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U know ppl who are defending the “pennywise is gay” as “it’s just a joke” even though pennywise is a murderous clown people can draw strong correlations to real life serial killer and clown John Wayne gacey and can perpetuate extremely harmful stereotypes about gay men cause he’s a predatory man who lures in children

Are using the same defence when someone makes a racist or sexist or other wise offensive “joke” as of that defense makes them impervious to people pointing out that there’s disturbing and possibly harmful undertones to it

Maybe you didn’t mean it to be offensive or harmful, but it’s like when you accidently push someone. You didn’t mean to, but you still did. Accept that people have valid points to be disturbed and be open to people explaining why it’s bad and improve upon your self, even if you think it’s funny be respectful of others.


The weather forecast predicts a 150% chance that this blog is a very big FHQ! AU fan hello

I like to imagine that, sometimes, when Nano and Lalna just do nothing for a day, they just lay down in the grass, and just… talk. For hours. Mindless chatting of whatever.

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songs that makes me happy

i.on the radio regina spektor// ii. flowers in your hair the lumineers// iii. girls the 1975 // iv. teenage icon the vaccines// v. little talks of monsters and men// vi. awkward san cisco// vii. teenage dirtbag wheatus// viii. snap out of it arctic monkeys// ix. on our way the royal concept// x. oitavo andar clarice falcão// xi. young volcanoes fall out boy// xii. big parade the lumineers// xiii. i like you so much better when you are naked ida maria// xiv. macaé clarice falcão// xv. sunday morning kaye matriano// xvi. pompeii bastille// xvii. flapper girl the lumineers