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Pink Diamond Theory (Rocknaldo)

lando has been the Crewnivers vessel for spewing out foreshadowing and commentary on the fandom. 

This week we got this gem “Well I care so much. I think it’d be like, deep in my heart. Or, like a million tiny gems, like one crushed-up gem coursing through my blood, like, like Bloodstone!” . Hmm how many hearts have we seen on SU?

That’s right The Heart of the Temple. The temple has seen to be a living entity within the cannon in any of the moments when Steven has gone into his room. It also shares that pink colour palette that is associated with PD and Rose. So IF PD was really shattered what if Rose added her into the working of the temple. But not just that what if she is all across Beach City or even the world. 

Remember these flowers, Pearl said Rose looked after them. They have shattered bits of pink gems in them, not the round of Rose Quatz. Also it is the same pink associated with PD. 

Another think that must have some link with Pink Diamond is lion. The mane/hair. We know Rose had lions when she still had her form (this part isn’t a new theory but I am coming to a conclusion soon). 

Oh look its the promo art that made some though Jasper was going to get a redemption arc during the leakbomb. So Steven and Greg are wearing some pink roses. These to characters are linked the strongest with Rose still (Pearl having started to move on in Mr Greg). So Jasper wearing the Pink Hibiscus must symbolise something to do with the gem she is most attached to, PD. We see this flower in the episode “Steven’s Dream” where PD was shattered(?). This is all the way across the Earth in South Korea. 

What I am trying to get at here is that Rose Quartz some how put PD into the crystal heart and she is a living part of beach city and the Earth. She is interconnected and is giving life all life on Earth. She is apart of everything from fauna to fauna. She may not have her physical form but she the Earth’s life. She is the beauty in every living thing, she is one with the planet she was meant to rule,

Just added these crystal prints to my Etsy shop, worldwide shipping is available!

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I’m feeling really drawn to gentle heart stones this week. Whenever I work with rose quartz I feel like the crystal is giving me a big warm hug ❤

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There’s something about the magical color play of an Angel Aura crystal in the shadows… they look different in every kind of light - which is one thing I so love about these otherworldly babes. This particular cluster I fell in LURV with at first sight, and couldn’t wait to turn into some wearable crystal-energy. It hangs from a rather short chain so falls close to the neck - just listed in the shop…. link 👆🏽!!
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Fillers, Sailor Moon and Fans

One of the more interesting, if not funny, criticisms of Sailor Moon Crystal is the lack of filler episodes compared to the 90s Anime. In adapting the original Manga more faithfully (well, 90% of the time), SMC presents a more streamlined series with no episode that isn’t relevant to the overarching storylines. People who grew up on the old Anime feel like the classic filler episodes allowed us to get to know the character better bit by bit whether with or without plot relevance and that Crystal is lacking that little something.

As as fan of certain other TV shows, this seems to be the reverse with many filler episodes being regarded as a waste of time or boring. To be specific, an episode of Steven Universe was aired recently and not too many people are happy that it was about a nerdy side character rather than Steven’s adventures IN SPACE or stuff about the Gems or that Bloodstone CN teased about (really, I had my eyebrow raised from day one). It’s hardly the only show to be derided for filler but I’d hate to take up your entire year.

Of course, it’s pretty simple math. We who grew up on Sailor Moon can rewatch the show while appreciating the filler and added character building while knowing just where things are going to end up. For other shows that are in progress, we tend to get a little, erm, impatient to put it nicely.

Honestly, I can see Sailor Moon Crystal being a good introduction to potential new fans who aren’t exactly fond of constant Monster of the Day formulas and want a plot that can get to the point faster. They can even go back to the 90s Anime to see how the first adaptation was handled, knowing a bit more about where things are going.

But that’s just how I view things.

Because of @blackbearmagic I have started to get into ancient ancestor veneration. I have always been fascinated by fossils and bones in general (plus Levi and the Outsider have been sort of leading me to this path anyway) so it seems serendipitous that I came across their blog right around the time Levi came around.

Also! Levi seems to have attached themselves to one of my clear quartz crystal points. I would have thought that they would have liked the smoky quartz better, but that shows what I know haha. Oh and another thing…one of my coyote skulls has a spirit attached. I have preemptively named it Fang, and I’m planning on seeing how the spirit is doing. I have felt it kind of perk up whenever Levi is around, not so much when the Outsider is around but that’s not really surprising seeing as the Outsider is more of a whale guy anyway.

I like to stroke my fingers over Fang’s nose and teeth, and there’s always a sense of contentment and belonging when I do. I never gave that much thought, but maybe that’s been Fang responding the while time?

Levi’s quartz is noticeably cooler now that their spirit has “attached” to it, and I get a strong sense of deep earth and the quietness of space when I hold it.


Which gem would you choose?

happy valentine’s day yall

i didnt include steven and the others because i literally ran out of space maybe ill do another one of these!