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MadWife (Mad Sweeney x Laura Moon): "You don't look so bad" extra points for jacket sharing

i waited for your heart to melt

AN: Four things:

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this right away! I have a feeling I might only have the time to bang out fic on Sundays.
  2. Is Mad Wife the official pairing name for Mad Sweeney and Laura? I’ve been calling them Mad Moon but I could swing either way, as with most things in life. Mad Wife is actually cooler, imho.
  3. This was so much fun to write lmfao. I realize now how vital curse words are to my vocabulary.
  4. My pale ass has no clue how tanning works


The stench of rot and desperation ripens with the summer heat. Even with the cab’s windows cracked open and his nose pinched between his fingers, Sweeney can’t escape Laura’s reek. If he closed the partition it would help tremendously, he’s sure, but sliding it shut would mean isolating himself from the dead wife and the cabbie. He’ll be damned if he affords them the opportunity to plot against him and run away with his coin because of a little smell.

So the partition stays open, and the windows do too, and Sweeney battles against his gag reflex when the wind blows the evidence of a corpse up his nostrils.

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5 Apps Every College Student Should Use

As a college student, chances are you have the latest smartphone. But do you use mobile apps that benefit you? No, not Snapchat or Tinder- I’m talking productivity apps that can help the young, dumb college student to lead more efficient lives. Let’s check them out.

  1. Mint: Your Financial Assistant | Mint is the app that groups all of your bank accounts in one place. Whether you’re keeping track of pennies or fat paychecks, this app is easy to use and pretty to look at. It will show you where your money is going, grouping your spending into categories such as Food & Drink and Clothing. Mint even sends you a financial summary at the end of each week to help you decide whether you can afford dollar beers this week or if you’ll need to sit this one out. 
  2. GroupMe: Group Messages In One Place | Let’s face it, group projects are a pain in the ass. GroupMe is the least annoying way to communicate with your group. Everyone can converse and send cool GroupMe emojis but you still have the option of “Muting” the group so that you don’t hear a *ding* every six seconds. Also, GroupMe eliminates the confusion  that occurs with that one guy who doesn’t have an iPhone and throws the whole group message off balance.
  3. Acorns: Investing Your Spare Change | Dad’s been on your ass about starting to invest for your future? Acorns takes care of that for you. Avoid brokers and studying stocks and let this awesome app take care of the rest. Chose your investing level {conservative, risky} and an amount you’d like to invest per month {$5 if you’d like} and Acorns does the dirty work. Watch your returns appear before your eyes and tell Dad not to worry, you’re way ahead of him.
  4. The HW App: Throw Away Your Planner | Assignments. Papers. Research Projects. How can one keep track of it all? The HW App can. Simply enter in your assignments at the beginning of each week {or if your professors are organized, the beginning of the semester} and kiss your planner goodbye. Not only does the HW App send you notifications when something is due, the app has a great user interface- simple and easy on the eyes. You’ll never hand in something late again with this great tool.     
  5. Quizlet: Studying Wherever | Everyone hates making flashcards. Everyone hates sitting in the library. Eliminate both. Enter the terms you need to learn onto Quizlet and it will create flashcards for you. Star terms  you’re really having trouble with and play brain games that help reinforce them. Then, study whenever you get a spare moment- whether it’s at dinner, in line at Starbucks or even at the club. 
Internet Love// Lee Dongmin

Originally posted by moonbinny

Pairing: Eunwoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Hello, I love your writing and all your scenarios! I was wondering if you could write one where you and Eunwoo/Dongmin meet over the internet and then you finally go out to Seoul, Korea and meet him? Oh and lots of fluff! Thank youuu <3Btw I love your blog!

Author’s Note: This is actually such an interesting concept ofhjkfdv  i hope you enjoy the read c:

xoxo Sara

You placed your carry-on bag below your seat, setting for the window seat on the small plane you were currently on. You never really liked planes, but it was all worth it to see him.

You had met Dongmin online about a year ago, and ever since then you have fallen more and more in love with him than you could have possibly thought. You never believed that you could fall in love from a simple message or two, but Dongmin proved your theory wrong. You couldn’t count the number of times he’s made your heart flutter so much, to the point where you couldn’t even think straight, in these past few months.

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Of Summer Saturdays and Sundaes

cissyswonderland directed me to blauerozen ’s ereri Ice Cream Truck Driver AU and uh, things happened.

EDIT: I put this fic up on Ao3!

“Hmm, I think I’ll take two drumsticks, a strawberry shortcake, a Flintstones push-up pop—you know make that three—a fudgsicle, and—”

“Hey mister! You’re holding up the line!”

“You know what Susan? I was here first so you’re just gonna have to sit your buttcheeks down and wait while the big kids talk okay?” Eren snapped at the tomboy behind him. “Man, sorry about that. Say, Levi, are you going to Sasha Braus’s birthday party? I mean, it’s gonna be at the lake so you know it’s gonna be sweet! But then, you know, I guess you are used to sweet things.”

Eren leaned against the counter, resting his chin on his forearms, knees bent inward, rotating his ankle in little circles as he blinked upward at the unimpressed ice cream truck driver.

“C'mon Eren!” another kid whined. “We have to get back to our game!”

“Billy, can you not see I’m busy here?”

“I’m gonna tell Jean you’re the one who dented his Porsche!” Billy threatened.

“And I will rat you out to Mr. Hannes about who really broke his window!” Eren shot back.

“$12.50,” said Levi punching the numbers in.

"Oh, right, uhhh,” Eren dug around in his pocket. “Heh, seems I’m a nickel short.”

He looked up at Levi with a sheepish grin.

“I could take off the Flintstones—” Levi started.

“I only have $1.45.”

Levi snorted in annoyance.

“Do you think you could just pretend I have enough for a Flintstones push-up? I mean it’s only 5 cents.”

“Yeah and if I’d only been a centimeter taller I could’ve been an astronaut,” Levi’s ironic drawl seemed out of place with the white paper hat on his head his uncle forced him to wear.

He turned from Eren. “Next!”

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my mother has no income whatsoever now. not a penny. my brother’s and my paychecks combined wouldn’t be enough for rent, let alone bills on top of it. i really am just going to die aren’t i.

I will say this: I think Chloe’s character design is damn cute. Like all Mary Sue-ness and Scrappy Doo-ness aside, she’s frigging CUTE.

Lookit this freckled, gap-toothed, messy-haired, bandana-wearing lil cup of pudding. Precious little chick pea. She’s what spring looks like

Like creating her in the first place was an act of desperation and her characterization is straight out of every preteen’s self-insert FOP fanfiction, but the people who designed her earned every penny of their paycheck IMO she is aesthetic SUNSHINE. 

Prosperity Amulet Spell

Materials Needed

  • Green Paper
  • Golden/Yellow string
  • Penny
  • Green Candle
  • Cinnamon
  • Basil
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape

1. Fold green paper in two and draw your amulet shape onto it. It can be a plain square or rectangle, or something a bit fancier if you wish. I suggest not making it any bigger than a credit card, because you’ll likely want to place the charm in your wallet. Cut it out so that the image is mirrored, but still attached to the other side.. punch a small hole through the top end of your charm.

2. Gather your materials together in one place so you aren’t distracted trying to find them about your room/house. Now would be a good time to cast a circle or envoke any spirits/deities you want to work with or have bless your talisman. Charge/attune your herbs if you are going to.

3.  Anoint your candle if you care to, and use your scissors or fingernails or something else sharp to engrave a prosperity rune or sigil into the candle. (I use little tealights because they burn relatively quickly) Light the candle.

4. On the ‘inside’ side of your green paper talisman, write your intent or goal. “Find a job with xx hours a week,” or “Make 12.00 $ an hour,” or whatever. Be as specific as you want.

5. Now, take your penny and draw a prosperity rune or sigil on it with a permanent marker. Meditate on your intent and visualize your goal. Imagine your bank account balance going up and up, or working your dream job, picking up a nice paycheck, ect. Charge your penny with these images, then pass it through the flame to seal the power into the sigil.

6. “Magic penny, fate be sealed. Bring back three times the work that I deal.” These are the words I used, but feel free to write your own or alter these. Say this as you drop the penny into the paper amulet and tape up the sides. 

7. Pour a little bit of basil and cinnamon into the pouch with the penny, to attract wealth.

8. Pull yellow cord through the hole you punched earlier and tie. (I tied three knots for the “three times” from the spell words, but again, adjust to your tastes) 

9. Thank spirits, “so mote it be,” close your circle, meditate on the amulet’s power, ta-da. Basically end your spell n stuff. Let your candle burn down or blow it out if you aren’t going to babysit it, you can light it again tomorrow or something.

10. Place into your wallet, tie onto your briefcase or purse, wear as a necklace, keep it in your pocket, put it in a jar of change.  

Since Tumblr has I guess rolled out their completely ineffective solution to replies going away, I doubt I’m the only fic writer who is very reasonably angry about this.

Replies were a great way for fic writers to hear from their readers. It was little pressure on behalf of the reader, and so immensely appreciated on behalf of the writers. Even if it was just a brief “omg this was so sweet!” or “fuck u for making me cry real tears”, it meant the world.

Messaging someone privately, even IMing them, is scary. I know there are fic writers who I almost look at as celebrities, like “oh god they’re so good and their story has so many notes and kudos and follows they have no time for a peasant like me”, and while that’s not really the reality (and especially not in the ME fandom since it’s really chill), it’s still really daunting to approach someone that personally to talk about it. Replies offered a nice middle ground, where if you didn’t want to share something on your blog, you could still let the writer know how good their work was. But now… nope.

So where does this leave fic writers?

With little to no feedback. 

One of the biggest issues regarding fandom artists is the blatant lack of love for fic writers. It’s rare that their fics get reblogged, because it’s not physical art that looks pretty on your blog. Sometimes its big walls of texts and slipped under a read more. Sure, it doesn’t look pretty like sexy fanart does, but that reblog means exposure. It means new readers. It’s more people who can see your fics. And writers are highly, highly discouraged from ever asking for commissions the way an more traditional artist would. So we do this for free. Fic writers give often times novel length works of art that are so spectacular and full of talent and feelings, for completely free.

Sharing your work online is hard. It takes serious guts to put something you’ve worked on online and have people read it. And as much as people tell artists “do it for you!!!1!”, the reality is that it’s more than that. If a writer who has never posted a fic before posts something and gets zero notes on it, do you think they’re going to feel really inclined to share anymore? Probably not. Most writers thrive off of feedback and seeing the appreciation from their writers. If you don’t let them know how grateful you are, or how much you love their work, then they might very well go away.

Do yourself a favor and imagine a fandom without fic writers. It would be a sad, sad place. 

So please, do your absolute best to show your fic writers you love them. They’re pouring their heart and soul and anxiety into projects, beating themselves up about it, not for a single penny. The closest fic writers will often get to a paycheck is hearing someone tell them they love their work. And it means the world.

Reblog their work, put your love in the tags, message them individually about it, leave reviews on FF.net or AO3, let them know.

You truly have no idea the impact it will have on their day, week, or even month.


Fake AH Crew Aesthetics:  michael “the boom guy” jones || #theboomguy ♪ 

Michael saves every extra penny he has for a plane ticket. His paycheck is an even split between the “get the hell out of Jersey” piggy bank and his mother’s bills. 

“What are you even gonna do out there?” She kisses his cheeks, and pushes on the front of his suitcase until he zips it completely. “You know I’m gonna worry myself sick over you.” 

“I know, Ma.” He kisses her forehead and pulls her into a hug. He never really wanted to leave home. He was the last one there to take care of his mother. He knew she’d be fine without him leaving the toilet seat up and never putting the bread away after he made his lunch everyday, but still, she’d worry about him and he’d never stop worrying about her being alone.

Three or four years later, he’s stuck at another job he hates, the graveyard shift at Ammunation. He gets used to the musty smell of the building, the constant noise from the gun range, and has been caught multiple times getting way too into singing along with the songs that play repeatedly on Non-Stop-Pop FM. Michael’s knuckle deep in a shitty bologna sandwich, poking holes through the layers when a red-head runs in, frantically at 3:42 AM. She throws on a beanie from the shelf and peers out the door window while doing so. Michael sees three sets of police lights fly by before two officers come running in. The woman stops breathing so heavily, and moves to the counter, looking at the display case in front of him.

“Have you seen either of these people tonight?” the officer holds up two photos, one of an older guy with dark hair, and a ton of tattoos. Both are wearing head-to-toe black and hockey masks, but Michael can see a few strands of what look like red hair under a brown wig. The woman casually walks toward the door, Michael could only assume to make a run for it. 

“It’s been pretty dead tonight. Two, three people tops, and none looked like that.” The cops nod, and head out, giving him their best wishes and telling him to stay safe before doing so. He turns to look at the red-head, who’s now watching as the cops leave, ready to do so herself. 

“You need to pay for that.” He states gruffly, gesturing to the beanie, and clearing his throat after. The woman turns and glances back at him before smiling to herself. She strolls over to the counter and tosses a stack of cash in his direction. It’s probably more money than Michael’s ever seen at one time.  “I don’t think I have change for this.” 

She laughs at the obvious sarcasm and turns when the bell on the door rings. A man walks in and Michael identifies him as the other guy the cops were looking for. He sees the girl whisper something in his ear, and Michael takes his time looking over the tattoos that cover the man’s hands and arms. 

“Hey kid, two questions.” Michael’s eyes dart up to meet his and he smirks. “How much do you make here, and do you want to be rich?” 

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immoveable Object

My experiment with Raven/Wells, just because.

“So what’s your deal?”  Raven asked and draped herself across Clarke’s overstuffed armchair.  She nudged Wells with her toe when he didn’t look up.  “I said, what’s your deal?”

“With what?” he asked, keeping his eyes on his laptop resting on the coffee table.

“You’re so serious all the time.  Why?”

“Not all the time,” he replied, still not looking at her.  

She nudged his arm again.  “You should let loose.  Have fun some time.”

“I have fun,” he insisted, and flipped open one of his giant law textbooks with a frown.

“You sound like Clarke.  Neither of you would have any fun if it wasn’t for me.”

“Lucky us.  You going to let me finish this essay?”

Raven sighed and tromped off to the kitchen to find Clarke.

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This has been on my mind for a long ass time, and I need to get it out. Yes, it’s about A7X. If you are just going to get pissed off and send me hate messages, then don’t read this and ignore it. I am going to make this a “Read More” post, but sometimes Tumblr doesn’t make it like this. This is all my opinion, and it’s up to you if you read it. If you want to message me about it, go ahead, just don’t be a fuckface and send hate. Thank you.

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