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Combeferre who knows when Enjolras needs advice but also knows when Enjolras just needs a hug and to be left alone.

Combeferre who doesn’t understand his friends’ body dysphoria when first faced with it so spends a whole day reading up and researching so he can be as kind and helpful to them as possible.

Combeferre who doesn’t like to fight but when Courfeyrac got called a poof in a bar the guy was against a wall so quick… Courfeyrac eased him away but he was endlessly smug.

Combeferre who has tattoo sleeves of the universe on one arm and flowers on the other arm because, though he finds endless beauty in space and longs for it every day, he doesn’t want to forget the beauty of what is right on the ground with him. 

Combeferre who worked up a watertight legal argument so Jehan could change their pronouns on their work documents.

Combeferre who is constantly low key aware of how long Enjolras has been wearing his binder in case he forgets (it happens… hes a busy dude).

Combeferre who is helpful and caring as well as fiercely protective of his friends. 

whether a person prefers Chandler and Monica or Ross and Rachel really says a lot about them as a person tbh


Our flags are beautiful and so are we 💖

anyone else amazed at how some people choose to be completely ignorant of every other culture besides their own ??? like they don’t even want or try to learn

Honestly, there is no greater feeling of accomplishment on this hellsite then when you go to stalk people’s blogs who reblogged your post to search for tags only to discover that they took the time to tag your post with personalized comments while the rest of their blog is tag free.

@preludeinz​ replied to your photo“i-is-a-freak: @navigatorsnorth is a geologist so she knows her shite …”

i am new in the rock acquisition business, why the salt

also which rocks particularly should i avoid

Okay so. Aura quartz. Ugh. I think I also have a Nonny or someone else in my inbox from a while ago… the last time I bitched to the internet about aura quartz? *goes digging*

There it is. Hey nonny nonny.

Disclaimer off the bat: I am not dissing on people who like aura quartz, I mean it’s shiny, it’s pastel, it’s got crystals. Like bunnies, I can see why people like it, even if I don’t get the appeal.

My main gripe is that it is sold as something natural, when it is not? Like, I don’t like when people lie about things and lying about rocks extra bothers me bc… I honestly don’t have a proper reason. It just does. Aura quartz offends me on a personal level and I can’t quite articulate why.

Basically, aura quartz is normal quartz which has been given a very thin coating of metal, which is what gives it the shininess and the colour. Which would be fine. If it was sold and advertised as such. But generally it is not.

Take for instance the picture that I sent to MC. The top right specimen is labelled as “Angel Aura (plated quartz)”. The other three are just noted as “Sunset Aura Quartz”, with no mention of plating. Which, by omission, implies that they are not. But they are. All aura quartz is plated and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Even worse, another stall I saw today had a piece that was labelled “RARE”. It literally is not. It is just normal quartz. Literally the most common mineral. You’ve just slapped some shiny on there and jacked up the price.

(I love quartz because of/in spite of the fact that it is the most common. It’s the best. But that is a whole other post on its own and I won’t go into it here.)

So uh, yeah. This has got really long and @i-is-a-freak​ is probably laughing at me because I have done exactly what she predicted.

I’m going to make the “which rocks particularly should I avoid” answer a separate post because this is already super long and that answer is probably going to be at least as long as this one.

Basically, the TL;DR version is this: Nav is perpetually salty about aura quartz because it is a charlatan’s stone and anybody who tries to tell you that it is natural is a liar who does not deserve your money.

But buy it if you like. I know kiddos go wild for it and it is kind of pretty, if you’re into that kind of thing. But don’t let anyone tell you that it is super rare or special. It’s literally just painted quartz.

3 Things I Hate: The Equestrian Version

1. Equestrian Australia

2. Equestrian New South Wales

3. Money grabbers (like Equestrian Australian and Equestrian New South Wales)


People are telling you about cats. Have I told you about the newest addition, Frida?

We figured out she was hard of hearing pretty quickly. One of the hints was how small her voice was. Just a raspy, barely audible mew. We are teaching her sign and she’s since learned to talk at a volume we can hear several rooms away.

She’s a Turkish Van with bright orange markings on her face and tail, the rest of her is so white, except for faint elbow patches. Elbow patches Q!

Okay and she’s a fantastic hunter. She catches all the bugs that get in. It’s magnificent because she hardly has to move. She can snatch a fly out the air with one paw, without having to get up.

She bonded with husby and tolerates the other cat, though he learned how to hunt suddenly. He wants badly to snuggle and groom her, but she is independent and will have none of it. However she also wants to snuggle with the pup and he will barely tolerate that. It’s like a love triangle.

Frida is also the most specific about her pets. But Q, she has the softest fur. Like so soft. She’s got that single coated trait of her breed and she’s like cashmere. But you must only touch on cheek! Top of head is okay but mostly cheek. But she doesn’t like the sensible pressure of a scratch, she leans in, hard. She ends up off balance because she pushes her whole weight into the pets.

She’s definitely not like other cats I’ve known, but that’s kinda what I could say about all the cats I’ve known.

I want to talk about Gabe’s relationship with Clementine and how a lot f the fandom reacted to it, and I’m actually pleased to see a lot of people supporting the possibility for a relationship between them. ut I want people to know that Gabe’s interest in Clementine is not JUST a developing crush on her, it’s the friendship forming. Yeah, they don’t have much screentime together and Clementine has BIGGER priorities to focus on than making new friendships or bonds ( that telltale love to not allow ) but Gabe’s like for Clementine is not is hormones screaming at him but instead it’s a type of paybak, a debt needing to be paid for how she made him feel.

and not in a bad way, Clem has to be the ehalthiest influence in hiss life since the start of the apocalyse and Clementine talking to him must be the frieshest air he’s breathed because it’s what he needed, what he WANTED; other people, people HIS age and someone to find common ground with and understanding, yes Gabe hasn’t gone through the hell Clementine has endured and still needs to experience that throwing your trust at random people and wanting to be with people isn’t going to end well.

But Clementine has helped Gabe, comforted him and he wants to pay her back with his friendship, even if Clementine doesn’t want to stick around he at least wants to make her feel the ease and ‘okay’ that he felt when she stood with him, and even if it is a silly cad game or him giving her a firearm, it’s his way of showing that she can rely on him, he’s there if she ever needed him. Like she was for him.

anonymous asked:

What's your take on Scully's thoughts in Requiem as she holds Mulder in the hallway and tells him she won't let him go alone. I've never been able to satisfactorily guess her emotions because the way she speaks and the way she looks seems so different from the beginning of the episode - almost like detachment but I know she's not detached.

Yay, a prompt! So I have three answers to this: a poetic version, a shorter version, and a meta version. I’d actually already been writing about this for Equilibrium and I was debating whether or not to show eventual content in its more brainstormy state, but decided who cares really.

Poetic version:

[Disclaimer: Excerpt not yet edited for language, psychological accuracy, or accidental plagiarism]

She has never quite reconciled silliness with herself. Whenever she feels giddy or breathless or ridiculous or (what a concept) flirtatious there is something adolescent about it, like it’s the first time every time. Gums too bare, eyes too manic, and embarrassment too quick.

There is something tremendously silly about happiness right now. Happiness right now. Now that she is 36 and barren and 5 years deep into a sexual fidelity that in retrospect is so telling it’s humiliating. Happiness with Mulder. Mulder the glib, Mulder the tragic, orphaned in so many senses of the word. Mulder of the inviolate quest. FBI Barbie Mulder kept sexlessly in his cardboard packaging so as to never lose his value. Happiness at the vortex of a known panopticon. Happiness after brain surgery, matricide (it’s not the right word, but one his brain supplies anyways), straight-up murder, and lungs infested with beetles. You have to laugh.

And she has. She’s smiled enough in the last six months that it’s starting to feel less strange (often swift and secret smiles, but smiles all the same). She jokes lately. She jokes with the smug certainty of a teenager who’s just figured out that they are funny. The confidence of a comic with an easy audience. The jolt of primal ego from knowing that someone you want to reproduce with has seen you naked and undeniably liked it.

It’s very silly. It makes her nervous. Happiness has a way of making one feel impervious and the memento mori, when it comes, has a way of making one feel equivalently vulnerable. Deflated and cosmically defenseless. Still Life With Mulder and Scully

“I won’t let you go alone,” she says, and she thinks about her new and daily nausea. She thinks about the last time that she felt that way, and how her fears had been just the same. She’d been so angry then. So angry she could barely let herself look at it, so she looked at his instead. There’s no way to feel that kind of anger, the knowledge that a rug is about to be pulled out from under you, except you don’t know where or when and that there isn’t a single thing you can do except curl up and brace for impact. 

Shorter version:

I read her as somewhat numb. Season 7 is a bit of an emotional reprieve for Scully (insofar as she is ever allowed one), even with things like Orison and En Ami. I think she allowed herself to briefly pretend that she wasn’t the Dana Scully that horrible things happen to and when she remembers it hits her like a Mack truck. So I think she’s anticipating loss in some way (seems significant that her face resembles the numbness of grieving Scully in season 5/8) but there isn’t actually anything to grieve yet so it’s not like she has a reason to suddenly break and cry.

Boring meta version: 

Maybe Gillian Anderson was uh….having a weird day and didn’t quite hit the emotional note she wanted to. Or the writers didn’t. That sort of thing. (I mean obviously, the writers do not ever provide much context for Mulder and Scully’s emotional reactions so I think no matter what internal story anyone involved had in mind, it was going to end up an ambiguous looking emotion no matter what, probably)

I have to admit, I really appreciate Hank’s new video.

Steven Universe is such a trans show that I don’t understand how people get confused as to whether other shows are about trans shit?

💀❤ possible interactions for Zevran 

  • people from his mother’s clan ESP like cousins and stuff (they can either welcome him as family or!! maybe see him as an outsider oops)
  • people from his crow training (fellow students or instructors or contractors who are not officially crows etc! could be friendly or UNfriendly)
  • ex-lover that is probably annoyed with Zevran for something even though they still have to work together
  • PSEUDO FAMILY MEMBERS! (i love this one!! he needs adopted dads and moms and siblings and shit)
  • contacts from his post-crow nonsense (help him hotline miami his former bosses basically)
  • post-tresspasser, if Leliana is made divine, Zevran can show up and take over for her in Skyhold
  • some deep undercover business, especially in Tevinter or Orlais
  • busting out of jail together
  • alternately, breaking and entering together
  • interrogation (GIVING OR RECEIVING)
  • more poison stuff bc i love poison and i don’t get to do it enough (talk poison to him)
  • conversation that turns into zevran playing therapist for ur character’s various troubles

okay so i have a Problem regarding the fact that i may or may not have to quit bassoon next year, for reasons that i will explain under the cut. which aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont wanna

this is super long (really. i’m not kidding.) so i’m putting a cut here

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