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7.5 mile run, new BNHA, you know the drill:

  • Deku receiving enthusiastic support from normal citizens to pursue his dreams is one of my favorite tiny details of BNHA because a lot of shows love to do the whole “society is against them” thing but no people love and support Deku.
  • my aesthetic: Iida sprinting through the rain in a neon green poncho yelling at people that they’re Late for Being Early
  • Don’t worry about it
  • Young Mic and Young-zawa give me life
  • Like I’m positive Present Mic takes credit for naming Eraserhead like he brags about it in public and to news crews like “you know that hero that never ever agrees to interview with you and you know nothing about well hes a great friend of mine and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII named him!”
  • What am I talking about he brags about this on the radio.
  • ^^^^^This screenshot gave me about 8 distinct flashbacks to public school’s “take one pass it back”
  • Listening to the kids read their Englished names is like 1000x better than reading the manga because you can hear them saying the English words instead of just wondering if the names were translated or not and its adorable
  • Retto Riotto
  • Deku, “Gosh, I think Kirishima’s so cool.”
    Me, “Bitch me too.”
  • MAMA MIDORIYA BEING EXCITED AND SUPPORTIVE OF TINY DEKU’S TERRIBLE ALL MIGHT RIP-OFF NAMES HAS ADDED 4 YEARS TO MY LIFE. Because me too all my creative efforts when i was young were just terrible rip offs of the things i loved and godbless mrs midoriya for playing along
  • its here. King Explosion Murder
  • Kirishima, “You should be Explosion Boy!”
    Bakugou, “SHUT UP”
    Let me explain this is actually a running gag im like 85% sure. (I noticed only because i love and value and remember everything Kirishima says) All throughout the tournament arc, Bakugou was calling people by their quirks because he didnt remember their names. During the Kiri vs Bakugou fight, Kirishima called Bakugou “Explosion Boy” (despite clearly knowing his name) as a jab AT the fact that Bakugou kept doing that. Now he suggests Explosion Boy AGAIN because Kiri’s just being a little shit now and i value him.
  • If I ever drop into a sudden coma just play the sound bite of Ururaka saying “Uravity” and I promise I will instantly wake up.
  • Katsuki “Angry Squeaky Whiteboard Marker Noises” Bakugou
  • Iida….my son…..youre gonna go through some hell
  • Deku voice: “That’s right, I’ve decided to name myself Dumbass. Because Bakugou is always calling me Dumbass and I hated it so now I’m reclaiming it! Fuck you! I’m Dumbass!”
  • Bakugou voice: “……….Dumbass.”
  • Most Mangaka: “Even though these characters are 15, they will have all the maturity, rationality, and responsibility of adults as a sort of wish fulfillment to the audience”
    Horikoshi: “This is Bakugou he’s 15 and an idiot so he names himself Lord Explosion Murder”
  • Every time we get a scene reminding us that All Might is a clueless dork I fall a little more in love with this series.
  • Stain. Arc. Stain. Arc. Stain. Arc.
  • Deku, horrified: “HE’S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gran Torino:
    “I’m alive.”
    Deku, more horrified than before: 

“OHH HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As promised, a map of (general) Netflix MCU locations/territories in New York! This is more to give you a general sense of where people are located, how much turf they’re covering (not much, Matthew), and how much distance they have to travel to get to one another. It’s not precise because with few exceptions, we don’t know exact addresses, but I did my best.

Also please note that sometimes a show will say they’re in one place but they’re actually filming somewhere else (for example, much of Daredevil was filmed in Brooklyn and the building they use for Jessica’s “Hell’s Kitchen” apartment is nowhere near there). Where I recognized the location or neighborhood and it wasn’t textually contradicted, I placed the character there, but later shows may identify Trish or Danny or whoever as being based elsewhere. We’ll see!

Further details, explanations, and speculation behind the cut!

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You know what? Harry deserves best actor, Shadowhunters deserves best drama series but we don’t deserve best fandom, you guys are so lucky that @abloodneed @sonias-world-of-fandom
 @freckledmomfriend @shadowhuntersandmalec and others exist because if it weren’t for them I would be fighting for us to win 😠

Also, while we’re on the subject,

Again all you amazing nice sweet people this isn’t directed towards you, your sweet and beautiful and we’re lucky to have you love urself and I hope you have an amazing day ❤

All you hate sending motherfuckers I hope you die a slow and painful death and Satan uses your body as a fucking baseball bat 

27 Dresses (Bughead edition) Part 1

I decided to post this story in multiple parts because it is going to be quite long. This is my first fic that I have ever posted on here and I just wanted to thank @ignorantradiance-blog , @bugheadotp, @birdlovesafish, @notanotherotherone, @art-and-other-rhythms, @bxchanan-barnes, @cyrokinetic, and @emmythedaydreamer for being so encouraging when I first mentioned posting a fic like this. This story will not include Polly. I made Veronica Betty’s adopted sister because I can’t imagine Polly and Archie paired together as a couple. I also made Kevin Betty’s coworker instead of a female because I just adore Kevin. No copyright infringement intended to the movie or show. Please let me know what you think! :) I would love some feedback.

Some people take years to find something that they are passionate about, but Betty Cooper wasn’t one of them. She found her passion when she was just 8 at a family member’s wedding. This wedding took place shortly after her mother Alice’s passing, which led Betty to play a maternal role for her younger adopted sister Veronica. Veronica’s parents had been close with Betty’s since they were younger and ended up adopting her after her parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when she was 2. Hal had a lot on his raising two girls without his beloved Alice and being at event that involved celebrating love wasn’t an easy thing. 

Betty had volunteered to take young Veronica to the restroom and was waiting for her when she heard a shriek. The bride had managed to rip the back of her dress and Betty came up with the clever idea of using Veronica’s ribbon that was in her hair to cover of the tear. The bride ending up asking Betty to hold the train of her dress and from that moment on Betty Cooper was in love with being involved in a bride’s special day. 

Betty Cooper was now 25 and trying to accomplish attending two wedding in one night. It wasn’t like she could just back out of going to one now because she was a bridesmaid in both weddings. She had planned to pay a taxi driver to take her back and forth between weddings that night. She arrived at the first wedding with her coworker Kevin Keller who went to go see if he could snag a seat by a mysterious man with long black hair and piercing light blue eyes. ;) 

The wedding began and Betty stood behind the bride with a smile on her face. However, Betty started to worry about the time and looked down at her watch, which didn’t go unnoticed by a certain raven haired writer that was currently a guest at the same venue. The journey between weddings started shortly after and at one point was caught changing in the taxi by the same man who had seen her checking her watch earlier. Betty arrived back at the first venue for the last time and was attempting to catch the bouquet when she got knocked out in the process. Betty would soon open her eyes and come face to face with a man dark hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. 

“You might want to take it easy when you are getting up”, said the mystery man. “Are you a doctor?”, Betty groaned. “No, but do you remember your name?”, said the stranger. 

“I’m Betty and you are?”, she asked while holding a hand to her head. “I’m Jughead”, he said with a smirk on his face. “I know I hit my head, but you don’t have to make fun of me!”, she exclaimed. “No really, I go by the name Jughead!”, he chuckled. 

Betty struggled to walk around on her own, so Jughead offered to help her catch a cab. They decided to share a cab because he wanted to make sure she made it home safely and was honestly intrigued by her. “I saw a certain bridesmaid changing gowns in a taxi earlier, who is either a secret agent or trying to attend two wedding in one night?”, asked Jughead. “Two of my close friends were getting married and I couldn’t miss their weddings”, said Betty.

 “Having to experience that once can be bad enough, I can’t even fathom the thought of dealing with that pain twice”, Jughead shuddered. “Well meeting pleasant people like yourself just makes attending weddings so much more tolerable”, said Betty with a raised brow. “Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind”, proclaimed Jughead. (No copyright infringement intended) 

“And what do you do for a living besides put down the idea of marriage Mr. Jughead?”, asked Betty. “I am a writer”, replied Jughead. “Well I’m guessing you don’t write love stories because you seem way to cynical for that”, Betty grumbled as she made her way out of the cab. 

The two parted ways and Betty got changed and sat down to read the Commitments section of the New York Journal. Betty always looked forward to reading articles written by a man named Forsythe Pendleton Jones III. Little did Betty Cooper know, that same man was currently in a cab reading her planner that she had left behind with hopes of meeting her once more. 

It’s so easy to forget with all of the drama that keeps creeping up in this fandom, but I am here for these two people and the show that we all love, as I know many of you are too.  In a little over a month, they’ll begin filming the 11th season of The X-Files.  Let’s not forget how truly blessed we are to be receiving this gift.  I am beyond excited, as excited as I was the day we found out that a new season was finally happening.  Let’s enjoy this time instead of making it miserable.  Let’s remember why we’re all here in the first place, and let’s enjoy the wonderful friendships that have been made along with the way.  We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s time that we put things back into perspective again.

Apparently, Matt said, regarding the immortality issue between Magnus and Alec, that Alec’s sadness would come from Magnus being sad [x

And that’s what I was thinking: Alec does not want to be immortal, becoming immortal would be a tragedy for him, not a thing to celebrate, because it would mean losing his family and friends, his parabatai, and never seeing them again because we know that in the show’s reality, these people will meet their loved ones again after death, because ghosts do exist, you can see the souls leaving the Shadowhunters’ bodies at the funeral, so there is an afterlife. Death isn’t the end - immortality is.

The treatment of Class has not only made me bitter towards the BBC but also to certain people of the Torchwood fanbase who instantly damned it from the beginning. If you watched the show and it just wasn’t for you, I completely understand and I do not judge you (unless you shame people on the internet for loving it, then I have no respect for you). This is directed to the people who wouldn’t watch it as a form of rebellion in the name of Torchwood and to the people who somehow thought that Class was trying to be better than Torchwood. Yes, there are similarities between the shows, but ultimately Class was trying to be it’s own show. It was never trying to be anything and it wasn’t trying to be better than Torchwood. They simply wanted to be their own show. I don’t know where you guys got it into your head to make it a competition, especially since Class was set up by the BBC to be set at Coal Hill with characters that DW fans didn’t know and the show was given less episodes and time to establish what it was. I adore Torchwood but I will never understand why people created a competition before it had even aired and I don’t know why people wanted to drag these two shows into an unnecessary fight that completely separated a fanbase (because ultimately they are under DW). Once again, I know that this does not apply to all Torchwood fans. As I stated, this is applied to certain people who wanted Class to fail in the name of Torchwood. There are people who are fans of both and I love them! There are people who are only fans of one and I love them too! Some shows are just not meant for certain people. This is not the first time I have seen fans of different things create unnecessary competition (I just remembered today that The Mortal Instruments movie and the Shadowhunters tv show are still being pitted against one another). I have always and do hate that. It damns one thing and praises another. It is usually rude and unfair and shits on people who simply just enjoy one over the other. I am not bitter towards Torchwood, I still love it, and I am not bitter towards the entire Torchwood fanbase, but I am bitter to the people who damned Class simply in the name of the show and shit on people in the process.

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fedya dolokhov for president

reasons to vote Fedya Dolokhov for president:

  • fierce, will not let you down
  • strong man
  • very handsome, so you know he can charm people
  • respected: “Yet, though Anatole spent tens of thousands of rubles, Dólokhov lived with him and had placed himself on such a footing that all who knew them, including Anatole himself, respected him more than they did Anatole.”
  • gay
  • clearheaded even when drunk, so when he’s not drunk, you know he must be SUPER clearheaded
  • he once balanced himself on a windowsill and drank an entire bottle of rum, and if that isn’t impressive, then i don’t know what is
  • sure, yeah, he’s killed some people, but that’s only helping his resumé! shows that he’s driven and devoted.
  • gay
  • really good at making people gamble all their money and winning*
  • *he may have cheated a little but i think that shows good ambition.
  • got a cool nickname; people call him “Dolokhov the Assassin”, and only cool, fun-loving people get nicknames!
  • DID try to talk anatole out of the elopement. he was trying.
  • gay
It’s the Snowthefirst 100 follower special!

Wa-wait a second! A hu-hundred followers?! 

“Ahh! I’m so happy that so many people enjoy our messy little hybrid blog! You know what you need to do now, Snow!” 

That I do, Kitten. Below the cut is all the wonderful people that make this blog what it is. And starting tomorrow, I’m going to keep showing my gratitude. 

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just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kind words recently & in general.    i’ve really just been pissed about how the community’s recent perversions affect the people i’m following, especially because i’ve followed them long enough to know that they’ve got a whole other bunch of shit they have to deal with besides.    so i am going to resume posting positivity for people like normal again, because when people suck the most, that’s when people need it the most, & i want to do that.

but yeah, thank you for not jumping ship the moment i opened my mouth about my experiences, because i know they’re not easy to listen to.    i love you guys, & i want to show that, so that’s what i’m gonna do :)

I was tagged by @dearprudence68 - thank you!!  Fun stuff!

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⭐️ What’s your gender: Black Dog
⭐️ Describe yourself: The Wanton Song
⭐️ If you could go anywhere: Misty Mountain Hop 
⭐️ If your life was a TV show:  Dancing Days
⭐️ Relationship status:  Whole Lotta Love 
⭐️ How you wish your life was:  Whole Lotta Love Rough Mix w Vocal :-)
⭐️ Your funeral:  Brandy and Coke

I tag anyone who wants to do it!

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idk why most people who loved azanii not ship him with El/Mugaro. I mean... 1. He showed El his most precious rare smile, 2. Azanii and El are both non human so they will have very long lifespans and can be together forever (lets hope El/Azanii wont be killed by cheerios or the gods), 3. El obviously look up to Aza as a savior of his life, 4. They are really care about each other and worrying each other's safety, 5. With all those facts this pairing is even seems more legit than Favamira

You know, I really didn’t know if it was appropriate to answer such questions here because many people could take it as something bad, but since in this blog I share, most of the time, much more than just charinina… let me tell you one thing: I really agree with you.

I personally like to think of them as platonic instead of something romantic, but the truth is that for me both ways works very well for them, and by far you have a lot of reason in every thing that you have exposed.

The truth is that I have only been able to empathize with Azazel in his scenes when he’s a literal garbage (like in the first season), or when he’s with Mugaro/El, it’s really evident the affection/love that he feels for the little child since they are together. To me, Azazel is the best version of himself when he is around or concerning about Mugaro/El, it’s something beautiful to see.

Even Jeanne’s words have made this relationship/bond take a new meaning for both characters, I feel like the fact that they have met is something planned of their own destiny rather than a mere chance encounter, it’s really something captivating and fortunate imo.

They are really the savior of each other. It’s such a strong bond that even Nina comments it every time she has a chance, because Mugaro/El himself wasn’t able to do it at those moments.

Mugaro/El is really, really important for Azazel. We are talking about a demon that would do anything and would put everyone in danger to obtain what he seeks, but despite his great power, Mugaro has always been an exception, he doesn’t want to use him, not him and the reason is very simple:

Damn, Azazel is such a romantic demon when he wants to.

As a very personal thought, Azazel reached the summit of his character when he asked Nina to save Mugaro/El when he wasn’t able to do it by himself. That was sublime and touching.

Azazel’s deep feelings towards Mugaro/El are what his character really needs, and are strong enough to cause his own destruction, I am quite sure that he knows it well and seems to be well with it.

Yeah, he has no problem with it. 

In the future, I would really like to see them together once more, and for Jeanne to join them too, even the preview of the episode 11 gave us hints.

It’s totally legit. At this point Azazel and Mugaro/El have more romantic potential than “Azazel and Nina” have to be honest. I totally support them. 

ID #99698

Name: Schene
Age: 21
Country: UK

Hey, my name is Schene and I love meeting new people who share my interests and weird sense of humour. I am currently studying nursing (about to finish my first year). I am bisexual. I love talking about personal and childhood experiences as to me, it feels like a great way to get to know a person.
I love listening to music, binge watching shows on netflix, watching movies, and playing games. I don’t really have much reservation when it comes to meeting new people so just come as you are really.

Preferences: 18-25, male or female is fine, so long as you’re not judgemental

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relationship status: single (will never be ready to mingle~)
favourite colour: black and certain shades of burgundy
last song i listened to: Crowded Places - Banks
top three shows: Shadowhunters | Parks & Recreation | School 2013
top three characters: Alec Lightwood | Magnus Bane | April Ludgate
top three ships: Magnus/Alec | Simon/Raphael | Ron Swanson/Anti-everything

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You're one of the main reasons of why I'm so hyped for future seasons of Voltron

ahh thank?!?! i know lately the fandom has been kind of a mess and some people have started distancing themselves from it, but i love this show so much and i just hope everyone can come together when the new season drops and enjoy it for what it is.<3

Like it’s really amazing how Juno left Nureyev and is all woe is me, I don’t deserve him, I don’t deserve happiness, I’m dirt and he’ll fly off and have fun adventures and never once think of me

And it’s one thing I love about his story is how they show how much he fucking hurts the people he loves with his self loathing-

Like he’s so self centered in his self hatred that he’s probably never considered how deeply hurt Nureyev must be- even though he knows that he’s closer to Nureyev than anyone else, and that Nureyev just went through weeks of torture right alongside him…

It reminds me of the line in Mabel about how, when you’re strong, people use it as an excuse to treat you roughly. Peter is so capable and strong and optimistic and outwardly carefree,

and I feel like Juno thinks that abandoning their life together is solely self-harm, something he denied himself, and never ONCE thinks of how much he hurt Peter.

Anyway I’ll say it again I can’t wait for more of them, and how they manage to overcome the fact that they’re so incompatible in a lot of ways

I was tagged by @adoredlou thanks babes!

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top three characters: Dru (Lili St Crow’s “Strange Angels” series, Alex (Jennifer Armentrout’s “Covenant” series), Jace (the book version!! in Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments”), and a 4th because try and stop me: Will (Cassandra Clare’s “Infernal Devices”)  i just really love the shadowhunter books okay
top three ships: larry and ziam. i don’t have a 3rd atm

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⚡️How do you feel: Did you ever really
want somebody…really need ‘em bad
⚡️if you could go anywhere : Going to California
⚡️if your life was a TV show: Dazed and Confused
⚡️relationship status : someday (he )gets back to me, we"re gonna raise a family
⚡️how you wish life was: it is the springtime of my loving. The second season I am to know…..
⚡️my funeral : In my Time of Dying

THANK YOU !! This was fun. I am tagging: @waywaydowninside. @lennon-oboogie
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And ANYone who would like to do it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Your nude series in nature is gorgeous, do you have any advice for girls on loving their bodies and being comfortable in showing their bodies?

Thank you!! And man, that’s a hard one. It’s definitely a long journey and I still struggle most days with my body image. It helps to think about what your body does for you- your body loves you and does everything it can to keep you healthy. It also helps to realize your qualities beyond the scale (learned this in weight watchers). What qualities do you have? Are you compassionate? Kind? Patient? Thoughtful? Observant?

Just know that when your friends and family describe who you are, they use these words. Most people do not look at you and see your weight. They see all of the qualities that you have to offer the world and to others. I don’t know, this was really helpful to me. It takes a long time to learn to love yourself. Therapy also helps. I’ve had a lot of that and I still go twice a month. Just know that you are beautiful, no matter what you weigh or what your body looks like. All bodies are beautiful. It just takes some work to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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is it possible to work on shows like this as a writer/consultant if you don't have any animation background? I would love to work on or direct a show but I don't know how to draw and I'm afraid i'm to old to learn and do anything with it. Thank you for your time. :-D

i don’t have an art or animation background at all either, friend, of course it’s possible! there are tons of jobs in the animation industry that are NEVER publicized, and it really sucks because i feel like it deters so many people from going after their dreams. you can be a writer, a script coordinator, a development assistant/coordinator/manager/director/executive, a current series assistant/coordinator/manager/director/executive, a production assistant, an asset coordinator, an animatic editor (video editing, basically). you can work in casting/talent relations or on the marketing side of things. you can be a social media coordinator or work in apps and gaming…. 

if all of these titles sound super daunting and you’re not sure where you’d fit in, i’d say regardless of whether you think you’re qualified or not, just apply for any internship you think sounds fun, and you never know where you might end up!