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The short version is I think you're amazing, and I want to be you when I grow up. The longer version includes me asking you for RP advice, like how to do it, and how to make friends in the community. Thanks for existing!

Okay, you are so kind to take the time to say that.  Honestly, I don’t feel it is warranted, but I appreciate it.  Please be like yourself!  Find joy, find purpose, find adventure.

Okay, so I will try not to write a book on RPing.  I would check out TT’s posts about how to make gifs and make threads.  Really, you just record videos on your phone, camera, or computer.  Then, upload it either with tumblr or the suggested imglfip. Find characters that you are interested in exploring or enjoy.  DO NOT worry about it being perfect or extremely accurate.  You don’t need fancy lace wigs and time period clothing and contacts and sharp contours.  Just try.  You can do Alternate Universe, Genderbent, etc. also.  I also plan things out, look at aesthetics, and search headcanons to give me an idea into their head.  Then write or just wing your threads!  Have fun!  

As far as making friends, it just kind of happens.  Interact with people, join hangouts.  Like @kinghallows-thistimeitspersonal (Klary) started liking and reblogging my first Remi Lupin.  Then we interacted.  Then @youvegotenoughnerve (A) messaged me and asked to do something together and showered me with compliments.  Before I knew it, I was in a skype super nervous and planning Detention with Dolores.  Within the hour, after I said I was okay with it, I met @rainbow-tonks (Lore).  They were all so kind and willing to step out and make new friends.  This is such a loving community.  It happens so quickly.  Just have fun, and the rest will follow.  If you need anything else, let me know.  

Again, thanks.  If you start, tag me and let me know.  I will bring you into the family very quick.  

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                  who wants some starters yo  👏

I have no memory of this tag / misadventures of Sylphmun and Lavmun issue1

So Val aka @lavender-sans and I were up literally all night rping and by the time most of you read this post I will be asleep. But annnyyyway. We were rping and I replied to my last rp reblog of the night and then I forgot if I tagged Lavmun in it. I had no memory of tagging Lavmun even though it had been only like 2 seconds after reblogging. So I went back and looked and it turns out I did. I told Lavmun I was tired and I was gonna go to sleep soon and then told her what happened. At first she told me it was okay for me to sleep whenever. But then after I told her my tag memory problem she was like: You tired you goof go to sleep. And then I was like: You can’t just tell me to sleep whenever and then a few seconds later demand that I sleep now that’s not how it works XD but fine I will sleep. And then she’s all like: I changed my mind you sleep and I sleep and that sleep was gud. And we said night. This is an appropriate time to use this gif hahah. Anyways good night.

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hello i’m unprepared and a mess™ but i guess you can also call me c (she/her). i’m so excited to be here and to start rping with all of you beautiful bbies !! i am a sucker for painful plots, sadness and angst, but would love cute things too so if any of u would like to do the thing lms or im me and i’ll be happy to (warning, me ?? the worst at coming up with ideas buT I WILL TRY MY BESTEST), if anyone would like to also just talk about life and trade memes i am… . .… .. down foR IT TOO LETS GO ?? anyways under the cut there’s a little bit about tae, but you can also find bullet point and statistcs here, enough ramBLING 

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MIK — Mik & muses will remain on hiatus till i stop being a piece of shit whos not up for RPing rn. Sorry dudes and dudettes. I hope that by the end of the week i will return fresh like lettuce. & thank you for the Birthday congratulations to everyone who did. 

|| Yes I am online, but I wont be roleplaying. I have no muse for doffy at this moment in time. Ive lost muse because i feel overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting replies from me. I know its horrible for me to leave it but its giving me anxiety. I will get to them soon though, i do promise that. I just– I dont know. im fucked up.

 Ive just been hanging about on twitter being a little bitch. Not even rping. Just being a dick. Lmao. I should be on soon though so heads up, you will be getting me back. sorry about that. 

A little note to RPers

If you RP with me and then all of a sudden block me while we are RPers, please be considerate and tell me that you are not interested rather than blocking me. If you block me without a word, it’s not only hurtful, but it also is bad RP etiquette. PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN RPING with me!

Just answer the questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Leela
Nickname:  Panda
Gender:  Cisfemale. 
Sign:  Sagittarius. 
Height: 5′8
Sexual orientation: Bisexual. 
Hogwarts house:  Slytherin. 
Favorite color:  Teal.
Favorite animal:  Foxes and owls.
Time right now: 5:09
Average hours of sleep: 6-8
Cat or dog person:  Both, I really just love animals of all kinds.
Favorite fictional character from Harry Potter:  Ron Weasley 
Number of blankets you sleep with:  3
Favorite singer or band:  ATM probably TOOL, it’s almost always tool or apc. 
Dream trip:  Idk just traveling is fun. 
Dream job:  Idk biologist or history teacher. 
When was this blog created?:  June 23rd, 2016, Originally started rping Jon April 2013
When did your blog reach its peak?: It’s continuously updating that. 
What made you decide to make a tumblr:  Jon’s one of the best muses I’ve ever written and I just wanted to start writing him again, I’d missed it.

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please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼 }

                  five things that makes me happy ?! easy

one, is my mother. she’s alone to raise me now and having her around just helps me a lot. second, rping. because this is to escape for the real problem in my life right now. third, my boyfriend who’s caring and don’t actually dump me because i’m sick and i’m like very annoying when i am. fourth, is july, this month is my favorite month of the year because i go back to america. and to last, my friends here, @ofherage , @purebloodandpower , @herselectrum , @checkxate , @covetsblood , @sweet-singinglittleredbird, and everyone on here. bc they are my life.

Roleplaying History

The rules are simple! Post ten characters you’d like to role play as, have role played as, and might bring back. Then tag ten people to do the same (if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people). Aside from that, please repost instead of reblogging!

This is going to be very short I’m afraid - I’m a literal newbie to RPing. Only began my first account about a month ago and this one two days ago.


  • Petra Fortis (Kingsglaive)
  • Sarah (mama) Ulric (Kingsglaive/FFXV Universe)


No one else - I’m a newbie. :(


Not sure yet, I’m still learning the ropes. I kind of hanker towards characters not fully fleshed-out in their respective universes, so maybe these from the FFXV universe:

  • Crowe Altius - I love her, but there’s already some serious quality Crowe’s writing amazing stuff!
  • Talcott Hester (hunter post time-skip) - I think the whole time-skip era and him being trained to be a hunter could be fun to delve into.
  • Monica Elshett from the Crownsguard - I just love her and think there could be some interesting passes between her and Cor or even Aranea during the Starscourge.

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Quit it, you're making me tempted to make a Vayne blog since there's no way I'll ever get a ship with you otherwise.

I mean. What are you RPing as?