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´I’ve smoked well over a hundred thousand cigarettes in my life, and each one of those cigarettes meant something to me. I even enjoyed a few of them. I’ve smoked O.K., great, and terrible cigarettes; I’ve smoked dry and moist, aromatic and almost-sweet cigarettes. I’ve smoked hastily, and other times slowly and with pleasure. I’ve scrounged, stolen, and smuggled cigarettes; I’ve obtained them by devious means, and I’ve begged for them. I once paid thirteen dollars for a pack at a New York airport. I’ve thrown out half-full packs only to fish them back out of the rubbish to render them useless once and for all under the tap. I’ve smoked cold cigarette butts, cigars, cigarillos, bidis, kreteks, spliffs, and straw. I’ve missed flights because of cigarettes and burned holes in trousers and car seats. I’ve singed my eyelashes and eyebrows, fallen asleep while smoking, and dreamt of cigarettes—of relapses and flames and bitter withdrawal. I’ve smoked when it was more than a hundred and ten degrees and when it was ten below. I’ve smoked because I was full and I’ve smoked because I was hungry, because I was glad and because I was depressed. I’ve smoked out of loneliness and out of friendship, out of fear and out of exuberance. Every cigarette that I’ve ever smoked served a purpose—they were a signal, medication, a stimulant, or a sedative, they were a plaything, an accessory, a fetish object, something to help pass the time, a memory aid, a communication tool, or an object of meditation. Sometimes they were all of these things at once. Every cigarette I’ve ever smoked was a good cigarette.


I’ve often dreamt of smoking in an art museum. I imagine how I would sit on one of those smooth, solid-wood benches already warmed by the obliquely angled afternoon sun in front of a quickly painted and austere group portrait by Frans Hals, for instance, and light up a Finas Kyriazi Frères, a filterless Oriental cigarette that sadly vanished from the market a few years ago. I’ve no doubt that this would be a moment of absolute clarity, perhaps my greatest moment of happiness. But this will never happen. I no longer smoke.`

This text was drawn from “Nicotine,” by Gregor Hens from Other Press.

(In my World Religions class talking about honor)

Professor: So we talked about what ‘honor’ is, how do we obtain that status of honorable? How do we do it?

Me under my breath: hunt down and capture the avatar

Since I got a huge influx of followers thanks to a certain -someone-, I figured I’d say hi, hello and welcome to my blog!!!

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I know someone asked for a FAQ page and I’ll likely put one up later this weekend. For now, I’ll just explain a little bit about my blog, myself and where Dark came from.

For starters, I have do have an Art Blog if people are only interested in my work. It’s linked in my header or you can click here. This is my main blog where I post my art as well as a mix of other things. My main blog typically features artwork I like, fanart, cute things or stuff that makes me laugh. I’m a SFW blog with a few NSFW illustrations that may pop up rarely (I try my best to tag them). 

A bit about myself: I’m a recent graduate of California State University, Sacramento where I obtained my BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. While I love illustrating, it’s actually something I didn’t study in school. I learned fine art elements and how to use programs like Maya and After Effects in my last few semesters. I’ve picked up the majority of my illustration knowledge from watching other artists online and reading tutorials. I typically create all of my work in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. 

Annnnd Dark….where to start with this? You’re probably wondering, “Why did you make Dark? What -is- Dark? How did he come to be??? WHY are you obsessed with this youtuber you freakin’ weirdo?!?”. All great and valid questions. Mark said it himself in the livestream that Dark was something the fandom created. I remember people joking in the youtube comments on Mark’s creepy pasta videos from way back when. I would see people say, “Oh that’s not Mark in the video, it’s ‘Dark’”. Mark also made a tumblr post around that time jokingly saying Dark wasn’t a character of his, why did you make him real? That sparked me to create the older work that he showed in the livestream. I wanted to create what or who I thought Dark was. After that piece, I didn’t toy with the Darkiplier idea again until about 6 months later. I ran this blog like an ask blog and did some silly things with darko the dork. I gave Dark a persona while using Mark’s face as a model for him.

Originally, my Dark was a creation of Mark’s fears; a nightmarish type monster that was tied to Mark and a reflection of what you can become if you lose your path. I wanted to create a comic with commentary on how fear can control your life and the effects it can have if you let fear rule you. That never came to fruition as school and life kind of got out of hand. I also felt stagnant with the character being so tied to Mark himself. It was humbling to see how much my Dark influenced my friends versions of him and other people in the fandom as well, but I was getting frustrated with the idea. I set Dark down for about year and came back to him just before Mark did that dating skit this February (although that also has had a big influence on me). Currently, Dark is now a separate entity and falls into the Cryptid category. I’m being tight lipped about his story as I’m working out the prologue with @prismkitten-mivy. There will be multiple original characters in this story that are given the task of capturing the escapee, Dark (Who goes by another name but you’ll see that later). I started Dark’s story long ago and now with a new re-write, I plan to finish it. He’s going to be a side project that will keep me and hopefully my followers entertained as I work on other ideas as well.

So there you have it. I still watch Mark’s vid’s from time to time because the nerd makes me laugh. I work 5 days a week and spend most of my free time working on new projects to share with you all here. I’m just a nerd that can draw and likes interacting with folks on here when I can. :)

Advanced English Verbs

Occlude - To block or stop up (a passage or opening); obstruct

Burgeon - To begin to grow or increase rapidly; to flourish

Inter - To place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb

Cozen - To trick or deceive

Ingratiate - To bring oneself into favor with someone by flattering or trying to please them

Bilk - To obtain or withhold money from (someone) unfairly or by deceit

Ameliorate - To make something better

Peregrinate - To travel or wander from place to place

Ossify - To turn into bone or bony tissue

Repudiate - To refuse to accept; reject

Excoriate - To criticize (someone) severely

Aggrandize - To increase the power, status, or wealth of

Lionize - To give a lot of public attention and approval to (someone); treat as a celebrity

Opine - To hold and state as one’s opinion

Bifurcate - To divide into two brances or forks

Lampoon - To publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm

Requite - To make appropriate return for (a favour, service, or wrongdoing)

Cosset - To care for and protect in an overindulgent way


Hordes of the Soviet is-3 has fired the minds of many Western military commanders.

The draft design of self-propelled, later received the designation of 15 cm kanonvagn fm/49, January 1949. It became the starting point for the development of a new tank.

The sketch is-3 from the Swedish intelligence report, March 1950. The information obtained made KATF to revise the vision of the future tanks.

AMX M4 with an oscillating turret FAMH. For the first time the Swedes have learned about it in early 1951.

As can be seen in the diagram, dated August 1951, the tower of the new tank was significantly different from what has developed in FAMH.

Draft project EMIL, September 1951

Unlike the French tanks, the Swedish design was much more compact.

This could be the location of the rollers. In this scheme clearly shows the influence of the AMX 50

The range of guns which has been suggested to EMIL

The layout of the EMIL E3, the result of a brainstorm held in 1952. The layout depicts a tank with 150 mm cannon.

German Booby Trap Explodes in Bapaume, Kills French PMs, Australian Soldiers

Australian soldiers picking through the debris left over after the destruction of the Bapaume town hall.

March 27 1917, Bapaume–While preparing their retreat to the Hindenburg Line, the Germans left behind all manner of hazards and traps to interfere with any Allied attempt to pursue.  Some were straightforward: fouling of wells to prevent cavalry from obtaining sufficient water, destruction of bridges, setting up of mines that would explode when the Allies entered a building or tried to clear away rubbel.  Others were set to trigger later, well after the front lines had passed over, in order to inflict the maximum amount of chaos and fear behind the lines.  On March 27, after the Allies had been in Bapaume for nine days, acid finished eating through a steel wire serving as the trigger to a large mine under the Bapaume town hall.  The resulting explosion killed several Australian soldiers who were using the building as a barracks, as well as two French members of Parliament who were visiting the newly liberated area.

Today in 1916: Russia Halts Lake Naroch Offensive
Today in 1915: Austria Offers Italy Territory for Neutrality

Sources include: E.L. Spears, Prelude to Victory; Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War.

Some people are telling me you can get binders at local sex shops. This is extremely hit or miss and most of these people aren’t old enough to go into a sex shop.

If you can go into a sex shop you are 18 and when you are 18 its a lot easier to obtain a binder you are easily able to get your own debit card, a job etc.

This is why I don’t advise people to look at a sex shop.

I also don’t know what type of binders are sold at these locations, you risk buying a Chinese knock off or your best case scenario is you luck out and find an Underworlds binder.

GC2B or FLAVNT are not available in stores.


OSHA records obtained by Bloomberg document burning flesh, crushed limbs, dismembered body parts, and a flailing fall into a vat of acid. The files read like Upton Sinclair, or even Dickens.
—  Peter Waldman in Bloomberg Business Week. Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs
The South’s manufacturing renaissance comes with a heavy price.

taste-of-ace  asked:

How did Arolin the Aromic obtain his epic powers?

Arolin the Aromantic obtained his powers when he was young. He was born in the Scottish Highlands and when he turned 15 he had shown potential enough to be trained by a local druid. While he showed promise in the lore of plants and their uses he just didn’t take to their wisdom based magic . After talking to a travelling wizard about life and belief, he found out he actually had the makings of a wizard! So he trained with the wizard learning potions and cantrips while travelling fantasy Europe. While he might not be the “Great and powerful” he can definitely hold his own and is quite ready for any adventure that may come along.

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Pet Shop of Horrors AU XD (Which I have only the basic familiarity with, but still seems like would be a hell of a fun way to AU Peggy & Co)

Okay, I have to admit, this is one that NEVER EVER would have occurred to me on my own … XD

  • Peggy is a cop investigating the mysterious disappearance of her (late and unlamented) partner Krzeminski, which takes her to …
  • Martinelli’s Pet Shop and its cheerful, perky, flirty owner.
  • Who seems to be hiding something.
  • Krzeminski unwisely got a pet from her. Things did not go well, because Krzeminski.
  • Various characters from the series appear anthology-style as Angie’s customers obtaining various weird pets from her, while Peggy tries to get to the bottom of things. (Literally and figuratively, because Angie. XD)
  • I can’t actually remember enough of the manga to write more of this …

So my belief that Yusaku could’ve been a former member of the Knight of Hanoi is due to the fact the revelations of the plot list an incident that happened in Yusaku’s past.

Not only that, I also beleive that’s how Yusaku obtained his brilliant hacking skills. Perhaps upon realizing what the organization was truly plotting, he retired from said group for “reasons”.

When the Knights of Hanoi first striked, it was an unexpected occurence and only he was able to stop their evil ambitions.

I could be wrong, which is expected. Besides we srill have a whole month ahead of us before the seires begins.

Maleficent B Event Guide!

Sorry about the guide delay again - I stayed up way too late working for Lux rankings and by the time 3am came around I was exhausted (and I work Mondays!)

So let’s get down to it. Maleficent B is your reward - a reversed magic AOE damage medal that costs 5 gauges. It’s not amazing on its own, but coupled with Moogle O’ Glory’s fourth slot and the “boosted” (+1000) Maleficent you can obtain, it’s quite useful. Actually, with the current climate of reversed magic - there hasn’t been a single event! - Maleficent B is invaluable for the F2P/C2P market. But of course there’s a catch: this event is uniquely very easy and very difficult.

The easy part: completing all 15 missions gets you 12 Maleficent medals total, which is obviously overkill. Actually, by the time you finish Mission 13, you already have eight. So to guilt Maleficent, you don’t need to complete the event. This is a good thing because

The hard part: the first objective for each mission requires you to bring reversed medals. The final three missions actually require you to have a complete set of reversed medals! And I don’t know about you guys, but my reversed medals suck. And for some added incentive, the boosted Maleficent can only drop from the final enemy group in Mission 15.

So let’s get into the enemy list, and I’ll talk strategy afterward. Each mission has three rooms; in the first two rooms, you can pick one of two groups to fight in order to progress to the next room. The target is in the final room. This is actually really useful because you can plan which group you want to attack.

One Reversed

Mission 1 - Lv. 25:
Large Body [P] x2 OR Fat Bandit [P]
Shadow [P] x5 OR Gigas Shadow [P]
~TARGET~ Armored Knight [P] x2 & Bad Dog [P] x2

Mission 2 - Lv. 50:
Fire Plant [M] & Bad Dog [P] x3 OR White Rose* [M]
Possessor [M] x5 OR Blue Rhapsody [M] x6
~TARGET~ Ice Plant [M] x3

Mission 3 - Lv. 80: ~MALEFICENT~
Neoshadow [S] OR Armored Archer [S] x2
Invisible [S] OR Aeroplane** [S] & Armored Archer [S] x2
~TARGET~ Air Soldier [S] & Bandit [S] x2

Two Reversed

Mission 4 - Lv. 100:
Blue Gummi Copter*** [M] x4 OR Red Gummi Copter**** [P] x4
Morning Star [P] OR High Wizard [M]
~TARGET~ Large Body [P] & Wizard [M]

Mission 5 - Lv. 120:
Poison Apple [M] OR Stinging Bee***** [S]
Creeper Plant [S] x2 OR Wizard [M] x2
~TARGET~ Candy Apple [M] & Armored Archer [S]

Mission 6 - Lv. 140: ~MALEFICENT~
Wibble Wobble [S] & Hook Bat [S] x3 OR Red Rose [P] & Bad Dog [P] x3
Wyvern% [P] OR Cannon Gun%% [S]
~TARGET~ Neoshadow [S] & Gargoyle Knight [P]

Three Reversed

Mission 7 - Lv. 160:
Gummi Hammer [P] OR Large Body© [P] x2
Large Armor [P] x2 OR Fat Bandit© [P]
~TARGET~ Large Armor [P] x2

Mission 8 - Lv. 180:
Poison Apple [M] OR Red Bandit© [M] x3
Dark Plant© [M] OR Fire Plant [M] x2
~TARGET~ White Rose* [M] x2

Mission 9 - Lv. 190: ~MALEFICENT~
Wibble Wobble© [S] x3 OR Aeroplane** [S]
Invisible© [S] OR Neoshadow [S] x2
~TARGET~ Stinging Bee***** [S] x2

Four Reversed

Mission 10 - Lv. 200: ~MALEFICENT~
Search Ghost%%% [S] & Armored Archer [S] OR Gummi Hammer [P] & Armored Knight [P]
Morning Star [P] OR Gargoyle [S]
~TARGET~ Gargoyle Knight [P] & Black Gummi Copter# [S]

Mission 11 - Lv. 210: ~MALEFICENT~
Poison Apple [M] & Candy Apple [M] OR Defender [P] & Power Wild [P]
Dark Plant [M] OR Wyvern% [P]
~TARGET~ High Wizard [M] & Large Armor [P]

Mission 12 - Lv. 220: ~MALEFICENT~
Black Gummi Copter# [S] & Armored Archer [S] OR Fire Plant [M] & Ice Plant [M]
Cannon Gun%% [S] OR Wayward Wardrobe ## [M]
~TARGET~ High Wizard [M] & Gargoyle [S]

Five Reversed

Mission 13 - Lv. 230: ~MALEFICENT x2~
Fat Bandit [P] OR Invisible [S]
Gargoyle [S] OR Dark Plant [M]
~TARGET~ Hammer Frame [P]

Mission 14 - Lv. 240: ~MALEFICENT x2~
Poison Apple [M] & Candy Apple [M] x2 OR Gummi Hammer [P] & Large Body [P] x2
Cannon Gun%% [S] & Dark Plant [M] OR Pester Jester© [P] & Dark Plant [M]
~TARGET~ Dark Plant [M] & Large Armor [P] & Air Soldier [S]

Mission 15 - Lv. 250: ~MALEFICENT x2~
Yellow Copter Fleet### [S] & Bad Dog [P] & Fire Plant [M] OR Blue Copter Fleet@ [M] & Gargoyle Knight [P]
Red Copter Fleet@@ [P] & Neoshadow [S] OR Blue Copter Fleet@ [M] & Defender [P]
~TARGET~ Black Copter Fleet@@@ [S] & High Wizard [M] & Morning Star [P]

© Caution - enemy hits first
*+1 S-Def & Sleeping
**+2 Def
***+1 M-Def
****+1 P-Def
*****+1 Str & +1 Def
%+1 Str
%%+2 PSM-Def
%%%+2 Str
#+1 PSM-Def
##+3 M-Def
###+2 SM-Def
@+2 PM-Def
@@+2 PS-Def
@@@+3 S-Str & +3 P-Def

(That was horrible to type out..)


Alright, this is about to get complicated. There are two strategies to this event. The first one is the reversed-only requirement. Since each mission gives you an extra Maleficent using reversed medals, you generally want to try to do that. RAX makes a nice return here, as well as GDD medals like Key Art 3, iXion, iAnsem, and HD Axel. Smee as well. Xaldin B and Xigbar B on Divine Rose helps with the copter fleets in Mission 15. Larxene A & B and Marluxia A & B help. WoFF Seph. Your friend medal does NOT have to be reversed, so taking someone’s Minnie&Daisy or KA1 with Second Chance can help a lot. Triple Threat (Status+) is a thing now, so that might help too (though I haven’t used it yet…) But the big thing here is: if you feel like you have to, you can use continues.

The second strategy involves your second run through the mission. You’ll want this if you used a continue the first time or if you want to farm up a boosted Maleficent. The drop rate seems very low, but they are infinite if you put in the time and effort. For this strategy, just make your absolute best keyblade and ignore the reversed requirement. (Actually, because you already have 8-11 Maleficent medals anyway, you don’t have to do the reversed requirement at all! If you have skip tickets, however, you should try for all objectives.) For this strategy you’ll definitely want iB&B (or another +3 Str medal but the cleanse helps a lot!). Use WoFF or J&S. Anything that ignores attributes. Training Ver. Mickey (or whatever it’s called in the global version), SDG B. Second Chance. Strong single target if your Nova can help with the enemies in the last group. I’m still a huge advocate of Xigbar B here.

In short, you can guilt Maleficent without doing Missions 14 and 15. If you want the boosted version and can’t get the right reversed setup, ignore the reversed entirely. Do you. Kick ass.

Alright this guide is way too long already so I’m going to call it there.

Good luck!! Event ends 4/2!!

<3 KCM

PSA: As an aside, with the announcement of the awakening system in Union x, it might be better to hold off on actually guilting (or combining) Maleficent until the update hits. This is because of the trait system and all that… I won’t get into it here, but you should definitely keep it in mind when combining medals before the update.

i read this fic last night where noctis took some kind of dimestore aphrodisiac and everybody had to give him handjobs but they wouldn’t work his dick was still harder than me obtaining a ps4 it took gladio pounding him to work and thats it thats the post i had to tell you all about this. this wasn’t a fever dream i actually read this.


Hey there fellow Journeyers, today we bring you a simple demo of our quest system.

In this video, we show the basic process and tone of quests ingame. Of course, not all quests are going to be a simple “call and response” (as we call it) sort of setup; you can also obtain quests simply from exploring, intervening in a situation, and sometimes participate in one without even knowing it! All quests, however, affect the player and world as a result. The player may gain experience, items, currency, or just have their morality affected by the choices they make. 

The world, however, does not stand still in response. If you help bandits in their raids, the town they raid might be poorer and less populated as a result, as the deaths and lack of supplies damage the economy. Conversely, the opposite might happen if you help the guards in controlling the bandit problem: the town grows wealthy, and the people will love you… for a time, at least. Will you be a good-natured rogue? A champion of the downtrodden? Or will you become the great destroyer, or a petty thief? Morality isn’t that simple. We’ll elaborate in a future post.

In Journey’s End, we take the approach that the world is your stage, and the player is the actor. The world moves around you, but also is just fine moving on its own. If you pass an opportunity up, the world is shaped by natural progression. Of course, you can’t help everyone… right?


Oklahoma Rep. wants men to have more say in women’s abortions, says women are just “hosts”

  • The Oklahoma rep behind the state’s most recent abortion bill thinks it’s time men were allowed a little more say in what women do with their bodies — because women are mere “hosts” who don’t always treat their wombs responsibly.
  • “I believe one of the breakdowns in our society is that we have excluded the man out of all of these types of decisions,” Oklahoma Rep. Justin Humphrey told The Intercept.
  • His bill, HB 1441, would require women seeking abortions to first obtain the father’s written permission.
  • “I understand that they feel like that is their body,” he continued, referring to women. “I feel like it is a separate — what I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.’ And you know when you enter into a relationship you’re going to be that host and so, you know, if you pre-know that then take all precautions and don’t get pregnant.” Read more (2/14/17 8:00 AM)