of quartz and crystal

We are the crystal gems~!

WOOHOO!!! I finally got around to making a Steven Universe print! And it’s going to be with me at Denver Comic Con June 30-July 2! If you’re going to be at DCC 2017 come to table R08 to get your own print! And be on the look out for online sales after the con.


*Peach Aventurine*

The fusion between Carnelian and Crystal Quartz, but we call her “Peach A” for short.

Peach A is the main gem fusion of this blog, being the fusion of the two people who run it. The actual stone is the representation of our friendship in real life. We are each other’s hugest support system, being almost inseparable since the 8th grade. We help ease each other’s stress and anxiety from everyday life. We give each the confidence we need to get something done, when needed. I am very grateful to have her as my best friend!

Peach A is 60% calm, cool, collected and tolerant of others, 40% total fighting spirit. She is a huge morale boost when in battle, encouraging and reminding her allies that they can pull through and win.

Her weapon is a Great Axe.

It’s taken 3 years to perfect our fusion. From being Fluorite to Morganite and now Peach Aventurine, we’re finally happy to release her to the world. Be prepared to see WAY more of her! Hope you like her!

A crazy theory

(Forgive my terrible English)

I know it probably is not going to happen…but I wanna share my idea.

When Steven heals Lars, he says he was never able to cure someone so hurt before. His healing power is stronger than ever.

Somehow, if Steven finally open the trunk inside Lion’s mane and the pieces of Pink Diamond were there, what would happen? 

He (with his healing powers so advanced) could heal her and ask her what really happened when she was shattered, and we could finally know the truth about her and Rose Quartz. If one of the other three Diamonds did it, Pink Diamond would be furious and desiring revange.

Meanwhile, Steven and the Crystal Gems could show her how to love Earth and the organic creatures, and when she gets back to Homeworld, she could tell what really happened and ask the other Diamonds to leave Earth in peace, because the planet is her colony yet and she decides what to do with it.

If Rose Quartz is innocent, she wouldn’t be so hated anymore, the other Rose Quartz’s would be free from the bubbles and so many more amazing things! The gems that still loyal to Pink Diamond (like Jasper) would get a redemption arc easier, and could join to the Crystal Gems. Steven can probably heal her corruption too, at this point.

So the Crystal Gems could be accepted…or, at least, free. 

Maybe I’m crazy…but it would be really nice xD

Good morning, Star Children. Today the message is about Craftsmanship, Skill, Creativity
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Discs/Pentacles

The Eight differs from the other Pentacles in that it speaks to the spiritual and esoteric rewards of refining your skills; less to the financial reward for them. It speaks to the application of knowledge and creativity to a utilitarian task; the difference between making a sturdy shelf that works and making a beautiful sturdy shelf that works.

If you are looking for a job it shows a desirable career that tests your skills and develops new skills. 
In current employment, it suggests an increase in workload - use discretion and take a balanced approach.
In finance, it suggests that you may receive financial assistance. Be prudent with these resources. They come to you because of work not luck so do not gamble with them - be practical and think long term.

In a relationship, this card can indicate the workload of you or your partner may be getting in the way. Try to strike a balance between both; work to ensure that your relationship is as spiritually rewarding as your workplace.

Wherever the Eight of Pentacles fits into your day, it’s letting you know that you have the skill required, now comes the refining and honing of them. By developing your talents, you will find success in your efforts; investing in yourself now will lead to greater rewards later.

Peace out, Lovelies…