, so your boyfriend was sat on the bench for a breather when a student from the opposing school sat beside you in the bleachers. His conversation was odd, and you knew it wouldn’t take long for Scott to catch on to the fact that you were uncomfortable. When he heard your heart he tuned into your voice, and began standing as soon as you began struggling to find your next words. He hopped around people, almost laughing when Coach simply muttered about his lack of focus during a thrilling play. Finally reaching you, he quickly plopped down beside you, letting out a puff of air as the unknown boy stopped talking. “Hey, baby.” You laughed, Scott pressing his mouth to your cheek. “Wanna do me a favor?” You nodded and took note on your boyfriend’s newest enemy glancing between the two of you, clearly as uncomfortable as you were just a few moments ago. “Anything.” Chuckling, Scott continued. “Run and get me a water?” Again, you nodded, turning to the other boy. “I’m sorry,” you lied. “I’ll see you around?” The boy didn’t bother trying to get you to stay, knowing then that Scott had somehow known you were being hit on and letting you go. The only thing he didn’t know was that your werewolf boyfriend had heard your heartbeat, something very few other could do for you.

Stiles: Lydia walked into the classroom beaming, a tall blonde boy following close behind. As soon as his eyes landed on her, Stiles’s heart skipped a beat– literally. There was no missing it for you, especially after you’d had the biggest crush on one of your two best friends, Scott being the other, since high school started. He sighed just loud enough for your werewolf hearing to pick up on, causing you to roll your eyes just as the boy looked over at you. “What?” Saying nothing, you simply shook your head in response. “Y/N, tell me,” he complained. “Nothing, Stiles. Just worried about how much your heart beat slowed down when a certain strawberry blonde walked into the room.” Squirming, his eyes looked anywhere but into yours when he remembered that you could hear the slightest change in his heart’s pace. “I’m over her, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes again, turning away from your friend and tuning into the teacher’s words instead as he started the lesson. Little did you know, Stiles was telling the truth. He was over Lydia Martin, and the real reason for his heartbeat picking up was his feeling your eyes on him.

Smoke and Mirrors

Teen Wolf 4x12 FINAL
*This will be extra long*

Kira waking up in the chamber of secrets

Kira leaving the chamber of secrets

Kate’s me speech

Berserker Scott stabbing Kira

The sheriff and Stiles arguing over Mexico

“Do I get a gun?”

Derek thinking he’s not going to survive

but still….

(yes, I am both)

Stiles wanting Malia to sniff Scott’s underpants


Liam insisting that he comes with them.

“You’re really bringing him?”
“You’re really bringing him?”

Peter! <3

on the same time….

“We cant….Not without Lydia”

Lydia being a badass banshee ducking from the punch

Peter <3

I’m waiting for stiles to go;

Mason being a good friend and helping

(The rest is under the cut, thought it’d be best to cut it)

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Things we got on this ep
  • malira
  • Queen Mama McCall
  • Kira being badass
  • did I mention malira??
  • Stiles not being an asshole
  • Liam kind of apologized by letting Scott hit him so they could break in
  • sTYDIA

what a time to be alive