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10 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days - CMW2 / @trumpetnista

A Day Of Independence - KWsGladiator

A Holiday Grant-Ed  - KWsGladiator

A New Beginning - Sucker4Scandal

A Special Time - dafney64

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Another Day - @musesoftheminds

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The Bakery - BytesTheDust

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Bugs and Legal Briefs -  CMW2/ @trumpetnista

Camouflage  - noscruples

Can We Try Again - storygirllo87

Carpe Diem - K1k1-Wr1tes

Center Of Attention - Missschievous 

Chemistry - upintheclouds624

Closer - @musesoftheminds

Collide - storygirllo87

Come Back To Us - KWsGladiator

Crazy in Love - K1k1-Wr1tes

Crossroads - Uncensored  - glamour02

Damn - gladiatorRed

Darkness in Seattle - Vitalina13

Desert Princess - Reader575

Diary of Olivia Pope - KWsGladiator

Down For the Count - ButterflyPages

Draftbook Drabbles - The Trail/First Term AU - CMW2 

Draftbook Drabbles - The Office AU  - CMW2

Draftbook Drabbles The Stripper Sting/Law Enforcement AU - CMW2 

Empty Bottles In The Rain - backtohogwarts

Escape - evoria

Euphoria, Inc. - ButterflyPages

Even Lovers Drown: AO3, FFN  - MzMocha / @artsychica2012

Even When Expected - PopeAssociates

Everything Is Not What It Seems - K1k1-Wr1tes

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Executive Orders: AO3, FFN  - MzMocha / @artsychica2012

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You. Are. Mine!: AO3 | FFN - CMW2

You Don’t Know My Name - @babycakesbriauna

You’re My Normal - Panache Commodity

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anonymous asked:

I have a suspicion sometimes that the Olitz storyline (or lack thereof) is not actually SR's doing but TnK's. Kerry seems to have the cast (including SR) under very strict rule about not revealing anything or even speaking about her personal life or kids. Tony is the only one who disobeys it and only sometimes. Also the separations of Olitz are awfully convenient to sell the story that TnK are not together when she is pregnant and suspicion is most likely to be aroused. Whatdya think?

I hope this is true because it would mean that SR is actually nice and reasonable and is going along with what K/T want. I do not think this is the case. I think SR is just a damn bad writer and has no clue what to do with her storyline, and she wanted to break up Olitz to spite the fans

anonymous asked:

For that matter, why did Tony and Kerry sit together? It can't have anything to do with the show - Olitz has been dead for over a year and Tony and Kerry haven't even had a scene together in ages. The only reason I can think of is because they wanted to.

Everyone knows that’s what the fans want as well. They say together because tons of people showed up to look at them :-) Though I must clarify the crowd was so so SO much smaller than the one last year or 2 years ago

Olitzologist Musing #69: Let’s talk about Olitz-interrupted (101 vs. 501)

Olivia and Fitz have had their intimate moments interrupted several times since the start of the series. In addition to the ones pictured above, we can recall Olivia and Fitz’s coitus interruptus by Cyrus (221), and Mellie’s intrusion upon Olitz’s morning make-out in the Oval (311). It is not the disturbance of their privacy that I find most interesting. No. Meaningful to me is the relationship between the Olitz and disturber; the context in which the disturbance happens; as well as how Olivia and Fitz reaction tell a story about the state of their relationship. For those reasons Sweet Baby (101) and Heavy Is The Head (501) are worth discussing because of the parallels and progress they present.

Then: Sweet Baby (101)

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LOL why do people get in legitimate arguments over Scandal?

You all realize it’s just a show right?! Lol these are FICTIONAL characters. I mean the arguments I see get so serious for no reason. I understand really connecting with characters and all that, but it’s never that serious.

Where is the love in this fandom??? Like, Seriously?

The Olitz Phone Call (Scandal #420)

I have had several questions/submissions regarding this Olitz phone call. Once my annoyance/anger about 420 subsided, I revisited what I actually did enjoy about the episode. My initial malaise prevented me from noticing the intricacies, the pregnant pauses, and the subtext of this scene, including the ways in which it fits into what I believe to be the larger Olitz arc of this season. Reasonable Katrina is back, so, let’s explore, shall we?

Fitz: “Liv?”

Olivia: “I’m here.”

Right away, I had to chuckle. I mean, yeah, Olivia is c-c-c-c-old as ice, but… she knew it was Fitz calling her the moment she fished that phone out of her bag. She sighed 50-11 times, yet kept walking out of the room with the intention of answering that man’s call.

Given that she was so intently focused on B6-13 business—including doing a favor for a retired KGB agent—the woman absolutely could have silenced the ringer and went about her business. Yet, she did not. And when she does answer it, like many a time before, she waits for him to speak first. I may be wrong, but I have seen Olivia Pope ignore Fitgzerald’s calls exactly twice: 202 (after Pastor Drake’s funeral), and 308 (before Vermontgate). In both instances, she was at home when she ignored those calls–thinking that staying away from him is the best and only policy.

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Survival of the fittest- Scandal 4.10

This was titled survival of the fittest because of Charles Darwin’s theory basically in order to survive you must adapt. And I found that Olivia is the ultimate survivor. Who has adapted, grown, and learned from her captivity.

Okay, I know for many they did not like this episode but Ifor one LOVED it minus the Bastard scenes of course. 

And that sorry excuse of a superspy didn’t know shit; where is Liam Neeson when you need him.

Now here is why Olivia Pope is the fucking gladiator. While in her neighbor’s apartment she notices her surroundings and makes calculated decisions.

1)      Leaving her ring on the floor is perfect, because everyone knows that is Olivia’s ring and her ring alone.

2)      When her neighbor was about to be killed she notices all the men looking for the leader’s approval before the kill.

3)      In the ambulance under her dead neighbor’s body, scared out of her mine she is still able to use her head and put two and two together.

This is not our ordinary Olivia Pope, this is combat Olivia Pope. 

 Again survival of the fittest comes into play with this current story on Scandal. Only the strong can survive Olivia can’t be weak so when she is roomed with Ian; she fight’s for their survival tells him to fight for his daughter, fight for the future he is holding in his heart. But Olivia’s problem which has ALWAYS been her problem, she wants to save everybody. Olivia, girl you can’t be captain save ho all the time.

But what I simply adore is the FAITH Olivia has in Fitz … Even in the cell Olivia tells Ian that the president is looking for her and he won’t stop looking for her until she is safe with him…that is love. Olivia believes so strongly in their love that she knows right now that he is calling seal team six and all armed forces to look for her; can you imagine the pride and love Olivia is feeling at that moment? It’s not Jake she is thinking of or feeling proud about but Fitz because she knows Fitz, more importantly she trust Fitz.

This is how Olivia Pope is able to survive; her monologue to Ian was just as much for him as it was for her.

HOPE. I knew hope was alive but I never knew to this degree. Olivia Pope is not fighting for her gladiators or Jake. No, Olivia Pope is fighting for herself. She is fighting for the lost Christmases, birthdays, days of staying in bed doing nothing. Olivia Pope is fighting for her future.

I find it quite beautiful that at her absolute worst day of her life, she is dreaming of Fitz. The life they should have; the life they earned.

For the nonbelievers, this is PROOF of olitz bond, of the love they have for one another. Olivia wasn’t ever actually alone; even when she claims to be alone she is never truly alone. she had Ian but once he died. For the FIRST time in her life she is utterly alone. No gladiators, no Jake, No Fitz; just her .

It is when Olivia is alone that her true thoughts and feelings come out because all she has is time. Time. It’s quite ironic how before her abduction that was the one thing she never had; time. But being looked up and away from civilization can do that to anyone.


Olivia falls asleep in darkness and wakes up with the sun on her face and she smiles because she knows where she is at; she’s home.

With time finally on her side, she is able to think about the life they would have. She would make jam and he would be mayor but more importantly, they would be happy; because they have one another. After Ian was “killed” Olivia just sorta gave up and was waiting to die and what better way to die. At last, Olivia Pope gave herself a happy ending, on her death bed in some ways she allowed herself to finally be happy and imagine the life they could share if she only had time.


showergate 2.0 is here for the obvious reasons. The shower is known for being rebirth for olitz, a way cleansing Olivia and Fitz of their sins and finding forgiveness in one another. We have see showergate before 2x20 and again they say #hi . In her dreams, they are happy and connected and in love, how can anyone deny the look of love on her face.

If the show is heading where I think it is and based on this scene I expect and hope to see healing and growth on Olivia’s part. Olivia is wiping her slate clean and EMBRACING her life with Fitz; no longer is she hiding or running away. It’s ironic that Olivia is relishing in her fear- which is giving her heart away but we see that Olivia has fully and completely gave her heart to Fitz. This is once again confirmation that FITZ is the one Olivia wants for life. Perhaps this is what Olivia needed to see; to remove your fear you have to embrace it.

When Olivia saw Tom I was like:

She immediately when in protective mode; Olivia Pope is protecting and preserving her relationship with Fitz . She WANTS this life with Fitz. but then Tom opens his mouth and Olivia is reminded that she is the reason why Tom is there. Tom is protecting Fitz from her, something he failed to do in the real world.

I’m sure many thought Shonda was going to bring up Fitz’s suicide and be done with it in the same episode but as we can see the ramification of Olivia’s actions are STILL haunting her. Even thousands of miles away from Fitz and could actually die at any moment; Olivia thinks about what Tom told her. Basically it haunts Olivia in a way that captivity never could.Truthfully I do not believe Olivia will ever be over the pain she has caused Fitz.

Long story short; what Tom says bothers her but Olivia is like:

Not today Satan. Olivia is in Vermont, she has everything she wants except the baby which I truthfully did find odd ,considering babies are part of Vermont but perhaps if Olivia did have a baby with Fitz in her dream then she would have never woken up…


Yo, I understand but why does Abby have to come and fuck shit up. But I understand.Abby has to come and bring Olivia back to reality although
Olivia is more than happy being here in Vermont with Fitz. But I will give Abby
credit; in order for her to have her dream she has to be alive which is what wakes Olivia the hell up. NOBODY can save Olivia she has to save herself. YES! About time, let us see our fierce Gladiator that we have missed dearly.

The rest of the episode was amazing because Olivia Pope was living up to her name. She was fearless, courageous and regardless of what some may think of the episode that deserves recognition. And common on Kerry acted her ass off!

Next week’s episode should be just as amazing considering Tom foreshadowed what is to come; how it is Olivia who weakens the president, now more than ever. (Helen of Troy)

But with Olitz their weakness for one another is also their strength. Stay strong Olitzers!

Okay Gladiators sound off!

So in today’s news: everyone is butchering the Catch because it sucks, media is finally waking up to the fact Scandal and HTGAWM are sucking in ratings (INCLUDING the worthless L+7 ones), and Tony is making sure to put up a photo of the best fans ever that shows unequivocally who they are: the Olitz fans of course. The reason why the show even got a season 2.

I’d say we’re right on par with the boycott.

Bear in mind, NO MATTER HOW you do it,  that if you watch live, YOU ARE A MAJOR part of the problem because as long as people keep watching live and bitching, and they do not understand that they must TUNE OUT, they are sabotaging those who have the sense of tuning out, and who are the SOLE and ONLY reason why ANY change MAY (because it’s not guaranteed) happen.

For those who say Fitz can’t control his anger, HOW ABOUT JAKE? Fitz may yell, but Jake gets /physically/ abusive. He had NO right and NO reasons to slam Liv against the wall /and/ choke her. He could kill her doing that. So, we have Jake putting her in the hospital, then threatening her life and now physically hurting her and even, possibly, could kill her.

Fitz has NEVER been physically abusive towards her. 

Olitz on!

anonymous asked:

Katrina, what do you think of the fact that Liv and Fitz made out in a really public place, meaning everyone could see them? Exposing their relationship would have exploded the presses and really shadowed the entire presidency. Why do you think Liv did it? I understand Fitz, homeboy (I love him dearly) don't give two shits... But what about Liv? I guess I just don't understand her reasoning.

She didn’t give a fuck either, and that’s new. I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand. The song, “Here comes the sun”; the Tru(e)man balcony; the open air, they are all related metaphors about standing in the open, in the truth and embracing that truth, which Fitz represents for her.

I’ve always said that Olivia controls the pace of the Olitz relationship (that’s why Fitz’s outing intervention failed). Here she is this time sharing the reigns she’s taken (”we”, not “I”). Again, “whatever we want” is really a telling statement. It’s the new “we’re in this together” for two battle-scarred people who’ve fought to be a team. But that statement is also about the ways in which Olivia has changed and stopped sacrificing herself and what she wants for the sake of protecting other people. Every single season Olivia has sacrificed herself in order to protect/save Fitz the POTUS, thinking it was the only way to show her love. That’s the way she was used to showing love. It sounds strange, but by allowing Fitz to stand on his own, that was the only way he could evince the man she always knew him capable of being. He earned her, so to speak, and she rewarded that openly.

anonymous asked:

Can you write after mellie leaves the bunker scene and after fitz hugs liv it leads to sex. somehow the door opens for jake. he sees them having sex and fitz smirks at him over liv's shoulder.

Thanks for the request! I liked writing about the classic Olitz relationship and making a continuation of a scene was really fun. I do write from Jake’s POV (kind of) at the very end of this, so it annoyed me a little only for that reason, but I wanted to make this one shot as realistic as possible, so Jake doesn’t actually walk in. But there’s just as much satisfaction, I think. 

Here ya go ! 

Seconds of Pleasure 

Fitz leaned into Liv, his body taking in hers. She was so small, so fragile, and to make matters worse, she was shaking uncontrollably with grief, disbelief and embarrassment. Fitz kissed her hair, trying to bring her back to him. But Olivia Pope never cried. And the fact that she was crying into his chest was powerful. He understood the horrible implications that they were under. His wife- the dragon lady- had attempted, once again, to steal Olivia’s virtue. Mellie wanted to reduce Olivia to a whore, an unspectacular escapade of her philandering husband. Fitz hated her for that. His political career wasn’t worth destroying this fragile person.

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Even Kerry is clearly smelling the disinterest. GOOD. That tweet really did the most to promote something we do NOT want to watch.

And it will obtain the exact opposite result as the intended one.

“It will shock you and it will change you non matter if you’re Olitz or OJ”. That’s exactly what NO ONE wants to hear. In case the cast hasn’t understood NO ONE IS HERE FOR THE IDIOTIC SHOCK THE SHONDA RHIMES WAY. NO ONE. We have had ENOUGH of it. STOP trying to promote shock because that’s the best way NOT to get people to watch.

I SO love you, Kerry, but this is an ABSOLUTE NO. Stop trying to do the most with this “shock” thing. It is exactly what people DO NOT WANT. A great number of us aren’t watching exactly for this reason: shock done the way Rhimes does it is STUPID SOAP OPERA CRAP that by the way we usually call MONTHS in advance because it’s so lame and predictable. We are NOT here for it.

On the other hand… they are SMELLING the disinterest and I love it. Last week everyone was already all “ohh Scandal Thursday” by now on Twitter, this week it’s probably less than a THIRD than what it was last week (and last week was already a HUGE drop in ratings). They see it and they are afraid. *snort* if this is (and it usually is) any indicator for ratings tomorrow? They might be even worse than the in between 2.6 and 2.8 I predicted.

anonymous asked:

If Olitz met and fell in love while both were damaged ppl, once they've both healed, do you think their reasons for falling in love will remain? Or is part of the healing process realizing they shouldn't be together?

If to err is human, then there’s no such thing as ‘undamaged’ people (though I don’t really like that word). There’s no such thing as ‘healed’ people. Humanity is a process and these things have ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys. 

The struggles that Olivia and Fitz have as a couple are, in part, due to their individual personal baggage that they bring to the relationship. Much of it stems from patterns, persistent ways of being that have been impacted by the way they grew up the world (families as well as social positioning). They have a responsibility to themselves as individuals to tackle those things, but we also bring who we are to our relationships. Try as we might we can’t hone ourselves to perfection (to err is human, remember) to qualify to be in a relationship. The self is a continuous piece of work. When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s a matter of communication and negotiation. 

Here’s a defining moment in the relationship of Olivia and Fitz that tells me these are not two people whose relationship was forged in damaged co-dependence:

I always think back to that first 1-minute scene in The Trail (106) as a moment of being, in which Fitz and Olivia were looking into each other’s souls. A moment not just of regarding, but of beholding–seeing into. An aha moment of truth. And I don’t think they had previously found that with anyone else. I’m inferrign all of that, but so palpable is that moment, that I cannot be convinced that these are two people who are using each other to treat pain. So, no, I don’t think they need to be liberated from each other to heal. They have work to do, but ultimately they absolutely belong together. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Shonda did the abortion/ break up scene in the hope that people will not watch when the show comes back in February therefore sealing it's cancellation. Do you think Scandal will make it to season 6.

“In hope they won’t watch”? She’s desperate to get a season 6, so that’s not the reason why. They need season 6 because syndication is back to being at 100 episodes if you want to get it, unless you have sensational numbers, and Scandal doesn’t have either sensational numbers or enough episodes yet,because season 1 was only 7 episodes and season 3 was shortened. 

That story was done to spit on Tony and Kerry and on Olitz fans, to spit on Olivia first and foremost, and to try to make a claim after she was obliged to keep them together for the first half of the season. Since people don’t understand the concept of not watching and not giving them ratings until one is sure that things have taken a consistent and specific direction, she had the ratings to back her decision. That’s all she can write, break up and make up, and Disney thought the ratings were sufficient for that, too. They were better than the second half of last season, so here we are. People never understand around here. And we still see some insisting on “watch to support the actors”. They’re exactly the reason why SR feels authorized to pull this shit. She knows there are a lot of morons who will keep on watching no matter what absurd, insulting crap she puts on screen, so she knows she can get away with any and everything.

We, are done. And if anyone hopes to make this show change, they had better understand to stop watching with a quickness. Don’t even think of tuning in for the February premiere, or there is no way this shit will ever be rectified.

Originally posted by minnie-on-focus

At this point does anyone care about the ring?

Of course anti-Olitz doesn’t, but I believe we all don’t. Why did they even add it in there. As someone else said yesterday, how does this tie in with the plot or move the story along. First of all I thought she was on her own doing her thing now, which is great. So once again why does she put this ring back on? I really hope they have a good reason for how this ties into everything because I am so confused.

anonymous asked:

I hope this is not a stupid question but I keep wondering why Olivia was caressing Fitz's hand when they were holding Ella? Wasn't she angry at him for leaving her alone? He was pretty cruel to her at Verna's funeral. Thanks. Trang.

Trang! Thanks for identifying yourself :o)

So, you’re referencing this post from the other day:

It’s not a stupid question. As with most things Olitz, it’s simple, but also complicated. Before the baptism, Olivia was already convinced that Fitz knew about Defiance, and that that was the reason for his cruel behavior in the church (213). Remember, she spent 10 months thinking about this, and the swimming we see her do partly reflects this. So by the time she comes face to face with him, she is still interested in his understanding, and forgiveness. Look at the apologetic looks she gives him as they hold baby Ella. I see the Douxbebe finger stroke as her way of reminding him of the commitment he made to her. It’s not until Fitz’s cruel and obfuscating post closetgate “erections” comment that Olivia feels abandoned by him. Her anger has reason to become entrenched. 

What’s interesting is that the stroke with the DB finger is a form of communication for Olivia, much in the same way that putting DB back on her finger for Fitz to see at Cyrus’ third wedding was her Olive branch to Fitz after 413 (not the act, but the showing and the setting). After initiating that contact in 214, Fitz didn’t bite, though he did stare. When Liv gave up and tried to run away, Fitz decided then that he wanted to be heard (what have I said about Fitz’s pull to Olivia’s push in the past?), it was his only chance. They had no cause to speak before this event. Note that it is in a communications closet that they finally…communicate. 

People try to make closetgate a reductive moment of victimization by call it rape (patently untrue), abuse, harassment. I think it’s a very sad, but complicated (and yes, arousing) moment for them at a very painful point in their relationship. They had too many contradictory feelings they were unable to healthily uncork. Yet missing one another over those ten months was the one thing they could not deny, and that’s what fueled their connection. It’s not a didactic moment. It’s an uncomfortable, emotionally fraught one. It didn’t feel pretty, and it didn’t look it either. But it was truthful and a real bottom for them. 

deb1x  asked:

Kronos! Just finished listening to "DrunkScandal" podcast for S2E:11 "A Criminal...". It was great. You, @katinapavela, @mellygrant and the call-ins. What really stood out of for me of from the freewheeling discussion was when you said that S3 was completely forgettable and their wasn't one thing memorable about it. The entire season? Maybe E2 "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" when Jake was released from the hole (who wouldn't want to forget that?) But the entire season? Really? Wow! That's harsh!


I just realized I never answered you!! Please forgive this horrible monkey as I grovel at your feet!!

But back to your question, do I think season 3 so far has been forgettable?

Well… Yes. I know it sounds harsh, but I’m putting it here in comparison to season 1 and 2 (or 1 and 2a). Just thinking about it, there’s one minute, the trail, the couch, the closet, the Great Read of Edison, Cyrus calling off the hit, Huck in 752, Defiance… I mean I could go on.

But then I think about this season so far and… Vermont and Rowan. That’s all.

Yes there have been fewer episodes and yes I have seen them less than I have season 1 and 2 —- but I haven’t felt the same urge to re-watch this season as a whole like I did the other two (and multiple times).

So, what is the cause of this?

Thinking about it objectively, there have been so many twists and crazy plot and character moments this season - surely it would be memorable to say the least?

And yet it isn’t.

And the only reason I can think why, is that the crazy moments in season 1 and 2 were grounded in a strange Scandal-verse reality, where all the actions (though mad) had a cause, a motivation, and a consequence.

The stakes were high, and they kept getting higher — but they also had a reason to move.

Now in this season so far, characters do things for the sake of doing THINGS!! rather than what their history and personality dictates. THINGS!! happen but I no longer feel the weight and importance of them because it seems like they will just be dropped and moved on from.

I mean Vermont-gate was amazing, but will it actually affect Olitz? Other than them popping in mentions of Jam and knitted sweaters in their future arguments/conversations? Ok they’ve made progress, but they’re still in this weird holding pattern just for the sake of it.

Also, the main jaw dropping OMG moment of Olivia’s name being leaked was promptly swept under the rug, and the very thing to cover it up was the same giant plot point and looming catastrophe of the entire first season.

Season 3a is forgettable to me because it seems to be just sound and fury signifying nothing.

However, they do have a chance of turning that around in 3b. They could pick up lose ends and bring down the consequences like a heavy axe.

They can make that shit get real.

Then I’m gonna remember it.