of my goddamn self

Well if the show isn’t gonna give me any Dean/Aaron then I guess I gotta write it my goddamn self

“I killed Hitler.”

“Dude, it’s like 2 in the mor–”

“I killed Hitler, dude.”

“OK. Fine. I’m awake.” There’s some shuffling on the line, the click of a lamp. “What the fuck are you saying to me?”

“Hitler came back for, like, five seconds, and I killed him. Shot him right between the eyes.” Dean tucks the phone against his ear so he can twist the cap off a beer. He sped all the way back to the bunker just so he could have this conversation without Sam next to him rolling his eyes. 

“What happened to taking down the Thu–”

“Dude! Are you not hearing me?”

Aaron sighs into the receiver. “You really killed Hitler? The Hitler?”

“Well, he was in a different body but yeah. I fucking killed him.”

“You’re serious?”


“You actually did it.”

“I did.”

“If you’re joking, I swear to–”

“I’m not joking!” Dean drops into a kitchen chair and downs half his beer. “You can ask Sam.”

The line goes quiet for a second. “I can’t believe this. You’re actually serious. You really did it.”


Some more shuffling. “I gotta go.”

“What? Aaron, what the fu–”

The line goes dead.


It’s been three days since Dean killed Hitler, and it’s been zero days since Dean’s mentioned that he killed Hitler. Sam is so sick of hearing about it over breakfast that he almost, almost put his earphones in this morning so he could drink his coffee at the kitchen table in peace.

Dean’s late getting up, which is rare. Sam is about to go check on him when he hears some doors shutting and some poignant yawning down the hall. As footsteps approach, he slides Dean’s mug to the edge of the table without taking his eyes off his computer screen.

“Coffee’s on,” Sam greets.

“Uh, thanks.”

Sam’s attention snaps up real quick. “Um. Aaron. What.”

Aaron sheepishly grabs the mug off the table and guiltily scrunches his face up at Sam. “Yeah…” he says, holding out the “ah” sound for a solid 10 seconds.

“I thought you were in Ber–is that Dean’s robe?”

“Hmm? Oh. Um. Sure, yeah, I guess. I just grabbed it because I was…”

Dean slides into the kitchen then, his socks skidding across the linoleum before he bumps shoulder-first into Aaron. He’s wearing a red baseball shirt that’s so tight across his chest that Sam can practically hear the bias of the fabric screaming in pain. It barely covers his belly button.

“Hey, Sammy, guess what?”

“Dean, I really don’t–”

“I killed Hitler.” He bounces his eyebrows at Sam before turning toward Aaron and smacking his ass. “Who would’ve thought–” He wraps an arm around Aaron’s neck and plants a sloppy kiss on his cheek, “–that’s all it took to get this guy in bed?”

do you ever have that one OC you made when you were like 11-12 and you were still in that ‘everything has to be straight’ phase

and think back to all of the same sex “”friendships”” the character has?

and think to yourself.

holy fuck she would have been so gay for all of them what i was doing 


*slams down offering and yodels*

slay me @cubert‘s WD & Aster is just too cute for my heart what even is this, I am so captured by these tiny fonts what the s h i t.

a+ content for the soul, they’re just delightful. 10/10 would draw again. 

(super fond of the smols but also dang the tols are hella cute. gdi.)


Also, idk, worked up some small dumb headcanons for ‘em along the way? mmmight as well share..

- WD’s left handed, Aster’s right handed, Gaster is skilfully ambidextrous?

- WD does the pinky thing to steady a long pen stroke.

- Is also the more ticklish of the two?

- And pokes his tongue out when concentrating.

- Aster thinks it’s all freaking adorable idk

*shrugs self into the void* ahahahaahhh hhhh

Wasn’t satisfied with quality of original lineart for Soma that i made last year and finally got myself together to fix parts that bothered me the most + quickly threw on some colors. Still can see mistakes here and there, but i think i like the way it looks now.

previously on grown woman loses her mind over ice skating anime we met my children, i made some bad jokes, and there was some serious nip slippage going on 


we are not even 5 damn minutes into the episode and this is what i have to deal with  h o n e s t l y

fuck you and your heart shaped mouth u fucking fuck

………….is he for fucking real……………

is he

for fucking real

is this air headed, obnoxious, grown ass man for fucking real right now


omfg this scene kid ass looking child he looks like a 2007 hot topic threw up on him 

BREAKING NEWS local scene kid gets lost on his way to Escape the Fate concert. more at 11.

wait i love that this angry rebellious child who wears all black and threatens crying people in bathrooms—no matter how mad he is that his mentor forgot about him and abandoned him when he needed Victor the most—won’t scream anything but words of support and encouragement because he knows Victor’s very doubtful of himself right now oh gosh

ur fave scene queen could never

yes hello 911 i just witnessed a double homicide committed by a man who sparkles and gets excited about ninjas

also am i going to have to deal…with the fact that…one of these goobers…is GOING TO LOSE because i didn’t sign up for this shit  

So I’m now three episodes into the season and Miller’s gone from bad to worse and it’s SO GREAT, IT’S SO SO SO GREAT, I adore this drunk human disaster so goddamn much

You help Negan shave

“What the fuck” i heard Negan mutter to himself. Something had fallen, I heard it. “Shit” something even louder fell.

At this point I was just wondering what was up. He had been in the bathroom for quite some time.

“Negan?” I call out curiously.

“Yeah?” He replied tersely.

“You okay?”

“Fine” he grumbled before quietly cursing to himself again.

“Obviously you aren’t” I joke as I get off the bed and go to see him in the bathroom.

He had the clippers and all the attachments out.

“I said I was fine” he said “I don’t want your fucking help, I can do it my goddamn self.

“You need help, don’t you?” I ask teasing him.

“Yeah” he said quietly.

“What are you doing anyways?” I ask putting an attachment on the clipper

“Shaving this fucking beard. I want it gone”

“No, why?” I pout and take of he attachment knowing he won’t need it.

“Just want a change” he shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m gonna miss it” I say.


“During sex, I like the feel of your scruff, all over me” I say looking at him in the eyes while slowly moving closer to him.

“Well,” he says leaning into me “hair grows back, let’s get this fucker off”

“I’m not gonna help you” I say unplugging the clippers but before I could walk away, Negan grabbed me by my waist.

“You’re gonna help me, woman!” He says jokingly.

“Okay! Just put me down” I exclaim through my laughs.

He put me down but held me to his body. He just stared at me with glazed eyes and a smug smirk.

“What?” I ask.

“I just really fucking love you”


I have four D&D characters and all of them are big gay disasters

5 Things Meeeeeme

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

1. A tin of pencils/charcoals/knives/etc
2. Makeup I kidded myself into thinking I was going to put on
3. advil/excedrin
4. epi-pen, if I remembered to swich bags
5. a hundred thousand crumpled up reciepts

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

1. Grand Moff Tarkin body pillow
2. a huge stack of guns and lightsabers that I keep insisting I’m going to find some way to store and instead leave in a pile on my desk
3. 500 glasses of slowly evaporating water
4. pegboard with all my tools on it
5. an empty dresser and a full floor depression is great you guys

5 things I’m currently into

1. That “A Man Like Putin” parody song that Last Week Tonight did I can’t get it out of my goddamn head
2. Uncharted, apparently. 
3. Self loathing
4. Spending 6 hrs per day in the digital art labs and having no friends.
5. Dunkin Donuts coldbrew coffee.

5 things on my to-do list

1. Find somewhere to live by april.
2. Get my car fixed and emissions checked.
3. Get health insurance somehow and maybe see a doctor about how much I want to kill myself lmao 
4. Lose 50 pounds ffs so I can stop finding myself physically repulsive
5. Get paid out for my PTO from my job that laid me off in january

5 things people may not know about me

1. I have an autographed note to me from Barack Obama from when he was a senator
2. yall probably know about my tattoos idk
3. there’s a sign outside my window that says “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” and boy howdy I’m going to miss that when I move lmao I’m going to miss everything when I move
4. I play the banjo but not very well
5. man idk I want to die but I bet you all knew that lol everything just seems really hopeless.

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