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Pierce The Veil
Sleeping With Sirens
Of Mice & Men
The Devil Wears Prada
The Amity Affliction
Bring Me The Horizon
Dream On, Dreamer
A Day To Remember
Hands Like Houses
Mayday Parade
We Are The In Crowd
Tonight Alive
Now, Now
The Honey Trees
Last Dinosaurs
The Neighbourhood
My Chemical Romance
Avenged Sevenfold
Parkway Drive
Eyes Set To Kill
Like Moths To Flames
Real Friends
State Champs
Knuckle Puck
Neck Deep
I The Mighty
Twenty One Pilots
5 Seconds Of Summer
San Cisco
Circa Survive
One OK Rock
Have Mercy
Falling In Reverse
Arctic Monkeys
As It Is
The Front Bottoms
Crown The Empire
Sworn In

As heartbroken as I was yesterday finding out Austin Carlile has left, I was also relieved, he is an amazing musician and person, but we all knew how much strain it was putting on him. I saw him in the last show before he cancelled the European tour in Cardiff and you could see the pain he was in when he sung. I also met him earlier on and he was the most gracious and loving person I had ever met, the whole band were.
I will continue to listen to them, and any new music they release, and I will continue to love and support the band.
They deserve all the best, please remember just because there is no Austin it doesn’t mean there is no band. Aaron, Alan, Tino and Phil are still all amazing musicians. They are still Of Mice and Men.

Underrated Voltron Dynamics: Coran and Everyone
  • Coran figures out that these are children pretty fast and he knows how to deal with children. Light heart, steady head, be flexible. Stars know Allura was a whirlwind at that age. 
  • He consults Shiro about human dietary restrictions a few weeks in because he’s worried the little ones might not be getting enough nutrients on an Altean diet. They have so much growing to do, especially Pidge, he doesn’t want to stunt that growth! He ends up adding a lot of sugar to their food because of what he suspects are higher glucose requirements. Somehow he manages to make even sugar taste bad. 
  • Digs up some of Allura’s old toys when people get bored. Pidge takes apart the Altean Bop It for spare parts and Hunk beats everyone at Altean monopoly, prompting Keith to flip over a table. Coran wipes away a tear. They’re just like Allura at that age. 
  • He’s the one who makes them their spare clothes and pajamas! There’s an old fabric synthesizer in the servants quarters and Coran wastes no time making colour coordinated pajamas and lion slippers (Yes, Coran is responsible for Lance’s look) for all the paladins, not to mention a sizable backup wardrobe. Most of them prefer to stick with their earth clothes because they feel like home, but they appreciate Coran’s enthusiasm. 
  • After one accidental food poisoning case (Keith should have known better anyways) he did even more research on human diets and basically fed the kids space granola for a week until there was an armed protest in the kitchen and Coran was forced to surrender. 
  • He always makes sure the castle temperature is set just the way Allura likes it. She’s always run a little warm, but Coran deals with the chill because it makes Allura more comfortable. 
  • Named the mice after Altean musicians but keeps forgetting which one is which so they get renamed frequently.