of monsters and men art


OMG finally I’ve done it! It took me about two weeks but I’ve done it xD 

My Foxes. My boys. *-* I’m still trying to recover, yeah… However, every time I spot a post with a quote from aftg, I read it then look for it in the book and read the whole page, and you know what? I always feel the moment, but every time that feeling is going deeper.

Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to draw spider Abbacchio for ages now. Here it is, very spooky and oddly hot. 



You’re only able to maintain the visage of being a person when no one’s looking, is that it?  Or are you the only one who’s blind to what you really are?

(an a-hole)

(Just because you’re dead (ish) doesn’t mean you can’t have nice hair; one-upping Jack from beyond the grave (kind of).  Also this whole thing begins because someone walked on his lawn.  You’re not the only one with a lawn, JACK.  His lawn has goth lawn flamingos is better than yours.)


Another song thing. This time the song is “your bones” by “of monsters and men”. I know I should finish “flesh and bone” first but this will take lesser frames and I’m still trying to think of what to draw in the other panels.

EMPIRE FOR YOU     a fanmix fit for kings

1. Karmina  All the kings horses  -  2. Oasis  Stop crying your heart out  -  3.   Daughter  Landfill  -  4. Gabriel Aplin  Human  -  5. Sleeping at Last  South  -  6. Ed Sheeran  Firefly  -  7. Mikki Ekko  Made of light  -  8. Washington  Lover/Soldier  -  9. Raleigh Ritchie  Bloodsport  -  10. Mumford and Sons  I will wait   11. Sara Bareilles  I choose you (live)  -  12. Of Monsters and Men  Empire

Amazing art by the lovely rehsa

October Monster Drawing #13: Hopkinsville Goblin!
These little guys cause all sorts of mischief in my hometown back in the 1950s, and have the distinction of being the cryptids/aliens(?) with the most witnesses to their existence, including police and fire departments. 
The air force investigation suggested that the most likely explanation was that the farms had been attacked by escaped, shaved circus monkeys that had been painted silver(?????). 
UFO enthusiasts have latched on to the alien theory, but I always figured that they were Tommyknockers driven surfaceside by strip mining.