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Note that i say present Scrooge is past his physical prime. This is an old duck! But he shouldn’t be written as a character whose strong point is his physical strength anyway. It’s his experience and knowledge and cunning.

Then again that’s harder to write than ‘punches things real hard and makes… backflips or something’.

"What you braying at, Jackass?"  LOL.  Hey.  Remember when Daryl used to speak in full sentences and enunciate?  And apparently came out of his shell enough to tell stories around a campfire?

I want that version of Daryl to start to re-emerge in Season 8 with Carol by his side. 


hey guys! haven’t been around much this summer for a variety of reasons; first, so much cat sitting. second, the family house apparently is just full of so much bad history that getting anything done while here is impossible. loving that mental block. thirdly, I’ve done way better just. not being on here. so much (way too much) of fandom is just so toxic and shitty and honestly? I don’t need that in my life.

I’ll still be posting fics up on @giraffles and reblogging them here, and of course on AO3. nothing has been abandoned! just put on hold while I ride the summer out. :> thanks for all your support!

you can catch me on Twitter @ kawaiiaggron if you still want occasional dumb updates or need to message me. you can also message me for my discord if you’d like.

anyway thanks for listening fam 💖


We all started out loving five boys, who brought us together, and gave us hope for happiness, and love. Don’t forget where we came from, and always choose love over hate.

Cast of The Lightning Thief Musical performing “Bring On The Monsters” at the Drama Desk Awards (June 4, 2017)

The presenter introduced them as “The Perry Jackson Musical” haha.

Age progression is the process of modifying a photograph to give the effect of ageing in appearance. It’s often used to aid the search of missing children. The artist scans the image of the child, and develops it using age-appropriate pictures of bloodline siblings and parents. Another way of adding family traits is using a drawing software. 

These images compare the age progression of missing children with actual photographs of them after they’ve been found.