of quartz and crystal

  • Amethyst: Yeah, Garnet, what are you hiding?
  • Garnet: Nothing, I'm an open book. Ask me anything.
  • Steven: Alright, tell me about the Palanquin.
  • Garnet: Not that. Anything else.
  • Connie: Ooh, ooh, what was the name of the Disney Channel show that Shia Lebeouf was on?
  • Garnet: Even Stevens.
  • Connie: Thank you, that has been bothering me all day. It's Even Stevens, guys!

This is my outdoor altar for honoring the local nature spirits! The crystals I’ve set up are prehnite, chlorite phantom crystals, rainbow aura quartz, circle stone, moss agate, rainforest jasper, smoky quartz, aventurine, and malachite. There’s also a shaman stone sitting in the corner. The incense is geranium, lavender, and jasmine. The candle is white and cedar/sage scented. I’ve sprinkled some dried red flowers from the trees onto it, too. There’s a dish of salt for purification and under that are two pieces of paper: one with a poem I wrote about the awe of nature, the other one an invocation for the blessings of spirits of my garden, the trees, land spirits, ancestral spirits, and to tell wandering ghosts to leave me alone.

So I set up this altar with the intention of honoring the local nature spirits, and also to protect from some of the creepy things wandering around at night (I live right next to a busy highway where people die in traffic accidents ALL the time. On top of that, my area was once home to a large Native American population and historians are pretty sure that all these houses are built on old burial grounds and dwellings and stuff).

So yeah, I wanted to make an altar basically to honor and acquaint myself with the nature spirits while simultaneously warding off nasty spirits who want to cause harm.

I set up the altar. I’m a Reiki practitioner so I blessed it, drew a combination of Reiki symbols and personal symbols I find empowerment in, and that’s really it. You can’t see it in the picture but I drew sigils and symbols in chalk on the ground around the altar too.

My siblings both sat down by the altar to get a feel for it. My brother’s input was that the altar felt like a HUGE beacon, like a lighthouse, and the altar might attract all kinds of stuff as a result. He said that it felt good and warm and happy and all that, but it felt like too much. My sister said the same thing. All of us (myself included) felt like I’d done something to piss them off, like I was imposing on their territory needlessly. Since that was the opposite of what I wanted to do, I felt bad but kept the altar up regardless to see if these were well-founded fears or if I was just psyching myself out.

I smudged the altar, blessed the altar, set my intention, burned the incense, and drew symbols that matched my intention, but the feeling I got was that I shouldn’t have made an altar in the first place. Last night I couldn’t sleep and felt creeped out, so i don’t know if maybe I was just out of my depth with this one and the local spirits are just not friendly toward people at all. Or maybe I should stand my ground and leave offerings, meditate in front of the altar, etc.

I’ve made outdoor altars in the past and none of them have felt like this or made me creeped out.

This is a longer version of my question from early this morning, but if anyone has any advice on what to do with this altar please let me know!


I made a travel altar out of an altoids tin!! There’s no particular theme to it since I only kind of have a random mishmash of items available to me, but obviously I really like the color pink, hahaha, so maybe it’s a little bit themed around love?! Process and content details under the cut!

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Rainbow amethyst geode!