of monsters and men dirty paws

PUNCHES A WALL I fucking finally finished this song comic thing! I did the first two verses over two years ago? And when TRK came out I got really pumped because it suited the last verse! So well! And I sketched it out and then proceeded to literally procrastinate for an entire year

I was aiming to get this up last week for the one year anniversary of TRK/St Mark’s Eve, but life got in the way so it’s a bit late (but finally it is done, let me rest,) 

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rivers ‘til i reach you || a playlist for early morning breeze and long drives through the woods.

so may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten (l i s t e n)

i. holland road - mumford & sons  ii. animal tracks - mountain man iii. the girl - city and colour iv. goodbye england (covered in snow) - laura marling v. rivers and roads - the head and the heart vi. flowers in your hair - the lumineers vii. marshmallow unicorn - rachel sermanni viii. lonely handed - emily and the woods ix. kathy’s song - simon & garfunkel x. dirty paws - of monsters and men xi. gypsy - suzanne vega xii. upward over the mountain - iron and wine xiii. fire - jesse thomas xiv. an interlude - the decemberists xv. gale song - the lumineers xvi. dancing barefoot - first aid kit xvii. king of spain - the tallest man on earth xviii. road - nick drake xix. part one - band of horses xx. wishing well - the oh hellos xxi. our own pretty ways - first aid kit xxii. down in the valley - the head and the heart xxiii. halcyon - the paper kites xxiv. digging shelters - neil halstead xxv. woman king - iron and wine

My favorite Of Monsters and Men lyrics

“We are the sleepers; we bite our tongue; we set the fire and we let it burn” - We Sink

“In the fall, we sleep all day” - Lakehouse

“And in the winter night sky ships are sailing; looking down on these bright blue city light” - King and Lionheart

“You’re sailing from another world; sinking in my sea” - Wolves Without Teeth

“Just follow my yellow light, and ignore all those big warning signs” - Yellow Light

The “la la la’s” in Dirty Paws

“And we are far from home, but we’re so happy” - From Finner

“Cover your crystal eyes, and let your colors bleed and blend with mine” - Crystals

“We set fire to our homes; walking barefoot in the snow” - Your Bones

“She follows me into the woods; takes me home” - Six Weeks

“Far across the ocean, alone” - Numb Bears

“See the mountains where they meet; smothering me” - Empire

“Some days I can’t even trust myself” - Little Talks

“And those bright blue eyes can only meet mine from across the room; filled with people that are less important than you” - Love Love Love

“And I run through the tall trees with your hands chasing me” - Sloom

“But I’m ready to suffer the sea; black water, take over” - Black Water

“I’m a beast and a vicious one” - Backyard

“My blood runs red but my body feels so cold” - Organs

“We sleep until the sun goes down” - Mountain Sound

“Wherever there is you, I will be there too” - Silhouettes


that time of year is approaching, and if you need some tunes to get in the spooky mood, have i got a trilogy for you

howl - werewolves

howl - florence + the machine | kill of the night - gin wigmore | wolf & i - oh land | dirty paws - of monsters and men | wolf like me - lera lynn | wolf - first aid kit | lil’ red riding hood - laura gibson | a wolf at the door - radiohead | you’re a wolf - sea wolf | the wolves (act I & II) - bon iver | daniel in the den - bastille | the wolf - fever ray [bonus tracks]: wolf like me - tv on the radio | lil’ red riding hood - sam the sham & the pharaohs | hungry like the wolf - duran duran

hunt - vampires

work song - hozier | if i had a heart - fever ray | lonesome hunter - timber timbre | white teeth teens - lorde | bloodsport - sneaker pimps | date with the night - yeah yeah yeahs | my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine | night time, my time - sky ferreira | kill and run - sia | secret - the pierces | valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonds | i walk the line - halsey | i will never die - delta rae | sleep baby sleep - teresa straley | o death - jen titus

hex - witches

blood on my name - the brothers bright | wishin’ well - sioux city kid | black sheep - gin wigmore | the bullet - devil makes three | under your spell - timber timbre | house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell | take me to church - hozier | bones - little big town | me and the devil - soap & skin | seven devils - florence + the machine | when the lights go out - the black keys | raise hell - brandi carlile | chasing twisters - delta rae | jungle - x ambassadors | wicked ones - dorothy

a playlist for the nymphs, elves, fairies, creatures, and spirits of the forest

alt-j warm foothills // alt-j hunger of the pine // monsters of folk ahead of the curve // juno soundtrack tree hugger // the beatles in my life // cat power free // the decemberists don’t carry it all // the killers bones // the killers the river is wild // gorillaz to binge // MGMT of moons, birds & monsters // of monsters and men dirty paws // of monsters and men mountain sound // dusted all comes down //  John Denver take me home, country roads // beach boys sloop john b // Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros home // twenty one pilots trees   

you can listen here  I hope you enjoy :) 

{FOLK THIS} : A 3 hour indie/folk mix for summer breezes and forgetting your worries. 

Listen here

1. I don’t wanna pray- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros // 2. Standing at the End of the World - Have gun, will travel // 3. Driftwood seat - Mighty Oaks // 4. The Lament of Eustace Scrubb - The Oh Hellos // 5. Walking- the Dodos // 6. Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder // 7. Riptide - Vance Joy // 8. Hey Brother - Avicii // 9. Lost in my Mind - The Head and the Heart // 10. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes // 11. I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons // 12. The Stranger - Lord Huron // 13. Worth Wondering- Bronze Radio Return // 14 Gone Gone Gone - Phillip Phillips // 15. On Trees and Birds and Fire - I am Oak // 16. All My Loving - The Well Pennies // 17. Coldfeet - Greensky Bluegrass // 18. Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos // 19. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes // 20. Atlas Hands (Thomas Jack remix) - Benjamin Francis Leftwich // 21. Down in the Valley - The Head and the Heart // 22. Man on Fire - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros // 23. Into the Wild // 24. Ends of the Earth- Lord Huron // 25. Running for Cover - Ivan & Alyosha // 26. Blue Skies - Noah and the Whale // 27. Blue Ridge Mountains - Fleet Foxes // 28. Wolf- First Aid Kit // 29. Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men // 30. Just One Day- Mighty Oaks // 31. Better Days- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros // 32. Toward the Sun - Alexi Murdoch // 33. Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes // 34. Girl Named Tennessee - NeedtoBreathe // 35. Pompeii - Bear’s Den // 36. Your Rocky Spine- Great Lake Swimmers // 37. Upward over the Mountain - Iron & Wine // 38. She Lit a Fire - Lord Huron // 39. Under Mountain, Under Ground - Lighthouse and the Whaler // 40. Land of the Living - Roo Panes // 41. Home- Johnnyswim // 42. Agape - Bear’s Den // 43. Further On- Bronze Radio Return // 44. The Cave - Mumford and Sons // 45. I Followed Fires - Matthew and the Atlas // 46. Gone - The Head and the Heart // 47. Switzerland - Bison // 48. I See Fire (Krygo Remix) - Ed Sheeran // 49. Breathe Me in - Jared & The Mill // 50. Trees - The Oh Hellos // 51. That’s What’s Up - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

cozy autumn feelings packed in a playlist :
feels like fall🍁
× Ed Sheeran - Autumn Leaves
× Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
× The Lumineers - Dead Sea
× Bryan John Appleby - Honey Jars (one of my favorites!)
× Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
× Ben Howard - Everything
× Doddleoddle - Sick of Losing Soulmates
× Hozier - Like real people do
× Vance Joy - Snaggletooth
× Janet Devlin - I see fire (cover)
× Daughter - Youth
× Passenger - Golden Leaves
× Doddleoddle - She
× The Paper Kites - Paint
× Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws
× Ed Sheeran - Cold Coffee
× Daughter - Still
× Ed Sheeran - We found love (cover)
× Passenger - Beneath your beautiful (cover)
× Michelle Featherstone - Coffee and Cigarettes
× Coldplay - The Scientist
× Lilly Allen - Somewhere only we know
× Anthem Lights - Out of the woods (cover)
× Crowded House - Four Seasons in one day
× Bear’s Den - Above the clouds of Pompeii
× Damien Rice - Older Chests
× Foy Vance, Ed Sheeran - Guiding Light
× Jim Croce - Walking back to Georgia
× Krezip - Sweet Goodbyes
× The milk carton kids - Wish you were here
× Shake Shake Go - England Skies (one of my fav bands! 😍)
× The Staves - Facing West

MBTI  as Songs

I tried to avoid stereotypes as much as possible (like giving the SJ’s country songs…ugh).

ISTJ- 1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins) This song is dreamy and nostalgic, but also ultimately realistic. ISTJ’s are traditional and cautious, but also have strong imaginations that are influenced by their subjective view of the past.

ISFJ- A Dustland Fairytale (The Killers) ISFJ’s are traditional, yet also imaginative and often dreamers. This song is about the traditional culture of America and fairytale love, but also shows how that tradition can be channeled into imagination.

INTJ- Centuries (Fall Out Boy) This song is perfect for the ambitious, idealistic INTJ, who often dwells in their complex dreams of the future. More importantly, it also shows this type’s passion and emotion, not just their ruthlessness.

INFJ- Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) This song is gentle, introspective, and metaphorical, just like the INFJ. It explores the ideas of time, personal strength, divinity, and identity, all within a single extended metaphor of a snow-covered mountain.

INTP- Speed of Sound (Coldplay) This song questions the nature of life and one’s place in the universe. INTP’s have similarly inquisitive minds, and love to understand the logical patterns of the world around them.

INFP- Marching Bands of Manhattan (Death Cab for Cutie) The INFP is passionate, sincere, imaginative and original. This song uses unusual ideas such as marching bands and leaking faucets to describe the vastness of a strong personal love.

ISTP- Harlem (New Politics) ISTP’s are full of energy, but also blunt and analytical. This song is very enthusiastic and youthful, but still manages to capture the more direct aspect of the ISTP’s personality.

ISFP- Go Do (Jónsi) ISFP’s are impulsive, aesthetic individualists, a spirit captured in this upbeat song. Its lyrics speak to stepping outside your comfort zone, being proud of yourself and your identity, and embracing the richness of life.

ESFP- Anna Sun (Walk the Moon) This song is perfect for the energy, enthusiasm, and fun-loving tendencies of the ESFP. It focuses on sensory imagery and tells a carefree summer story, themes often present in the ESFP’s own life.

ESTP- Ready to Go (Panic! at the Disco) The ESTP is upbeat, infectious, and often devil-may-care. The song describes a risk-taking, ready-for-anything attitude, and also does justice to the ESTP’s curiosity and personal charm.

ESFJ- Cecilia and the Satellite (Andrew McMahon) This is a sweet song written for the singer’s daughter, describing his life’s experiences and his love for her. It’s compassionate and imaginative, just like the ESFJ.

ESTJ- Telegraph Road (Dire Straits) This song speaks to memories of better times, as well as the hardworking ethic that prevailed in them, similar to the efficient yet nostalgic ESTJ. This type can also be very creative, shown in the song’s complexity.

ENFJ- Kings and Queens (30 Seconds to Mars) ENFJ’s are passionate and compassionate, particularly about larger social causes. This song is quite emotionally powerful, speaking to a visionary sense of fulfillment that should resonate with the ENFJ.

ENTJ- Hall of Fame (The Script) ENTJ’s are dedicated, hardworking, and ambitious, the exact qualities described in this song. It has a never-give-up attitude that champions ‘everyday’ leaders, such as teachers and preachers.

ENFP- Dirty Paws (Of Monsters and Men) ENFP’s are known for their idiosyncratic imaginations, which fits in perfectly with this song about rebellious dragonflies and talking trees. The song is also a bit like a folk story, showing ENFP’s buried streak of traditionalism.

ENTP- Champagne Supernova (Oasis) This song is a quirky, metaphorical ramble well-suited to the original mind of an ENTP. It delves into questions of life, the universe, and everything, and doesn’t lend itself to easy interpretation.

(Feedback appreciated, especially for the NTP songs! They’re the type I understand least)

Les amis as Of monsters and men songs (+ bonus)
  • Enjolras: We sink
  • Courfeyrac: Yellow light
  • Combeferre: Winter sound
  • Grantaire: Sinking man
  • Bossuet: Numb bears
  • Joly: Dirty paws
  • Bahorel: Human
  • Feuilly: Your bones
  • Marius: Mountain sound
  • Eponine: Wolves without teeth
  • Cosette: Love love love
  • Montparnasse: Thousand eyes
  • Musichetta: Crystals
  • E/R: King and lionheart

cool down

Season 2 Episode 3 - Glass Animals
Location - Khalid
Breezeblocks - alt-J
Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
Idle Town - Conan Gray
River - Leon Bridges
From Gold - Novo Amor
Yours - SG Lewis
Cherry Wine - Hozier


Lawful-Verse Voice Headcanons

So I mentioned I think a few Rogues can sing really well but never defined exactly what they sound like.    So I decided I’d make this little post with Rogues who can sing and what they sound like, and I will put in in terms of name, the artist/band that their voice is closest to, and two examples.  The only exception is with Jervis and Mary Dahl because their voices are two of the leads in the same band, and so I’ll be adding four examples.