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there is nothing more beautiful to me than a relationship portrayed on tv as something rooted purely in friendship and understanding and just a mutual respect of one another. Something where two people can always rely on each other, can make each other laugh, can be their best and worse selves around each other and not feel ashamed. Something healthy and realistic and honest and not depicted as an “epic true love” that is toxic and harmful and only ever requires sacrifice. there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than watching healthy relationships develop and grow and become even better.


top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number two 

girl meets first date (1x20) 


i made a chatty video about how i developed my own art style. i show some older drawings that led me to the point i’m at today, and there’s some tips for how to discover your own unique style. xx

All Might

BNHA 130


This is the only thing you need to see from “Bill Nye Saves the World” to hate it, and him, forever.

Shit was painful to listen to.

Here are just a few of the 4000+ comments left on this video:

“So this is what you see when you die.”

“This is a cool little segment entitled “Why Trump Won”.“

“Remember 2 girls 1 cup? This is what was in the cup.”

“This is cancer. The death of western civilization.”

“Bill should have used his supposed science skills to cook up some Hydrogen Cyanide and gas everyone involved with this fucking travesty.”

“Can we skip the foreplay and start the purge already? I’m sick of watching my civilization rot.”

His new title is “Bill Nye the Touch My Sex Junk Guy” @hominishostilis @matt-ruins-feminisms-shit @scrawnyflannelman @siryouarebeingmocked
nowhere else i’d rather be

a belated birthday fic for the love of my life james potter <3

a lil throwback to his 18th birthday when he got so smashed he had to crash at lily’s and then they just had to share a bed.

The mirror keeps buzzing in her bag and she’s sure it’s Sirius, calling to see if they made it back alright. Lily can’t answer it though, because she has her arms full with James. A very mashed and wobbly James.

“Where are we?” He says into her neck, too loudly for Lily’s liking. If a light goes on in the house, they’re screwed.

“Almost there.” She tells him as they reach the gate and she has to hold him up with one hand to push it open. For a second he leans too far forward, but then somehow uprights himself and stumbles forward.

“Where are we?” He repeats, stepping closer so his breath fans all over her throat again. It would be nice if it didn’t smell of a mixture of jaeger and sick.

“My house.” Lily watches as realisation dawns on James’ face, mouth dropping open, shoulders going limp.

“Wow. You have a house?”

“Where did you think all your owls were coming to last summer?” She shakes him until his shoulders regain some structure and tries to walk forwards again. James is stuck though, feet planted firmly on the ground as he takes in her house.

There’s not much to take in and Lily blushes, not having really thought about this part of him crashing at hers. Of course, she’d thought about him staying one day, just not under these circumstances. In her imagination they hadn’t been sneaking in at 4 am because James got kicked out of the hotel the Marauders were staying at. 

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do you know how much i think about laurent the morning after at ravenel watching damen sleep, giving himself just a few more minutes with him before reluctantly pulling himself away?

do you KNOW

Holy fucking shit.

Outlast 2 is hard to stomach.