of my pants

The latest trend at school was to not wear pants. I had just bought and wore the most fashionable pants ever and did not want to take them off…ever. For the entire duration of the dream, I was chased by my peers (friends, rivals, and strangers alike) who chanted, “Join us,” as they chased me around the school, trying to get me to remove my pants. 

It’s important to add that the teachers were also pantless. 


I’m irrepressible - a creature of the night!
These rags don’t tell the whole story-
I live for the glory of turning your heads.

Raúl Esparza, as Philip Salon from Taboo.

  • Magnus: I need you to meet up with me now, Alexander.
  • Alec: What happened?
  • Magnus: There is a party.
  • Alec: Where at, exactly?
  • Magnus: In my pants and you are invited.
  • Alec: I'm on the way.
  • Magnus: I am waaaiiiting, Alexander...
The Tribe (a poem)

The Tribe

Spring comes like a tribe
of cannibals I can’t
outrun, my feet sinking
like daggers in the mud
then I am finally taken down
their warm breath washing
over my tear-streaked face
their eyes glaring at me
like suns and I feel
my coat stripped from me
like I’ve just been skinned
and then my shoes and socks
are rushed off my feet
followed by my pants and
shirt til with one last
shriek of victory
the tribe rushes off
in search of another
victim leaving me
naked scared panting
standing in the cool mud
desperately in need
of a tan.

Healthy Habits Challenge

So, I’m done w/week 2 of IF. Meaning I’ve completed it, not that I’m finished with it. I made it 6 out of 7 days, and I feel great! My pants have started to feel more like I can fit into them again, which was the main point. My bras too feel better. I’m in week 3 now and I think I’ll keep this up until my vacation later in April.